Rearrange The Template Column In Gridview?

Jan 6, 2010

I have set the Datasource of my gridview in code behind and created no columns (All columns in gridview are created automatically). Then I added a template column in gridview. Now I want to change the order of my Templated column in gridview at runtime. I want to show the templatedcolumn at column 20 but it is shown as first column. My Grdiview looks like this:

<asp:GridView ID="grdForecast" runat="server">

how can I set the template column at specified place(in my case it is column no. 20) and I've set Datasource and Databind the gridview in code behind at page load.

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Web Forms :: Re-arrange Template Column In Gridview?

Jan 6, 2010

I have set the Datasource of my gridview in code behind and created no columns. Then I added a template column in gridview. Now I want to change the order of my Templated column in gridview at runtime. I want to show the templatedcolumn at column 20 but it is shown as first column. My Grdiview looks like this:


how can I set the template column at specified place(in my case it is column no. 20) and I've set Datasource and Databind the gridview in code behind at page load.

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C# Web App Containing A Gridview Template Field With One Column As Dropdownlist?

Oct 8, 2010

my c# web app containing a gridview template field with one column as dropdownlist,drop down list contains 3 items such as disposed,fitted to,battery room,when i click edit button corresponding row is selcted bt dropdown list contain its first value ie disposed instead of actual values in database, i used the following code for retrieving values from dropdown during updation

DropDownList tb3 = (DropDownList )GridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex].FindControl("drpstat")

my html code for my gridview is :-


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How To Sort Gridview Rows By A Unbound Template Column

Mar 22, 2010

i want to sort my Gridview rows by a template column that is not bound to any database field. This template coulmn just has a label whose text i set in code depending on a value in a different column that is databound. So am stuck on how to set its sortExpression since its not linked to an column.

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C# - Dynamically Adding A Dropdownlist To A Template Column Within Gridview

Dec 22, 2010

I have a gridview that I am dynamically creating and populating.

GridView myGrid = new GridView();
myGrid.Showfooter = true;
myGrid.Columns.Add(new BoundField() { HeaderText = "Serial #", DataField = "serial_number" });
myGrid.DataSource = myDS;

My problem is that I'm having problems figuring out how to add a templatecolumn with a dropdownlist in it.

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Want To Use The Ajax Slider Control In A GridView Template Column?

Nov 17, 2006

Can you use the Ajax slider control in a GridView template column?

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VS 2005 How To Change Gridview Row Data By Changing The Dropdown Value In Template Column

Dec 21, 2009

I have 2 questions

1) How to add new row in gridview below the selected row.

2) how to change gridview row data by changing the dropdown value in template column. e.g) i have a gridview which shows the id, desc, qty etc. and there is template field of dropdown which shows the id.

now i want to do 2 things.

i) when i click on new row button a new row should be added (at desired location will be preferred)

ii) when i change the ID from dropdown field the entire row data should change according to new ID.

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Forms Data Controls :: Get GridView Cell Value From MenuItem In Template Column?

Jul 14, 2010

I have a ASP.NET/C# web application that contains user controls with GridView controls. The GridView controls contain the following column types.

CommandField - Contains buttons like Edit, Select, Delete, ...
BoundField (x8) - Contains the data fields from the database.
TemplateField - Contains a single ASP:Menu control.

The menu control consists of the following structure.

Navigate To (Parent MenuItem)
- Location A (Child MenuItems)
- Location B
- Location C
- Location D
- Location E

What I need to do is when the OnMenuItemClick event is fired, determine which menu item was clicked (already done) and then capture what the value in the first BoundField cell is for the row that the menu item was clicked on.

So, for instance if I have three rows in the grid with the first BoundField column containing the IDs 1, 2 & 3. Then I hover my mouse over the menu on the 2nd row, and click the menu item "Location C". The "Menu1_OnMenuItemClick" event is fired and I can determine that "Location C" was clicked by e.Item.Value == "Location C".

However, how do I navigate up through the API to determine what the contents of the cell in the first bound field column are for the row that was clicked on?

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Template Column - Invisible  To User?

May 10, 2010

regarding gridview Template my template column i have a textbox and i need to invisible to user. but when i set visible property "false" then textbox value is not render.


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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Template Column's Hyperlink Disappears?

Oct 21, 2009

I created one template column dynamically(on button1 click event) on gridview. also i am adding one linkbutton dynamically on rowdatabound event of gridview. when button1 clicked gridview displays properly with linkbutton. when i click on linkbutton, then all linkbuttons disappears blank column displays. in that linkbutton click i am doing the session expiry check if not then response.redirect to another page. why that template column's link button disappears ?

