DataSource Controls :: How To Select Multiple Columns With Distinct Key Word

Jan 2, 2010

there are multiple rows with same SubContact_No and with same value of some columns. for a single column I am firing query like

Select distinct (Financial_Status) from mtblSub_Contract where SubContract_No=@SubContract_No";

it's working fine.... (it's ok with a Single column)

But Now I need multiple columns value so how to query for this.

Select distinct (Financial_Status, colums2, column3) from mtblSub_Contract where SubContract_No=@SubContract_No"; is not working

So how to do that.

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Select Distinct And Include Non-distinct Columns?

Apr 20, 2010

I would like to select a distinct query based on three fields and display the rest of the fields. For example,

I have firstname, lastname, address, city, state and zip, but I only want to use the distinct on these fields first and last name. However when i use the distinct function I get a distinct on all the selected rows. I just want to distinct firstname and lastname and display the other fields. for example,

Mary Smith New York
Mary Smithy New York
Mary Smith Maine

I would like the result to be:

Mary Smith New York
Mary Smithy New York

I don't care about Mary Smith Maine, because i am only using the distinct for "Mary Smith" firstname and last name and showing the city.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Select Multiple Columns Into IQueryable

May 18, 2010

How do I select multiple columns into IQueryable<Employee>?

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DataSource Controls :: Combine Multiple Columns Into One For Select Statement?

May 14, 2010

This question is for wrapping up work on a database driven AJAX AutoComplete Control that I am using to provide keyword hints to user on search pages. Each record has 6 columns for keywords where each column is for an advertiser to add a keyword. These are used in meta keywords tags, but I also want to use them for AutoComplete. The problem is that I don't know how to write a SELECT statement in Visual Studio that treats all 6 keyword columns as if they were all one column. I am looking for something like

SELECT (keyword1 + keyword2 + keyword3) AS Keywords
FROM (Merchandise)
WHERE Keywords LIKE @term

The only other thing I can think of the gain this level of functionality would be to combine them into a new table.

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SQL Server :: How To Select All Columns Of Table But To Distinct By One Column

Dec 29, 2010

How can i select all columns of table but to distinct by one column? i am tryin to figure it out without success, i know how to make distinct (select distinct column from table, but i need all the values from the table and to distinct by Delcompany.

my line is:


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DataSource Controls :: Select Distinct With Where Clause Don't Work?

May 2, 2010

I'm using login on a SQL Database.

I have 12 users in my User tabel - one of the user I don't want to have in my select (the user is an admin).

I tried this:


I also tried:

WHERE (dbo.aspnet_Roles.RoleName <> 'Administrators')

Both time it took the user into the table....

If I instead try this

WHERE (dbo.aspnet_Roles.RoleName = 'Administrators')

I get only one row (as expected).

What is wrong with the above sql statement - why can't I get 11 users and not them all (12 users)?

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DataSource Controls :: Select Distinct Field In LinqDataSource

Jun 3, 2010

Select="new (reportTo)"

Does somebody know how I can modify this LinqDataSource to select distinct records only?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Select Only Certain Columns With LINQ

May 11, 2010

If I have a linq statement like:


There may be a lot of data in the Blogs table. What if all I wanted was say BlogID, BlogTitle and BlogAuthor and nothing else, is there a way to do this in an effort to make the sql more efficent?

Along the same lines in my DataContext (.dbml) file I added some associations between some of my tables. This makes coding nice when I do a linq statement that will join those tables automatically for me but my concern is does it do that everytime, thus making all my linq quieries inefficient?

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DataSource Controls :: Rename Columns With Wildcard Select?

Apr 9, 2010

Is there a way to do a

"select * as"

and rename all columns with some prefix, rather than having to name columns individually? Or better yet, when doing a join and getting all columns from both tables, how do you identify them uniquely in the VB where some columns have the same name?

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DataSource Controls :: Selecting Columns From A Datatable Using Select Method?

May 7, 2010

I would like to select some columns from a Datatable, I mean, something like Select Name, Surname, ID,

I'm trying to do something like this:

DataTable dtExcel = new DataTable();
DataRow[] buena = dtExcel.Select("NAME");

in order to get only a view or table with one column (NAME).

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DataSource Controls :: How To Check Two Date Columns In Sql If Dates Are Same Then Select One

Apr 6, 2010

i have DateFrom and DateTo columns in tblLOgs.if they both are same then select only DateFrom else both procedure is modification in them


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DataSource Controls :: Exclude Xml Data Type Columns From Select * Statement In Sqlserver?

Jun 16, 2010

I want use select * from sample (tablename) ,which returns only those columns from sample table which does not have xml data type.

note : sample table contains some columns which have xml data type .

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DataSource Controls :: Summing Multiple Columns With SQL?

