LinkButton Postback Changes Query String?

Mar 15, 2008

I have a querystring that is passed to the page where it is consumed and processed by JavaScript. The QueryString is properly encoded using Server.UrlEncode. On the client side it is decoded using decodeURI. When page loads for the first time everything works as expected. I have a LinkButton on the form. When button is clicked it causes full postback, that's exactly what I need to happen. But... after page reloads as a result of LinkButton click, JavaScript fails to decodeURI with the error "The URI to be decoded is not a valid encoding". I can visually see that querystring has been changed! If I put breakpoint in JavaSript code I can see that uerystring is not the one that was passed to the page initially. LinkButton does NOT have any client or server code attached to it. It simply serves the purpose to cause full postback (switching localization). Any ideas what's going on here and how to solve the problem?

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Web Forms :: Url Write Breaks Query String On Postback?

Nov 18, 2010

i am having a problem on my aspx page, what i did was i wrote a simple url re-wrte rule in my aspx page, after i write my url re-write rule my query string looks like this [URL] idea been to writing a rule to accept that above query for user friend seo url string, but when i am in that page i cant click any of my datalist page indexes will redirect to [URL] i dont know how to fix this proble, i am trying s hard ,but i cant make it work, i think page post back changing my url re-write link.

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Web Forms :: Encrypt The Query String In The Query String In The Product Page

Aug 29, 2009

In the product page i m sending page address with the required id like that:-

Response.Redirect("product_detail.aspx?cid=" + intCid + "&prodid=" + intProdid);

in the product detail page m getting that ids like that:-

intCid = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["cid"].ToString());
intprodId = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["prodid"].ToString())

so how can i encrypt the query string in the query string in the product page and also decrypt it in the product details page.

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Linkbutton Is Not Doing Postback

Sep 23, 2010

I have 2 link button in my page and every thing was working fine until i added window.onload() method on my page. After adding window.onload() first link button is working but not the second button. I am using update panel in my page

function PageTest() { //do some task}
window.onload = PageTest;
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdPanel" ChildrenAsTriggers="true" UpdateMode="Conditional" runat="server">
<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="linkbutton1" EventName="Click" />
//some code
<asp:linkbutton id="linkbutton1" runat="server" cssclass="btn" onclick="linkbutton1_Click" OnClientClick ="return Ischecked('abc');">
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" ChildrenAsTriggers="true" UpdateMode="Conditional" runat="server">
<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="linkbutton1" EventName="Click" />
<asp:placeholder id="placeholder" visible="false" runat="server">
<asp:linkbutton id="linkbutton2" runat="server" cssclass="btn" onclick="linkbutton2_Click" OnClientClick="return IsChkBoxchecked('xyz')" >

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C# - LinkButton Not Doing Postback On Second Click?

Dec 28, 2010

I want the clients to be able to download a PDF file. So I've put on a LinkButton with the code:


<asp:LinkButton ID="lnkPrintHere" runat="server" OnClick="lnkPrintHere_Click" Text="Click here" />

Code behind:

protected void lnkPrintHere_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";
Response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + fileName);
Response.TransmitFile("/_layouts/Files/" + fileName);

Everything works fine the first time the link is clicked. Subsequent clicks don't raise the OnClick event.

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C# - How To Pass Query In A Dynamically Created Linkbutton

Jul 20, 2010

I wanna to pass query in a dynamic link button. I can add it dynamically but unable to pass query on that. Apart from that LinkButton_onClick handler is not working.

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Query String Can A Query String Contain An Url That Also Has Query Strings

Nov 22, 2010



I added the iis tag because I am guessing it also depends on what server technology you use?

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Web Forms :: LinkButton Clearing Controls On Postback?

