Store A Checkbox Value In Sqldatabase?

Mar 19, 2009 12:41 PM

i have a checkbox and a button.. when clicking the button.. checkbox value is to be stored in database..using sql..c#...

whats the datatype used to store checkbox value.....


Databases :: How To Read Xls File Data And Store In Sqldatabase

Jan 25, 2011 04:07 AM

How to read xls file data and store in sqldatabase...

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DataSource Controls :: How To Store A List Of Checkbox Choices In The DB

Oct 13, 2010 07:11 AM

I'm not expecting a full solution here (unless you really want to), just some tips and pointers.

I have a User table and an Area table. The User table has userID, userName etc., and the Area table has areaID, areaName etc.

I'm binding the list of Areas to a checkboxlist where the user MUST choose between 1-3 options. I'm using a stored procedure to update the DB.

Is there a common solution to this problem that I haven't found?

I have thought about saving it as a comma separated string in a field in the user table. This looks like a temporary and ugly solution though, do you think?

A nicer solution would be to create a UserArea table where I save the ID's as foreign keys from areaID and userID. But I don't know how to write this stored procedure where I update and insert the choices made.

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How To Retrieve All Articles In Sqldatabase

Mar 18th, 2011, 02:21 AM

I am trying to get a function to work in VB ASP 2010 that would retrieve all articles in my sqldatabase. The problem is the return syntax of this function results in an error.



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Best Way Of Storing Images In Sqldatabase Without Byte Stream?

Dec 06, 2009 08:59 AM

I have to store lots of images in a database and tried to save it using byte stream which is costing me on loading and downloading data. I am trying following but need your expert advice how to do it:1. All image files are stored in Image folder in my project.2. I have 9 columns storing image path e.g. (column) image1 (string) "Images/cars1.jpg", (column) image2 (string) "Images/cars2.jpg" in sql server.3. When I retreive this path and assign it to ImageUrl property of Image control in I don't see a picture, moreover it changes the url to ""Images/cars1.jpg"".4. In windows form I could change the Build property of image file to embedded resources and this is loading the image correctly.Is there any way I could assign the image file names stored in my project to the image control and load the pictures?I will look forward to your reply.

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Web Forms :: Communicate With Sqldatabase In Javascript Without Revealing Details?

Jan 30, 2011 11:39 AM

I have always continued to keep all of my code in codebehind that I would need to be secure, and don't make any calls to my database with javascript out of concern that a hacker could see the strconnection, username, ect. Is there a highly secure way to communicate with an sqldatabase with Javascript, or should I continue to do things the way I have done them?

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DataSource Controls :: Where To Find The Northwind Database And Add To Sqldatabase

Jan 12, 2010 05:34 AM

i need the northwind databse. i dont have it in the database where i can find it and who to add it to my database in sql server so can i c it in the combo box off the database

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DataSource Controls :: Post Web Form Data To Sqldatabase

Jun 07, 2010 04:21 AM

What backend c# code should I use to post data (i.e., First Name, Last Name) to sql database? Here is the web form code, below:


Here is the backend c# code, below:


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DataSource Controls :: Attach SqlDataBase In Uploaded Website?

Jan 02, 2010 12:24 PM

I do my new website in Sqlserver2005,But when i upload it at that time DataBase Related page display Database error. In this site without Database page open. So give me reply I also add my database in hosting side How to attach my database in my website , when i upload this.

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DataSource Controls :: Null Being Place In SQLdatabase Istead Of Information?

Jul 08, 2010 09:10 PM

My sqldatabase is inputting NULL instead of the information from my form. Form is collecting different names and multiple phone numbers for each. names, addresses, zip codes are going in as entered on form but phone numbers are not they are going in as NULL. Columns are set as header is Cell, nvarchar, Length is 15 and I have setup as I did other columns. code for my form is (i have removed some lines that are working as expected)


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DataSource Controls :: Insert Data In Xml Format In Sqldatabase Particular Field?