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Forms Data Controls :: Adding An Item Template As Last Column Of Gridview?

Sep 22, 2009

I need to add a checkbox as item template column in the grid view, however i am successfully adding the control as first column to the gridview,but i need to add the same as a last column in gridview through source and not mostly programatically..

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Forms Data Controls :: Template Column Disappearing In Gridview After Postback

Sep 11, 2009

I've defined template column in gridview containing checkbox as first column and some number of bound columns. I use Datacontrolfieldcolletion class to clone the columns and arranging columns of gridview at runtime a-bound column (not template column) then after first postback template becomes invisible. It doesn't matter what template column contains (button, checkbox, ..). I've check that gridview doesn't have this problem. how to manitain the state of the object of datacontrolfieldcolletion class which is used for arrangeing columns

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Forms Data Controls :: View State And GridView With Template Column

Mar 2, 2011

I have a GridView that isn't databound until the user clicks a button...


The GridView has one bound column: the employee name. It also has a template field that has an empty asp:Table.


I populate the tblInfo in the RowDataBound event.


The CreateInfoTable(...) method manually creates the rows and columns for the employee. This works, and I can see my dynamically created table; however, after the user submits the form back to the server for PostBack, the rendered page after submission is missing my manually populated table. How can I save my table across PostBacks?

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Forms Data Controls :: Adding Gridview Template Column Dynamically?

Oct 7, 2009

I am having a problem in adding template colum with textbox at runtime, when i click on button it wont add the column but when i press it again for ading second column then it add the first column to the gridview..

here is my code on button click event...

DataTable dtSizeDiscount = ((DataTable)(Session["SizeDiscount"]));
DataColumn dc = new DataColumn();
dc.ColumnName = "$" + txtSize.Text;
dc.DefaultValue = "0";

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Forms Data Controls :: Get Checkbox Control From Gridview Template Column?

Jan 6, 2010

I have a gridview control

i add template column dynamically to gridview

like this in a function in AddColumns button clickevent

Dim chkCol As New TemplateField
chkCol.ItemStyle.Width = 20
chkCol.ItemStyle.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center


and in row databound event i added checkbox control to this template field. like this

Protected Sub gv_RowDataBound(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewRowEventArgs) Handles gv.RowDataBound
If e.Row.RowType = DataControlRowType.DataRow Then
Dim chkbox As New CheckBox
chkbox.ID = "chkSelect"
End If
End Sub

HERE I WANT TO GET CHEKC BOX IN btnok click event

Protected Sub btnOk_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnOk.Click
Dim linkId As String
Dim summary As String = ""
'Enumerate the GridViewRows
For index As Integer = 0 To Me.gv.Rows.Count - 1
'Programmatically access the CheckBox from the TemplateField
Dim cb As CheckBox = CType(gv.Rows(index).Cells(0).FindControl("chkSelect"), CheckBox)
If cb IsNot Nothing Then
If cb.Checked Then
linkId = Me.gv.DataKeys(index).Value
End If
End If
Me.Page.Title = linkId
End Sub

But here i am not getting Check box even i used find control. how i get checkbox

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Web Forms :: Calculate Gridview Item Template Column Total Based On Javascript On Key Up?

Dec 22, 2010

The above is my gridview item template, I have used this javascript for row total


gridview row databound code behind


The above code is getting row calaculated on key up. With the same code in need column total also. I need total of column quantity and total in their respective footer textbox.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Initialize Dropdownlist Value In A Gridview Column Edit Template

Jul 1, 2009

I have dropdown list in a DetailsView edit template. It works OK, except when I edit a row, the dropdown list does not initialize to the existing value that shows in the textbox that displays in the item template.

I tried to initialize the selected value of the dropdown list with some lines of code like this but with no effect...


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Forms Data Controls :: GridView RemoveAt Doesn't Remove Template Column

Dec 8, 2009

Using ASP.NET 3.5 / VS2008.

Before exporting a GridView to excel, I am trying to remove its first column, which is a template column containing a checkbox.


However, the column still appears. (The GridView has ViewState enabled and I do not rebind it).

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculate SUM Of Gridview Column Where Template Field Checkbox Is Ticked On Button Click

Nov 9, 2010

I have 5 gridviews, all of of them have a Checkbox template field. I already did SUM of a specific column in the gridviews and displayed the Total in the gridview footers.

There is a submit button on the page as well.(this is not in a template column in the gridview)

what i do is select some rows in the gridviews by ticking the checkbox. Then I click on the submit button and the values change in the database and page refreshes with the new Total in the gridview footers. Any row that was ticked. the checkbox for that row in the gridview gets disabled. so cannot change the value again.

