Web Forms :: Adding New Fields Into The "Behavior" EditorPart Inside An EditorZone?

Sep 15, 2009

EditorZone control from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.

I managed to add a new field to this control, creating a property inside my webpart (related to the editorzone) like this:

<WebDescription("reserved for description"), _
WebDisplayName("Final time reservation"), _
Personalizable(PersonalizationScope.User), _[code]....

This is actually working, but the new field is automatically created onto the "PropertyGridEditorPart" Section, instead of the "Behavior" Section, where I want to place it.

Iīve been looking for some attribute that works for creating the field wherever I want, but canīt find it.

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Web Forms :: Dynamically Adding An AppearanceEditorPart To EditorZone

Jun 14, 2010

I am creating an application which creates pages dynamically, therefore all controls are also created this way. Initially adding a Editor part to the editorZone loads fine, as follows:


Where am I doing wrong here?

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Strange Behavior When Using Asp:literal Inside Of Div Tag?

Sep 14, 2009

I'm thoroughly confused. Here is my code:

<div style="width: 100%; height: 100%; overflow: auto; background-color: White;">

When I run this I assign the value of the literal prior to display. Now when I look at the actual page, only ***? shows up and not the literal value itself. I just see the white background of the cell's div with ***? in it, yet nothing else. Yet if I view source, the literal value is populated with the requested value. Here's the source code view:

<div style="width: 100%; height: 100%; overflow: auto; background-color: White;">
<!---# START CODE -->
Proprietary code omitted
<!---# END CODE --->

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Web Forms :: EditorZone - Value Dependent Droplist?

Dec 8, 2009

I have an editor zone which contains a propertygrideditorpart. In this editor part I need to have 2 drop lists. the second drop lists values need to be set based on a query from the selected value of the first drop list.

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Web Forms :: Editorpart And Personalization Data?

Aug 14, 2004

I have created a webpart with an editorpart that gives the user the possibilities to make some selections from 2 dropdown lists (within the editorpart) when I press the APPLY or OK button I would like the selected item from each dropdownlist persisted with the personalization data eigther personal or shared. Next time I set the webpart in editmode I would like to retrieve the persisted data from the personalization provider so I can pre select the same item from the list as when the user left. When not in editmode I need to retrieve the persisted data from within the ordinary webpart so it can be used to retrive the data to display in the webpart.

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Web Forms :: Custom Editorpart - Createchildcontrols Called Before Applychanges?

Jan 18, 2010

I'm having the same issue as posted here:


I have a web user control that implements iWebEditable, and a custom editor part the implements EditorPart. In my custom editor part class, i define a text box, create the textbox in createchildcontrols() then render the textbox in RenderContents() using the following line:


As soon as I add the line above (which displays the text box in the editor part) the functions createchildcontrols and applychanges are called in the wrong order. i click save button in the editor part to save changes to textbox, createchildcontrols() is called first, then applychanges() is called after the editorpart and the webpart (custom control) are rendered requiring me to refresh the page (which is not the desired functionality ;-] ). As soon as I comment out the line above in RenderContents() the functions are called in the correct order: appychanges() first, then createchildcontrols().

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Adding Fields?

Feb 24, 2011

are below all 3 points the same?


<asp:button ....>

</boundfield> [code].....

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Forms Data Controls :: Adding Calculated Fields To A Databound Control?

Oct 14, 2010

I need a form that displays three columns drawn directly from a database (no problems here) as well as two fields that require some complex calculations. Not only am I lost as to how to incorporate the calculations into the control, I don't know exactly how to write the calculations. I am working in Visual Web Developer 2008 with Vb.NET.

The first of the two fields should take the sum of all payments made by a given customer and divide it by a DailyMembershipRate, returning a DaysPaid variable. It should take this variable and a CustomerSince field for that particular customer and calculate a PaidThrough field.

The second of the two columns similarly requires the DaysPaid variable described above. It should subtract the CustomerSince field from the current date and return the value in days, giving a MembershipDays variable. Finally, it should subtract MembershipDays from the DaysPaid variable, again returning a value in days, and then multiply this by the DailyRate value for a Credit/Deficit field.

I realize this is a lot, but I haven't been able to find any documentation either online or in VWD or ASP.NET texts on this topic. I could really use some fellow user input.

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Web Forms :: Inside Of Templated Fields With In A Details View?

Dec 6, 2009

I have two drop down lists that are being populated from a database. When I use them the choices go up instead of down. They are inside of templated fields with in a details view. Does anyone know how to correct this?

