100% CPU Usage In Xml/xslt Driven Web App - How To Optimize

Feb 25, 2010

The web app uses XML from a web service, which is then transformed to HTML using XSLT. The app uses a HttpModule to get the XML using AddOnPreRequestHandlerExecuteAsync.

Classes Used:

XmlDocument - stores the xml.
XslCompiledTransform - stores the transform, is cached in Application.
Asynchronous HttpWebRequest using BeginGetResponse/EndGetResponse
HttpModule with hooked AddOnPreRequestHandlerExecuteAsync events.

I do not want to use the XPathDocument unless there are no other possible optimizations. It would take some complicated code to get all the XML together without the ability to write to the XmlDocument. There is additional XML that does not come from the web service that must also be added to the document.

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JQuery :: How To Use Jquery In Xslt That Fill A Combo Box ,also Require Xml ,xslt ,xpath Editior

Dec 29, 2010


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C# - How To Optimize AJAX

Jan 4, 2010

I have the following situation: excel-like application, that is accessible from internet.
2 users access it and I want the moment one user clicks on a cell, the other user to see that. (like in google documents).

My questions are:

Can I do this using standard UpdatePanel, while I keep the bandwidth usage to its minimum (in other words, only information for the current cell is passed, not the whole huge table), or should I implement my own ajax scripts on the page in order to get it optimized.How to do the updating : one way is to have a timer on the page and update it periodacally, the other way is to make a request and keep the connection opened till a change is made (using some heavy timeout, let's say 1 minute). Can you give me clues (like ajax libraries I can use, can I do this with the standard ajax controls in asp.net, ways to implement the live connection)?

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Security :: How To Optimize The SqlRoleProvider

Nov 17, 2010

In my application


is called on every page post back ,which fire query in db and bring 270 roles.

That can be optimized?

is it possible it called once at the time of login only.

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How To Optimize The Tab Loading In JavaScript

Sep 8, 2010

My colleagues have create a website and there is a webpage which contains a Tab.

He Implement the tab with the following method:

1.Load all content of the page
2.Use javascript to display those group content as block and organize them into tabs.
3.when user click one tab, then acitve it, and hide all other tabs.

And these functions works very well, but the performance is bad:

1.Load all contents cost lots of time
2.It will show all content at first, and then shrink to a tab control. When the user see this, it might think this is a bug of our system.

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How To Optimize Class For Viewstate

May 6, 2010

If I have an object I need to store in viewstate, what kinds of things can I do to optimize the size it takes to store the object? Obviously storing the least amount of data will take less space, but aside from that, are there ways to architect the class, properties, attrbutes etc, that will effect how large the serialized output is?

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Optimize C# Code For Repeaters Using A Table?

Jan 6, 2010

on the aspx:


The problem here is that instead of using Two repeaters, can we use only one?

We actually need the header to be separated from the contents using a different table row...

Edit: changed rptHeader's ItemTemplate's html element from <td> to <th> to be a little clearer.

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C# - How To Optimize The Records Coming In Gridview

Jan 8, 2010

I wanna bind atleast 30,000 records in a gridview from a sqlserver table. I want to bind only 50 records at a time with grid view. The grid has also paging and when I click next page then next 50 records should be shown and another next page's click another 50 records.

How can I optimize this thing. I want that If 30,000 records are binding then grid should be work as binded 50 records.

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Is It Possible To Optimize WebForms To Perform As Fast As MVC?

Jul 13, 2010

There's so much hype about ASP.NET MVC these days, but the truth is that ASP.NET webforms is not going anywhere for some time. Is there any way for current developers to optimize ASP.NET webforms to perform as fast as ASP.NET MVC?

I have noticed a significant difference in speed between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET webforms. MVC is a lot snappier and loads pages faster than webforms. Can I achieve the same with ASP.NET webforms by optimizing it? If yes, what would you recommend?