Jul 08, 2010 02:19 PM

i wants to insert below all the data in a sql table called studentbackup in a single field called descfield and retrive the information

through parsing.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><studentbkup>
<studMstrDetails version = "0">

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Forms Data Controls :: Iterate Through Row Data From Sqldatabase In A Tab Container (with Tabs) On A Button Click

Feb 24, 2010 04:54 PM

I have sqldatabase tables.I am reading table data and putting in a tabconatiner(wth tabs containing textbox, checkbox etc) specific to a client. If a client has more than one row i want to iterate through the rows and read each row data. Basically I want to use a button-click to read the next row data at put it in the tabs and so on. I used sqldatareader and a while loop.I can read the data but while loop iterates through the rows and show the last row data / i want to use a button to go to the next row and show data.

SqlDatareader reader=null;
protected button_Click(Object sender,EventsArgs e)
//I want to read row data in this button click

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C# - Explain CheckBox Checkbox = (CheckBox)sender?

Sep 23 10 at 11:21

While going through the checkBox I found there is written

CheckBox checkbox = (CheckBox)sender
on checkBox1_CheckedChanged event.

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DataSource Controls :: Datatype To Store Non Keyborad Characters In Sql Server Table Row, And How To Store Multi Lingual?

Dec 06, 2009 03:30 PM

datatype to insert non keyborad characters in sql server table row, and how to insert multi lingual indian language words in sql server table.Non Key board characters like Math symbols, like "delta", "lambda", "pie" etc...... multi lingual indian language words..Check for indian languages in this link : [URL]

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How To Store Store Procedure Results In A Dataset When There Are 3 Sql Datasets Returned

Mar 11, 2011 09:37 PM

My SQL stored procedure returns 3 different datasets as follows:

team_id name
1 Team1
2 Team2
...and more

location_id name
1 Dallas
2 New York
...and more

branch_id name
1 Austin
2 New Jersey
...and more

How do I put this data into one Dataset so that I can loop through the data and manipulate it?

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Architecture :: Best Way To Implement Online Ordering For A Store Store Already Built?

Mar 19, 2010 06:09 PM

hey folks I got a general question that maybe some of you can just weigh in. I developed an online store for a client and people place orders online for a food ordering place however I am trying to find the best way to have the orders show up for them at the store. Currently I am sending an email and an autoprint software prints it out which works most of the time but not good enough sometimes it doesn't print. Anyone had similar issues or have other alternative solutions you may have heard off? Like I said the site sends an email to the customer and the store's email account.

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Forms Data Controls :: Select All CheckBox In Gridview When Click To Header CheckBox?

Aug 20, 2010 06:40 AM

I want to select all checkBox in Gridview when click to header checkBox.I have created design such that CheckBox is not available to header of Gridview.It is in other table. Below is design of gridview.


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Forms Data Controls :: Passing Selected Row's Checkbox Value In A Gridview To A Checkbox Control

Nov 26, 2009 09:58 PM

I have a simple gridview control with string, boolean and int type data colums. I would like to pass values of a selected gridview row to textbox and checkbox controls.

I have no problem with my textbox control. Below is the code and works just fine upto checkbox control


I get :

"System.InvalidCastException was unhandled by user code Message=Conversion from string "System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataCo" to type 'Boolean' is not valid."

Than I tried to see what is in the cell(3)


myresult yield "" value. I had no problem getting string and int values out of gridview. However, for boolean I got "". In runtime I can get correct results in gridview control for boolean colum.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Pass Selected Row's Checkbox Value In A Gridview To A Checkbox Control

Nov 26, 2009 07:01 PM

I have a simple gridview control with string, boolean and int type data colums. I would like to pass values of a selected gridview row to textbox and checkbox controls.

I have no problem with my textbox control. Below is the code and works just fine.



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GridView With Checkbox Column. Client-side Script To Uncheck All Except Current Checkbox?

Jun 29 10 at 21:18

I am dynamically binding a typed list to a GridView control.

The Grid View Control is in an page that is wrapped in an asp:UpdatePanel (Ajax).

The first column contains a checkbox control.

Only one checkbox may be checked in this column.

If the user checks a checkbox, all other checkbox must be unchecked.

I am trying to achieve this using client-side script without success.

In the handler for the GridView's RowDatabound event, have attempted to add an attribute to the CheckBox contained within the cell.


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Web Forms :: Uncheck Checkbox Using Client Side Code When Other Checkbox Is Checked?

Mar 07, 2011 01:42 AM

I have two checkboxes on my form.

