How To Prevent Postback On Button Click

Jan 11th, 2005, 10:17 AM

I have this one window which is a webform for a service request. On the form are buttons that will open another window to allow the user to make choices which will then get returned to the opening window. The problem is that unless the values are returned to textboxes the returned values will get wiped out when you click a button to open another window. Such as the HTML that I return to a label for display purposes.


Web Forms :: FileUpload Control Prevent Button Postback?

May 31, 2007 12:40 AM

We were debugging a bit of code today and noticed that if someone puts an invalid string in the text of a Fileupload control it prevents another button on the form from firing. For example, the form:


If something invalid is entered in the "fileupload1" control, pressing "Button1" does not cause the click event handler to fire. Does anyone know why this occurs?

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Crystal Reports :: Manage Postback On Viewer Next Page Click Button Click?

Sep 04, 2010 09:50 AM

I am using Crystal Report on my ASP.NET Fw. 3.5 project. My report contains 100+ pages. When I click on next page button on crystal report viewer control my whole page gets postback to server and then second page appears. This take same time when first time report gets loaded.

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Web Forms :: Click Twice A Postback Button, Cause The First Click Procedure Incomplete?

Apr 29, 2010 01:35 PM

I find a special circumstances as follows:

My web form contains a postback button. The button will postback and call a server-side method. The method will process something that may spend about 20 seconds. However, user may try to click the button several times within the waiting period. The sequential clicking may cause the first running method incomplete and stop, since the second click postback will dominate the method and start again. How can I solve it?

PS: It can not use client side script to disable the button, because it requires to use some server-side validation within the method.

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C# - Button Event Handlers Do Not Fire On The First Click But On The Second Click After A PostBack

May 4 10 at 13:46

Background: I am customizing an existing ASP .NET / C# application. It has it's own little "framework" and conventions for developers to follow when extending/customizing its functionality. I am currently extending some of it's administrative functionality, to which the framework provides a contract to enforce implementation of the GetAdministrationInterface() method, which returns System.Web.UI.Control. This method is called during the Page_Load() method of the page hosting the GUI interface.

Problem: I have three buttons in my GUI, each of which have been assigned an Event Handler. My administration GUI loads up perfectly fine, but clicking any of the buttons doesn't do what I expect them to do. However, when I click them a second time, the buttons work.

I placed breakpoints at the beginning of each event handler method and stepped through my code. On the first click, none of the event handlers were triggered. On the second click, they fired.

Example of Button Definition (within GetAdministrationInterface)


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How To Prevent Button Click 2 Times In Update Panel

Mar 17 10 at 16:56

I have a button which is in update panel. When I click on button then it click event run two times. How can I prevent second time click event?

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Web Forms :: Prevent Button Click Event After Validation

Jan 22, 2010 08:48 AM

I have a page with formview, the page contains a lot of input fields and a lot of validators and when I press "Save" button (in which I perform insert procedure) the form is validated, but button click event and page load happens. Validators and button belong to the same validation group. How to avoid button click and page load events happening when some validators aren't correct? In page without formview everything works ok, I click "Save" button and when all validators are correct only then happens button click event. How to fix that with form view?

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Prevent Flickering On Click Of Browser Back Button?

Apr 12 10 at 11:37

I am working on Asp.Net application.I wrote the below JavaScript code to prevent the user to not going to login page on click of browser back button when he logs into the application.It is working fine for me,but from the homepage when i click on browser back button,the flickering appears due to post back.How to prevent the flickering.

`function preventBack()
setTimeout("preventBack()", 0);

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Web Forms :: Prevent A Postback From A Button In User Control Inside A Modalpopupextender

Apr 12, 2010 10:33 AM

HOW can I prevent a postback from a button in user control inside a modalpopupextender, so that the modalpopupextender doesn't close?

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Why Does Autopostback From Button Click Duplicate Part Of URL / Prevent The Duplication?

Nov 10 10 at 17:35

Example: url is [URL]

I click an asp:Button which cause a postback, but now the url comes up:


There is nothing special in the button, just id and runat.

This only happens when I start with the "/88" in the starting url?

Why, and how can I prevent the duplication. After the postback I want the url to be the same as when started.

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How To Prevent The Button To Fire Click Event If User Session Expires

Dec 4 09

I have an web application that requires users to log in to access the feature. The problems i am running in to is even thought the users sessions expires, button events are firing. The solution to fix this problems is checking if user is authenticated on the button click event.

My question is instead of having this check in every button event is that any other way to prevent the button to fire click event if user session expires?

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Button Click Event : How To Prevent Service Code Fire From Client Side Script

Apr 24, 2009 06:33 PM

Button have client side click event and server side click event, my question is: how can I prevent server side click event code execute in conditional from client side script

code below:

function Client_onclick() {
if (cb.checked == false)

do not execute service side code....


execute service side code.....