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C# - How To Optimize Spawning A New Process For Each Request

Mar 9, 2011

I have an asp.net mvc application that spawns a Process as follows:

Process p = new Process();
p.EnableRaisingEvents = true;
p.Exited += new EventHandler(p_Exited);
p.StartInfo.Arguments = "-interaction=nonstopmode " + inputpath;
p.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = dir;
p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
p.StartInfo.FileName = "pdflatex.exe";
p.StartInfo.LoadUserProfile = true;

Before going further, I need to know whether, e.g., pdflatex.exe is a managed code or a native code? Edit 1 I need to consider this because: (Hopely I am not wrong...) Each Asp.net application runs in an separate/isolated AppDomain as opposed to a separate/isolated process. A native executable cannot live in an AppDomain.to be continued.. Shortly speaking, I hope my site does not spawn a new process for each request. Because a process is more expensive than an application domain. Edit 2 My asp.net mvc application allows users to submit LaTeX input commands such as $ax^2+bx+c=0$ to be converted to a pdf file rendering an quadratic equation. Behind the scene, this web app will spawn a process executing pdflatex.exe. The job of pdflatex.exe is converting the LaTeX input commands to pdf document.

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Web Application Startup Time - How To Optimize

Jul 7, 2010

we have this problem but can't find a solution. We have an application that references something like 24 dlls. When you invoke the application the very first time (after the application is for any reason reset) it takes 25-40 seconds to start loading contents.

This is what we tried:

1. precompile and publish everything in release mode
2. removing pdbs from bin folder
3. put strong named assemblies into GAC
4. set application to debug = false

consider that the whole bin folder is composed by 24 dlls for a total size of 28MB. Just 4 of these dlls are strong named and they are more and less 25MB. Nothing seems changed. What happens EXACTLY when the application is started is something I couldn't find in any book nor forum/blog/post... What can we monitor more to find where the problem is?

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AJAX :: Loading AutoCompleteExtender Is Too Late / How To Optimize

Oct 21, 2010

I posted a question about using AutoCompleteExtender. It simply shows users all available email addresses when they type in a letter(prefix).

It works, but the problem is it loads to late :( takes around 5 seconds to pull out the list.

So I would like to optimize this

The part I would like to optimize speed is:


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Silverlight - Optimize Loading An XAP File With A Website?

Jun 10, 2010

I've been developing a game using Silverlight 4 and silversprite (http://silversprite.codeplex.com/)

This game is HEAVILY content dependent, using a lot of audio and images. My content folder is around 90 mbs worth of stuff. And because of that, my XAP file is around 60 MB, and takes 5 minutes to download from the website before any user can start playing.

I am using Visual Web Developer 2010 to create my site and load the XAP. Is there a way where I can take content out of my XAP and put it in my ASP.net site project? Or perhaps upload my content files to the site's storage?

This would make my XAP file much quicker to download.

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Log Slow Loading Pages / How To Optimize Speed

Jan 11, 2011

Do you know of a library/httpmodule for logging slow loading pages (perhaps for a specific treshold) in an ASP.NET environment?

Google did not yield any results.

It would not be too hard to implement on my own, but why re-invent the weel.

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How To Optimize The Performance Of A Thread Running In Background

Feb 4, 2011

In my website, I am using thread to perform a repetitive process in background. Now the process takes around 30 to 45 seconds to update the database.

Basically the function performs the following:

1) Download the CSV from a website.

2) Parse the CSV and update the database tables.

I want to optimize the performance and decrease the time it takes to 15 seconds.

How can I do this?


Here is the Code:


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C# - Optimize Large Array Of User Reminders

Jul 12, 2010

i have a trigger that executes asp.net page with method that first retrieves from DB users with needed details and then emails them with information they need like ie. users that does not have an image in their profile. Once i get data from DB i build large string with encoded HTML and assign it to MailMessage.Body tag. There are about 20000 users per action/night who get the mail. Stored procedures just get users based on criteria i need nothing to optimize there (after proper indexes been made). How do i optimize it? Can i create sort of queue in ASP.NET that it will be executed all day long without one time action? Maybe i can use async actions to send few emails per time.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
string type = Request.QueryString["type"];
string spName = "";
string message = "";
switch (type)
case "uwp":
spName = "getUsersWithoutPictures";
message = getUsersWithoutPicturesTemplate();
case "uwt":
spName = "getUsersWithoutText";
message = getUsersWithoutTextTemplate();
case "uwewftw":......................................

