Web Forms :: How To Set Default Connection String Among Multiple Connection Strings

Jul 4, 2013

In my application there are 4 connection strings...from that i want one connectionstring should be default connection string.How to do ?

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Access :: Multiple Connection Strings In Web.config File

Jan 12, 2010

Is that possible to add two connectionstrings in web.config and Can I call those two web.config in my aspx.cs file?

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DataSource Controls :: Switching Between Multiple Connection Strings?

Jun 16, 2010

I have a similar problem. I have one Dynamic Data Website and a thousand databases - one database for each customer. HTe databases have the same schema.

After the users log in I want the Dynamic Data Website to point to a database that belongs to that user.

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Provider Connection String Of Entity Framework Be Substituted With A DB Connection String Already Defined In Web.config?

Feb 2, 2011

I have a db connection string 'ApplicationServices' defined in the connectionString section of web.config and 3 Entity Framework connection strings which have the provider connection string attribute with the same connection string as the one in 'ApplicationServices'. Is there a way to reference connectionString in 'ApplicationServices' for the provider connection string attribute of the EF connection string in the web.config, rather than providing the connection string all over again?

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Web Forms :: How To Access Connection Connection String From Sub Folder Web.config File

Mar 15, 2011

just for my testing purpose i know i can define both the connection's outside in a single web config file by different name's and access them in my front end according to it but what if i want to have seprate for both connection's web.config situation is like this see image so i want to access my connections from second web config file how i can do that.


i tired this but its giving error


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Making Ado.net Connection Class Or Connection String In Web.config?

Oct 18, 2010

I am preparing for an Access2007 db conversion at the beginning of the year and would like to know what the best process would be for connecting to the sqlserver2005 database. I have read about adding the connection string to the web.config file. I have also read about using ADO.NET and put the connection information into a class and not the web.config file.

I would like to hear from others as to what you have used, are using, or plan on using for a webapp (vs2010), and why so I can get an understanding.

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VS2010 - Connect To SQL Using Trusted Connection In Connection String

Aug 10, 2011

I have an ASP.Net website running on IIS7. The Application Pool is set to ASPv4 Classic.

Authentication Mode is set to ASP.Net Authentication & Windows Authentication

My question is, when I want to connect to SQL using a "trusted connection" in the Connection String, what user will actually be passed into SQL?

I thought it would pass my logon details, but it is coming back with an NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON error, which seems to point towards it not passing in my logon.

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Sql Server - Connection String With New .Net Website Template - To Be Able To Use The Default Db "aspnetdb.mdf?

Aug 15, 2010

This is the connection string that gets generated with the "New ASP.Net Website" template in vs 2010

<add name="ApplicationServices"
connectionString="data source=.SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=SSPI;AttachDBFilename=|DataDirectory|aspnetdb.mdf;User Instance=true"
providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

I have a named instance of sql 2008 developer edition installed. I have changed the Server name but the query string will still not work. I want to be able to use the default db "aspnetdb.mdf". I use Windows authentication to connect. How can i change the connection string to get this to work?

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Web Forms :: Dynamically Connect To Multiple Databases At Runtime By Changing Connection String?

Nov 14, 2013

i have a dropdownlist contaning years..now i want to connect my database by dropdown selection.if i select 2013 it will connect 2013 database ,if i select 2014 it connect 2014 so on..

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Visual Studio :: Error Unable To Add Data Connection. ExecuteScalar Requires An Open And Available Connection. The Connection's Current State Is Closed?

Sep 13, 2010

I'm using Visual Studio 2008, and my database is SQL Server 2000.

I want to add a connection to the Server Explorer in VS. The Data source is Microsoft SQL Server (SqlClient). After entering in all my information and I click Test Connection, it is successful.

But when I click OK, I get the error:

Unable to add data connection. ExecuteScalar requires an open and available connection. The connection's current state is closed.

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Configuration :: Multiple SQL Instance In Connection String?

