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MVC :: Iterating Through IQueryable Inside Another Object?

I have an action that finds a Course object and then finds a IQueryable list of Assessment objects for the course. IE a single Course will have multiple Assessments. Once I find the list of assessments I attach them to the course via the 'assessments' property (assessments is of type IQueryable). My question is how do I itereate through that list of Assessments in the view?


Right now my view inherits


and I can get to the assessment variable but I'munable to get to my IQueryable list of Assessments and access those objects.

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ADO.NET :: Dynamically Adding MyColumn LIKE '%@MyParameter%' To The Linq IQueryable Object
My situation is as follows:

I do some filtering on the IQueryable<MyType> object using the Contains() function in Linq, which ineffectadds:MyColumn LIKE '%@MyParameter%' to the linq requestI want to make the function more generic, which could operate on a IQueryable object of an unknown type. In such case I do not know the type yet, therefore I can not add a standard .Contains() function. All I have present are the IQueryable object,the MyColumn and MyParameter as a string text. I need to be able to add "MyColumn LIKE '%@MyParameter%'" to the Linq object, dynamically ...

How can I write a piece of code that would run the Contains() on the IQueryable, knowing the Column name (as string) and the parameter value (as a string too) - I basically want to add this:MyColumn LIKE '%@MyParameter%' to the Linq where clause.

I have found something doing the .Where() function dynamically, but I do notentirelyunderstand what is happening in there, so I struggle to convert it to Contains():


adding dynamic .Contains() to the IQueryable object only using the string column name and the string value

Posted: Jan 11, 2011 09:46 AM

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DataSource Controls :: Loop Through IQueryable Object In A For Loop?
I need to loop through IQueryable object in a for loop.Currently I am looping in a for each loop,but I need to limit the number of iterations and this is why I need to use for loop.How can I reference my objects in the IQueryable object that I am generating from linq statement.Here is my current code.




Posted: Aug 20, 2008 05:40 PM

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C# - Web User Control With Content Inside It / Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object
Usage :


The problem is it gives me following error :

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Source Error:

Line 21: {
Line 22: base.OnInit(e);
Line 23: _ContentTemplate.InstantiateIn(BodyControlSpace);
Line 24: }
Line 25:

Posted: Aug 11 10 at 6:12

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Access A LinkButton Inside A Repeater/Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object
why I get this error:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

when I try to access a LinkButton inside a Repeater as follows:



Posted: Jan 16, 2010 02:05 PM

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C# - Iterating Through TextBoxes - Not Working?
I have 2 methods I tried to iterate through all my textboxes in an page. The first is working, but the second one is not returning anything. Could someone explain to me why the second one is not working?

This works ok:


Posted: Nov 3 10 at 22:01

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C# - Iterating Through A Listview For Specific ID?
I've got some labels in a listview, 2 per row. One contains a title, the other information. I want to change all the titles when the user presses a button that fires the ListViewSelectEventArgs. I think they have the same ID since they're from the ItemTemplate, so I thought that's how'd I target them. I'm just not sure how I'd step through the listview.

Here's my attempt:

int x = 1;
for( int i = 0 ; i < this.lvSteps.Controls[0].Controls.Count; i++ )
if ( this.lvSteps.Controls[0].Controls[i].GetType() == typeof(Label) &&
( this.lvSteps.Controls[0].Controls[i].ID == "lblStepNumber" ||
this.lvSteps.Controls[0].Controls[i].ID == "lblNewStepNumber" ) )
Label lbl = this.lvSteps.Controls[0].Controls[i] as Label;
lbl.Text = "Step #" + x;

Posted: Jan 20 10 at 20:58

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MVC :: Iterating Through Form Elements With Same Name?
Currently, I have a list of PhoneNumber objects that I display. Here's an example of the output of the view:


Notice the naming of these elements: name="existing_phone[labels][6]", name="existing_phone[numbers][6], name="new_phone[labels][]", name="new_phone[numbers][].Back in the Classic ASP days, I recall being able to do something along the lines of:


And that would give me a 2d array of phone numbers to work with. This doesn't seem to work in .NET. Has anyone tried to do something similar that can point me in the right direction?For new phones, I should simply be able to iterate through each item and insert into the database. For existing phones, I should be able to update (or delete if the label or number are blank) records based off of the id number supplied in the array.OR..if anyone has a better, alternate solution, I'm open to something else.

