DataSource Controls :: Inserting Images Into Sql 2005 Using Code?

Feb 26, 2010

I have looked at many examples but many of them are in c# or they are using stored procedures and parameters.

I already have all the code to upload the file....all I need is how to get the image file I uploaded in the proper format to write to sql

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DataSource Controls :: Saving Images To SQL 2005?

Mar 25, 2010

I have a work request web page that now has a need for my users to add screenshots to.

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DataSource Controls :: Saving And Retrieving Images From Sql Server 2005

Jan 5, 2010

I am facing a problem with retrieving an image and showing it on grid. I migrated MS Access database to sql server. Image are visible in Crystal report when fetched from the same database (migrated sql server database). But same images are not visible in ASP.Net grid view or simple image control. Following is my code

SqlConnection oConn =
SqlCommand oraCmd = oConn.CreateCommand();
oraCmd.CommandText = "select top 1 photo from [test] where photo is not null";
SqlDataReader dr =
dr = oraCmd .ExecuteReader ();
if(dr.Read ())
if (dr["photo"] !=
Response.ContentType = "image/gif";

This function is getting called from another page . "hlopen" is hyper link in the grid. hlopen.NavigateUrl = "GetPhoto.aspx?id=1";

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DataSource Controls :: Sample Code For Uploading And/or Retrieving Images Needed?

Jan 1, 2010

i am looking for some sample code in order to upload and/or retrieve images stored in a database.even the web is full of samples, i was not able to find one without using blobs as i would like to save only the directory of an image when it comes to the place of storing. the reason behind is that i do want to have my database small for some reason and therefore only want to save links to my images inside.

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VS 2005 - Show Selection Of Images From Folder And Have The Images Scroll From Right To Left

Mar 9, 2010

I want to show on one of my pages a slideshow type page. Basically I want it to show a selection of images from a folder and have the images scroll from right to left.

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DataSource Controls :: Inserting Data With Object Datasource?

Aug 9, 2010

This is the first time I have been working on databases and I am trying to insert data using an object datasource but no data is being inserted and no exception is thrown. I'm not sure where I am going to wrong. I am putting user data into session variables and inserting the session variables into the dataacess class layer and have a try and exception but nothing being thrown. Any help would be really appreciated because I don't know even where to start looking with this or how I can get the error to be thrown. Please see some of my code below to give an idea of what I am doing

Object Access Class
public void InsertCarPolicyHolder(PolicyHolderClass ph, CarInsuranceOptions options)


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DataSource Controls :: Sql Server 2005 Installation / Want To Go Back To Sql Server 2005?

Feb 3, 2010

i had the sql 2008 enterprise and i want to go back to sql server 2005 because in 2008 i created new database but when i did some changes in the table , it gave me an eror that i cant save thins and i need to creat new one if some one know what i'm talking aboutif not i need the sql server installation tutorial i tried by myself but probebly i did it wrong and now i cant connect well to the sql

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DataSource Controls :: Inserting Parameters?

Jan 10, 2010

I'm linking a form to sql database, As far as i know for textbox the code will be like this one below in VB:

dashDataSource.InsertParameters.Add("databaseColumName", NameOFTextBox.Text)

But what is the code for a drop down menu for countries list?

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DataSource Controls :: UserName Not Inserting?

Nov 24, 2010

I have a formview that is working fine for with the exception of the username is not inserting on a new record. The username is visible on login so I know that is working. I'm attaching my sql code as well as the code behind as I don't know what I'm missing.


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Databases :: Inserting Images Into Mysql Data Using C#?

Sep 17, 2010

is dere any way that i can store or insert images into the mysql database and retrieve them successfully just like textual data.

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Databases :: Inserting Images Into Oracle Database?

Feb 25, 2010

am trying to insert images into oracle database using am getting error "ORA-01465: invalid hex number".Here is the code.

if (FUcontrol.HasFile)

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DataSource Controls :: Accent When Inserting In Database?

Apr 19, 2010

When I m trying with my code to insert a name like "Cédric" the field in the Database is empty.Here is my code for the insert function :


Here is the code that call this function :


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DataSource Controls :: Inserting Boolean Value Into SQL Server?

Jan 26, 2011

I need to insert a Boolean value into an SQL Server datatable. I'm having a problem with what I'm trying. I don't see the option for a Boolean data type in SQL Server so I used Binary(1). Is this the right data type for storing Boolean in SQL Server?

The lines:

cmd.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@Active", SqlDbType.Binary, 1))
cmd.Parameters("@Active").Value = False

generate the following error on the execute command:

InvalidCastException: Invalid cast from 'System.Boolean' to 'System.Byte[]'

Is there an example somewhere that covers how to store a boolean in an SQL Server table?

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DataSource Controls :: Inserting Repetitive Records?

Mar 30, 2010

What is the best method in T-SQL 2008 for extending a table's records with the criteria of 'repeating' all fields but the Primary KEY e.g. Consecutive Date for the previous n Records.

So you have for example 7 records (Easy...2 Fields. Date and nvarchar) with th Date runing from Jan-01 to Jan-07

We want to extend the table by 21

Record 1,8,15,22 will look identical apart from the DateField.

Record 2,9,16,23 will look identical apart from the DateField. etc...etc..

I have tried a number of methods ...all coming up short....

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DataSource Controls :: Inserting Data Into A SQL Table?

Jan 19, 2010

I am building an app (ASP.NET 3.5 + SQL 2005) that allow users to schedule meetings and these meeting will show in the users to-do list.

