Pass Viewstate Between Pages Without Sessions?

Apr 07, 2009 06:55 PM

Can I pass viewstate between pages without sessions?


Pass Data Between Pages Without Sessions In MVC?

Jun 11 10 at 18:15

I have one application in which I want to pass data between Pages (Views) without sessions. Actually I want to apply some settings to all the pages using query string. For example if my link is like "", then I want to append this query string to all the link there after and if there is no query string then normal flow.

I was thinking if there is any way that if we get the query string in any link for the web application then some application level user specific property can be set which can be used for subsequent pages.

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Difference Between Viewstate And Sessions?

May 6 10 at 6:45

i want to know what is the difference between viewstate and sessions.

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Way Of Passing Information Between Pages Without Using Querystring Or Sessions

Jan 14, 2009 07:11 AM

What is the best way of passing information between aspx pages without using querystring or sessions?

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State Management :: How To Pass Sessions Value From Application To Another Irrespective Of Versions

Dec 30, 2010 12:19 PM

A value needs to be passed from an application to another within the same domain. How we can do?

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Enable Sessions For Routed Pages, IIS6?

Jun 01, 2010 08:39 PM

I use system.web.routing for a current project and experienced the problem that session = null on routed pages, but working normally on non-routed pages.I'm using IIS6 on a shared host so I can't use the suggested IIS7 solution runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true".I also tried the second suggested solution and added the following to my web.config:

<httpModules> <remove name="Session" /> <add name="Session" type="System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateModule"/>

This doesn't change anything either... still I have no access to the Session object.SessionState is enabled, otherwise Session would not work on non-routed pages.I'm sure there is a way to get routes and sessions to work together on IIS6, but I don't know how.

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ViewState - How To Persist State Between Two Pages

Feb 16 at 15:58

On page1.aspx i hava a textbox with id="tb1"
On page2.aspx I have a textbox with id="tb2"

page2.aspx is set as postbackurl for page1.aspx. For both labels enabl;eViewState is true. Shouldn't the text I write in page1 also appear in the label on page2? Can I implement this without looking into Request headers, and setting the text myself?

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Web Forms :: Enable ViewState Only For Few Pages?

Mar 16, 2010 11:00 PM

I want to disable viewstate for nearly all of my pages and I have used the element to do so in my web.config.On a page that specifically uses viewstate, I used the EnableViewState=true. However the page fails to work and the dropdownlists that depended on viewstate are not filled in the postback.How can I enable ViewState for some Pages when it is disabled in WebConfig?

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Completely Remove ViewState For Specific Pages?

Mar 12 10 at 13:24

I have a site that features some pages which do not require any post-back functionality. They simply display static HTML and don't even have any associated code. However, since the Master Page has a <form runat="server"> tag which wraps all ContentPlaceHolders, the resulting HTML always contains the ViewState field, i.e:


EDIT: I tried both variants of setting EnableViewState on page level with no luck at all:

<%@ Page Language="C#" EnableViewState="false" %>
<%@ Page Language="C#" EnableViewState="true" %>

I realize, that when decrypted, this value of the input field corresponds to the <form> tag which I cannot remove because it is on my master page. However, I would still like to remove the ViewState field for pages that only display static HTML. Is it possible?

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State Management :: Disabling Viewstate In Master Pages?

Sep 22, 2010 12:21 PM

I have a question regarding disabling viewstate.

I know how to do this in the page, however if I disable in a master page will all child pages and controls be disabled through inheritance?

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Web Forms :: Pass Viewstate Value From Page Into Dynamically Loaded Usercontrol?

Dec 01, 2009 09:30 PM

I am loading a usercontrol into a placeholder like this


Which loads the control as expected. I have a button in the usercontrol that calls a function where I am trying to retrieve a value from the view state.


I understand that the viewstate is lost when loading a control in this way however I dont know how I can pass a value to the usercontrol.Can anyone suggest what I need to do to pass a value into the loaded usercontrol?

