JQuery :: How To Handle Session Expiration In Modal Window

Jun 24, 2010

I am having an aspx page page1.aspx with a button button1. On click of button1, a modal window popup is displaying using jquery.

The modal popup is displaying another page page2.aspx . I have appended the following line in the load event of all aspx pages to handle the session expiration.So that on expiration of session, it will automaticaly redirect to sessionexpired.aspx page.

Convert.ToString((Session.Timeout * 60) + 10) +

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Handle Facebook Session Expiration?

Jan 27, 2010

am a ASP.NET developer using Facebook Developer Toolkit to develop a facebook flash application with flash developer.When the user plays the game for a certain period of time, there are chances that the facebook session expires and I can't call any Facebook API for processing as a result.

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Web Forms :: Session Timeout In Modal Window?

Dec 30, 2010

I have one modal popup window in which I am loading some event, after session timeout occurs, page in the modal pop window redirects to login page.

What I want achieve is, On session Expiration modal window should disappear and parent page should be redirected to login page.

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C# - Session Transfer Between Window And Modal Dialog?

Oct 18, 2010

I have a parent window from which i open a modal dialog on button click. In WinXP with IE8 it works just fine, but in Win7 with IE8, upon opening the modal dialog it brings me to the login screen. If i enter my credentials, close the dialog and open it again, it works.The explanation i figured out is that the session isn't transfered between parent and child.The modal is opened with javascript window.open function.I don't want to store the credentials in a cookie and then read it in my modal because it's a security no-no. Is there an explanation why this is happening in Win7 and not in XP and is there a resolution for this issue?

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Web Forms :: Session Expires When A Modal Window Is Opened?

Jun 4, 2010

I have Page1 having Button1.

Page2 having Button 2 and an ascx control UC1. UC1 has a Button 3. Page2 is a modal dialog ( window.showModalDialog )

on Click of Button1 open Page2(modal dialog).

Page2 has UC1. UC1 has a button B3. On click of B3,instead of directly going to B3_click event, another post back happens. Thereafter opens login.aspx in another browser ( It is losing Session containing UserDetails as well as other session details).

now even If I continue entering Username and password, page2 reloads again in the new browser.

I am totally lost.

1) I do not know why UC1 button click makes another postback and thereafter opens up into another page losing all the sessions!!

I want to retain teh sessions till i go back to page1.

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MVC :: Partial View In Modal Dialog (using Ajax/jQuery) - How To Handle Invalid Modelstate

Mar 18, 2010

After wading through quite a few articles on creating modal forms (using partial views and jquery) I got things working fine for my login....as long as you enter a valid login though!

What I did:

Created a partial view containing my login form.

In my action controller, the get action just return a PartialViewResult, which get dealt with by a bit of jQuery in my master:[Code]....

Like I said this works fine. Now the post action of my login check if it's a valid login, and if so send the user to the passed returnurl or the home page.

However, if the validation fails, I now return the partial view again, which work , but the partial get displayed by itself instead of rendering in the modal form that was opened by jquery.

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JQuery :: How To Pass Parameters To Modal Window

Aug 24, 2010

I have a webpart in a page in which there is a gridview(which shows list of customers). When I click on a link button in gridview, I would like to popup a JQuery modal window and fill the popup(this contains textboxes, then a gridview which contains mapped systems for thet customer, and another gridview which contains list of configured reports for that customer) with the details based on the customer name(link) clicked. Here I need to pass the customer Id and customer name parameters based on which I can fill the Jquery modal window.

pass parameters to JQuery modal window in order to fill the contents inside it?

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Jquery - How To Write A File To The Response Stream And Have A 'Working' Modal Window Show/hide

Feb 15, 2011

I need to to export a file to the user. It takes 1-2 min to generate the file so I'd like to have the page go into a kind-of modal mode with a layover on the page and a 'Working' spinner showing. The problem is I can't make the modal stuff go away after Save File dialog is closed.

How can I remove the layover after the dialog is done?

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MVC :: Show Session Expiration Time To User?

Jan 5, 2011

I have a scenario in my application that I need to display session expiration time to the user. I set session expiration as 30 minutes in my application, 5 minutes before the session expiration, I need to show message to user that the session is going to expire.

How can I will do this implementation, I am using VS 2010 + MVC 2.0 + JQuery.

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Setting Alternative Session Expiration Times?

Jan 15, 2011

I want a specific session variable (in my case Session["level"]) to expire either on the normal 20 min. timer or at 19:30 every day. Because I change a value in my database everyday at 19:30 and I want this session variable to be related to that value. Is this possible?

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Html - Setting Path And Expiration For Session Cookie

Mar 25, 2010

Anything I have tried didn't work. Currenly I have following code to change asp.net session cookie expiration date and path, but asp doesn't want to listen to me. I sends same cookie in Set-Cookie header two times sometimes, sometimes it sends it's default cookie ignoring path and expiration date, sometimes it sends everything as expected, and sometimes it doesn't send Set-Cookie at all. What should I do.

