Html - How To Make An SEO Friendly DropDownList In WebForms

Mar 9, 2011

I need to render a few DropDownLists on my page, allowing the user to select different Categories & Locations so as to return different result sets based on their selection.

However, I want each of the resulting selections to be crawlable. I know I could just render every possible Category, Location etc as standard HTML links on the page, which perform a GET request to the specified URL, but if possible I'd like to contain all these options within a DropDownList to keep things less cluttered.

If I were using MVC I would consider wrapping that small section of the page in a GET form, with each ListItem value being the destination URL (though I wonder if even this approach would be properly crawlable?).

I am using Web Forms though and am just having trouble trying to come up with a solution.

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I am interested in the architecture of a CMS where i can pass a full URL instead of a query string. I would like to make a site that could handle a request to any page... Say''and have the resulting response deliver a generic page/file.I would like the request to be passed through an XML document where i could store page names and the corresponding file to render content...

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I've created a Dynamic Data project with an Entity Framework model. It works nicely. But, right now it shows all my database tables with the db column names - which aren't always the most friendly (e.g. address_line_1). How can I got about giving these more friendly column titles that will display to the end user?

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Nov 9, 2010

I've made a simple website in ASP.NET MVC Framework with users, articles etc., and images to users profiles. There is a simple static class for image manipulation (resizing, cropping and saving images on hard drive), placed in "Helper" directory. I wonder what to do with the code to preserve MVC principles and make whole website more unit testing friendly.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Search Engine Friendly URLs HttpHandler, HttpModule, IIS 6.0 / Get A 404 Error For The Friendly URL?

Mar 31, 2010

I've tried to implement two different solutions that use either and HttpModule or and HttpHandler to do URLRewriting for me. These work great on IIS 7 within my local development environment in Integrated and Classic modes. Currently the production server is running IIS 6.0 on a shared hosting environment. It appears that the request at least hits both the Module and Handler as the URL above redirect to the particular friendly url, but it doesn't redirect and hit hte Module or Handler again. Instead I get a 404 error for the friendly URL.

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Web Forms :: Make Aspx Website More "search Engine Friendly"?

Jan 26, 2011

I would like to know how to efficiently promote aspx website on search engines such as google. Reason i am asking is because with old static html pages we had meta data, with keywoards on every page, but where do i put all those keywords in aspx website?

Do keywords still exist in aspx? Where do i put them?

I would like to mention that my new aspx website is using master pages what makes it even more complicated.

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WebForms To MVC - Does It Make Sense To Change In Our Case

Feb 7, 2010

We have a WebForms based web application with these properties:

Large Business Object Framework (Close knit DAL / Business Objects / Serverside Validation, similar to CSLA) Precompiled and placed in the Bin folder. Uses a lot of UserControls.

Looking at overviews of MVC it seems there is a distinctive split on how the code is split up, there is no Session State (which seems odd, but possibly ok if the website is primarily serving content?) and it appears constructing pages looks similar to classic asp (use of <% %> tags)

Do I have the wrong interpretation of MVC? Is MVC just a specific architecture, or is the way things will be going and WebForms will eventually be dropped? How does one split the M-V-C when an existing Business object Framework exists? Why is there no session state? Do UserControls work in MVC? I realise this could be subjective, so mostly looking for your comments on the subject to make my up my own mind.

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AJAX :: Make ToolkitScriptManager On Site.Master To Work With Other Webforms In Subdirectory?

Jan 2, 2011

I got a a problem when using ToolkitScriptManager on masterPage with other webForm in SUbDirectory. Everytime I run other webform in the SubDirectory there was an Error "The ScriptManager must appear before any controls that need it". Then I added ToolkitScriptManager to that page I got another Error "Only one instance of a ScriptManager can be added to the page". hmmmm then I removed the ToolkitScriptManager from the MasterPage, It's worked for that page.

on that SubDirectory I had a webConfig file.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<location path="MyPage.aspx">


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Html - Customizing Webforms Markup?

Sep 11, 2010

I'm a new comer to the world. I hear a lot about mvc and it's advantage over webforms about the ability to customize the markup and css. I also heard that is much easier to learn than mvc so I decided to go for and webforms. My question is: what's the level of customization a web developer/designer can get with webforms concerning the markup and css?

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State Management :: Make A Global Variable Counter That Adjust In Code In The Webforms?

Jun 23, 2010

Not sure if this was the forum to post under but here goes. I want to make a global variable counter that I can adjust in my code in the webforms. For example, I want to use the counter like so...


If anyone knows how to create this dynamic global variable or if anyone can tell me if its not possible,If it is not possible,

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C# - Create Html Helpers In Webforms Project Like In Mvc?

Jun 27, 2010

Can i create html helpers in Webforms project like in mvc?

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Forms Data Controls :: Make Another Dropdownlist Visible = False When Clicking In Dropdownlist On The Same Detailsview?

Mar 8, 2010

I want to making another dropdownlist visible=false when clicking in dropdownlist on the same detailsview?

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MVC :: Use Html Helpers/Repositary Pattern/Ninject In Webforms?

Nov 25, 2010

Just Wondering. Can we use Html Helpers/Repositary Pattern/Ninject in Webforms?

