Upload Images And Text File Into Folders?

Nov 24, 2008

1. input: folder(contain imges) + text file(multiline=contain info for all the images)output: folder (contain 1 image + text file (1line=contain info of the image only) 2. each of the line info; A,A,A,A,,||B,B,B,B,B||CCC||D,D,D the last D is image name and we can relate the image with the last D but the system requirement format is A,A,A,A,,||B,B,B,B,B||CCC||D

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Web Forms :: Using File Upload To Upload The Images

Sep 9, 2009

i am using file upload to upload the images it's correctly working ....my coding for that is follows....



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Vb.net - Upload Mutiple Images With One File Upload?

Dec 28, 2010

How to upload mutiple images with one file up;oad like in facebook or orkut using asp.net(VB).

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Web Forms :: Write Text To A Text File And Upload That File To Server Without Any User Interaction?

Dec 23, 2009

I want to write text to a text file and upload that file to server without any user interaction.

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Allowing Website Visitors To Upload Text And Images?

Aug 19, 2009

For a hospital Website, the admin wants to allow former surgery patients to upload their stories, along with up to three images in each case. The result would be content like this at[URL] Right now, an editor creates all this content. But it occurred to me that there might be a way for visitors to add their own content to the Website. What would be the best way to do this? Creating a Web app and form that will allow users to upload multiple files? Or using an existing program, perhaps a wiki or blog? Or some other kind of social networking program? I've done a lot of searching on ways to upload multiple files to a database or server file system, and we could do that, but I want to avoid reinventing the wheel, and I want to make an intelligent choice of the best method for achieving the hospital's goal

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Architecture :: Text - Upload Images Related To Article

Dec 10, 2010

The user can write articles and upload images related to that article. Let's say that there is a form that collect the article text and, under it, there is a FileUpload control for images. Here, I have a question. What if the user has uploaded some images and then he closed the browser, before submitting, cancelling the operation? the images have been uploaded to the server wasting space!

one solution I've figured out is to store "ImageInfo"s in a list, and store the list in the Session object. And when the user submit the article, the images in the list should be marked as "related" and then inserted. and in the Session_End event I should delete every image does not have the "related" mark.

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Web Forms :: How To Resize Images On File Upload

Oct 12, 2009

I am using ajax slide show extender and have a an images directory in the root.

When uploading I want to resize each jpg image automatically to a default size and retain the quality.

this is for a better viewing experience of the slideshow

Is this possible?

I am coding in c sharp.

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Created File Upload And Uploaded Images?

May 25, 2009

i have created file upload and uploaded images, then i want to display whatever i have uploaded by the side of file upload control how to do this??

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Web Forms :: Refreshing Images On Page After File Upload?

May 16, 2003

I created an image upload page. Each user can upload 2 images and then over write those uploaded images with other images of thier choice. The image upload page shows the current images they have already uploaded. Now the problem is when they upload a new image, it should replace the current image displayed image on the postback because its a new image, but it doesnt. I have to literally hit the refresh button in order to load the new images into place over the old ones. I created even a SUB where after a file uploads, it grabs the filename and loads it into a image webcontrol ImageURL propert, but it still shows the old image. Doing a javascript refresh asks to resend the data, but I want to avoid that since it is already uploaded.

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File Upload - Resize Images (in Right Proportion) Depending On Screen Size

Mar 24, 2010

I have made a cms where images can be uploaded. Now I have a problem that my images need to resize (in right proportion) depending on the screensize.

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Web Forms :: Multiple File Upload Page Is Not Uploading All Images Selected

Dec 17, 2009

I have a upload page with 6 fileupload fields.. if i select 6 images to upload.. seems to only upload 1 maybe 2 of them and the rest are uploaded as 0kb size files.. what am i missing?


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Web Forms :: How To Add Filter For Images In File Upload Control Of Ajax Toolkit (AsyncFileUpload)

Dec 30, 2010

When selecting an image for an item in file upload control of ajax toolkit (AsyncFileUpload), the only files that should be displayed are ".jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, or .png".

I currently can see every type of file.

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Count Folders And Link Images?

Aug 6, 2010

I have a folder, 2010/08/06, 2010/08/05, a total of 30 such maps. In each folder there is one picture 01.jpg. When I click on the link I need to create a page that will be 30 photos, each of your folders. It should create a script that will count from today's date back 30 days,also each of these images (01.jpg) should be a link.

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Web Forms :: How To Make The Folders (css / Images) To Show

Jun 28, 2010

How to make the folders (css, images) to show not found 404 instead of not authorized 403 when accessing it.

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Web Forms :: Idisplay The Images From Folders Dynamically?