Nov 6, 2010

I've been trying to build a toolbar for a web form that does some user management stuff. The toolbar works as expected, except, when you postback the page, any LinkButton controls that are more complex than standard text controls, for some reason they have their controls cleared on post-back. If I remove the JavaScript attribute from the link button, the controls postback fine without issue, but I need the JavaScript attached to the button to do some other stuff before postback. If I move the attribute addition in the code-behind to the OnClientClick property of the lnkbFindUser control, this control doesn't lose the child controls, but lnkbSave does. Attached is a sample page that demonstrates the problem. If you click the Find user button, it'll postback and clear the Find user button. If you click Save, it'll clear it as well. When you attach the debugger to the lnkbFindUser loading events, you can see that all the controls are properly attached during Init, but they're dropped before Load. How do I stop this from happening? I don't want to have to drop all the icons next to the buttons, but I'm beginning to think this is the only way I'm going to get it to work.

Code behind:

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Cause Postback Of Page When User Click LinkButton?

Jun 5, 2009

I put a gridview in Aspx page and this gridview is in UpdatePanel. I add a template field and in this i add item template where i put LinkButton. Now when user click on this LinkButton i want to do Postback the page.

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How To Let Html Link (anchor) Do A Postback To Be Like LinkButton

Mar 19, 2010

I would like to ask how can i make an html anchor (a element) or even any object to do a postback or to execute an server side method?I want to create a custom button (a wrapped with some divs to do some custom them) and i want to implement OnClick to be look like the ASP.NET LinkButton?Like<a href="#" onclick="RunServerSideMethod()">Just a simple link button</a>

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AJAX :: Get Full Postback While Clicking Linkbutton

Nov 25, 2009

i have a Repeater in which a linkbutton is placed in each Item. In the linkbuttons Click Event i want to update an UpdatePanel and I have also added some javascript under onClientClick. The problem Im having is that I get a full postback when i click the linkbutton. How can I prevent that from happening? I just want the javascript function to run and the UpdatePanel1 updated.

<asp:Repeater ID="DataList1" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server">
<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton1" Text="LinkButton" OnClientClick="javascript:somefunction()" OnClick="btn_click" runat="server" />
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" UpdateMode="Conditional" runat="server">


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Inner Image And Text Of Asp:LinkButton Disappears After Postback

Apr 4, 2011

I have a link button:

<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButtonPrint" runat="server" OnClick="OnPrint_Click">
<img src="img/print-icon.png" alt="" />
<asp:Literal runat="server" Text="<%$ Resources:PrintPage %>" />

In code behind I add an onclick handler in Page_Load like this:

LinkButtonPrint.Attributes["onclick"] = "StartLoadTracking(this, '" + GetLocalResourceObject("Loading") + "')";

The rendered HTML is like this:

<a href="javascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$LinkButtonPrint','')"
id="ctl00_LinkButtonPrint" onclick="StartLoadTracking(this, 'Loading...');">
<img alt="" src="img/print-icon.png">Print page

If I click this button it is working OK (it will respond with a PFD file so no HTML is sent back to the browser), but if I click another button on the page (which makes a full postback) the LinkButtonPrint will not have the inner content, it will be rendered like this:

<a href="javascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$LinkButtonPrint','')"
id="ctl00_LinkButtonPrint" onclick="StartLoadTracking(this, 'Loading...');"></a>
If I remove the LinkButtonPrint.Attributes["onclick"] = ... line from Page_Load everything works fine (except my js function is not called, but that is normal).

What am I missing here?

This is duplicate of Link button image not visible after postback.

View 2 Replies - LinkButton Doesn't Raise Postback On IIS7 And IE7?

May 11, 2010

Why with LinkButton doesn't work postback with IE7 and work with FW3.+ when site work on IIS7?

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C# - Linkbutton Postback-url Changes After Second Time Of Sorting / Paging?

Jun 17, 2010

I have a page which has been url rewritten and when im sorting my gridview or paging it via my custom pager it works.

This works fine for first postback to the using the update panel, but 2nd postback the url has changed to the wrong url. When u view source the form action= is still point to correct url, but updatepanel / datagrid is ignoring this and using some other url.

why and how can i ensure this url is always the rewritten version used for updatepanel postbacks?

