Radeditor With Safari / Editor Gets Replaced First Character By $0

Jun 30, 2010

i have a radeditor in my webform and it posts back. if i type any thing in the editor and press enter key for new line and then use any control in the page which reloads the page, then the next line character in the editor gets replaced by $0 and other text remains same as earlier. it happens in SAFARI.

the above text replaced by: aasdads$0dsdsds$0

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RadEditor Display (LI) / Using Telerik RadEditor With IE

Feb 16, 2010

I have an issue using Telerik RadEditor with IE (not Firefox, not Chrome and not Safari).
I think that i have a conflicting css style but i have no idea of wich one (tryed to delete most of the styles). I also tryed to add a ContentEditorArea.css.

How RadEditor displays in IE8 (not very different in IE7) :

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C# - Accessing RadEditor Control From Master Page's Code Behind / Its Not Finding Any RadEditor Control

Nov 3, 2010

Its not executing statements in if block in my method

Master Page:-

page load event:-
Control c = new Control();
My method:-
protected void DoSomething(Control control)(
foreach (Control c in control.Controls)
Telerik.Web.UI.RadEditor rad = c as Telerik.Web.UI.RadEditor;
label1.Visible = true; label1.Text = "dhchk";
my content page:-
<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server">
<telerik:RadEditor ID="Editor1" EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet="false" EnableEmbeddedSkins=false runat="server">
<telerik:RadEditor ID="Editor2" EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet="false" EnableEmbeddedSkins=false runat="server">

[EDIT] ok when debugging..I rt clicked "c" and then Quick watch...it says "The name 'c' does not exist in the current context" (?!?!) how so ?

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AJAX :: Editor Special Character Not Displaying Properly

Nov 21, 2010

I am using a ASP.Net Editor on the website I am developing. For some reason, it doesnt like special characters like german umlaut (ö, ä, ü) or "ß". It renders it allright during typing, but when I postback the page all I get back looks like this when I access the editor.content-property:

special characters:<br />
[....�lots of square brackets....] � � �<br />

using a different editor like freetextbox doesnt seems to have a problem with that. but I cant believe the microsoft-editor doesnt support that. its probably a setting in xml-configuration file or something like that.

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AJAX :: HTML Editor Replacing International Character,want To Avoid?

Jan 31, 2011

I have a webform (for posting ads) that has an AJAX HTML Editor (for ad description) and AJAX fileupload control to upload & display some images. If I don't upload any images (no postback is done) then the html editor will display the international characters correctly and the ad is then stored correctly.

As soon as I upload an image for display (and postback is automatically done), then the html editor will replace all the international characters with unrecognized characters. And the ad will be stored with those incorrect characters.

Is there any way I can avoid this? I'm still not exactly sure why the html editor automatically replaces all my characters when postback is done.Or is there another html editor that manages this better?

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WebMatrix :: Rich Text Editor / Usethe AjaxToolkit Html Editoror Another 3rd Party Editor?

Jul 16, 2010

I went through the documentation and looked at the asp.net/webmatrix pages but could not find a RichTextEditor.

Is there one built into WebMatrix or can I just use the AjaxToolkit Html Editor or another 3rd party editor?

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Forms Data Controls :: Change The Column Name - "Remove First Character And After 3rd Character Insert Colon

Jan 14, 2011

My issue is that , need to change the column name(following format "Remove first character and after 3rd character insert colon") of the gridview (which is binded with XMLTextReader). Without changing directly XML file, Required to change the column name dynamically at runtime .



Heading S0015 S0020 S0025 S0030 S0035
FS 1 2 4 5 6
BS 0 3 5 1 3
Required Format: Remove first character and after 3rd character insert colon (S0015 -- 00:15)

Heading 00:15 00:20 00:25 00:30 00:35
FS 1 2 4 5 6
BS 0 3 5 1 3

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Web Forms :: Norwegian Character Does Not Show Instead Showing Some Strange Character?