Mar 17, 2010

how can i display the images from folders dynamically,i mean when i add it ,this code generated

<img id="1" src=//retreive from folder>

some one told me to write server.MapPath in the src

it is worked for the first image only,i want to display all the iamges from the folder

in the html tag <img.....>

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Web Forms :: 2008 - Upload Images To Server (application / Images Folder) And Retrieve (display)

Apr 17, 2010

how to upload images to server(application/images folder) and retrive(display) from and on client PC for asp.net. its just for uplaoding logo directly to server folder and retriving from server to client. i am not getting server path on client pc for image.

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Web Forms :: Upload Inpageurdu Text File?

May 3, 2010

can we upload urduinpage text file in asp.net and get it in browser.

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How To Let User Upload Multiple Images Without Pre-defining The Number Of HTML Upload Input Box

Nov 30, 2010

I'm looking for a way to have user upload as many images as they want (perhaps via drag and drop) or dynamically adding more upload box.I thought statically fixing (say 6) HTML upload input box is slightly limiting and the user have to click "Browse" button (6 times in this example) and navigating to the folder to pick the file.What is the best practice to achieve this so users find it easy to use? Perhaps with some AJAX magic?I also wouldn't mind having the user click "Upload more" to reveal (say 6 more) HTML upload input box.

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Trying To Implement A Gallery Of Sorts Where The Usercan View And Upload Images (he Can Only Upload Once Signed In?

Mar 22, 2011

im trying to implement a gallery of sorts where the usercan view and upload images (he can only upload once signed in). Does anyone know where i can find a gallery like this, or do i have to code it myself?

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Web Forms :: Can Change The File Upload Button Text

Dec 3, 2009

My customer wants me to change the text of the file upload control's button from "Browse" to "Browse Images".

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Web Forms :: How To Change The Text For File Upload Control With C#

May 9, 2010

iam using asp.net with c#

i want to change the text for file upload control , ie Browse ,i want to remove and write other text . but there is no option in properties of file upload control.

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Custom Server Controls :: How To Upload More Than 5 KB Text File

Dec 17, 2010

is it possible to upload more then 5 kp file by using file upload in asp,net

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Web Forms :: Make An Upload Button That Sent An Image To Two Folders?

Jan 18, 2011

is it possible to make an upload button that sent an image to two folders

my products page details and my product list have different image folders and in the add product i want to be able to do the above with the image field in the admin add product page

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Images Into Datalist From Different Image Folders?

Sep 24, 2009

i had a folder called Images. In that Images folder there are 4 sub folders named (img1, img2, img3, img4). Each subfolder has images. My requirement is in home.aspx page i want to display one image from each folder i,e. (one image form img1 , one image from img2 and so on)into datalist. If i click on one image in datalist all images corresponding to that image must display in datalist of another page like displayimage.aspx (i,e. if i click on image from img1 folder, all images from img1 folder should display in another page)

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AJAX :: Async File Upload Control - Check File Contenttype Before File Upload Starts?

Jan 13, 2010

I am using the async file upload control to upload to a image file. I want the user to upload only jpg files. And for that I am checking the uploadedfile content type in server side, after the upload complets. I wanna check this, before upload starts. There is one javascript method

function startUpload(sender, args){}

but how to access the content type of the file selected by user.

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Listing Folders In Folders Then Creating Arrays In JS For Each Of The Folders?

Jun 21, 2010

Listing folders in folders then creating arrays in JS for each of the folders?

Directory Structure:

I have a directory structure as follows;

other Folder
files folder

Task at hand:

I want code in VB.NET to create javascript arrays of the folder contents that can then be used on the client end. I only need arrays for all folders contained in folders starting with ad_ and an array for all the base folders . like so:

var folders=["ad_folder","ad_code","ad_prep","ad_bin"];
var ad_folder=["folderA","folderB","folderC","anotherFolder","etcfolder"];
var ad_code=["folderA","folderB"];
var ad_prep=["folderA","etcfolder"];
var ad_bin=["etcfolder"];

note that I do not know the number of or the names of the folders, they can be different in different cases, I only have the root path.


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How To Change The Button Text Of File Upload HTML Control

Jan 19, 2010

How do I change the button text of file upload HTML control from default "Browse" to anyother text?

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To Pre Populate The Text Box Of A File Upload Tool Programatically Before A Page?

Apr 21, 2009

As per the the title, is this possible, I want to feed the value pre set in a string into the text box of a file upload control so it is already populated with this value when the page loads.

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C# - How To Assign Text To A File Upload Control On An Aspx Page

Oct 29, 2010

My file upload control is in page for editing records so i want to retrieve the path stored in database and assign it file upload control. i have written select query to get data but i do not know how to display the stored file path in file upload control.

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Web Forms :: Check Whether File Is Uploaded Or Not - Upload Only Images Instead Of "All Files"

Aug 19, 2010

i have simple code. in which i want to check whether file is uploaded or not. but HasFile return false. I think every thing is ok but not working. how i will upload only images instead of "All Files"


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