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Jquery - Return HTML Or Data From The Server - ASP.NET Webforms

Dec 8, 2010

I am working on a page that has multiple sections and each section looks 'almost the same'. Having said that, I want to build the HTML on the server and render it for each section on the initial page load. On subsequent actions, I would do a ajax call and have the server return json data.

The other option is to 'hardcode' the HTML on the aspx page and have the JS do the necessary customizations for each section. The third option is to use an UpdatePanel and do everything server side.

Based on what should I be choosing what approach to use? What approach would you use for a page like this (think of it as a large page having sub sections on it)

Edit: One section has HTML such as user's name, and a table where users can add dependents. Another section is almost the same except its for a 'contractor' so there's additional HTML such as previous work history, but this one has name (readonly) and a table to add dependents just like the first one. Other sections have more or less the same HTML. A user can delete dependents as well, when that happens, I need to update the database and update the section to reflect one less dependent. I was hoping to make any subsequent actions as ajax calls that interact with the server and the database

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Webforms - Cross Page Post From A Static HTML Form?

Dec 13, 2010

I am trying to create a static HTML page which has a <form> which posts to a 3rd-party ASP.NET website.

Is this possible when the target website uses ASP.NET webforms?

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Make MasterPage In HTML For An HTML Website?

Jun 14, 2010

I don't have a knowledge developing website in pure html.

I have good knowledge of web development in


Instead of coding for menus on every page, I want to make a Masterpage and put all menus/submenus in it.

How to make masterpage in html?

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Data Controls :: Make DropDownList Load Data Depending On Another DropDownList Data Using Ajax

May 7, 2015

I my website i have 2 dopdownlost i want when i change the value of one.. The other one loads data depending on the first one value

 the both of the dropdownlists is in ajax update panal and i do have script manager

i used this code but not working 

 protected void floor_ddl0_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

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How To Make Data Of A Dropdownlist

Aug 21, 2010

i want to show data in a dropdown list andthe data is a column of a table of database

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Want To Make A CSS HTML Button?

Nov 9, 2010

I have a standard button in my default.aspx page.

<asp:Button ID="Search_Button" runat="server" Text="Search"
onclick="Search_Button_Click" />

and like this i have many buttons in my project. what i wish to do is make the button look fancy and i know it can be done in the CSS file, but i dont know how to do it.i have this CSS code but it is in the anchor and i cant figure out how to implement that class with my asp:Button class.

a.button {
/* Sliding right image */ [code]....

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Displaying Dropdownlist When It Has Some Value Else Make It Invisible

Jul 8, 2010

I have a dropdown list named "ddlCustomerDatabase' . Now this dropdownlist is associated with a sqldatasource. Now what I want is when there are no values in the dropdownlist ddlCustomerDatabase ie no row in sqldatasource asssociated with it, I want to make it invisible that is ddlCustomerDatabase.visible = False else it should be visible.

I have used IF ddlCustomerDatabase.text Is Nothing THEN,....used IF ddlCustomerDatabase IS Nothing THEN......used IF ddlCustomerDatabase.selectedItem, selectedValue, items.count THEN.. But to no avail.

So what should be the proper logic for achieving my simple goal, to display the dropedown list when it has something else to just make it invisible when it is empty.

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Web Forms :: How To Make TextBox Look Like DropDownList

May 7, 2015

Is it possible to make a textbook to make as a dropdownlist ....

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How To Make WCF Call From Html File

Nov 8, 2010

i am new to wcf and below is what the WCF WSDL returns, my question is, how to call a WCF service from html page?


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Web Forms :: How To Make The DropDownList Case Insensitive

Feb 26, 2011

I have a DropDownList control that I am filling the selections in code and set the value to the value on the FormView Datasource row. However, if the case is different it does not set the selectedvalue to the current row value. It seems to be the case of the text because the table used to fill the dropdownlist has Jeep for a value and the data row has JEEP for a value. How can I make the DropDownList case insensitive?

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Web Forms :: How To Make Dropdownlist Allow Multiple Selection

Mar 29, 2010

Now my datasource has where clause depends on the selection of a dropdownlist that contains selection of one of the items plsu and option ALL.

This only caters for all or, one item

I need to make it

All, or, 2,3, or 4.. selection and the datasource is then refreshed. What control I should use and it seems the SQL need to modified into "IN" statement, am I wrong ?

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Make A TextBox Sync With SelectedValue Of A DropDownList?

Feb 5, 2010

I have a FormView with the following ItemTemplate. What do I have to do to make the Textbox reflect the correct TypeName for the selected campaign?

<asp:Label ID="campaignNameLabel" runat="server" AssociatedControlID="campaignList">Campaign Name: </asp:Label>
<asp:DropDownList ID="campaignList" runat="server" Width="200px" AutoPostBack="True" DataSourceID="campaignsSqlDataSource" DataValueField="CampaignID" DataTextField="Name" SelectedValue='<%# Bind("CampaignID") %>'>
<asp:Label ID="campaignTypeLabel" runat="server">Campaign Type: </asp:Label>
<asp:TextBox ID="campaignTypeText" runat="server" Width="150px" Text='<%# Eval("TypeName") %>'></asp:TextBox>

ADDENDUM: I'm trying to do this with zero code. I can make it work if I use a separate data source for the drop-down and the detail fields in the ItemTemplate (i.e. the FormView's main data source), but I can't sync the FormView's data source with the drop-down's selection, because a ControlParameter on the FormView data source can't see control values in the ItemTemplate.

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