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Web Forms :: Open A Webpage In Full Screen?

I want that my web page should open up in full screen. Is there any code that i can put in my page load event so that the browser should set itself to full screen i.e. same as F11.

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C# - How To Open Screen On Full Screen
how i can open my program on full screen (like i press F11)

Through C# code ?

Posted: Dec 14 10 at 7:53

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Web Forms :: How To Open Page In Full Screen After FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage
In my ASP.NET application I use forms authentication. if a user tries to go to a page which is in the secured location he will be directed to the login page. Upon authorization, he will be redirected to the page. FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(...)

I need to open a page in Full Screen after login. In other words I need open page in full screen window (like after click on F11) after user login

Posted: Feb 26, 2009 06:32 PM

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Javascript To Open A Web Page In Full Screen After Logging?
I have one login.aspx page one master page(Master.master). When I click on login button, my web page should view in full screen mode.This should happens automatically when user credentials are correct.Master page should open in full screen mode.

I don't want it in new window(pop up window). I don't want to ask user press F11.It should work

in all browsers.(mainly in firefox and Internet Explorer)

I tried with below codes. But it is not working fine. correct my code or new code.

<script language="javascript">
function fullscreen()

I wrote in Master.master aspx page.

Posted: Feb 24 at 4:05

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Web Forms :: How To Use Vb Codebehind To Open In "full Screen" Mode
Ican create an ActiveX control to active F11 to enable full screen mode, but would rather not. Is there aneasier way?

Posted: Sep 08, 2010 03:42 PM

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Web Forms :: How To Set The Full Screen Video Option For Flash Player
How can i set the flash player to full screen, right now i have set it to certain ht and wt likw in the below code.....wat do i need to do embed full screen option

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="320" height="260" data="flvplayer.swf?file=http://localhost:4009/opt/<%=Request.QueryString["vid"]%>&autoStart=false">
<param name="movie" value="flvplayer.swf?file=http://localhost:4009/opt/<%=Request.QueryString["vid"]%>&autoStart=false" />

Posted: Aug 20, 2009 08:23 PM

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Web Forms :: Make Data Controls Full Screen On IPhone Or Other Smartphones?
Admittedly, I haven't done a lot of development for iPhone or smartphones, in general. This is a conventionally sized 3.5 website with a subfolder that contains simplified webforms that are supposed to be optimized for smartphone screens, specifically the iPhone. The page giving me the problem contains an AJAX accordion control with three panes. The first pane has a DetailsView with the default mode set to Insert. The second pane has a three column gridview. The last pane has another detailsview that shows the detail of whichever record is selected in the gridview. Pane 1, the gridview, is the default view when the page loads. Everything works fine on the page but when it renders on the iPhone 4, the accordion and the controls are very small, occupying about 1/4 of the screen. Double-tapping the gridview causes the screen to zoom or you can use two fingers to stretch it to the size you want. I would like to find a way to make the page load with the controls already zoomed in to full screen. I have triedstyle="width: 400px;" in the <body> element, the <form> element, and in the <div> element. None of them made a difference.

Posted: Sep 03, 2010 10:41 AM

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Full Screen Doesn't Exist For End User?
I am creating a project in which i want to display my web page in full screen & Does not allow the end user to ext the full screen until he/she press the button. I google/bing but i dint get anyhelp full material. Even i use this code


Posted: Dec 30, 2010 05:24 AM

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MVC :: How To Get Full Screen Effect Using Video Helper
Using Microsoft.Web.Helpers package, I was able to create a kind of "Youtube" of my own. A very small application running in our local network where people can upload, watch, and comment on video uploaded, etc...). Unfortunately, there are some missing features to the screen I'm able to obtain using those helpers. There are particularly 2 features that I can thing of: If the user doesn't move the mouse for a few seconds, the menu and the mouse disappear. They appear again when the mouse is moved the Full screen option. How can I get those effects using the video helpers?