- How can I uncheck a checkbox using client side code when the other checkbox is checked?
- Is there a way to check server side on form submission that at least one check box is checked?

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Forms Data Controls :: Enable Checkbox When Another Checkbox Clicked In Repeater?

Dec 02, 2010 08:57 AM

i have repeater


and have code behind


when i click chk_packages checkbox myCheckedChanged fired and i want single checkbox to get enable

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JQuery :: Adding Hover Effect To Checkbox (fancy Checkbox Plugin)?

Nov 12, 2010 11:21 AM

I had problems with jQuery fancy checkbox plugin [URL]

However after that I want to "combine" 2 plugins, the one mentioned in first post:


and this one ("Safari"):


So I've changed the picture of checkbox and wanted to add hover effects as it is shown in second link (according to state of checkbox).

However since I'm quite noob with jQuery (and JS) the thing only works fine on "default" mode, when checkbox is not selected or checked on page load.





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Forms Data Controls :: Checkbox In ListView / Add A Checkbox In Front Of Every Item?

Mar 04, 2010 08:59 AM

I am displaying my table data using listview control. It is working fine.

Now I would like to add a checkbox in front of every item so then when user checks the checkbox and click on delete button inside or outside the listview control then i want all the records to be deleted.

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Dec 30 10 at 3:28

i have 5 checkboxes in webform and textbox1. when i search the record using the date specified in textbox1
when i enter 11-Dec-2010 in Textbox1 and click on submit button then checkbox1, checkbox2, and checkbox3 will be disabled and unchecked. and after tat when i type 13-Dec-2010 in Textbox1 and click on submit button then checkbox1, checkbox4, and checkbox5 will be disabled and unchecked .....and all the checkbox of 11-Dec-2010 will be enabled for 13-Dec-2010 I M CURRENTLY WORKING IN ASP.NET (VB)

My Datbase structure :
ID Name Seats Date
1 Sumit 1,2,3 11-Dec-2010
2 Mili 1,4,5 13-Dec-2010

Example of this is that site have a look to know more : what i want : [URL]

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C# - Html Table, Where Each Row Has A Checkbox, Want To Send All Checkbox Value's To An Ajax Call?

Jan 29 10 at 21:56

I have a report page, that displays many rows, each row having its own checkbox with its value being an ID field from the database.This is for a bulk operation, that will be preformed on all the row's where the checkbox was checked.So if the user checks multiple boxes, hits a button, I need to send all the checkbox values to a controller's action that will take those Id's and process them.

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Forms Data Controls :: Get The CheckBox Value From The CheckBox-control With In The TemplateField

Nov 19, 2009 11:44 PM

I currently have added a TemplateField which then contains a Checkbox-control, the thing is that I want to check the value of that checkbox in "code-behind" once I press a button...and I really cant figure out how to do this...

I know it might seem wierd not to use the actuall "checkbox-fields" to do this...but the thing is that I dont want to bind this checkboxes to any data-source..I want to set thier value programmatically in my "code-behind". do I actually check thier value?

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JQuery Incrementally Count Selected Checkbox And Deselected Checkbox?

Jan 27 10 at 18:21

I have an ASP.NET web form that has 6 checkbox. 1 checkbox is to call a Function to select all checkbox and show the message "You have selected" 6 "items" (in this case, 6 checkbox). If a user doesn't select the Select All checkbox, they can select or deselect other checkbox individually and the message will be "You have selected" # "items" I'm trying to do this in jQuery, but it's not working yet. Here's the script:


The CSS class CheckBoxClass is not with the HTML input, that's why I'm looking for checkbox Id instead of checkbox class.

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How To Add To The Header A Checkbox That Selects/deselects All Checkbox Items In The Grid

Jun 29, 2005 01:39 PM

I have a gridview, the first column is a checkbox. I want to add to the header a checkbox that selects/deselects all checkbox items in the grid.

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Web Forms :: Bind The Data Through Checkbox If Checkbox Checked Is True?

Jan 15, 2011 06:56 AM

How bind the data through checkbox if checkbox checked is true

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How To Bind DataGrid Checkbox To Another Checkbox Control On The Page

Dec 31 10

I just developing my web design skills.

I have a Datagrid with 2 textbox template columnsand two checkbox template columns. I have two other Textbox controls and two CheckBox controls. I have an Add button.