Now i want a way to show a popup with a SUM of those rows that are ticked recently and the SUM of already ticked and disabled rows before the values change for the ticked rows in the gridview when the submit button is clicked.

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Rearrange The Combination Of Words?

Aug 28, 2009

I have textbox with few words like "Page life cycle" on button click , I need to rearrange the words like as

1. Page life cycle

2. life page cycle

3. cycle page life and so on..I will find 6 combination of these words How this is possible using code.

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Web Forms :: Rearrange Dynamically Visible Controls On A Page?

Sep 8, 2010

Here is what I am trying to do.I have a drop down list along with a 'Add' button (which are always visible). There are some other 'Label', 'TextBox', 'Button' in the page (which is not visible on load). Depending on the user selection from the first dropdown (and when click on 'Add' button), I would like to dynamically set some of the Controls visible.

For example (as per below code): When User selects 'Email' ... Label3, TextBox3 and Button3 will be visible. Again when user will click Button3, all controls will be invisible. I was able to Show and Hide those controls as per user selection and button click.

What I would like to do is, rearrange the controls. For example, If user selects 'Email' and click 'Add' button (Button5), It would display 'Label3', 'TextBox3', 'Button3'. Then if user selects 'Name' from the dropdown and click 'Add' button again, it would display 'Label1', 'TextBox1', 'Button1' below the Email controls. As of now it is apperaing on sequence as listed in html (Name controls always come first when visible, then 'Phone', then 'Email'). I would like to display the controls as sequesnce as user selects.

And next is when we will click the Button3 (which will hide the email controls), All other controls below email controls should rearrange and come up.

I hope I was able to explain what I want to do. There might be a very easy way (may be there is already a toolkit I don't know about).


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How To Get The ID Displayed In The ID Column To Come Up In The Template Column?

Jul 1, 2009

I have a gridview in which one of the columns is displaying an ID. I have another column which is a template column where I am showing a flash bar graph. How can I get the ID displayed in the ID column to come up in the template column so I can link the bar graph to the corresponding data in mysql using the ID?

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Forms Data Controls :: EditItem Template Of Gridview - Template Field With Dropdown List - How To Make Current Value Sel

Dec 4, 2010

Setting up the editItem template of a gridview. I have a template field with a dropdown list for editing. When the gridview goes into edit mode the dropdown list is displayed with all the right options but the current value of the field (pre-editing) is not the selected value of the dropdown list? How do I make that happen? I have a couple fields where the editItem template will use a dropdown list and I'm sure a user will not realize those values have changed and they will just edit what they intended to edit and save the changes, inadvertently also making changes to other fields.

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Template And Edit Template Field In Gridview - Use?

Apr 5, 2010

I am already using it but i am not clear about it.

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Forms Data Controls :: >>>want To Display Gridview Column Heading When Mouse Over To The Particular Column In The Gridview?

Oct 12, 2010

I want to display gridview column heading when mouse over to the particular column in the gridview.I am working in VisualStudio 2005 with MS.Net2.0 framework.I don't want to use ajax.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview 2nd Column Decrease After Expanding The 3rd Column's Gridview?

Oct 29, 2010


Main Gridview[Code]....

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C# - Sorting A Template Column In A Datagrid?

Aug 5, 2010

I have a datagrid and a template column which is bound. I don't understand how to set the sortExpression to make sorting on that column work.

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C# - Datagrid Template Column Submit To .CSV?

Mar 10, 2011

I have a GridView that exports to .csv just fine with the code below. The problem is that I have a TemplateColumn with a TextBox which isn't wrote to the .CSV at all!

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" DataSourceID="as400"
AutoGenerateColumns="False" CellPadding="4" ForeColor="#333333"
<RowStyle BackColor="#FFFBD6" ForeColor="#333333" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="IMSKU" HeaderText="SKU" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="IMDESC" HeaderText="Description" />........

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VS 2008 How To Access Template Column In Code Behind

Dec 17, 2010

i have following code to bind gridview with sql datasource



if it is 0 it checked it(checkbox) otherwise not ,all are enable too, i want that if it is checked it should become disable ,secondly i write some lines in code behind like row_databound event and put certain break point but it does not stop over that break point.

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Using Checkbox In Template Column - Denying Multiple Selections?

Mar 11, 2011

I have the followingh scenario where I have a radgrid and inside it, I have a template column containing a check box:


However, I only really want the user to be able to select one checkbox at a time.

Therefore, how to I go about ensuring that the any previous 'checks' are removed or stopping multiple checking altogether?

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