One kind of meeting, when scheduled, should show into ALL users to-do list.

I have 3 tables:

#1 - Users -> UserID
#2 - Meetings -> MeetingID
#3 - Member_Meeting -> UserID+MeetingID

What I need is:

Based on the scheduled meeting, read all users from table #1 and add their info in the table # 3 with the MeetingID (which I can get from the UI, because it will happen when they create the meeting).

I have been browsing about it, but so far, I couldn't find a good source of info to start with.

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DataSource Controls :: Get The Inserting ID Out Of The Record Using Scope_identity

Jun 9, 2010

Im trying to get the ID out of the record that i'm inserting using scope_identity. I've add the following line of code to the Insert statements in the sqldatasource - SET @insID = Scope_Identity() I've add the following line to the Insert parameter list


I now want to insert a number records into the database using the following:

Dim insID As Object = e.Command.Parameters("@insID").Value ' gets out latest ID
Dim ordernumber As String = "CX" & insID.ToString & DateTime.Now.DayOfYear.ToString
sqlOrders.InsertParameters("orderNumber").DefaultValue = ordernumber
sqlOrders.InsertParameters("orderDate").DefaultValue = DateTime.Now
sqlOrders.InsertParameters("customerID").DefaultValue = userID
sqlOrders.InsertParameters("productID").DefaultValue = productID
sqlOrders.InsertParameters("totalPrice").DefaultValue = "0.00"
sqlOrders.InsertParameters("status").DefaultValue = "Paid"

I currently have this code in the SQLDataSource_Inserting sub but the first line only works once the record is inserted. How can i get the ID out as im inserting the parameters?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Get Nextval Before Inserting A Row To Database

Apr 26, 2010

I have a table with casenum as primary number and Identity column turned on. I know that the casenum will only auto-generated after a record is written into a table.

The front end to this table is a FormView on an AJAX webform.

Table is linked to the webform via LinqDataSource.

Now, on the webform, how can I display nextval before the record is actually written into a table?

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DataSource Controls :: Getting Data From One Table And Inserting It Into Another?

Jan 26, 2010

I have two tables cust and order_cust cust table have cust_id, name, addr, zip columns and order_cust have order_id and cust_id columns I take input from user for cust table i.e. name, addr, zip... the cust_id is an IDENTITY column so generates the value automatically Now I want to insert the last generated cust_id into order_cust (order_id is also an IDENTITY column)

How can I achieve that using stored procedure?

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DataSource Controls :: Sqldatasource On Inserting Query?

Jul 15, 2010

I have an editable grid where user can add/edit data. They also have the option to load previously entered data from last month. When the user then clicks save, i want to readd this newly modified data as a new record for this month. So basically I want to call the insertcommand, but it does not work. My 'save' method just 'updates' the records.

Providing sqldatasource, grid and save method
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSourceLoadActivities" runat="server" [code].....

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DataSource Controls :: Inserting New Record Error?

Jan 14, 2010

I have the logged-in user's Guid stored in a session variable. My understanding is that when the Guid is passed to the session variable it becomes a string. When I use the detailsview control I have to convert the session variable back to a guid and I've been doing it like this and it seems to work fine:

e.values("UserId") = session("LoggedInUserId")
Dim UserId as Guid = New Guid()

When I try to use the Insert() command after the following:

SqlDataSource3.InsertParameters("UserId").DefaultValue = Session("LoggedInUserId")

I get an "InvalidCastException" error with the comment "Conversion from type 'Guid' to type 'String' is not valid." I'm assuming the session variable needs to be converted to a type Guid since that's what I've had to do with the Detailsview control. I've tried a few different ways of converting the session variable back to a Guid so the insert command will work, but no matter which method of conversion I try I get errors such as "value of type system.guid cannot be converted to 'string'. I'm confused because I thought I was supposed to convert it from a string to a Guid. The "UserId" parameter is a non-primary key uniqueidentifier in the database.

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DataSource Controls :: Inserting Or Replacing Image On SQL?

Sep 24, 2010

I have a table right now with just customer_id and customer_name and I want to add an image field to upload their logo.

I've searched and found articles on how to create a table and to upload an image for a new row but how do I update or add a picture to an existing row.

So if I browse through my table and found a customer without a logo or an outdated logo, how do I replace and update their logo?

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DataSource Controls :: Inserting Data In TableOrder†?

May 22, 2010

I want to insert data in my tblOrder with surent paramater

I get the controls out of al my paramaters.

But ons of my controls contains the text of a Title of a book.

In my table i want to to insert this book_id. The title of this book is in an other table tblBoek. But i want to enter al my data in tblOrders.

TblOrders Tbloek

Naam Titel
Boek_ID Auteur

the Boek_ID is i an relationship with the ID form tblBoek

"VALUES (@Id, @Name, @Address, @Date, )"; //for my parameters these values are in controls

"FROM tblOrders INNER JOIN tblBooks ON tblOrders.BOOK_ID = tblBooks.BOOK_ID";


but the books ID doesnt work without it it will

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DataSource Controls :: Data Is Not Inserting Into The Database?

Apr 25, 2010

Whenever I run the following code to insert a record into database:

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

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DataSource Controls :: Inserting Related Entities?

Mar 5, 2010

Inserting Related Entities?

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DataSource Controls :: Sql Lock While Inserting Rows?

Jun 10, 2010

What kind of lock will be used on table if there is insert statement made by specifiying value in the insert statement?

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