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Web Forms :: Master Pages And Adding Dynamic Text Fields To A Page From The Database

Jun 28, 2010

I am adding text fields to a page from the database. I set the .ID to match the record ID from the database. Of course becasue the text field is on the masterpage, when I grab the .ClientID, it is ctl00 contentMain$ctl00. what I don't get is where is my ID? If I set it to say AB how do I find the textbox by AB? I thought it should have AB in the ID somewhere. ID is nothing which I don't get either. I'm looping through the controls in a placeholder like this

For Each row In dtData.Rows()
Dim c As Control
For Each c In phTextRequired.Controls
If c.UniqueID = row("CustomFieldID").ToString() Then

Again though what is in the row() is say AB but the id is way off from that.

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Forms Data Controls :: Disable Fields Inside A Formview?

Feb 25, 2011


The above code works if there are controls directly inside a update panel. But what if I want to disable a button or a tex box that is inside an Edit template of a formview.. that is in a panel.


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How To Update Zone And ZoneIndex In An EditorPart

Mar 30, 2010

I created a custom EditorPart, and I want to set the Zone and ZoneIndex on the WebPartToEdit in the ApplyChanges method. However, these particular properties are read-only, so I can't set them. The LayoutEditor contains these properties, so it should be possible to update them. How can I set the Zone and ZoneIndex on a WebPart?

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ADO.NET :: Adding 2 Additional Fields To SQLBulkCopy?

Mar 9, 2011

I'm successfully using SqlBulkCopy to import spreadsheet data.

I am trying to add 2 additional fields,'UserID' and the specific 'employerID' whom they're logged in as.

Both these ID's are on the page. However how do I tag them on to my column mappings statement?

These ID's aren't on the spreadsheet but I need to know whose imported the data and from where

The columnMappings structure:


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Architecture :: Adding Data Fields On The Fly?

Feb 10, 2010

I have a web app that is tracking basic medical provider demographica information (name, address, phone). If our client requests us to include gender and DOB as the fields tracked, can this be done on the fly without compiling and publishing my web app?

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Delete Command Fires Error When Using Template Fields Inside

Mar 6, 2011

I have visual 2010 with net 3.5 web app. I was implementing EntityFramework in my project and added a gridview to a entity source control. It worked ok, with select, update, and delete buttons enabled on the grid. But then, i needed to add a template field bound to a Foreign table, so my users select value from a list instead of writing the code. After that, my app fires error when i delete. I tried everything, inclue dakeyNames, write code on my RowDeleting, RowDeleted, RowCommand, but error persists.

Now, i can delete the row, but it then i get the error Object reference not set to an instance of an object If i implemente delete code on RowCommand i get the error: Store update, insert, or delete statement affected an unexpected number of rows (0). Entities may have been modified or deleted since entities were loaded. Refresh ObjectStateManager entries.

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Custom CreateUserWizard Adding 2 Fields At The Same Time?

Feb 23, 2011

I am attempting to customise the CreateUserWizard by following it in my book, but when I come to reference them in code behind I get an error saying 'FieldName is not declared' for each field i'm adding, they are present in the page with the correct ID's, am I doing something wrong?I am only trying to add a firstName and lastName field to the bottom of the CreateUserWizard and remove the need to a security question.

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Adding New Fields To Create User Wizard?

Dec 9, 2010

i m trying to add new field named mobile in my create user wizard control for that in my web.config i add

enabled ="true">properties>add
name ="Mobile"
type ="string"/>properties>profile>

in my create user wizard using edit template i add one textbox named 'txtmobile'

nd in my cs i write

ProfileCommon p = (ProfileCommon)ProfileCommon.Create(CreateUserWizard2.UserName,
TextBox txtM = ((TextBox)CreateUserWizard2.CreateUserStep.ContentTemplateContainer.FindControl("txtMobile"));
p.Mobile = txtM.Text;
//p.Mobile = ((TextBox)CreateUserWizard2.CreateUserStep.ContentTemplateContainer.FindControl("txtMobile")).Text;

but it throws the error of 'object reference' nd also let me know how to store that field in db?

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Security :: Adding Fields To The Register User?

Jul 16, 2010

I'm using VS 2010 and have a default Register User page. I want to add a few more fields to the default user name, passwor, email.These fields need to be saved to a different table than the apsnet_Users table. I figured I could do this in the CreatedUser event but don't know how to access the text box controls I added - for example First name, last name and so on.