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Web Forms :: Disabling LinkButton Using JavaScript After Click - No Postback?

Dec 7, 2010

I want to allow users to click only once on button. In fact, the button is a user control:


That button control gives us access to OnClientClick property of lbButton. This button is used on other user control:


As you can see - i disable button on client-side and then return true (to do a postback). That's for only sample purposes. This code will disable my button but there will be no postback. If leave only "return true;" inside onclientclick script then i'll have my postback. The conclusion is - i can't do a postback if i disable button. The question is what's the reason of such behaviour and can i do any trick to over overcome this issue. I figured out i can hide button and still perform postback. But why it can't be disabled? There was already a thread on similar topic : [URL] but answers weren't satysfying. User Participant gave his solution there but i'm not fully understand his idea. Could someone explain to me why it can't be done my way and if it can be done by any other method?

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Web Forms :: Radiobutton Checked Status - Linkbutton Postback?

Oct 14, 2009

I have four radiobuttons inside a repeater control which by itself is inside an update panel

// code is something like this


i have a linkbutton and an image button outside the update panel the way i retrieve checkbox values is doing a findcontrol for checkbox for that repeater and getting the checked value. // code behind


I select one of the checkboxes and when i click image button, am able to get the correct status (checked =true). But when i use link button, it is always coming as as if the selection did not register.

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Prevent Postback In Array Of Linkbutton Created Dynamically?

Mar 25, 2010

i have created Array of Linkbutton and when user click on link button it will create an array of Radio Buttons but it requires Postback all time so page load takes more time...

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UpdatePanel With GridView With LinkButton With Image Causes Full Postback

Apr 20, 2010

So this might be a fairly specific issue but I figured I'd post it since I spent hours struggling with it before I was able to determine the cause.

<asp:GridView ID="gvAttachments" DataKeyNames="UploadedID" AutoGenerateColumns="false" OnSelectedIndexChanged="gvAttachments_SelectedIndexChanged" runat="server">
<EmptyDataTemplate>There are no attachments associated to this email template.</EmptyDataTemplate>
<asp:TemplateField ItemStyle-Width="100%">
<asp:LinkButton CommandName="Select" runat="server"><img src="/images/icons/trashcan.png" style="border: none;" /></asp:LinkButton>

In the ItemTemplate of the TemplateField of the GridView I have a LinkButton with an image inside of it. Normally I do this when I have an image with some text next to it but this time, for whatever reason, I just have the image. This causes the UpdatePanel to always do a full postback.

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Web Forms :: Clicking LinkButton Postback Makes Placeholder Visible?

Nov 20, 2009

I have a linkbutton and two buttons on a web form. When clicked the linkbutton postsback and makes a placeholder visible. The problem is that I would like to know if the linkbutton has been clicked. Can I find this out when it causes a post back so I can avoid running a function that occurs.

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Web Forms :: No LinkButton Or Button Click Event Fires (no Postback)

Mar 24, 2010

I dont know what happened but none of my buttons or linkbuttons causes a postback anymore. I have dragged a few updatepannels on the page but the linkbutton concerned is not enclosed within an update pannel. when I click it there is just no postback happening anymore. I set the debugger at Page_load but...its not reached. I used firebug to analyse the http requests. there is none. its like those are not considered buttons anymore.

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AJAX :: After The Upgrade To 4.0 The Linkbutton Causes A Full Postback With Page Refresh?

Jun 15, 2010

I have an update panel with content that needs to be updated by a listview item which is a linkbutton, in .NET 3.5 I just used the defaults on all the controls and everything worked fine, after the upgrade to 4.0 the linkbutton causes a full postback with page refresh. I did try setting the linkbutton's id as the trigger for the update panel and still causes same page refresh. The scriptmanager is on the masterpage with enablepartialrendering = true.

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LinkButton Inside UpdatePanel Disappears After Partial Page Postback?

