DataSource Controls :: Calculating Sum Of A Column?

Mar 31, 2010

i have a button and in click event i want to take the SUM() of a one cloumn and assign it into a integer and if that integer is > 20 display "pass" or something

i've tried many ways but non worked.

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculating Age And Showing In Gridview Column?

Dec 29, 2010

I have a gridview, which has bound field as "Birth Date", which is coming from the database. I want to show another field in the gridview as "Age", which should calculate age, Which should be Birth date - system date.


How to Calculate the age display the age in gridview columns.

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DataSource Controls :: Accessing Specific Column In Database With Column ID With Table Adaptor

Jan 6, 2010

I'm currectly tryin to access a specific value in my database in a specific column. I'm tryin to use the primary key of the table to access the actual value in the row of that ID.

The current code:


Just iterates through the table and looking for any row with the boolean 'checkin' value is True, then it takes the 'id' value of that row and stores it into an array. Is there a way that I can access a another entry, and only that entry, in the table with the 'id' stored in the array?

Like if my data base contained and int, primarykey, `id` value, a boolean, `checkedin` value, and a `time` value, is there a way to access, lets say, the row with `id` equalling 3 and and the checkIn value from that row?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Select Column Value From Grid And Hide A Column

Oct 19, 2010

I'm trying to retreive a column value from gridview5 to use it in a query to display resuls in gridview, Also how do you hide a column in the grid?

Where (p.Link_ID Like GridView5.?


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DataSource Controls :: Move 1 Column Values To Another Column In Datatable?

Mar 31, 2010

i have a datatable with several columns and rows. now i want to copy the last column fully (all rows) and create the new column with that values.

it means last column values sholud be moved to new column (now this is the last column).

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Forms Data Controls :: Updating The Datasource / Mark All The Values In The Binding Column Of Datasource If Checkbox In Headertemplate Is Checked?

Sep 29, 2010

I am creating a custom gridview control which has a custom CheckBoxTemplateField column (deriving from TemplateField class). This template field column has custom Checkboxheadertemplate (implementing ITemplate) and CheckboxItemTemplate (also implementing ITemplate). In InstantiateIn method of both templates (header as well as Item template), I am adding a checkbox control which has Autopostback = true.

My requirement is:
I want to mark all the values in the binding column of datasource if checkbox in headertemplate is checked. I dont want to mark only rows visible on grid. I WANT TO MARK ALL ROWS IN DATASOURCE. I want to do this in _CheckedChanged event of checkbox in header template.

Problem I am facing: When I check/uncheck the checkbox in header, it postbacks. so in OnCheckedChanged event, gridview's datasource is null. Secondly, in any event of gridview, I could access only those rows of datasource for which corresponding rows are visible in gridview through Gridviewrow.DataItem property. But I want to set it for all rows in datasource.

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DataSource Controls ::character To Column Name Then A New String Random Will Auto Insert Into Column Random?

Dec 15, 2010

I create a table as picture below :

when I insert any character to column Name then A new string random will auto insert into column Random (picture below) I had used Trigger but It was error !

I want to column Random use to code :

DECLARE @myid uniqueidentifier
SET @myid = NEWID()
insert into table_1 values(@myid, substring(CONVERT(varchar(255), @myid), 1, 5))

but It must auto like column Number (column Number is Identity)

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculating Cells In A Gridview?

Feb 12, 2010

I have a gridview where I placed several item templates with text boxes in them. I want to enter a number in the text boxes and have the total displayed in the footer.

The last footer template is where I want to display the total. I've placed a label there.

Here's my Gridview


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Forms Data Controls :: Calculating Total In A Gridview?

Mar 28, 2011

I want to calculate total in a gridview and i want to show it in gridview footer below is my code


the problem is when i debug the code im getting null value into the textbox,i dont know why?my price comes from db and i enter quantity into the tetxbox any help on this problem??


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Data Controls :: Calculating Values Taken From Different Textboxes And Store In Another

Apr 27, 2016

I want to calculate the service tax on some amount. The value of service tax must be taken from textbox1.text and amount from textbox2.text and then after calculating it must be store in another textbox say,textbox3.text

service tax = textbox1.text - 14.5%amount = textbox2.text - 44000total amount= textbox3.text -((14.5*44000)/100 )+ 44000 ;

The Value of ((14.5*44000)/100 )+ 44000 after calculating will be store in textbox3.text

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculating Percentage Of Scheduled Hours?

Aug 30, 2010

I want to calcultae how many employees are scheduled less 24 hrs for each week,b/w 24 and 48 and greater than 48

In excel file i have weekly wise total hours scheduled for each employee and total no of days scheduled in week(example 6 days and 1 off)which i will upload it to database,based on this i want to display reports in bound controls Result should be like this

Scheduled Hrs 8/1/2010
8/8/2010 8/15/2010 8/22/2010
Less than 24 hrs 5% 5% 5% 5%
Between 24 and 48 hrs 5% 6* 3% 4%
greater tan 48 hrs 90% 89% 92% 91%

can u tell me Which control to use and words in bold are headers and dates should be dyanamic this month it is like shown above, next week it will header should be dynamic.

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculating Total Inside A Gridview?

Mar 26, 2011

I want to calculate total inside a gridview and i want to display in footer row below is my code


But i am unable to get the quantity in the textbox when i enter a quantity it is showing null into the tetxbox and i have different prices for the items when ever i enter quantity for a price i am getting only the starting price of the item.Another problem is when i click button once the page is getting posted back when i click second time the event is getting fired i dont know why?