Dec 7, 2010

Norwegian character( å æ ø) does not show instead showing some strange character.

used function below:

utf8 = System.Text.Encoding::get_UTF8();

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InvalidUserName In CreateUser When Creating User With Character Before The @ Character

Jul 27, 2010

I looked up the msdn documentation and it says that InvalidUserName is thrown when it does not find the username in the database, which is fine because the user I am creating should not exist in the database. If I use test@example.com, it works, but if I try it with test.@example.com, the status from Membership.CreateUser is InvalidUserName.

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C# - Telerik Radeditor / How To Set The Value For The Skin

Nov 8, 2010

In the Telerik.Web.UI.xml file I found this entry

<member name="P:Telerik.Web.UI.RadDataBoundControl.Skin">
<summary>Gets or sets the skin name for the control user interface.</summary>
<value>A string containing the skin name for the control user interface. The default is string.Empty.</value>
If this property is not set, the control will render using the skin named "Default".
If EnableEmbeddedSkins is set to false, the control will not render skin.

that says RadControls are using skin named Default..Now what if I want it to be not default ..what if I want it to be some CustomSkin to be rendered and not default skin?? Where do I need to set the value for the skin I wanna use? I don't know much of XML..so asking

Whats this xml file for anyway? Only describing stuff? What IS the purpose of this xml file??


Tried setting Skin globally in webconfig.xml as mentioned in telerik's website as follows:-

<add key="Telerik.EnableEmbeddedSkins" value="true" />
<add key="Telerik.EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet" value="true" />
<add key="Telerik.RadEditor.Skin" value="CustomSkin" />

This is not making any diff! is using default file only.

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How To Read Character By Character From Text File

Jan 25, 2011

How to read character by character in line from text file?

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Convert A 40 Character SHA1 Hash To A 20 Character?

Mar 17, 2010

I have a legacy MySQL database which stores the user passwords & salts for a membership system. Both of these values have been hashed using the Ruby framework - roughly like this:

hashedsalt =
hashedpassword =

So both values are stored as 40-character strings (varchar(40)) in MySQL. Now I need to import all of these users into the ASP.NET membership framework for a new web site, which uses a SQL Server database. It is my understanding that the the way I have ASP.NET membership configured, the user passwords and salts are also stored in the membership database (in table aspnet_Membership) as SHA1 hashes, which are then Base64 encoded (see here for details) and stored as nvarchar(128) data.

But from the length of the Base64 encoded strings that are stored (28 characters) it seems that the SHA1 hashes that ASP.NET membership generates are only 20 characters long, rather than 40. From some other reading I have been doing I am thinking this has to do with the number of bits per character/character set/encoding or something related.

So is there some way to convert the 40-character SHA1 hashes to 20-character hashes which I can then transfer to the new ASP.NET membership data table? I'm pretty familiar with ASP.NET membership by now but I feel like I'm just missing this one piece. However, it may also be known that SHA1 in Ruby and SHA1 in .NET are incompatible, so I'm fighting a losing battle.

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Replaced Nested Ifs With AndAlso Operator

Jun 3, 2010

I recently found out about the andAlso operator, and I understood that it will only evaluate the right condition if the left is true, I thought this could help tidy my code so replaced nested ifs with AndAlso.

Private ds As DataSet
Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
ds = nothing
If Not ds.Tables(0) Is Nothing AndAlso ds.Tables(0).Rows.Count > 0 Then
end if
end sub

I deliberately set my ds to nothing to replicate a database error and it gave me an object reference error.

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Double Quotes Being Replaced With ' + CHAR(34) + ' In SQL - How To Fix It

Aug 23, 2010

I am using SQL Server 2008 Web Edition and it seems my SQL queries are automagically having the double quotes replaced with ' + CHAR(34) + '. I am trying to pin down why this is happening, I am using Delphi with ASP.NET and using the ADO.NET object for the SQL.

Has anyone come across this before?