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Adding Fields After User Presses A Button?

Jun 29, 2010

I'm just starting out with ASP.NET and I'm not sure how to go about the following:users have to input a part number into a text field. Sometimes they only have to input 1 part number, sometimes 50. I want to have 1 text field where they input the first part number, and if they have another one, they press a "more" button. Then, a new text field appears right beneath the first one. IF they have more part numbers, they just press the more button again... Is there a way to do this? If so, can someone give me any tips or hints on how to approach this?

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Security :: Adding Data Fields To The Aspnet_membership?

Jan 26, 2011

I added new profile in the webconfig file. Also added extra fields in CreateUserWizard.

Web config:

<authentication mode="Forms" />
<compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.0" />
<pages theme="Theme1" />
<profile enabled="true">
<add name="Country" type="string"/>

Cs code:

public void CreateUserWizard1_CreatedUser(object sender, EventArgs e)
Profile.Country = Text1.Text;
//also tried doing:
ProfileCommon p = (ProfileCommon)ProfileCommon.Create(CreateUserWizard1.UserName, true);
p.Country = Text1.Text;

The Profile/ProfileCommon gives me an error "missing assembly/Profile doesn't exsit"

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C# - Adding Additional Fields To The Login Feature?

Mar 21, 2011

I have a application that i am creating in ASP.net i need to be able to update a new column in the table users which is set up automatic with a asp.net project. I am trying to add a address line to the code

This is code that i have so far

TextBox address1TextBox =
TextBox userNameTextBox =

how i would even update this column in the user table that i have.

how i could update the address line1 table in the database that comes with a visual studio 2010 project.

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Javascript - .NET TextBox TextChanged Event Not Firing In Custom EditorPart

Jun 4, 2010

This is a classic sort of question, I suppose, but it seems that most people are interested in having the textbox cause a postback. I'm not. I just want the event to fire when a postback occurs.

I have created a webpart with a custom editorpart. The editorpart renders with a textbox and a button. Clicking the button causes a dialog to open. When the dialog is closed, it sets the value of the textbox via javascript and then does __doPostBack using the ClientID of the editorpart.

The postback happens, but the TextChanged event never fires, and I'm not sure if it's a problem with the way __doPostBack is invoked, or if it's because of the way I'm setting up the event handler, or something else. Here's what I think is the relevant portion of the code from the editorpart:

protected override void CreateChildControls()
_txtListUrl = new TextBox();

_txtListUrl.ID = "targetSPList";[code].....

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C# - Dynamically Adding Text Fields On C# 2008 Page?

Feb 24, 2010

My C# web app requires the user to enter automobile information. The user can add information for one auto, or more (max 20).

My page has these text fields: Car Number, Car Make, Car Year, Mileage, VIN I have a button that allows the user to "Add More Cars" is to allow the user to add more than one car.

When the user clicks "Add More Cars", how can I dynamically display the text boxes, and keep track of how many cars the user has added (in order to load them to an array and write to database)

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DataSource Controls :: Adding 2 Fields Together And Inserting Into A Database?

Jul 6, 2010

I have an SQL datasource that successfully enters customer details into a table. What it includes is the persons address. First of all we add the persons address, then we add the persons name to that address in a seperate physical procedure. i.e. on a different form.

What I need to do is try and stop users entering the same address twice. The way I have thought of doing this is by making a string field called AddressIdentity and have this contain the door number and the postcode of the address with all the spaces stripped out. Then when adding the address, it checks if this exists before adding it. However I cannot work out how to put the 2 fields together without using the codebehind file, which I don't mind doing if I need to, but I'm sure its avoidable.

Here is my code - I have only included the relevant parts:

InsertCommand="INSERT INTO [tbl_shop_client_addresses] ([FlatNo], [Address1], [Address2], [Town], [County], [Postcode],
[Country], [Telephone], [DoorNo]) VALUES (@FlatNo, @Address1, @Address2, @Town, @County, @Postcode, @Country, @Telephone, @DoorNo)"

So how do I do it? I was trying:

InsertCommand="INSERT INTO [tbl_shop_client_addresses] ([FlatNo], [Address1], [Address2], [Town], [County], [Postcode],
[Country], [Telephone], [DoorNo], [AddressIdentity]) VALUES (@FlatNo, @Address1, @Address2, @Town, @County, @Postcode, @Country, @Telephone, @DoorNo, @Postcode + @DoorNo)"

but of course AddressIdentity is a string. Do I use ' ' marks with an & sign? Or can't I do this?? Maybe I need to use the codebehind anyway to see if the field exists before inserting it?