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Show Div In Button Click With Validators But Before Postback?

Sep 01, 2009 12:09 AM

I have a fileupload control a RegularExpressionValidator, a RequiredFieldValidator and a button.

I just want to be able to show an hidden div when the fileupload is ready (has valid file) and the user click the asp button.

Im able to show the hidden div before the postback with onclientclick but it's not what i want.

I tried this in the button click event :

ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), "show", String.Format("show('DivLoading');"), True)

But it occurs after the postback.

Remember that the validators of the fileupload have to be ok to show the hidden div.

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Postback Not Being Triggered On Button Click When Using Validators

Mar 22 at 8:25

Server Click event is not being triggered when I click on the "LookupButton". The weird part is that this code works on our Dev server, but not QA. If I get rid of "LookupValidationGroup", from the Lookup Button ValidationGroup property, the page does postback, but then my validators do not work. I could explicitly do the validation on the Server Side, but dont think I should need to.

No errors are being displayed. I also reinstalled .net 3.5 using aspnet_regiis -i command.


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AJAX :: Cannot Get AsyncPostBack Only Postback On Button Click

Nov 05, 2009 12:00 AM

My problem is i am dynamically creating a button and adding to cell, row, table, panel then place holder which is inside a update panel. When i click the button it does a full post back not a parsial postpack.


Do i need to do something else to get it to work with the update panel?

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Web Forms :: Fail To Avoid Postback For Button Click

Nov 12, 2010 09:03 AM

when i click on button then postback happen but i stopped the postback. my code is follows.


here ShowDiv() function return false. another thing i notice that when i comment all the line in function ShowDiv() then postback is not happening. i just do not understand if i generate a div and add to page from javascript then why postback happening. tell me the solution to avoid postback when i will generate div from any function.

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AJAX :: Postback Eats Button Click Event?

Dec 23, 2009 11:23 PM

I have textboxes inside an updatepanel and a button outside the updatepanel.when the user changes the textbox text and then clicks the button(NOTE: donot click anywhere on the screen) the buttons click event doesn't fire only the textchanged event gets fired. My assumption is that both events would fire and the textchanged event would be first.

Is there a work around to this bug?

In normal cases when I type a text in textbox and tab,the button click event along with textchanged is fired.I want the same behaviour when i change the text and clickover button too.

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AJAX :: When Use Modal Popup If Click On OK Button There Should Not Be Postback

Jan 05, 2011 11:17 AM

Any code related to modal popup to stablise is necessary and if the values are enter correctly then modal popup should get post back.

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Web Forms :: No LinkButton Or Button Click Event Fires (no Postback)

Mar 24, 2010 10:31 AM

I dont know what happened but none of my buttons or linkbuttons causes a postback anymore. I have dragged a few updatepannels on the page but the linkbutton concerned is not enclosed within an update pannel. when I click it there is just no postback happening anymore. I set the debugger at Page_load but...its not reached. I used firebug to analyse the http requests. there is none. its like those are not considered buttons anymore.

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Web Forms :: Button Onclick Event Only Triggers Postback On The First Click?

Nov 11, 2010 04:57 AM

I have created a user control which has a form and 2 buttons; Save and Submit. Both buttons are created at design time. Users can enter details in the form (e.g. title and description of an item) and click Save which does some server-side processing to create an 'Item' then clears the form.

The buttons:



And a placeholder to add dynamically created controls:


I am saving the Items in ViewState and dynamically creating a LinkButton control for each Item which allows the user to edit the item:



Now, when I test this in Visual Studio 2010, it works fine;

1. Enter Item title and description in form

2. Click Save

3. Save button triggers postback and onClick event code is run

4. ViewState list is displayed below the form

When I create a local IIS web site for testing, the postback on the Save button only works the first time I click it. Postback is false on the second click and the page reloads without running the onClick event code.

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Ajaxtoolkit Postback - Click Button In The Tab1 - Tab3 Is Disappearing

Dec 29 10 at 16:40

i am working on a project.but i have a problem.basically,i am using ajaxtoolkit tabcontainer.assume that i have 2 tabs which i created.let's call them tab1, tab1 there is a button and textbox.when i click the button,i am writing some text into the textbox. then i am creating a tab dynamically. assume that it is called "tab3".the problem is when i click the button in the tab1,tab3 is can i prevent this?