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DataSource Controls :: Optimize My Sql Query In Sql 2005?

Mar 23, 2010

I am working on a project where in one SQL query i am using joins to fetch data from diffrent tables. The execution time of the query is 20 seconds for 80 rows on my local server. How can i optimize this.

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Web Forms :: MasterPage Pop Up / Optimize That Resizing Code For Asp?

Nov 2, 2010

I have a master page(created for pop ups as i have a lot..) with the following code:

<div id = "weadas>
content content content..
<script type="text/javascript">
var content = document.getElementById("weadas");
window.resizeTo(content.offsetWidth + 50, content.offsetHeight + 50);

Wich i call with the following linkbutton:

"window.open('../ijSistema/ijPopUp/ppUpDictionary.aspx','mywindow','width=auto,height=auto,toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,copyhistory=no,resizable=no'); return false;"

but then it does not resize properly when poping up. It does work in IE6 but it does not in IE8 nor Mozilla 3.0.

Any ideas of how to optimize that resizing code for asp.net?

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C# - Optimize Code - Linq And Foreach Loop 15k Records?

Sep 6, 2010

this is my code


basically, the InstellingGegevens table gest filled in by some procedure from another server.
the thing i then need to do is check if there are new records in this table, and fill in the new ones in Instellingens.

this code runs for like 4 minutes on 15k records. how do I optimize it? or is the only way a Stored Procedure?

this code runs in a timer, running every 6h. IF a stored procedure is best, how to I use that in a timer?


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DataSource Controls :: How To Optimize Query With Multiple Inner Joins

Mar 22, 2010

I have one question regarding how to make the below mentioned type of query more optimized so that mine query perfomace can be increased.

Select a.name1,a.address1,b.field3,c.field4,d.field6,e.field7
from a
inner join b on a.id=b.id
inner join c on c.id=b.id
inner join d on d.id=c.id
iner join e on e.id=d.id
union all
Select a1.name1,a1.address1,b1.field3,c.field4,d.field6,e.field7
from a1
inner join b1 on a1.id=b1.id
inner join c on c.id=b1.id
inner join d on d.id=c.id
iner join e on e.id=d.id
union all
Select a2.name1,a2.address1,b2.field3,c.field4,d.field6,e.field7
from a2
inner join b2 on a2.id=b2.id
inner join c on c.id=b2.id
inner join d on d.id=c.id
iner join e on e.id=d.id

All the above three select query at last using the same inner join condition, means last two inner join condition are the same for all the select query.

Is there any way so that this query can be optimized?

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Web Forms :: Optimize Websites Load Page Time

Oct 18, 2013

How I can optimize my website's  load page time?

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Rendering XMl/XSLT Direct From The Web?

Apr 13, 2010

Im using the ASP.NET Xml control and want to pass it a url to a rss feed and a stylesheet - so that i can style the rss myself on my website. When applying the full web path to the xml control [URL] i get an exception telling me that the document source is not a valid virtual path. What am i doing wrong? I would hate to download the file before showing it...

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Data Driven Web Application Using MVC

Nov 25, 2010

Sample web application code where content(like forms) is generated based on user role like admin,priority1 user,priority2 user.

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Creating An XSLT File From XML?

Mar 2, 2010

How do you create an XSLT file from an xml file with an existing XSD file

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C# - From Within A Xslt, Can You Output The Entire XML?

Apr 16, 2010

Inside my XSLT that is transfomign a order XML, I want to dump the entire XML I am currently working with.

Is this possible? I am weaving some HTML based on XML, and want to dump the entire XML into a textarea.

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