Dec 9, 2010

I have 3 Databases that I am pulling data from for my web site. 2 of the databases are in the same SQL instance, however the 3rd one is in a different SQL instance. Both of the SQL instances are installed on the same server, one of them is a Named instance and the other is installed under the default instance. So my connection strings look something like this:

<add name="ABCConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=BobDataDB;Initial Catalog=Bob;User ID=*******;Password=*********;" ProviderName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>
<add name="BCDConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=BobDataDB;Initial Catalog=Sue;User ID=*******;Password=*********;" ProviderName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>
<add name="EFGConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=Bob;Initial Catalog=Sue;User ID=*******;Password=*********;" ProviderName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>

I'm in the process of moving this application from the Development Server to the Production Server when I noticed this issue. Previously the ABC and BCD connectionStrings where pointing to a different server and instance. So my question is how do I get this wo work with the server names being the same but the instances being different?

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Finding Single Connection String For Multiple Databases?

Jan 21, 2010

I have a query which gets values from two tables which are in different databases.How can I write a SINGLE Connection String which connects to two databases? By the way I am using SQL Server Database

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Encrypt Connection Strings When Using Linq To SQL?

May 31, 2010

What is the best practice for encrypting the connectionStrings section in the web.config file when using LINQ TO SQL?

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ADO.NET :: LINQ And Web Application Connection Strings

Dec 25, 2010

i want define connectionSreing in the web.config and then use it for DataContext ConnectionString. i do that : 1. i creat a class in App_Code :(MisaghDB is my database)

partial class MisaghDataContext
partial void OnCreated()
this.Connection.ConnectionString =
// or
public partial class MisaghDataContext
public MisaghDataContext() : base (ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["MisaghDBConnectionString"].ConnectionString)

2. Add the connection string to my web.config file:

<add name="MisaghDBConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=NAZLIN-HP;Initial Catalog=MisaghDB;Integrated Security=True"
providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

3. Right click on the DBML file design surface and chose properties. Select "none" for the Connection property.now should i change DBML file designer.cs (Misagh.designer.cs) ? The code should I delete in this file(DBMLfile designer.cs)? this is a part of my DBMLfile designer.cs :

public partial class MisaghDataContext : System.Data.Linq.DataContext
private static System.Data.Linq.Mapping.MappingSource mappingSource = new AttributeMappingSource();
public NorthwindDataContext() :
base(global::WindowsFormsApplication2.Properties.Settings.Default.NorthwindConnectionString, mappingSource)
public NorthwindDataContext(string connection) :
base(connection, mappingSource)
public NorthwindDataContext(System.Data.IDbConnection connection) :
base(connection, mappingSource)
public NorthwindDataContext(string connection, System.Data.Linq.Mapping.MappingSource mappingSource) :
base(connection, mappingSource)
public NorthwindDataContext(System.Data.IDbConnection connection, System.Data.Linq.Mapping.MappingSource mappingSource) :
base(connection, mappingSource)

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SQL Server :: Use Connection Strings From IIS In C# Application

Sep 20, 2010

I have a C# web service where I need to access a MS SQL DB. I see a way of creating a connection string in IIS and using it in the web application when connecting to the DB. In IIS in Connection strings you specify the name of the connection, server, user n pwd How can I use the name of connection string created in IIS in my c# app.? I am currently using

customerinfo = new
// to return
connection = new
initial Catalog=eostartest; Integrated Security=SSPI"))

But I would like to use the name of the connection string created in IIS Connection Strings manager. Do I have to add something in the web.config as well?

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How To Access IIS 7 Connection Strings Programmatically

Mar 21, 2011

In IIS 7 you can create database connection strings. I suppose this must be encrypted and best protected by IIS. This is nice, but how do I access it programmatically?

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C# -encryption And Decryption Connection Strings?

Mar 18, 2011

I used the following command to encrypt my connection string but an error ocurred,
"The connection name'DatabaseConnectionString1' was not found in the applications configuration or the connection string is empty" How can I encrypt it while keeping the application working? What if I move the encrypted application to another computer? Will it work?

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C# - Encrypt The Connection Strings In Web.config?