Posted: Mar 21, 2011 03:04 PM

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Iterating DataView For Update?
I have a DataView which filters

inputView.RowFilter = "isnull(" + ID1 + ",'')<>'' and isnull(" + reason + ",0)=0";

after this filter i have to update "IsVerified" column of inputView to "1"

Is there something in LINQ to execute the following?

inputView.RowFilter.ForEach(x=>x.Field<IsVerified> =1);

Posted: Jul 18 10 at 16:13

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Iterating Through Regex Matches?
I have a string of information that I need to parse. I've written a regular expression to find the information I need. Now how would I iterate through each regex match and add it to a list (or do something to it)?

Posted: Mar 02, 2010 08:34 PM

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ADO.NET :: Iterating Through Rows In A Table Without Using GridView
how to iterate through the rows in a database table without using a GridView? I have a DataSet and a SQLDataReader, but I can't iterate through rows using the SqlDataReader.

Posted: Feb 25, 2011 04:13 PM

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System.InvalidCastException Iterating Through Viewdata
System.InvalidCastException iterating through Viewdata

I need to replace the code
"<%=Html.DropDownList("Part", (SelectList)ViewData["Parts"])%>"
for dropdown in the following manner for some reason.
<% foreach (Hexsolve.Data.BusinessObjects.HSPartList item in (IEnumerable)ViewData["Parts"])
{ %>
<%=item.PartName %>
<%=item.IssueNo %>
<% } %>

I am getting error converting SelectedList to IEnumerable) Error: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.Mvc.SelectList' to type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[Hexsolve.Data.BusinessObjects.HSPartList]'. Is this the right way to iterate through viewdata[].

Posted: Jan 19 at 9:42

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Php - Keep Sql Connection Open For Iterating Many Requests?
this is general to any operation calling an SQL server, or anything requiring an open connection at that.Say I have anywhere from 20 to 1000 Select calls to make for each item in data being looped. For each step, I'll select from sql, store data locally in a struct, then proceed. This is not a very expensive call, so should I keep the connection open for the entire loop? Or should I open and close every step? How expensive in run time is opening a connection? I would think it'd be better to keep the connection open, but would like to get the correct response for this.

Posted: Jan 26 at 5:50

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C# - Get The Count From IQueryable?
I am implementing paging in my GridView. From this article, I need two methods:

public IQueryable BindEmployees(int startRowIndex, int maximumRows)
EmployeeInfoDataContext dbEmp = new EmployeeInfoDataContext();
var query = from emp in dbEmp.Employees
join dept in dbEmp.Departments
on emp.DeptID equals dept.DeptID
select new
EmpID = emp.EmpID,
EmpName = emp.EmpName,
Age = emp.Age,
Address = emp.Address,
DeptName = dept.DepartmentName
return query.Skip(startRowIndex).Take(maximumRows);


public int GetEmployeeCount()
// How can I not repeat the logic above to get the count?

How can I get the value of the second method GetEmployeeCount from the first method BindEmployees ? I mean without repeating the logic (the query)?

Posted: Mar 27 at 14:30

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Applying Like Filter To An IQueryable?
I'm trying to write a custom filter for Dynamic data that will allow me to run like type queries on entity columns. For example searching for john on name field to returen johnson, johns etc.

I'm trying to override the IQueryable GetQueryable(IQueryable source) method on the QueryableFilterUserControl class. To filter my results. Does anyone know the best way of achieving this?

If this were and IQueryable<T> it would be easy as I could return the results of a .Where() clause.

There is an ApplyEqualityFilter(IQueryable source, string Column.Name, object value) method on the QueryableFilterUserControl class but this performs a direct comparison.

Posted: Oct 7 10 at 11:00

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Put Asp Object Inside A Innerhtml
I need an example to put an ASP object inside a innerHTML.

Correct example of HTML:

String strDiv = "<table><tr><td>HELLO</td></tr></table>";
this.galleryContent.InnerHtml = strDiv;

I try put the ASP object in the same way but don't work:

String strDiv = "<asp:Label ID='lblNome' runat='server' Text='Nome:'>";
this.galleryContent.InnerHtml = strDiv;

Posted: Jul 24, 2009 02:58 AM

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C# - How To Remove Rows From Huge Data Table Without Iterating It
I have a DataTable available with me which contains thousands of rows. There is a column called EmpID which is containing '0' for some of the rows. I want to remove them from my current DataTable and want to create a new correct DataTable. I cannot go row by row checking it since it contains huge amount of data.