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DataSource Controls :: Adding An Id Field Based On Other Fields

May 16, 2010

ive a DB in access with a single table and no primary key, actually i dont need a primary key but i can consider a date field plus another to make an index. however i want to add a counter field based on every change of date field, for instance ill have many records of 20/May and all must have the same id then when the date is different, the next group of records with that new date must show 2 etc.. is it a quick way to update my database?

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Adding Fields In Crytal Report Select Expert?

Jul 14, 2010

i am uisng asp.net 2.0 built in crystal report .i already have the connection made and some fileds already on the report. i need to add few more fields to the the existing set of fields from database in the server explorer i have the field that i need but i am not able to drag drop on the crystal report.how do i add the field from datatable to crystal report

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Web Forms :: Adding An Image Inside A Listitem?

Feb 9, 2009

I'd like to have an image instead of text as a radiolistitem, something like the following example:


This works, however I'd like to know if there's a way to perform this in code or do I need to create a custom control? Currently I'm just doing: .Items.Add(New ListItem("#1", 1))

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Security :: Adding Additional Fields To Custom Membership Provider

Oct 1, 2006

i have been playing around with the membership provider model for the last week and have it got it working with a basic table schema. The trouble i have is that i wish to add an additional field (eg First Name) but am not sure how i can do this. Here's what i have so far:

public override MembershipUser CreateUser(string username, string password, string email, string passwordQuestion, string passwordAnswer, bool isApproved, object providerUserKey, out MembershipCreateStatus status)
MembershipUser user = new MembershipUser(Name, username, providerUserKey, email, passwordQuestion, null, isApproved, false, DateTime.Now, DateTime.Now, DateTime.Now, DateTime.Now, DateTime.Now);
db.AddParameter("@UID", username);
db.AddParameter("@PWD", password);
db.AddParameter("@EMAIL", email);
db.AddParameter("@ISACTIVE", (isApproved == true ? "Y" : "N"));
int i = db.ExecuteNonQuery(sql);
if (i > 0)
status = MembershipCreateStatus.Success;
return user;
status = MembershipCreateStatus.ProviderError;
return null;

public override void UpdateUser(MembershipUser user)
string sql = "UPDATE USERS SET
db.AddParameter("@EMAIL", user.Email);
db.AddParameter("@ISACTIVE", (user.IsApproved ? "Y" : "N"));
db.AddParameter("@UID", user.UserName);
int i = db.ExecuteNonQuery(sql);

public override MembershipUser GetUser(string username, bool userIsOnline)
MembershipUser user = null;
db.AddParameter("@UID", username);
SqlDataReader reader = (SqlDataReader)db.ExecuteReader(sql);
while (reader.Read())
user = new MembershipUser(Name, reader.GetString(reader.GetOrdinal("username")), null, reader.GetString(reader.GetOrdinal("email")), null, null, (reader.GetString(reader.GetOrdinal("isactive")) == "Y" ? true : false), false, DateTime.MinValue, DateTime.MinValue,
DateTime.MinValue, DateTime.MinValue, DateTime.MinValue);
return user;

The trouble i have is that the CreateUser method expects a fixed number of arguments so if i add a new field/attribute to my table then how do i add to this method to do the insert. There is a similar problem with the GetUser and UpdateUser methods as they both inherit from the MembershipUser class.

I have been googling all day without success. One solution i thought was just to ignore these methods and create my own ones but then i don't benefit from some of the pre built server controls.

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Adding Multiple Fields Dynamically By Clicking Button Or Link

Mar 23, 2011

my requirement is i want to add education details having three fields

1) name of school
2)name of city

some persons will studied only in one school . some in 2 . aome in 3. how to add dynamically .and after that i want to show the data to admin .if there is 2 means i want to display 2 school informa

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C# - Adding Additional Input Fields Dynamically (similar To SO Careers)?

Jan 12, 2011

Similar to the "add more experience" functionality in [URL], I want to provide a "Add another location" link which should display an additional row of a set of 4 dropdowns (country, state, city, region). I'm actually using the CascadingDropDown jQuery Plugin for ASP.NET MVC [URL] for my location dropdown functionality, but I need to give the user the ability to add multiple locations. What would be the easiest way to handle this in ASP.NET MVC and jQuery?

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