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculating Template In GridView Total Using JavaScript?

Mar 10, 2011

I have a gridview with one Tempate field, i want sum the particular template to show result in fodder template textbox, following liks i tried... but not use,


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Forms Data Controls :: Calculating Total In Footer And Percentage In Gridview Cell ?

Feb 2, 2010

i have gridview and data is binded during page load ... below Name,Marks,percent are templatefields.. iam able to to calculate total in footer of Marks column.. but can any one tell me how to calculate the percentage depending upon total value for percentage column... iam calculating total in gridview_rowdatabound event

eg: Name Marks percent

abs 50 25% ie (50/200) *100

bpd 25 12.5%

hlkr 75 37.5%

fdh 50 25%

Total 200

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculating Total Of Template Textbox Inside Gridview?

Oct 4, 2010

I have been asking this for a long time.But the answer what i get is not want i need.I have a gridview with two template text box (t1 and t2) inside gridview and four textboxes outside the gridview on the form (txt1,txt2,txt3,txt4).All these textboxes allow only integer value to be entered.What i need is to get the total of all these textboxes (ie,template textboxes as well as textboxes outside gridview) in a textbox named Total at the same time we enter values in a textbox.Also if i change the value of a textbox later that too should be reflected in the Total textbox .I know how to calculate the total of the textboxes outside the gridview.But i need the total of all textboxes including template as well as textboxes outside simultaneously

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DataSource Controls :: Getting The Duplicates In A Column?

Jan 1, 2010

I have a table named dups. There are 4 columns in the table.

id, name, path, hash

I want to return only the name, path, hash of each row where the hash field is the same. Example there are 100 rows but only two qualify the return would be.

file1 c: 10909
file4 d: 10909

For some reason this seems to be a more difficult task than I though it would be.

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DataSource Controls :: Get Max Number Of A Column?

May 17, 2010

could some one help me how can i get max number of a column in sqlserver2005.

actually in my column records are,

1,2,3A,3B,3C LIKE this format.

so how can i get max numer i.e 4 here.

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DataSource Controls :: Increment Non ID Column In SQL?

Jul 8, 2010

I have a simple list of data in my database that I call to my page. I have used the 'reorder list' ajax control to provide a drag and drop way of managing the sort order of my data. It uses a 'position' column in the database to do this.

How do I go about making sure that when inserting data to this table, the new item gets assigned the correct 'position' value? For example if I have 9 items already in my table, I want this newly inserted list item to get assigned a value of 10 in the position column.

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DataSource Controls :: Get Value Of Column In Objectdatasource?

Jul 20, 2010

I was woundering if its possible for me to check for accesslevel value from the database using objectdatasouce.... From my coldfusion experience... i could just use an "if statement"

e.g: <cfif> (datasouce.column = x) then
<cfoutput> msg</cfoutput>

Am not so sure about .net.... All i am trying to do is to check for one value on the db and i dont mind puting it on code behind... i just need a way..

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DataSource Controls :: How To Get Column Name From A Table

Jan 14, 2010

I know there is a way to get all the column name from a table, but that is not what I want

I want to get only a few column name from the table, is there a way to do this?

Let say, table A has three columns that is A1, A2 and A3, I only want A1 and A2 column names, again, can this be done?

BY the way, I am using SQL Server 2005 with application.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Search Through A Database Column C#

May 11, 2010

How to search through a Database column C# and display only what you want like a number 2 in a Gridview ..

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DataSource Controls :: Update Column With New Old Value By Keeping The Old Value As Well?

Jan 25, 2010


column values:- Microsoft Java

I like to update above record using below SQL, so that new values are appended to old values instead of removing old values.


Output:- Microsoft Java some text

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DataSource Controls :: Subtracting One Column Total From Another?

Jan 12, 2010

Customers of hours buy packs of hours, these are credited and debited on their account. We have a prepayhours table and that has various columns in it, one credit and one debit. I have written a query using the Query building and SQLDS to total these columns, which is fine. What i really want to do is get that query, or if there is an easier way to add up all the debits and subtract them from the total of credits so you would end up with a + or - totalThen with that i can put it into a label or if there was a way to add a row at the end of my gridview which just said total in one column and the total of the hours in the next.

I have some SQL code which seems to work in SQL 2008 but not in the SQL designer for VWD.

CREATE VIEW dbo.prepayhrstotals
SELECT COUNT(Debit) AS cntDebit, COUNT(Credit) AS cntCredit
FROM prepayhrs
SELECT (cntdebit - cntcredit) AS totalhours
FROM prepayhrstotals

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DataSource Controls :: Date Column Contains Two Different Values?

Jan 19, 2010

i dont know why this happens and when happens......i have one employee table that contain date field and that field contain two different values one is -'2008-10-01 00:00:00.000' and second is '2008-10-01 12:00:00.000'.can anyone explain when this type of value insert in database.

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DataSource Controls :: Reset Identity Column To A New Value?

Jan 16, 2010

Resetting IDENTITY column to a new valueDuring application development we always entry some test data also our tester test with test data and as a result if the table contains IDENTITY columns( specially ID column) which incremented to the number of data already entered.

However, when the application goes running with real data to the client and the client want his ID values from starting 1, then we need to RESEED the value of the IDENTITY column of the table after clearing all data. This can be done as bellows:


However, can be reseed with any values instead of zero(0) in the above statement.

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