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Configuration :: IIS Has To Be Restarted When One Of The DLLs Is Replaced?

Mar 17, 2010

I recently noticed that when a dll is replaced at my web site, the site will take a long time to come back, even though the dll is only used by limited pages. I generally have to reset IIS to make the web site come back faster. Is this the normal behavior? or some settings need to be ajusted to avoid this?

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C# - Customizing Telerik RadEditor Skin

Oct 29, 2010

<asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder2" Runat="Server">
<link href="Skins/CustomSkin/Editor.Default.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server">
<telerik:RadEditor ToolbarMode="Default"
ID="editor1" runat="server" EnableEmbeddedSkins="false" Skin="CustomSkin">

RADEditor on my page was inheriting Master Page's CSS properties so followed this tutorial to create custom skin..now what I did was...I simply copied the Folder named "Default" under Skins folder and renamed it to "CustomSkin" and added it like in the code above ..thot it would work but it didn't coz now I don't see border on my RADEditor...why is that ? Also it is STILL inheriting properties from Master page's CSS file :(

I didn't change name of any of the CSS files inside "CustomSkin" folder...Also when I added the following inside "telerik:RadEditor"...still problem persisting..

<telerik:EditorCssFile Value="~/Skins/CustomSkin/Editor.Default.css" />
<telerik:EditorCssFile Value="~/Skins/CustomSkin/Window.Default.css" />
<telerik:EditorCssFile Value="~/Skins/CustomSkin/ToolBar.Default.css" />

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Stop Postback For RadEditor With Spellcheck?

Jul 7, 2010

When I use a RadEditor I want to enable the editor's spell check (working thus far). After a spell check the user can either click on the radmodule (toolbar thing) to either "finish spellcheck" or "cancel." Which is all fine and dandy except the "finish" button causes a postback!! I don't want that at this point!! "cancel" more or less does what I want to happen - I mostly just want a "done" or a way to stop the postback.

I've tried an Update panel but that just grays out the text area after it does the update.

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C# - RADEditor's Elements' CSS Properties Not Getting Overridden?

Nov 2, 2010

I added this in the head section of my page as told in the article..added the following two additional lines to get rid of the background image(RADEditor on my page is inheriting master page's bg image)


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JQuery Replaced Div Stops Responding To Mouseclick

Nov 9, 2010

I am trying to replace a value in a drop down box. The replacing works fine (after help from this fine community) but afterwards the slide function stops working. I can't find any errors so I'm asking if this could be related to how jQuery and javaScript works? Are elements "mapped" to the DOM on load and if so; would that imply that replacing a div with another div would result in jQuery loosing track of the divs? I use this code to check if a div is clicked:

$(document).ready(function () {
$('.button_slide').click(function () {
var num = $(this).attr('rel');
$('div.content_slide:not(.' + num + ') ').slideUp(400);
$('div.' + num).slideToggle(400);
return false;

This is the div:

<div class="button_slide" rel="slide1">Alts:</div>
<div class="content_slide slide1">
<input id="Button1" rel="slide1" class="button_vertical click_button" type="button" value="2" size="10px" />
<input id="Button2" rel="slide1" class="button_vertical click_button" type="button" value="3" />

This is the jQuery that drops down the box:
$(function () {
$('.click_button').click(function () {
var num = $(this).attr('rel');
$('.button_slide[rel="' + num + '"]').replaceWith("<div class='button_slide' rel='" + num + "' >" + $(this).val() + "</div>");

I'm pulling my hair on this one and jQuery isn't my stronger side... How would you solve this?