Posted: Jan 28 at 12:08

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Forms Data Controls :: Iterating Through A DataReader And HashTable?
I iterate through my DataReader using while DataReader.Read. In my while loop I pupulate a HashTable with the contents of the reader. When I later iterate through my HashTable, the oder in which the data is retieved is different to that of the order the data is retieved from my DataReader.

Example code like so:

While objReader.Read
'fill hash table
statsHashTable.Add(objReader("Page"), objReader("PageViews"))
Response.Write("Page: " & objReader("Page") & " Stat: " & objReader("PageViews") & "<br/>")
End While

Later on I loop through the HashTable using:

For Each objItem in statsHashTable2
strPageName = objItem.Key
intStat = objItem.Value
Response.Write("Page: " & lblPageName & " Stat: " & intStat & "<br/>")

But the two response.writes output the data in a different order.

Posted: Mar 05, 2006 02:55 PM

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Forms Data Controls :: Iterating Through Datalist Working Except Last Row?
I have some code that iterates through three datalists when they are bound and looks for certain values. If those values exist it hides that particular row in the Datalist. This is working beautifully, except the last row in each datalist is unaffected by the iteration. So for example if I have the following numbers 2, 5, 6, 5, 7, 5 and I want to hide all the rows that contain 5, it produces the following: 2, 6, 7, 5.

Here is my code:

Dim dlitem As DataListItem
Dim tb1 As Label
For Each dlitem In OnHoldDataList.Items
tb1 = CType(dlitem.FindControl("LocationLabel"), Label)


Posted: Jan 22, 2010 12:49 PM

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ADO.NET :: Convert From Linq.IQueryable To DataTable?
Is there option to convert from Linq.IQueryable to DataTable with some sort of CopyToDataTable() function. I am trying this.

Posted: Aug 23, 2010 07:00 PM

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C# - Iqueryable Intersect Fails When Applied Twice?
I have a series of parameters stored in rows in the database, and I'd like to return rows that satisfy both input parameters. The parameters come through in the URL, like "&msg_type=20560&status=101"

I have code that works fine, but only if there's one parameter. If there are two, it empties out the results. Here's my code:


Posted: Feb 11 at 21:53

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MVC :: Return IQueryable Or IEnumerable From Repositories?
I am using repositories and in my controllers I only use something like:

productRepository.GetAll(); , etc

Should I return IQueryable or IEnumerable from my repositories?

Posted: Sep 15, 2009 11:23 PM

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IQueryable Linq To SQL With Multiple Operators
I'm creating a repository and service layer in my app, and my repo has a very simple function

Public Function GetRegions() As IQueryable(Of Region) Implements IRegionRepository.GetRegions
Dim region = (From r In dc.Regions
Select r)
Return region.AsQueryable
End Function

Now in my Service layer I've got a function like this

Public Function GetRegionById(ByVal id As Integer) As Region Implements IRegionService.GetRegionById
Return _RegionRepository.GetRegions().Where(Function(r) r.ID = id).FirstOrDefault
End Function

But i can't figure out how to add And r.isActive = True

how to have multiple operators in this query?

Posted: Jul 4 10 at 5:58

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Iqueryable / Predicate Function And Linq?

load a list of ads for an adrotater. remove any duplicate ads I have a user control that share a static variable of type dictionary<string,string>. This is used to keep track of all loaded ads. I am using linq to retrieve the ads for the datasource and store the result in an iqueryable variable and bind as datasource.The issue I'm having is in trying to evaluate if the add exist. This is my code:

protected IQueryable getAds()
IQueryable bannerAds;
bannerAds = from ads in db.Ads
//where !allAds.ContainsKey(ads.ID.ToString())////<----????
select ads;
//store id's in dictionary collection
return bannerAds;

I tried a few variation, including addtional where clauses. But every version of I tried fails. I can't get the right syntax or linq expression. I also tried writing a predicate function, but that as well is beyond me at this point. Any good links to understanding predicates?