My code in Global.asax

protected void Application_PreRequestHandlerExecute(Object sender, EventArgs e)
/// only apply session cookie persistence to requests requiring session information
if (Context.Handler is IRequiresSessionState || Context.Handler is IReadOnlySessionState)
var sessionState = ConfigurationManager.GetSection("system.web/sessionState") as SessionStateSection;
var cookieName = sessionState != null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(sessionState.CookieName)
? sessionState.CookieName
: "ASP.NET_SessionId";
var timeout = sessionState != null
? sessionState.Timeout
: TimeSpan.FromMinutes(20);
/// Ensure ASP.NET Session Cookies are accessible throughout the subdomains.
if (Request.Cookies[cookieName] != null && Session != null && Session.SessionID != null)
Response.Cookies[cookieName].Value = Session.SessionID;
Response.Cookies[cookieName].Path = Request.ApplicationPath;
Response.Cookies[cookieName].Expires = DateTime.Now.Add(timeout);

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Setting Cookie Expiration With ASP Classic To Session Sharing Solution

Jun 25, 2010

I'm implementing the session sharing structure from this link for an ASP classic site to begin the gradual conversion process to ASP.NET. I'm trying to extend the cookie expiration time so that users do not get signed out of the site when the session expires. At the place where the cookie is created in SessionPage.cs I've added the line in the CreateNewSessionCookie() method: cookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(14);

Now this works fine, however, it only works if the user first visits an ASP.NET page, and then visits the ASP classic pages. It doesn't work if visiting an ASP classic page first (looking at the cookie through firefox confirms that different expiration values are given based on if I visit an ASP or ASP.NET page first.) I'm still a bit fuzzy on the mechanics behind this implementation as I don't have a complete understanding of session and cookie handling. However, I would have thought that the VB6 SessionMgr object is calling the SessionUtility DLL, and thus is using the same code to issue the cookie. I have re-registered the SessionUtility using gacutil, and re-exposed it using regasm. How else is the cookie being issued when a user accesses an ASP classic page? How can I change the expiration time?

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Security :: How To Redirect The User Automatically To Login Page After Session Expiration

Mar 10, 2010

How i redirect the page to Login page automatically if session Expires .

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Javascript - .NET Cross Domain Modal Window (window.showModalDialog) - Parameter Value Always "undefined"?

Aug 27, 2010

I have two webpages, parent page .aspx and child page .html.
On parent page I have JavaScript function for invoking child page as modal window via window.showModalDialog.

function viewCourseModal(url) {

var sPars = SomeParameters();
var returnedValue = window.showModalDialog(url, "", sPars);[CODE]...

So when I launch parent window and invoke child modal window, parameter with "someValue" gets returned to the parent window (to modalReadyForTest control) upon clicking the button Button1.It works fine when I have both parent and child pages on the same domain. When I have them on different domains, value of the parameters does not get passed and instead it is always "undefined".Is there any way to have modal window from different domain returning parameter value to parent page? Can those cross domain issues be solved at all or should I try completely different approach?

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Web Forms :: How To Pass A Session Variable From Child Window To Parent Window

Feb 22, 2011

I have a page (parent) that open up a popup window using window.open javascript. User will then work on the popup window and the result will be stored in a session variable. When the user close the popup window, how can I put the value of the session variable back to the server control textbox of the parent window?

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Javascript - Passing Data Between A Parent Window And A Child Popup Window With JQuery

Dec 3, 2010

I have the following HTML

<td class="label" valign="top">
Affiliate Party
<td class="field">
<input type="hidden" name="ctl00$MainContent$ExternalAccountAttributes$AffiliatePartyId" id="AffiliatePartyId" />
<input name="ctl00$MainContent$ExternalAccountAttributes$AffiliatePartyName" type="text" id="AffiliatePartyName" class="PartyLookup" />

and the following Javascript/jQuery

$(".PartyLookup").after("<img src='Images/book_open.png' class='PartyLookupToggle' style='padding-left:4px;' />");
$(".PartyLookupToggle").click(function () {
window.open("PartySearch.aspx", "PartySearch", "width=400,height=50");
return false;

I need to be able to flag ANY PartyId input field with class="PartyLookup" so that it will modify the DOM and include the image next to the input field. The popup window returns data to populate both the hidden and text fields, but since the click() is generic I need to pass it the ID of the input field.

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Web Forms :: What Value Can Pass For Window Handle

Jun 24, 2010

I have a 3rd party ActiveX control built in VB6 which I need to use in an ASP.NET web application. But as the ActiveX is using window handles as parameters to method calls, I am not sure how to do that in a web browser as we do not have windows controls and hence no handles in web applications.

The ActiveX provides methods like: long AddObject (long * obj_handle, long window_handle, BSTR dev_name, short obj_id)

what value can I pass for window handle?