Posted: Jan 29, 2011 08:49 AM

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C# - Acrobat Opening In Full Screen Mode?
I am having an issue with displaying a PDF in an iframe in When the pdf shows up it is showing up without the Acrobat toolbar that allows the user to zoom and print. This is causing a major hassle for our customers because they cannot read the PDF in the size that it is. If you try and set Acrobat to not show the PDF in the browser and browse to that page you get a message saying that it is trying to open it in Full Screen mode. how I can make it not do this from the code? Below is the code I use to stream the PDF to the browser:

Public Shared Sub StreamPdfToBrowser(ByVal doc As Document)
Dim Ctx As HttpContext = HttpContext.Current
'// Clear any part of this page that might have already been buffered for output.
'// Tell the browser this is a PDF document so it will use an appropriate viewer.
Ctx.Response.ContentType = doc.DisplayFileType
Ctx.Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"
Ctx.Response.AddHeader("content-type", "application/pdf")
'// IE & Acrobat seam to require "content-disposition" header being in the response. If you don't add it, the doc still works most of the time, but not always.
'// this makes a new window appear:
Response.AddHeader("content-disposition","attachment[inline]; filename=MyPDF.PDF");
Ctx.Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", doc.DisplayFile.Length)
Ctx.Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "inline; filename=E-Sign Specification Report.pdf")
'// TODO: Added by KN to possibly fix UA issue
Ctx.Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"
Ctx.Response.AddHeader("content-type", "application/pdf")
'// Write the PDF stream out
'// Send all buffered content to the client

End Sub

Posted: Jan 27 10 at 20:38

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How To Disable Double Click In Flowplayer 3 In Full Screen Mode
How to disable double click in flowplayer 3 in full screen mode?

Posted: Jun 16 10 at 4:27

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C# - How To Show A Web Page In Full Screen Mode Without Statusbar And Addressbar In All Browsers
How to show a web page in full screen mode without statusbar and addressbar in all browsers and it should not show the taskbar also.

Posted: Nov 28 10 at 12:32

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How To Make Browser Full Screen On Page Load Using Javascript With Timer Control
I want a browser to go full screen as soon as my page loads. Is it possible in javascript. I know the shortcut key for this F11 but requirement is on page load only.

After reading the solution provided below. I achieved full screen but here i got a trap. I was using timer to make my page postback to get fresh data after every 5 second. And here I found after every 5 sec new window opens up but I want full screen to go only once and next time content gets refreshed there itself.

Posted: Sep 14 10 at 5:57

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Web Forms :: Toggle Full Screen Feature In Free Text Box Rich Text Control On Aspx Page
I am using FTB on my aspx page. is there any way I can have Toggle Full screen feature in FTB, is this feature availble in FTB? it is available on TinyMCE, but I don't want to switch to TinyMCE since I am already using FTB in most of the pages in my application.

Posted: Jan 25, 2011 01:41 PM

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Web Forms :: HOw To Display Webpage In Iframe In Full Size With Scroll
I am using framework 4 and VS 2010 and have two iframes that loads two web pages on load. I enabled scrolling and set properties of iframe this way:

<iframe src="http://iis/app1/Default_display.aspx" runat="server" width="100%"
height="900" id="I22"
name="I22" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="yes"
style="overflow: scroll" >
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

My problem is that when page loads I have scroll bars on iframe but when I scroll the page is not complete bottom and right part are not displaying at all I just cant see it. If there are any controls in that unvisible part of page they are moved and everything looks bit messy. How can I display 100%, complete page (like when it is open in new window) in iframe with scroll bars?

Posted: Feb 28, 2011 09:04 AM

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Web Forms :: How To Open Javascript Url Link In New Full Size Window
How can I change the follwoing code to open the link in a new full size window, I don't want to navigate there because they want to just view the next page and not leave existing page. lblProcessNum2.Text = "" & myDataTable.Rows(0)(4) & ""

Posted: Sep 15, 2009 06:36 PM

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Open Popup Screen On Button On User Control
i have page where i am calling user control, on user control i want to give button when i click buttonsame user control should appear on popup screen but not able to do , here code


Posted: Oct 07, 2010 07:59 PM

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Web Forms :: Making A Hyperlink Open A New Browser Window Full-Size
I have the following hyperlink code that opens a new browser window to display a page. The page (browser)opens not full size (maybe something like 500x500). How can I modify this code to make the new browser window open full-size?