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Pass Value Between ASP Pages?

Feb 02, 2011 10:07 PM

I have linkbutton on a Gridview located at one asp page and I need to pass the value of the link button to the page load of another page located in the same project. How can I do that?

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C# - Pass Values To Other Pages?

May 5 10 at 10:19

i am trying here is to pass values to other pages. When i include the following code

private void Button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


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How To Pass Objects Not Values Between Pages In C#

Mar 8 at 8:53

At the moment I pass values from one page to another. I need to pass objects between pages, how can I do this.

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Pass Values Between Pages With Gridviews?

Jun 13 10 at 19:30

I enabled the selection on my gridview. The question is, I can pass values with buttons but it seems redundant, because I have selection linkbuttons. So how can I pass variables with them ?

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Web Forms :: Pass Data Between Two Repeaters Placed In Two Pages?

Aug 13, 2010 04:04 AM

I have one repeater control with check boxes in one of the page.My requirement is i have to pass the values of the row that i have checked (multiple check boxes can be selected at a time) when i click on a add button in the same page which is placed outside the repeater control.and, i want the details of the rows that i have selected to populate in another repeater control placed in a different page. how to do this using query string??

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Web Forms :: Pass Values Between .aspx Pages?

Mar 28, 2011 10:05 PM

I've got a pretty simple problem but I am not sure what is the best way to accomplish this. I've got an input aspx where a user fills in about 15-20 input fields and I want to display this information on the next page however; I am not really sure what is the best way to go about doing this?

I tried using 'Server.Transfer' and 'FindControl' API calls but have struggled to use them because the value is always null because it cannot find the asp:textbox ID I have specified from the previous page.

What would be the best way to just simply transfer the values from my previous page to the next page??

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Back Button With Viewstate("urlreferrer") And Multiple Pages?

Jan 23, 2004 03:18 AM

This might be confusing, so if you understand what I am asking, I will be impressed. I don't know a better way to ask it though. I have 3 pages. page 1 has a link to page 2. page 2 has a link to page 3. page 2 gets (ViewState("UrlReferrer1") = Request.UrlReferrer.ToString()) on page_load page 2 also has a back button (Response.Redirect(CType(ViewState("UrlReferrer1"), String))) Page 3 has a back button (response.redirect("page 2")) My Q is, how do I make the back button on page 2 always go back to page 1, where page 1 can be any page that links to page 2. I tried to surround the (ViewState("UrlReferrer1") = Request.UrlReferrer.ToString()) with


but then i get


when I click back on page 2 after being to page 3.

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Pass Standard Information Between Masters / Pages In Code Behind?

Nov 14 10 at 19:38

I need my child pages to be able to set the values of certain properties of the Master page before loading. In other words, how my application builds the Master page for the client depends upon what properties are set by the child pages on the back-end. For example:

public partial class mstrPage : System.Web.UI.MasterPage
public int Rows { get; set; }
public int Cols { get; set; }
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
/* Build a .NET two-dimensional-array of divs
that is <Rows> tall and <Cols> wide. */

In this example, the child page needs to set the values of <Rows> and <Cols> before Page_Load() is invoked for the Master. This is fairly simple to accomplish with inheritance in OOP, but ASP.NET web pages do not "inherit" their master pages in the code-behind. In the given example, what would the code-behind look like for the ASP.NET child page that sets these properties?

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How To Pass The Integer Values Using Query String To Other Pages

Feb 08, 2011 02:09 PM

i dont understand where is the problem with my code. i need to pass the request_id to another page but it is always passing the integer values as 0. whenever it comes to pass integer values it is passing it as 0 even if i perform conversion of string to int.


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State Management :: Pass Array Values To Different Pages?