<asp:TabContainer ID="TabContainer1" runat="server" ActiveTabIndex="0" AutoPostBack="true"
Height="273px" Width="1050px">
<asp:TabPanel runat="server" HeaderText="tab1" ID="tab1">

tab2 here is where i am adding a new tab in the function:

AjaxControlToolkit.TabPanel tp = new AjaxControlToolkit.TabPanel();
tp.HeaderText = "tab3";
tp.ContentTemplate = Page.LoadTemplate("WebUserControl1.ascx");
tp.ID = "tab3";

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How To Prevent Master Page Postback When Update Panel Asynchronous Postback Happened

Oct 15 10 at 12:50

When an asynchronous postback happened inside update panel, another postback happens also for MasterPage not only update panel embedded page .

I want to prevent this MasterPage postback .

is this possible ? think like i have a MasterPage

and another page which is test.aspx which is content page of MasterPage

i have update panel at test.aspx

when asynchronous postback happens at this test.aspx update panel it also loads MasterPage Page_Load

i want to prevent this (it should not also load MasterPage Page_Load)

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AJAX :: How To Prevent Master Page Postback When Update Panel Asynchronous Postback Happened

Oct 15, 2010 12:49 PM

When an asynchronous postback happened inside update panel, another postback happens also for MasterPagenot only update panel embedded page .I want to prevent this MasterPage postback . is this possible ?think like i have a MasterPage and another page which is test.aspx which is content page of MasterPagei have update panel at test.aspxwhen asynchronous postback happens at this test.aspx update panel it also loads
MasterPage Page_Loadi want to prevent this (it should not also load MasterPage Page_Load)

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C# - Disable A Dynamic Button Click Event During Postback And Enable It Afterwords?

Jan 28 10 at 9:52

I am creating a button dynamically in my code and attaching a click event to it. However I have to prevent people to click it while there is a process going on. So when it is clicked once, it should be disabled and when the process ends it should be enabled. How can I do that?

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Web Forms :: On Page Postback Last Clicked Button Fires Its Click Event Automatically?

Jul 15, 2010 06:29 AM

I have page on which I've a login control in which I've a subnit button. The problem is this that when I refresh the that page the submit button or any button that was clicked last before page refresh gets its click event automatically fired.

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Web Forms :: TreeView CheckedNodes Collection Empty On Button Click And Postback To Server

Mar 22, 2010 09:48 PM

I have an ASP .Net TreeView control that I am dynamically adding tree nodes to from my codebehind on Page_PreRender. The TreeView is populated nicely and the appropriate checkboxes are where they are expected to be. For each of these nodes the SelectAction=TreeNodeSelectAction.None. However, when accessing the TreeView CheckedNodes() collection in my codebehind after selecting a few nodes (checkboxes are selected) and clicking a submit button to post back to the server in the button click event, my CheckedNodes.count() = 0. I can not figure out why my CheckedNodes collection in the codebehind does not contain the nodes that I have checked from the GUI.

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Web Forms :: Button Click Triggers HTML Table Refreshed Even Put Within Postback Block?

Aug 06, 2010 04:49 PM

I'm reading an invoice dataset and building a html table with checkboxes and textboxes in it, and I put that code in a postback = false block, then i got a button and a literal. The button click will loop through the html table checkboxes to calculate a total and assign it to the literal and display it. I got everything working except one thing, every time i click the button, the html table refreshes and lost all the value in textboxes....even though I put the html building block in the postback = false block,it seems like it still won't preserve the values in the textboxes once there's a button click...Anybody knows a solution to that? I want the textboxes keep what values are there.

Here is the code part:


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AJAX :: Datalist Button In FooterTemplate Within UpdatePanel Causes PostBack But Does Not Fire Click Event

Sep 25, 2008 04:13 AM

I have a button in a datalist footer template. The datalist is in an UpdatePanel. When the button is clicked is causes a postback but does not fire the click event. The ID of the button is not the ID of the control causing the postback. How can I get the button to fire the click event?


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Forms Data Controls :: Async Postback Upon Click Of 'Update' Button In GridView?

Feb 09, 2010 07:03 PM

I have a GridView within an UpdatePanel - <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" ChildrenAsTriggers="true">

Without listing any Triggers, I get a full postback when I visit a particular row within the GridView and click the 'Edit' button for that row.

However, if I enter the following trigger...

<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="GridView1" EventName="RowEditing" />

...I get an async postback when I click the 'Edit' button for a particular GridView row. This is what I want. In fact, I also get an async postback if I then click the 'Cancel' button for that GridView row which appears after having clicked the 'Edit' button.

However, if I instead click the 'Update' button that appears after having clicked the 'Edit' button, I get a full postback. I have tried almost every GridView EventName

I can find to add to the <Triggers></Triggers> section to get a click of the 'Update' button to result in an async postback, but with no luck.

What EventName should I use in the <Triggers></Triggers> section to get a GridView to do an async postback when clicking the 'Update' button for a particular row?

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Web Forms :: Page PostBack / Click Back Button,the UserName And Password Textboxes Are Not Cleared?