I want to be able to use the add button to update Datagrid Record inserting the Textbox control texts and the Checkbox Control status.

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Web Forms :: Checkbox / Checkbox List Not Behaving?

Jan 14, 2010 07:25 PM

I am absoluetly confused. My web app has a checkbox list that my code is looking to see if the user checked it. Like I said, very simple stuff... Here's the code:

If (chkLaunch.Items(1).Selected) Then
Launch = 1
End If

The odd thing is that when it gets to this bit of code it just moves right past it like it wasn't checked. The same thing happens when I use a single checkbox (rather than a checkbox list). I've tried a bunch of different ways to make the code work but I'm left to the conclusion that I'm just not telling it to do this correctly. Either that or my project is messed up somehow.I say that my project is messed up because when I add an object to the page in Design mode, it doesn't write the source code. So when I save and close, all the modifications are mysteriously gone. This happens on multiple PC's...So, is the checkbox problem just me not doing something correctly or is my web project messed up?

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Forms Data Controls :: Store Gridview Datatable In Session And Then Retrieve From Session And Store Database

Nov 11, 2010 10:47 AM

Its related to datatable in gridview store in session and then session retrive and store to database. basically i am using gridview here creating new row for button click and these row adding untill user's last entry then submit all these entry to database. so i want to use session variable to store this data temporarily and after final entry user click on submit button and all data shold be save in db.

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DataSource Controls :: Store Images Directly In A Database Or To Just Store The Name Of The File In The Db And Display That File?

Mar 25, 2010 11:30 PM

Is it better to store images directly in a database or to just store the name of the file in the db and display that file? I would think that just storing the filename of the image would keep the db size low...

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C# - Web Service Design - Error Code (store In Source Code Or Store In Database?

Jan 19 at 6:20

Web service error response (code/message etc) would you store it in a database? or would you keep the error response in a method.By the time I'm done with this, there will be hundreds of error response, maybe in the future, thousands? (I dont know yet, depends how large this web service grows).EDIT: error response is the response returned back to the application via the web service, (not to be confused with error logging).

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SQL Server :: How To Store File Into Database/couldn't Store File Larger Than 4mb

Oct 22, 2010 03:33 AM

Below is the code I use to store file into database but there are a few problems.

1. couldn't store file larger than 4mb

2. couldn't store doc,docx,xlsx but only .txt

my table column are:


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WebMatrix :: Request["checkbox"] And It Returns Nothing (checkbox Is The "name" Of The Checkbox)?

Aug 24, 2010 06:26 PM

How can i see if a check box was checked with razor. I am trying to do Request["checkbox"] and it returns nothing. (checkbox is the "name" of the checkbox).

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JQuery :: Checkbox Click Event Problems When Using JQuery Safari Checkbox Plugin?

Nov 26, 2010 07:32 AM

my page are 1 checkbox and 1 hidden label and 1 hidden panel. With the help of forum member raghav_khunger I've managed to write the code which shows panel and label when checkBox is checked. I've also added the code which is checking on every page post back the status of checkbox and hide/show panel and label appropriately. This is working fine.However when I add jQuery Safari checkbox plugin [URL] problems appear.

Looks like the code which is handling click event is doing reverse thing: when panel and label should be hidden are shown. I can change this but then there would be problems because of the second part of the code which is checking checkbox on page load. So when I check the checkbox nothing happens. I must uncheck it and label and panel appears. But if panel is uncheck the label and panel would be hidden because on next page load (when user clicks button next).As I said before the same code is working fine and it's test in all browsers (IE,FF,O,S,C). Maybe there is problem with checkbox plugin since it's in beta version.


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Forms Data Controls :: Checkbox.Checked = False, Even Though Checkbox In The Gridview Is Checked?

May 03, 2010 10:45 PM

I have a GridView that I was previously populating via an ObjectDataSource, and this code was working perfectly (ie, when the checkbox was checked Checkbox.Checked = true):



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Forms Data Controls :: GridView : Checkbox : Checked Value Is Still False After Checked The Checkbox?

Mar 11, 2011 02:15 AM

<asp:CheckBox ID="chkRDR1" runat="server"/>
Dim checkbox As CheckBox = CType(row.FindControl("chkRDR1"), CheckBox)

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