Nov 12, 2010 09:14 AM

I had created one array who's value I want to pass to different webpages in,

I am looking for session variable ,,,, Is this correct way ,,,, and hw to insert value in array and fetch from it using session variable

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State Management :: How To Pass Values Between Two Ascx Pages

Jul 30, 2010 12:21 PM

in one ascx page i'm using gridview.from that i'm selecting a cell value as follows

foreach (GridViewRow gvr in grdOrganization.Rows)

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Pass Multiple Variables Between Pages Doesn't Work?

Jan 11, 2009 09:55 PM

I am trying to pass multiple variables between pages....

Page1.aspx (sending page)
Dim StrValue1 As String
Dim StrValue2 As String
StrValue1 = Server.UrlEncode(Value1)
StrValue2 = Server.UrlEncode(Value2).......

This does not work correctly. Page2.aspx is recieveing Value1 correctly but not Value2. I dont think I have the correct syntax... Have tried the redirect with an ampersand in the middle but that does not work either...

Response.Redirect("Page2.aspx?Value1=" & Value1 & "&?Value2=" & Value2)

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Website Does Not Pass WC3 Validation Due To Multiple Tags In Master Pages?

Mar 17, 2011 05:11 AM

I've just finished and published my most recent version of


but when I try to validate the website using it is giving me few errors.

I noticed that I have multiple <title> tags in my pages and reason for that is because I am using master pages. What happened is my master pages are using <head> tag and <title> tag inside, then default page will have <asp:content ID="Content2" runat="server" contentplaceholderid="head"> and here I'll have another <title> tag.

The question is obviously I am having duplicate <title> tags across my entire website. Which <title> tags should I remove, the one in <head> tag of my master page, or the one on every other page such as one specified in default.aspx?

I would think that master page should not have the title and any other meta tags such as <meta name = "keywoards", "description" etc since I am repeating it in all other pages but is my thinking correct?

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Web Forms :: How To Pass The Username From The Parent Page To The IFrame Pages

Jun 28, 2010 03:53 PM

I am using an IFrame in one of my aspx pages. The source for the Iframe is an aspx page which consists of several links of other pages(All are developed in .net 2003) now i am using 2008.The Problem is for some of the pages there is query string which consists of username.I need to pass the username from the parent page to the IFrame pages.Is there any way to acheive this?

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Web Forms :: Pass Values Between User Controls On Two Different Aspx Pages?

Sep 12, 2010 08:42 AM

I have 2 user controls that is hosted by 2 different aspx pages.


srcpage.aspx --> hosts the --> sourceusercontrol.ascx
destpage.aspx --> hosts the --> destinationusercontrol.ascx

I would like the values in the text fields of the sourceusercontrol.ascx to be passed on to the labels in the destinationusercontrol.ascx.

I have gone through the MSDN ASP.Net examples and i was able to successfully pass values between two aspx page using the postback URL functionality, but cannot do the same thing with the usercontrols on 2 different aspx pages.

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Custom Class To Store The Properties And To Pass Its Instance Across The Pages

May 12 10 at 9:22

I've a requirement where i need to pass some objects across the pages. So i created a custom class with all the properties required and created a instance of it and assigned all the properties appropriately. I then put that object in the session and took it the other page. The problem is that even when i set the properties values to the class it is coming as null. I set a breakpoint in the getter-setter and saw that the value itself is coming as null.

public class GetDataSetForReports
private Table m_aspTable;
private int m_reportID;
private string m_accountKey;
private string m_siteKey;
private string m_imUserName;
/// <summary>
/// Asp Table containing the filters
/// </summary>
public Table aspTable
return m_aspTable;
m_aspTable = aspTable;
/// <summary>
/// Report ID
/// </summary>
public int reportID
return m_reportID;
m_reportID = reportID;
/// <summary>
/// All the accounts selected
/// </summary>
public string accountKey
return m_accountKey;
m_accountKey = accountKey;
/// <summary>
/// All the sites selected
/// </summary>
public string siteKey
return m_siteKey;
m_siteKey = siteKey;
/// <summary>
/// Current User Name
/// </summary>
public string imUserName
return m_imUserName;
m_imUserName = imUserName;