Sep 11, 2009 09:34 AM

I have a Page,which has Login and 4 Links

When i Logging,the page will be redirected to another page(known matter).With the Username what i have given.

If i type somethn in the Username and Pwd textboxes and not Logging in but clicking any of the Link(obviously it will be redirected to that link),but when i click back button,the UserName and Pwd texboxes are not cleared.

It s cleared in IE bt not in Firefox and chrome.

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Forms Data Controls :: On Click Of A Button Dynamically Retrieve The DataKey Value Of The Selected Radio Button Click?

Nov 20, 2009 02:41 PM

I'm using the selectorField (Radio Button Option) control from on a Gridview (see code sample).

<asp:GridView ID="GrdInvestment" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
Visible="False" AllowPaging="True" PageSize="5" DataKeyNames ="traref">
<mb:SelectorField SelectionMode ="Single" HeaderText ="Deal Number" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="traref" HeaderText="Reference" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="ValDat" HeaderText="Value Date"
DataFormatString="{0:dd/MM/yyyy}" />

How do I on click of a button dynamically retrieve the DataKey value of the selected radio button click

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Web Forms :: When Click Any Button Or Linkbutton, It Doesn't Fire Any Event Or Doesn't Postback

Mar 22, 2010 04:39 AM

In my project when i click any button or linkbutton, it doesnt fire any event or doesnt postback.

It was working fine but now it hv problem like this.

I think i have changed some settings by mistake.

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Web Forms :: How To Perform Click (postback From JavaScript) On The Button From JavaScript In Opera

Sep 03, 2009 06:12 PM

i have a TextBox and Codebehind if the page i added following, to register my script:

protected void Page_PreRender(object sender, EventArgs e) {
Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Page.GetType(), "textBoxSet", "textBoxSet(document.getElementById('" + QueryTextBox.ClientID + "'));", true);


but still, Opera has no affect of executing this, how to perform click on the button, i mean to perform a postback from JavaScript with the target of the searchButton ?

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Web Forms :: Load A User Control On Link Click Event Of A Link Button During Postback Of Aspx Page?

Mar 02, 2011 11:42 PM

Here is my requirement -

1. I need to load a user control on link click event of a link button during postback of aspx page.

2. On button click event of a save button on that aspx page, I need to read the selected values from that user control on further postback.

If I write the loadcontrol code in link_click event, the control is not recognized at all in the button_click event. When I shift it to page_init and execute only during not postback, the user control loads with default values.

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On Enter Button Click Excecutes Function Written On Button Click In Javascript?

Dec 26, 2008 10:13 AM

I have Two Buttons and Some TextBoxes on My form. As Soon as i Type in Text box and click on Enter Button it Excecutes the code Written in Javascript .i am calling this javascript on This Button's ClientClick.

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C# - How To Prevent Postback By Javascript

Oct 28 10 at 10:22

actually this code is working well in firfox mozila but it's not working in IE8


here i want to prevent postback when answerlength == 0 ; but when answer length ==0 then it alert alert("u can't submit blank answer") message and postback to server io want to prevent it how i do ?

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Prevent Duplicate Postback In (C#)

Aug 27 10 at 10:27

Simple one here... is there a clean way of preventing a user from double-clicking a button in a web form and thus causing duplicate events to fire?

If I had a comment form for example and the user types in "this is my comment" and clicks submit, the comment is shown below... however if they double-click, triple-click or just go nuts on the keyboard they can cause multiple versions to be posted.

Client-side I could quite easily disable the button onclick - but I prefer server-side solutions to things like this

Is there a postback timeout per viewstate that can be set for example?

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Web Forms :: Click Event Does Not Fire On Postback, But Only On Second Postback

Nov 17, 2010 12:17 PM

On my page: a Button1, a ListView1, a Panel1 and inside Panel1 an ImageButton1In the ListView1_PreRender-Event the property Panel1.Visible = false or Panel1.Visible = true is set.1. After first loading of the Page Panel.Visible = false ist set in ListView1_PreRender.2. After the postback click on Button1 the criteria for the visibility of Panel1 are evaluated, thus setting in the ListView_PreRender Panel.Visible = true.

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Web Forms :: How To Prevent PostBack When Using DropDownList

Mar 24, 2009 06:17 AM

I want to prevent postback on dropdownlist when SelectedIndex==0 otherwise it remains true.

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Prevent Postback When Page Is Loading?

Oct 06, 2010 12:34 PM

I am a problem with Postback event.

I have a web page (aspx) which takes longer time to load the page. If this page is loading and if user requests same page by clicking menu link again, it is considered as not postback and page starts loading again (as soon as it finished first page load).

I want to prevent this from happening. When page is loading and user requests same page again, it should not process those requests and should be neglected.

This aspx page is requested from menu (which is designed on seperate master page).

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