Mar 9, 2010

is there a SQL statment i could write that would sum each column and allow me to then access each sum individually


Dim objCmd As New OleDb.OleDbCommand("SELECT SUM(expression) FROM orderForm WHERE OrderDate=@OrderDate", objConn)

is there anything i can replace expression with such that all the columns in orderForm could be summed and returned as one record

or is there a way to replace expression with something that would allow me to just keep changing the paramater so i could continuously reexectute the same command w/o having to create a new command for each column

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DataSource Controls :: Using Multiple Columns In A Data Relationship

Mar 4, 2010

I have two tables - dt(Mods) and dt(Mods2) - I am trying to create a relationship between them. So dt(mods) has department, category and item columns dt(mods2) has parentDept, Parentcategory and parentItems Now I need add them to a dataset with a relationship key - Something like this but with three cloumns

Dim ParentCol As New DataColumn, ChildCol As New DataColumn

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DataSource Controls :: SQL2005 - Constraints On Multiple Columns

Mar 15, 2010

how I add multi-column constraint to a table in SQL2005 ?

I want to prevent a user from entering a row in the table where Column_A = 1, Column_B = 2 etc where there is already a row where Column_A = 1, Column_B = 2.

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DataSource Controls :: Concatenate The Multiple Columns In Linq?

May 8, 2010

how to write that below query in linq

DECLARE @Name varchar(20)

Select @Name = empFirstname+','+empLastName+','+empBankCode From srpEmployee

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DataSource Controls :: Set Up SQL Table Columns To Have Multiple Values?

Mar 9, 2010

Is it possible in to set up an SQL table column to have multiple values? Or would I have to put my values into a new table and link it to the original one?

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Data Controls :: Select One Checkbox From Multiple Checkbox Columns Of Grid (mutually Exclusive)

Aug 12, 2013

I have 5 checkbox columns in my grid .. like

Id      Chk1   Chk2    Chk3   Chk4  Chk5

I want select only one checkbox among 5 checkboxes if user selects one checkbox another which are checked are need to uncheck. How can i do this in client side .....

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DataSource Controls :: Insert Comma Separated Values Into Multiple Columns Table?

Mar 22, 2010

I've requirement where user can enter multiple columns like first name, lastname, email, age, sex fields and insert them into database.on my frontend aspx page, i'll be showing a single row initially with 5 text boxes(first name, lastname, email, age, sex) and a button to add more columns. when user clicks on add more, another 5 textboxes will be shown and then i'll be taking 5 + 5 (textbox values) and comma seperate them and need to insert into a table with primary auto increment key ID and the remaining 5 columns(firstname, lastname, email, age, sex). I previously worked on the same requirmeent but with only single column. Now i need to insert for 5 columns, How can i do this? Below is my stored proc which i used for single column insertion.


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DataSource Controls :: Select Multiple Products With Images?

Jun 1, 2010

the best way to achieve the following:A products table linked to an images table where 1 product can have many images.Simple scenario is to select a product and its images using

select * from products where id=5
select * from images where pid =5

So far so good, its easily mapped to an object once the query has executed with

what if i want to select all products and their related images and map them to a Product object, the result is as follows


Now the table I get is:



I would need to do some work in c# to keep track of id and get images until the id changes, if you get what I mean.

I want a way that I can execute a single query like the one above, or modifed version and make it easier to map the result to my objects.

Something like,loop products,map products to product object,loop images map images to products.images

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DataSource Controls :: Select Statement By Multiple Dropdownlist

Feb 25, 2010

if I have three Dropdownlist A, B, C, how can I write a select statement to get data from sql server based on the dropdownlist selected.e.g. if user select dropdownlist A, select * from table where A = dropdownlist A but if user select dropdownlist A and C, then select statment is "select * from table where A = dropdownlist A and B = dropdownlist B or if selected A, B, can I settle so many choice.

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DataSource Controls :: Multiple Like Statements In One Select Query

Mar 15, 2010

I need to write a select query where it will be doing "like" on one column with multiple strings.

Eg : Select * from tblCity where city like '%ABC%' and city like '%XYZ%'

I have set of strings.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Select Multiple Tables By Using LinQ In MVC

May 19, 2010

I'm using ASP.NET MVC to create a small web apllication.

Here is my database And here is my class


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DataSource Controls :: Select Statement Pulling Multiple Times From Same Row

Jan 5, 2010


I have a select statement that is supposed to be filling grid with information from an income table. It's only supposed to pull if the income is from the current fiscal year or is less than 1 year old. Currently, what it does is pull multiples of rows and also rows from past income years but only if there is a mixture. For instance, if a person has income from 2005 and 2010 what it will show is this

Income 2005
Income 2005
Income 2010
Income 2010
Income 2010

Does anyone know what I've done wrong? BTW, those results are exact, old income is shown twice, current is shown 3X

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DataSource Controls :: Editable Gridview With Multiple Select Commands

May 14, 2010

I am trying to write an app that has one gridview, but I change the select on my sql data source to show different information on the same grid. For example I start showing units, but when price is selected I reassign my select command from Select sales.[sales1] to Select (sales.[price] * sales.[sales1]) as sales1.

However, this is causing a problem that I cannot understand with the built-in edit functionality of gridview. Whenever I click on edit, all the data in my gridview reverts back to the original select and displays only units. Am I missing something? When I change my select command the only things I am changing are my gridview.datakeynames, sqlsource.selectcommand, and sqlsource.updatecommand. What do I need to add to make my gridview edit using the current selectcommand?

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