Mar 24, 2010

I have a linkbutton inside a updatepanel and when the update panel does a partial page rendering, the linkbutton disappears.

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="up" runat="server" ChildrenAsTriggers="true" UpdateMode="Conditional">
<asp:DropDownList ID="drp" runat="server" AutoPostBack="true" CausesValidation="true">
<asp:ListItem Text="" Value="" />
<asp:ListItem Text="a" Value="a" />
<asp:ListItem Text="b" Value="b" />
<asp:ListItem Text="c" Value="c" />
<asp:LinkButton ID="link" Text="abc" runat="server" />

I think that is because the link button is rendered using a script and that script is not run after the post back.

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AJAX :: Update Panel Linkbutton Text Disapears On Postback?

May 18, 2010

i have update panel with some wierd ie 7 issue, when you click a a - z link on the below url, after the async postback the linkbuttons disapear until you mouse over, not sure why this is happening.

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State Management :: How To Pass Dynamic String Through Query String With Java Script

Dec 24, 2010

I m facing some problem. i m not passing Dynamic string through query string..

I m using this code

string abc = "CPCB_" + TextBox1.Text + "_" + TextBox2.Text;


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Web Forms :: Dynamically Creating Linkbutton Inside Gridview - Postback Not Firing?

May 31, 2007

I need to dynamically create a linkbutton within certain rows of a gridview. I am using the following code:


The problem is that the hyperlinks appear as required, but when clicked, they do not fire the skillLevelClicked sub. I think this is because the controls are generated and then forgotten about because they occur within the gridview lifecycle.

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AJAX :: LinkButton Inside Update Panel Is Updating The Whole Page On Postback

Aug 3, 2010

I have a link button inside an update panel. The problem is the link button on postback is updating the whole page. Tried it with a normal button and the page is not refreshed all. Here's the code.

<asp:Content ID="BodyContent" runat="server" ContentPlaceHolderID="MainContent">

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Javascript - Cancel Postback In Linkbutton When Binding To Jquery Click Event?

Jan 25, 2011

I have a linkbutton to which i am binding to the click event using jQuery, however the page still posts back no matter what i try...

According to this i should be able to use event.preventDefault However nothing seems to work and it always posts back, but i do get the alert

Here is my example

<asp:LinkButton runat="server" Text="TEST" ID="lnkTest"></asp:LinkButton>
$(document).ready(function () {
var lnk = $('#<%=this.lnkTest.ClientID %>');
lnk.unbind('click.test').bind('click.test', function (event) { alert("Click"); event.preventDefault(); event.stopPropagation(); return false; });

Okay after some further investigation it seems that this does work as expected when i run it in a standalone page, however we are using this script, and it appears that it is causing a conflict..

That script moves any href='javascript:... into the click handler, im guessing that the order the handlers are assigned may have something to do with it...

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Return String To LinkButton's Text?

Nov 4, 2008

I am trying to return a string for a LinkButton. however, it didn't print out anything at all.

GetLinkText("ClickButton") %></asp:LinkButton>
onclick="btnClick" Text='<%#
GetLinkText("ClickButton") %>'><img

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AJAX :: Child Elements In LinkButton Break UpdatePanel Functionality, Cause Full Postback

Apr 21, 2010

If I set up a repeater that has LinkButton controls, an UpdatePanel works great. If I add child elements to the LinkButton,such as SPAN, the UpdatePanel stops working as expected. If you click on the area of the LinkButton everything still works, but if you click on the area of the SPAN inside of the LinkButton, you get a full PostBack.I've tried setting ChildrenAsTriggers to true and a few hundred other things. Nothing seems to work. I think the UpdatePanel sees that the "click" event happened on the SPAN and doesn't know to capture it for an async postback.


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Web Forms :: How To Send A String Consists Of (,.&') In A Query String

Dec 7, 2010

Is It Possible to send a string consists of (,.&') in a query string ?

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