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Telerik Radeditor CSS / How To Get The Changes To Reflect Through The Default File Only

Oct 28, 2010

<telerik:RadEditor ToolbarMode="Default"
ID="editor1" runat="server" EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet="true">

The editor's using Default skin..when I made changes to Editor.Default.CSS file...they didn't reflect on my page..but when I type the following I can see the changes:-

<link href="Skins/Default/Editor.Default.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<link href="Skins/Default/Window.Default.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server">
<telerik:RadEditor ToolbarMode="Default"
ID="editor1" Skin="Default" runat="server" EnableEmbeddedSkins="true">

Do I HAVE to create a custom Skin file for the changes to reflect ??I dont wanna coz the editor has been used in many files and now linking new custom CSS file in each and every aspx file will be such a pain.. I just want this to be added in the Skin:-


What this does is that it makes the background color of the content area white..earlier the content area of the Editor was inheriting background-image property of the Master Page's body tag...ohh and another funny issue is that the Font styles too are inheriting Master Page's properties only..like Heading 2 in the Editor's drop down list has got a background color when I want it to be simple..

So is making custom skin css file the only solution ..How do I get the changes to reflect thru the Default css file only ? I dont wanna create custom class..why didn't the changes reflect ?

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C# - How To Find Out Which Skin Telerik's Radeditor Is Using By Default

Oct 29, 2010

In firebug under "Style" its showing the css file as follows when I hover mouse over RadEditor


In telerik:RadEditor tag ..I haven't specified any property such as Skin=Skin1 or whatever..so its using some default skin...In the Skins folder..there's this folder named "Default" that's got images and css files...Is "Default" what it's using ??? now when I change something in the Default skin's CSS file...changes do not reflect on my page...so how do I find out which css its using ??can't figure out nothing from a path like that


For this Editor mainly 3 css files are being used namely Editor.Default.css,Window.Default.css and ToolBar.Default.css..now when I view page source , I can't find refernce to any of these 3 css files...Also in firebug , under "Styles" where that weird css path is shown, its displaying CSS classes like .reToolbar , etc...now ALL the Skins' CSS files have got this CSS class ".reToolbar" ..so how to find out which CSS file's class is this particular ".reToolbar class" ??

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Telerik RadEditor Memorystream/string Save To RTF

May 21, 2010

The required functionality I am aiming for is to pull out RTF content from a database, edit it through a web interface (with a WYSIWYG editor) and then place the modified text back in to the database (in RTF format).

The control that I am using to do this is Telerik RadEditor (we have a license already for these controls). In the most recent version there appears to be functionality to load in RTF content from a string or a stream, but the only method I can see that is exposed for getting RTF back out is exportToRTF(); this method modified the headers and allows you to save a RTF version of the content you have just edited as a file.

The functionality to convert from HTML to RTF must exist somewhere within their library as you can export a RTF file, but I can not find any publicly exposed methods to pass this in to a stream or a string.

Does anybody know of a way that I can convert the HTML back to RTF using the Telerik libraries without saving out to a file?

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AJAX :: Display HTML Editor Created Text Outside Of The Editor?

Jan 26, 2010

I have an Editor control on my page and the user can go in use it hit save and that all works.

In another part of the page I have a simple dropdown to select a note and view it. When you push view it loads the text which was entered in via the editor control.

If the user used an order or unordered list. The text shows up but not the list part.

So if they did this:

ThisAnd this

What is displaying is

And This

Without the bullets. Same for the numbers.

I have it going to a literal control which should render the html, but it doesn't.

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Cute Editor Replacement - Editor Text Boxes In Different Forms

May 18, 2010

I am building an asp.net site in which I need to have editor text boxes in different forms. I am planning to buy cute editor license but just want to check whether there are any alternatives available in open source.

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Can Create New PDF Files Based On A Template Where Some Text Will Be Replaced?

Sep 5, 2010

I'm developing a CMS aplication in ASP .Net using WebForms and I'm looking for a way to create new PDF files based on a template.

This feature will be used to generate contracts where some placeholders will be replaced with the customer data.

Edited: The templates will be static, the main content will never change from customer to customer, only some text in the beginning that will contain the placeholders to recive the customer data. The catch is that I must allow the owner of the application to upload new templates in PDF, with the predetermined placeholders in it to allow the replacement to occur.

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