Posted: Jan 28, 2009 01:41 PM

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ADO.NET :: Calling An IQueryable With Multiple Parameters?
the problem i am having is passing in multple parameters are part of my Function(p) call... i'll explain further..

This is my interface: it might have errors further though through this is still in development..



This is my repository, inheriting the interface above


And finally in my code-behind i am calling the SingleEntity - this is where i must be going wrong....?

If i call it with a single parameter then it's fine.. multiple and it goes awry..

I have put comments in the section i can't seem to figure...


When i run the code i get the following error:


Posted: Dec 23, 2010 11:25 AM

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MVC :: Using An Interface To Create A List / Iqueryable?
I currently have a number of lists in my solution, here is an example


and then in the repository


how would i do the same thing with an interface and an Iqueryable rather than a class and a list?

Posted: Mar 03, 2011 07:54 AM

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Reference Linq Query As IQueryable?
Why I can't reference my linq query as IQueryable?

Dim blogPost = _db.Blogs.OrderByDescending(Function(c) c.bsdate).Where(Function(p) p.bPublish = True)
Public Sub New(ByVal source As IQueryable(Of T), ByVal pageIndex As Integer, ByVal pageSize As Integer)
End Sub

Posted: Apr 21, 2009 02:40 PM

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Forms Data Controls :: Iterating Through Checkbox List After Databinding?
what I'm doing wrong here. Code: [Code]....

item.Selected is never true.Doesn't matter if I checkany items or not. Here is my asp code: [Code]....

Quite perplexed. Should be cut and dry. Am I missing something?

Posted: Oct 19, 2009 09:17 PM

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Iterating System.Collection.Generic.List.Add Does Not Work As Expected?
I was building an application for a project with .NET 3.5 and I noticed a weird behaviour of the List.Add method:

I have built my own class to organize data pulled from a database, and I use a while cycle to iterate through it.

However, when I List.Add(item), the whole content of the list is substituted with the last content pulled.

An example:

Suppose you have 3 users in a DB, each one identified with an ID and a username:

| ID | username |
| 1 | John |
| 2 | Fred |
| 3 | Paul |

and you have a "Users" class defined as

public class Users
private Int32 iD;
private String username;
public Int32 ID
get { return iD; }
set { iD = value; }
public String Username
get { return username; }
set { username = value; }

So you write this function:

[... SQL definitions - sdr is a SqlDataReader ...]
List<Users> userlist = new List<Users>();
if (sdr.HasRows) //There are users
Users user = new Users();
while (sdr.Read())
user.ID = sdr.GetInt32(0);
user.username = sdr.GetString(1);

What you expect (I expect) is userlist containing:

| ID | username |
| 1 | John |
| 2 | Fred |
| 3 | Paul |

What I actually get is, instead

| ID | username |
| 3 | Paul |
| 3 | Paul |
| 3 | Paul |

Posted: Mar 07, 2010 04:21 PM

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DataSource Controls :: Iqueryable Get Most Recently Updated?
I have a Iqueryable problem

<%= Article.Replies.OrderBy(r => r.Created).First().Member.Username %>

I want to get the most recent Replies that is part of the Article

"Article.Replies" gets all the replies

So now I want to Order by Replies.Created by descending And then just take the first one from which i can get the members username fine. Im having asyntax problem with doing the orderby descending and by picking the first.

Posted: Feb 02, 2010 10:25 PM

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State Management :: How To Store IQueryable Value In ViewState
i want to store IQueryable value to code is as below:

Property _Query()
As IQueryable
CType(ViewState("_Query"), IQueryable)
Set(ByVal value
As IQueryable)
ViewState("_Query") = value

but when i run my page i get following error:

Type 'System.Data.Linq.DataQuery`1[[DynamicQueries.VW_EmployeeProfile_Filter, DynamicQueries, ersion=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]]' in Assembly 'System.Data.Linq, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' is not marked as serializable

what should i do to get rid of this error. previously i was doing like this:

Private Shared _Query As IQueryable

but problem is that in Multi users environament, Shared variable is making problem, that is why i want to store it in ViewState.

Posted: Jan 03, 2011 09:52 AM

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MVC :: IQueryable Casting To IOrderedQueryable Doesn't Work?
I am passed an IQueryable that might be already be ordered and that therefore might be an OrderedQueryable. I need to apply it a new ordering via reflection, anb before choosing if calling either OrderBy or ThenBy I need to now if the Queryable is IOrderedQueryable.