Dec 20, 2010

I'm trying to encrypt the connection strings in my web.config. I'm following:


however when I get to the part with the command:

aspnet_regiis -pe "connectionStrings" -app "/MyApplication" -prov "MyProvider"

it keeps complaining:

"The configuration for the virtual path '/MyApplication' and site 'Default Web Site' cannot be opened

Failed to map the path '/myapplication'

I'm fairly sure I've followed the instructions correctly. I created the project named 'MyApplication' directly in the 'C:' root.

Perhaps I should be following a different set of instructions?

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Modular And Structured Programming (Connection Strings)

Mar 28, 2011

I was asked to design a asp.net website with modular programming, yet I have no clue what that actually means, does he mean structured programming?, everything I've found on modular programming has no relation to an asp.net website (or its code behind). Could someone explain what it means if: I have a database connection on each page of the website rather than having the connection string in the global or webconfig page? Does this mean structured or modular? In what terms could you achieve modular programming with a website that has no loadable modules? Its just a site with a few connection strings and some clever programming to do some fancy html?

I've seen other posts about webparts and cms but really have no understanding of them? Are they relevant? Unsure. My site is just a social network site that allows some one to login/create account with the website then go to his own profile and display things about himself that are saved to our database. Nothing in it requires modules as far as I can tell? So it makes me think is it a different method of actually "programming" writing the code? i.e is it stored in a different manner is it refrenced in a different manner is called in a different manner?

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Templates And Connection Strings In A Class Library?

Jan 5, 2011

I'm using the template posted in this thread to generate C# enums from a couple of lookup tables in SQL Server within a class library that contains my DAL.

At the moment, I have the connection string used by the templates embedded an a template include file in the class library. Is there a convenient way to have the template grab the connection string from the main project (WAP)'s web.config without having to include a physical path? Or is there a better way to approach this?

I've also considered creating a SQL CLR assembly which returns a table-valued function containing the enum contents (which would then be defined in C#, not in the database), but I'm not sure what the performance hit would be. Whether or not it's significant will obviously be application-dependent but I'd hate to charge down a crappy path if it's a know best-avoid-this approach.

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C# - Two Connection Strings In Web.Config And Switch Between Them In Code Behind?

Nov 19, 2010

How Can We Have two Connection Strings In Web.Config And Switch Betweeen Them In Code Behind? when i add two connention strings in web.config so an error appears that tells us u cann't add two connection strings in web.config. i want the upper job because i have 2 databases and i want transfer data from another to the other one.

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Configuration :: Easily Manage Web Of Connection Strings?

Jan 25, 2011

On most of my asp.net web application I have at least 4 computers that I am constantly moving my application around to. My development PC at work, at home, a test web server for others to test then finally the production server. In all cases I am using a MS-SQL database that would be on a minimum of 3 (usually 4) different sql servers. I am constantly changing the connection string(s) in the web.config file. Now I have just learned about Entity Frameworks which apparently requires its own connection string.

As far as I know the only references to the connection string(s) would be the web.config settings for the asp.net membership and role provider settings and now the entity framework object. So I was hoping I could do some coding in the Global.asax unit under some function and "detect" which server I am running on maybe by its name or something that would be both constant and unique on all machines. Then programmatically configure the membership provoders and entity framework object to use the correct connection string.

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Configuration :: Encrypt Connection Strings Programmatically In IIS 7

Nov 10, 2010

Encrypt Connection Strings Programmatically in IIS 7


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DataSource Controls :: ReadOnly DB Connection Strings

Jan 14, 2010

This seems like a really silly question, but I've had a search around and I can't find anything about this. I've got a DB connection string that I'm creating in my web.config:-




but I need this connection to be read only. I've defined all my linq objects with only gets on their properties, and none of my (MVC) repository classes have .SubmitChanges() methods in them so I'm 99% sure the system can't update this DB, but I would also like to set my DB connection to be RO if at all possible. I realise that ideally this should be done at the SQL server end and the user should be made RO, but that (for various reasons, out of my control) can't be done, so I wanted to lock down my connection as the app mustn't write to the DB.

Is there a "readonly" parameter I can apply to the connection string so that it would throw an error or discard the data if any updates were attempted?

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DataSource Controls :: Inner Join Using Two Different Connection Strings

Feb 11, 2010

Anyone know if it's possible to inner join tables using two different connection strings? I'm using vb.

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