Posted: Jun 29, 2010 07:36 PM

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C# - Taking Screen Shot Of A (remote) Webpage Programmatically?
I'm trying to take screen shots of web pages programmatically. I may also require to take screen shots of full or partial page. Is there a way to do this?

Posted: Mar 14 at 9:10

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AJAX :: Display The "UpdateProgress" In Full Screen?
Is it possible to display the "UpdateProgress" in full screen?

Posted: Sep 18, 2010 12:50 AM

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Retain The State Of A Data Input Screen On A WebPage Using ExtJs Controls?
My Client has an application that is built in ASP.NET (c#) that makes use of a lot of ExtJS controls.

I need to enable the application to save every thing on the entry screen to a temporary storage mechanism and when necessary restore it.

The scenorio is the user has captured some data to a specific screen but is unable to continue and then there session expires.

Posted: May 13 10 at 12:46

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Open New Window, Change Something And Update It In The Main Screen
ifa screen with some data, called the main screen.On that screen i want to place a button, if i press the buttona new window appears with another form. So no problem right now.The user change some data on the new window, and presses save.After the userpresses save, the data in the databaseis update, but also he need torefreshthe data on themain screen.
How can i do that? so that if the user presses save, the window closes and the main screen gets updated?

Posted: Nov 05, 2010 04:58 PM

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Display Contents In Webpage W/ Width Greater Than Screen Without Displaying Horizontal Scrollbars?
It'll be hard to explain, but here goes...I have a 3-col table that measures 1200px wide... the middle column measures 800px and includes all the contents, and both remaining rows measure 200px each and have "nice-to-display-but-optional" images (each has a 200px image).On a 1400px display, my table will display with no problems. On the other hand, if the screen is 1000px, then it'll display the scrollbars so it can fit the 1200px of contents.

How can I set the table (or any other html container) so that a 1000px screen only displays what fits on the screen without displaying the scrollbar?In this case, a 1000px would display the middle 800px column, and whatever fits on the sides (half of the 200px images). But the scrollbars would not be displayed, and the images would not be altered so that they fit in the remaining space.

Posted: Jun 25, 2010 01:17 AM

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Web Forms :: How To Open A Picture From A Webpage
I want to know, how can i open a picture from a web page to picture viewer like microsoft picture manager, when i click a button it should open a image in picture manager, picture is in one of my folders.

Posted: Nov 18, 2010 03:15 PM

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Web Forms :: Like To Open A New Webpage From A Form?
I usingvisual web 2008 express. I like to open anew webpage from a form. I use the hyperlink control to do this. How can I open the web page in a new window? It opens in my current page at the moment...

Posted: Nov 06, 2009 08:17 AM

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Web Forms :: Open WebPage From Run Prompt?
How can i open the asp webpage from run prompt because i want to the other computersopen my web pages. for example(\ isnt working it possible?

Posted: Sep 06, 2009 07:07 AM

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Web Forms :: Cannot Open A Webpage During Testing
I've been tearing my hair out over this one for the past couple of days...

I am using VS2008 & IIS7 with Windows 7 & IE8. I am debugging locally.

On a certain situation on my screen, VS cannot postback a page. I am getting the following error and have tried everything I can think of to resolve the issue, but to no avail.... I have used local IIS and also just the internal web server as well.

Unable to download pagename.aspx from localhost.

Unable to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found.

Posted: Aug 26, 2010 01:09 AM

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Web Forms :: Submit Button To Open Webpage?
vb code to use the Submit button to also open an external website [URL] when clicked

Posted: Aug 12, 2010 02:19 PM

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Web Forms :: Open Webpage With Click Event?
When a user clicks a button on a web form, i have some validation statments:

if x = 1




How can this be done? I have read about the webbrowser.vavigate, but its not supported in asp?