This is how i'm creating an instance in the page1 and trying to get it in the page2. Page1 Code

//Add the objects to the GetDataSetForReports Class
GetDataSetForReports oGetDSForReports = new GetDataSetForReports();
oGetDSForReports.aspTable = aspTable;
oGetDSForReports.reportID = iReportID;
oGetDSForReports.accountKey = AccountKey;
oGetDSForReports.siteKey = Sitekey;
oGetDSForReports.imUserName = this.imUserName.ToString();

But the values are not getting set at all. The values are not passing to the class (to the setter) at all. Am i making any OOP blunder?

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State Management :: Pass Data Between Pages Without Using Server.Transfer?

Mar 15, 2011 01:26 PM

I have an update panel with a gridview. When the user hovers over one field in the gridview, a HoverMenuExtender pops up to display more detail of the row from the gridview. The gridview also has a button, that when clicked, uses server.transfer to pass some info via the method about the row selected.

I can't get these two to work together. Either the update panel will work with the hover menu, or the button in the gridview will work with server.transfer. Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException is the error

Found this article that talke about using Response.Redirect instead of Server.Transfer. But, that won't work for me because Response.Redirect doesn't work with passing data between pages.


So, what I'm trying to do is figure out how to set a button in my gridview to be asynchronus, but can't figure out how to do that with this button from my gridview.


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Web Forms :: Embed And Pass Values Dynamically In Aspx Pages?

Feb 08, 2011 04:59 AM

I am using flow player for my online tutorial site, which passes values dynamically. i.e. i am passing course id values, each id values having separate videos. Here is my code:

<a href="Content/Video/2-record-ppt-presentation.mp4"
style="display:block;width:520px;height:330px" id="player"></a>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/flowplayer-3.2.4.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
flowplayer("player", "flowplayer-3.2.5.swf");

My requirement is i want to pass url values in 'href' dynamically.And i am using vb code behing in

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State Management :: Create A Session Variable To Pass Some Data Between A Couple Of Pages?

Mar 20, 2011 04:56 PM

I searched on this all morning, but I'm still not sure. If I create a session variable to pass some data between a couple of pages, does that variable time out after it reaches the timeout period set on IIS, or will it persist for the entire time the user keeps a session alive? For example, session variable is used shortly after login and then never again. Susy uses other pages for two hours and keeps session active. Did that first session variable die after 20 minutes, or is it still there 2 hours later?

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State Management :: Failed To Load Viewstate. The Control Tree Into Which Viewstate Is Being Loaded Must Match ?

Oct 09, 2010 12:28 PM

Now here is the weird thing. First i am running it locally on the built in vs2008 web server.I load my control in fine, do a postback from a linkbutton, locally on my machine it all works fine, no issue.However when it goes onto my host, it falls over with the message:

Failed to load viewstate. The control tree into which viewstate is being loaded must match the control tree that was used to save viewstate during the previous request.Now i also load controls dynamically and use postbacks and things in the admin area of the site...and that works fine, however my front end just keeps failing? See the code behing below:


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State Management :: ViewState And ObjectDataSource / Getting Values From Viewstate In GetTopThemes?

Jan 11, 2011 12:01 AM

I have problem getting values from viewstate in GetTopThemes.





when the page is not Posted back, I saved all values in the viewstate.

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State Management :: ViewState - Does The Master Page Have Its Viewstate

Apr 30, 2010 12:33 PM

I have been getting this error a lot lately with some of my users, and I had a couple of concerns with view state and I have read so many articles but I am still lost..

1. I use masterpage on all the pages and I need viewstate for some of the pages but..

There is a page where a user will fill out the information and then submit this data to a cgi server, and it is where I get most of the Client Disconnected errors, what would happen if I disable viewstate when they click on that button?