As a workaround, I created a Windows Forms Control Library project, placed this VB6 ActiveX control on it and provided wrapper public methods which internally calls methods of ActiveX control. Which solves the handles problem as now I can supply the window handle. This Windows control works fine when placed on a Windows Forms client. Now I placed this winform control on asp.net page like this:

But the browser (IE) does not load the Winform control and shows empty area with a small icon probably because it is unable to load the dependent assemblies as MyWinFormsProject.dll is referencing ActiveX assemblies.

Now the issue is I can specify only 1 dll above so how to specify multiple assemblies. For this I used ILMerge and merged the dependent assemblies and MyWinFormsProject.dll to create a single dll named as MyMergedProject.dll and used it like this:

But still it does not solve the problem and IE shows empty area and does not load the winform control.

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Show Modal Popup And Handle Server Method From Same Button

Jan 11, 2012

So, I have a button that populates a datagridview and shows it to the user. What I'd like to do is show a popup from this button just after it's done with the server logic. How can I do that.

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State Management :: Session State Expiration After Application Pool Recycle?

Nov 1, 2010

All we have a global ships position tracking website which runs smoothly until IIS application pool recycles.When there is workerprocess recycling looks like session state expires as a result i loose all session data and when customer clicks refresh button he is redirected to login page.

In web.config Session state mode is set to InProc so i changed it to State Server but to my luck i have MAP object which is not serialiazable which is causing the maps from not appearing on the website.I tried adding serializable attribute to the object class but still not succesfull.Our website is accessed by our customers whose count is more than 1000.

Changing the session state mode from InProc to StateServer can really slow down the response time so
Is it good to go further fix the serailizable issues and move to state server?.

Is there any way I can retain my session data when application pool recyles?..

Stopping Application pool from recycling may not be a good idea considering health factor of web server.

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How To Display An Image In A New Window And Handle The Click

Nov 5, 2010

I have a follow-on question to How to display an image based on SelectedValue in a GridView?

What I would really like to do is have a ViewImage button on my GridView control so that when that is clicked, the image is displayed on a new page in a new browser window. How would I do that? I'm thinking perhaps do I need to create a


How do I handle the click and how do I get the image to diplay on a new form in a new web browser window?

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Modal Window Is Not Maximizing

Mar 12, 2014

I happen to need this modal window to appear in height and width to be as large as a standard webform... I placed settings in the showdialog function for specific height and widths and nothing happened it maintained the size of a small dialog window with scroll bars vertical ones.

so far this is my javascript code behind the c#

<script type="text/javascript">
var childwindow ;
function ShowDialog() {
childwindow = window.showModalDialog("CriticalIncidentReport.aspx", 'center: yes;resizable: yes ;status:0;state:maximize');

This is the c# code behind the button click event

protected void myBtn_Click(Object sender,
EventArgs e)
ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, this.GetType(), "JScript", "ShowDialog();", true);

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Javascript - Window.open As Modal Popup?

Oct 14, 2010

I want open window.open as modal popup.

var features = 'resizable= yes; status= no; scroll= no; help= no; center= yes;
window.open(href, 'name', features, false);

I can use Window.ShowModelDialog(), but in my child window I am calling parent javascript method. That is not happening with ShowModelDialog().

function CallParentScript(weburl) {
if (weburl != null) {
var url = weburl;
return false;

If I use window.open(). I can call Parent javascript. But window is not modal. How to solve this? Can I write something in child popup to always top?

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AJAX :: Modal Pop Up Not Opening JavaScript Window

Feb 25, 2010

I have a modal pop up window (Ajaxcontroltoolkit one) and inside that I am trying to open a normal Java Script new window.

ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.UpdatePanel1, this.UpdatePanel1.GetType(), "AnyScriptNameYouLike", "window.open('http://www.yourwebsite.com');", true);

But for some reason it does not open.

But it opens fine if I pu the same line of code in a button click event.

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C# - How To Pass Collection To Modal Dialog Window

Jan 25, 2011

I want to know, if its possible to pass collection between pages. I mean to say i have a client-side JavaScript modal dialog on which I want to use my collection. Earlier I was using Session[] to share the value, but its becoming evil for me, as it always displays the first value. Any change in value in not updated.

So whenever my pop up is displayed I want the collection to get moved to the Child dialog. From there, i will extract the Collection, do some stuffs and again return it to parent page, preventing postbacks and session management.

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Best Practice For Modal Window In Web Forms Application?

Feb 24, 2010

On a list page, clicking on one of the items brings up the details in a modal popup window which will have its own functionality (like validation, updating etc). What's the best practice to implement this (not looking for a hack). I see two options here:

Hide the details markup until a list item is clicked at which time, do a ajax request to get the details and populate and show the details section. Have the details section as a separate page by itself. On a list item click, show this page in a modal window (is this even possible?)

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