Posted: Aug 20, 2010 07:14 PM

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Web Forms :: Using A Button To Open A Webpage Within A Frame?
Im trying to click a button that opens up search webpage within a frame passing some textbox search strings.

<form id="Form1" runat = "server">

Posted: Oct 11, 2010 02:12 PM

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Web Forms :: Open A New .aspx Webpage From Code Behind?
How can I open a new web page from C# code behind?

Posted: Jun 07, 2010 10:57 AM

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Web Forms :: How To Open A File On A Server From A Webpage Remotely
I am currently doing a project that requires the user to click a button on a webpage (C# web application) and activate an regular application file (exe, jpg, doc, etc) on a server.

For instance, if I have an excel file on the server. The user would click a button from a webpage and then the excel file will open. The result should be the same as double click the excel file and open it locally.

Posted: Jul 15, 2010 03:23 PM

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Web Forms :: Close Parent And Open Client Webpage In C#?
I'm using 3 diff websiteA,B.C. Im logging in A and accessing B,then logging out it means B has to close;then the redirection is A.likewise C to B.

Posted: Mar 10, 2010 02:41 AM

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Web Forms :: Open One Document File By Clicking On Hyperlink On Webpage?
in my web application i am trying to open one document file by clicking on hyperlink on webpage,

when i run the appication open the that page click on the link file gets open.

but, when i run the application through iis, when clicking on that link file not found alert comes.

that document file present in separate fileserver.

Posted: Mar 29, 2011 02:30 PM

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How To Open Full Size Window / Toolbar / Address Bar And Menu Should Be Hidden Using Javascript
How to open full size window. Toolbar, address bar and menu should be hidden

Posted: May 25, 2010 12:35 PM

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Can Not Open A Webpage
I created an ASP.NET 3.5 website with Forms Authentication. Using Website Administration Tool (WAT), I created 3 roles with 3 subfolders. When running from ASP.NET Development server, I can login and click to open the homepage for the specificrole subfolder.However when running the website from the IIS server machine, I can login but can not open the homepage of the role subfolder.
Clicking each link for the role subfolder popped up an error message for opening a login.aspx from the specific subfolder. I don't have a Login.aspx file in each subfold

Posted: May 05, 2010 06:11 PM

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C# - Open .NET App From Webpage?
I just need to be able to open a .NET app (click once) from within an ASP.NET web page, and pass 2 string parameter to the app.

Posted: Jun 3 10 at 19:54

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Button To Open A Webpage In A Frame?
My problem is somewhat specific and I do not have enough javascript knowledge to get this rolling.

I have a textbox. Based on what I enter in this textbox I am passing that to a webpage as aparameterand I need that to webpage to open up in a frame.

Here is the code that I currently have. This code is executed on textbox text changed event and is an autopost back. As you will notice this has issues in cases when I click on the submit button but do not leave the textbox... Not sure but it seems that browsing away from the textbox fires the textchanged event.

Is there a java script I could use instead of this postback?


Posted: Jul 27, 2010 06:17 PM

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Open An Webpage Via Code (NOT Hyperlink)?
After creating a new record, I'd like to open a specific webpage in a new window. Is there another method I can use rather thana redirect?

I'm using VB (VS.NET 2008).

Posted: Jan 26, 2009 04:59 AM

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Web Forms :: How To Use Tag At Bottom Of Screen Instead Of Top Of Screen
I am using the below code where I put this tag on a .aspx page:

"<a name="tips"></a>"

Now if I from another page run the code in the hyperlink to navigate to this page2 where I have the above tag. The page will scroll down to this tag automatically where this tag will be at the TOP of the screen.

My question now is if it is instead possible to scroll to the position where you have this tag at the BOTTOM of the screen instead ?


Posted: Oct 04, 2010 01:19 PM

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