Now when a user browses from one page to another, does the view state from the previous page get deleted? If not how would I delete it?

Does the master page have its own viewstate? Would I be able to make sure none of items on my master page are using the viewstate?

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C# - Page With ViewState Disabled Still Be Validating A Viewstate Field?

Sep 24 10 at 14:56

I have a shopping cart page (Cart.aspx) that has a button that will (sometimes) post to a third party payment gateway, if payment is necessary. The payment gateway will process the payment and then do a silent post to my website (Order.aspx) so I can update the order status.

Order.aspx always throws an invalid viewstate error, even though viewstate is disabled on the page.

What's happening is that Cart.aspx (which has viewstate enabled) posts to the payment gateway, and the gateway will post it back as part of the silent post. Even though Order.aspx has viewstate disabled and validation disabled, it still tries to validate the __viewstate field it's being given.

I know setting EnableViewState=false will disable the rendering of the __viewstate field, but if another page provides the field, shouldn't it still skip validation? I tried calling ViewState.Clear() on the Page_Init event of Order.aspx, but ViewState is apparently empty. how to get around this? I don't want to disable ViewState on Cart.aspx (in some cases it may be necessary), but I can't figure out how to clear it on Order.aspx.

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Web Forms :: To Save HTML TBLE Into ViewState, And Read From ViewState Into HTML Table?

Apr 24, 2007 07:02 AM

Is there a way to save HTML TBLE into ViewState, and read from ViewState into HTML Table?

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C# - Using Sessions In Classes?

Jan 31 at 19:45

have code that's using session variables; it's both in the master page code behind and in the code behind of some aspx files. I wanted to put this code in a function that's in a different file but when I did that, the statement Session["VariableName"] became underlined in red on the word session. What am I missing?

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How Does IIS Recognize Different Sessions In .NET

Aug 19 10 at 11:34

Suppose I have logged into an application which is running from IIS. Now I haven't logged out, but closed the browser. And when I'm accessing the application again, it defaults to the login page. How does IIS recognize that it is a new request and redirects the user to the login page?

I have another doubt. Suppose if I'm not closing the browser, which I used when I logged in. I'm opening the new browser to request a page from same application. IIS recognizes that it's a new request to the application and redirects the user to login page. Why does it not use the existing session or cookies which the first browser uses?

We say http is a stateless protocol. Once the page is requested i have logged in.And http protocol connection will be terminated between IIS and browser right? Then iam navigating to other pages in that logged in application. Now iis recognises user has logged in this browser. But when i open a new browser and request that application how does iis recognises it is a new request. Since the http protocol is disconnected, how it works in the first case

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MVC :: Really Need Help With Sessions And Lists

Dec 13, 2010 04:13 AM

I have tried everything for weeks with this now but can't get it to work. What I'm trying to do is to store an array in a session and add numbers when a user guesses. I also have to know how to loop through the array.

Please help


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When Logout Clear All Sessions?

Jun 4 09

I have a page in my web application that contains a "login as" functionality(admin can login as the selected user).

Once this button is clicked, it opens a new window and login automatically.

My problem is:

In my new opened widow, when i click logout(that clears all sessions)

it clears also the sessions in the opener window.

how could i prevent this.

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C# - How To Share Sessions Between PHP And Application

Mar 30 10 at 10:22

My company took some old php application over. Due to our preference to and to the lack of any documentation from the previous developer, we do not want to spend much resources on developing in PHP. For implementing new features, we will create an application that has the same look to the user. We want to develop a kind of 'coexisting' web application. Therefore we must share sessions between an PHP and an webapplication project, because there is a usermanagement involved with an existing MySQL database.

(e.g. link 'A' directs to the PHP website, and link 'B' directs to the application)

How can we share the session between and PHP and an application?

And does anyone have a hint for this 'coexisting' thing, that might be useful in development?

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