Now comes the problem! To see if may variable say query is an IOrderedQueryable I do:

IOrderedQueryable orderedQuery = query as IOrderedQueryable;

One might expect orderedQuery be null in case query is not an IOrderedQueryable ! INSTEAD orderedQuery is NEVER NULL. It takes the value of a different type!

I understand that this might happen because of deferred execution...

I tried also: query is IOrderedQueryable and it is always true!

How can I verify if query is actually an IOrderedQueryable before getting an exception when calling ThenBy?

The IQueryable comes from the Entity Framework 4.0

I am able to see it if I access the object that is behind the interface, but this way I would loose the benefif of using interface, and my class might not work with a different implementation of the IQueryable.

Posted: Nov 10, 2010 08:33 AM

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C# - Getting The Object Inside Repeater ItemTemplate With / Without Eval
I am new to Repeater and DataBinding

In PageLoad, I have

var photos = from p in MyDataContext.Photos
select new {
Url = p.GetImageUrl()
repeater1.DataSource = photos;

In the Repeater control, I have

<% Photo p = (Photo) Eval("p"); %> <!-- Apparently I can't do this -->
<asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="txtTime" Text='<%= p.Time == null ? "" : ((DateTime)p.Time).ToString("dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss") %>' />

But that is wrong.

What I need is to get the Photo object in ItemTemplate so I can do things with it (eg. to display the time as in the second line in ItemTemplate above). Is it even possible to do this in a Repeater?

Posted: Nov 13 10 at 5:54

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Forms Data Controls :: Iterating Gridview Elements Over Multiple Pages?
I want to loop through every entry in the gridview however the essential use of paging makes it impossible for me to access data that's not on the current page.

How could I make it so that I can iterate through every element regardless of paging?

Posted: Jul 25, 2008 11:50 AM

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DataSource Controls :: How To Select Multiple Columns Into IQueryable
How do I select multiple columns into IQueryable<Employee>?

Posted: May 18, 2010 07:34 PM

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DataSource Controls :: How To Get Data From System.linq.iqueryable
I am using System.Linq.Dynamic to create the following query at runtime:


I can then successfully displayvMediaQ in a GridView.But I need to be able to access the individual fields (column headers and data)in vMediaQ, which is of type System.Linq.IQueryable.

Posted: May 26, 2010 10:58 AM

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Forms Data Controls :: Iterating Child Grid Rows On Button Click?
i am having Nested Gridview and from the child Grid i have to select the checkboxto retrieve the id's by iterating the child grid and that to on the Button Clik which is outside the Gridview.

Posted: Jun 29, 2010 11:36 AM

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Datasource Is A IQueryable Is Not Displayed?
I have a query that joins two tables (in Linq) so I usethe result as an Iqueryable. I want the Query result to be displayed in a gridview, but for some reason I see nothing on the gridview.(I also tried without the join and just using the IQueryable result -and still nothing)


why is doesn't work, or link me to an examlple that is similar - (Also is there another way to use the result of a "join" not as IQueryable)

Posted: Aug 04, 2010 04:40 PM

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ADO.NET :: Error - Can't Implicitly Convert Type 'System.Linq.Iqueryable
If I have below code, how to make it work as it has below compile error:

Error: cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Linq.Iqueryable<> to 'System.Data.Dateset'. An explicit conversion exists.

public DataSet GetProductList()
using (var sdatabase = new DatabaseDataContext())
IQueryable<DataSet> result = wmsdatabase.ExecuteQuery<DataSet>(@"SELECT productid, productname from product group by productid, productname").AsQueryable();
return result; // Compile error here

Posted: Aug 25, 2010 08:33 AM

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C# - Update Only 1 Field Of A Big Business Object Inside A Transaction (Best Approach)?
I am in a situation where I have to perform a transaction master detail record (Drop prev details, insert new details, Update Master status) Master Business Object has 20 fields Details Business Object has 4 fields only. Now I have to update only 1 field in master table and 4 fields in details table for insert.

If I initialize a new master object, 19 fields are being wasted for a simple update. What do I do to efficiently handle this situation? Can I make a new object and inherit only one field from my master business object?

Posted: Aug 19 10 at 5:40

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