.net - Get Weird Characters When Removing Line Breaks In Aspx Files?

Jul 7, 2010

I wrote a small .NET applications that removes all line breaks in aspx/html/css code to make it harder to read for people trying to steal my design. And surprisingly I get weird characters that appear out of nowhere such as Â, and others. They all stay at the same places, but I have no clue why they appear.

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Weird Characters Embedded In The URL?

May 13, 2010

Every few days when my webpage is accessed strange characters are embedded in the URL like this:[URL] I did some searches on the internet and found that if the characters begin with the letter 'S', it is the session id used when cookieless is set to true. In my case the beginning letter is 'A', and i couldn't find anything about that. This is bad because once these strange characters appear, all the submenus in my page will disappear (I had another post about his menu problem in here:[URL]

Once I restart the webpage in IIS the URL will become normal again, but it will appear again in a few days.
Does anyone know what these strange characters (that begin with 'A') are? How to avoid them?


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Localization :: Weird Spanish Characters On Websites

Dec 29, 2010

I have one web page that has some spanish contents , in design view it shows fine , but when I view it in browser, it shows gibberish character, for instance: i have following character in desing view Unión and it gets dispalyed UniÃn in browser what am I doing wrong, or is there any reference I am missing.

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Web Forms :: Weird Characters Inserted In The URL Of The MenuItem Tab?

Jun 3, 2010

In my website I use a <asp:menu> control in the master page. And I use Web.sitemap file to define the menu items. And everything works fine.But every few days when I click on the menu item tabs to change to another page, strange characters are embedded in the URL like this:

- http://www.mydomain.com/(A(5wNJHLUjywEkAAAAZDhkNW....))/nextPage.aspx

(supposed to be just http://www.mydomain.com/nextPage.aspx)

By checking the following MSDN link I realize that these strange characters stands for anonymous user:

However, I already set the following in web.config:

- <forms cookieless="UseCookies" .... />
- <anonymousIdentification cookieless="UseCookies" enabled="false" />
- <sessionState cookieless="UseCookies"/>

but these strange characters are still inserted into the URL every few days.Once it happens, I need to restart the website, or restart or recycle the Application Pools in IIS, then it will become normal again.

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Multi Line Text Box With Line Breaks

Jul 28, 2010

I insert a text box, change the parameters to multi line and then pass the string to sql. Users insert comments etc, using line breaks, however because I just pass this as a string the line breaks are not there when they view the text box after input. Example: Here is a well formatted comment. as I typed in the text box today. Inserted in to sql as a string, returns this on select:

Here is a well formatted comment.as I typed in the text boxtoday. How do I insert the line breaks in the string from a textbox?

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Formatting ASPX Files In 2008 And Editor Line Width?

Jun 25, 2010

We invested in some nice widescreen monitors at work so we all have nice 1920x1200 resolution and a wide visual studio window when it is maximized. The problem is when we hit ctrl-k-d to autoformat the aspx code, it seems to default to a line length for a 4:3 monitor. Is there a way to overwrite this setting?

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AJAX :: Htmleditor Breaks Some Characters?

May 19, 2010

to fix the following "feature" of Htmleditor:1. Go to Htmleditor demo http://www.asp.net/ajax/ajaxcontroltoolkit/samples/htmleditor/htmleditor.aspx
2. Type "æøåąčęėįšųūžвьпаджфк" or something more or less weird there
3. Press Submit buttonResult: First free letters (danish) are replaced with question marks, all other letters (lithuanian and russian) remains as they should.What's wrong with danish letters and can it be fixed without replacing such letters with html escape sequences?

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C# - Preserve Line Breaks In Textbox?

Sep 24, 2010

I have a multiline textbox whose .Text property get saved in an SQL 2008 DB. When I submit the textbox, I loose the returns. How do I handle this?

I've used Enviroment.Newline() to do some html conversion stuff, but I've never ran into this specific problem.

Edit: Nevermind, it was working just fine, but I was replacing " " incorrectly. Stupid mistake. I have to convert the " " to <p> tags. I've done this before, but if anybody wants to answer, I'll mark their answer as correct.

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Web Forms :: How To Remove The Line Breaks

Feb 1, 2011

i have one dought how to remove <BR> in data base

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C# - Displaying Line Breaks In XML With XSLT?

Jun 21, 2010

I have a problem with my XML that I am trying to display on my ASP.NET page. What I would like to do is display it on a multi-line so I have an XML file that looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="News.xslt" ?>
<date>20th June 2010</date>
<detail>Detail line 1.


When it displays the first detail line everything is on the same line. I've done some digging about and I have tried the following:

xml:space="preserve" in the XSLT file in the XML file<br />

I've even tried leaving it as it is.

I am using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010. The control I am using is the XML control under the standard tab, and the language I am using is C#.

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MVC :: Rendering Line Breaks From Code To HTML?

Apr 26, 2010

Objective:take string from "code-behind" writen in C# language and display it in html <p> element using ASP.NET MVC.


string xyz = "message1" + some line break character(s) + "message2";

ViewData["Messages"] = xyz;[code]..

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How To Display .NET String In A Div And Include Line Breaks

Sep 14, 2010

I have a list view that does something like this in the ItemTemplate:

<div><%# Eval("QualificationDescription") %></div>

My problem is that QualificationDescription has line breaks in it, if I put it in a TextBox it will display them but if I put it in a div it does not. Is there anyway to get the line breaks to show in a div?

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Reading A CSV With Line Breaks And Nested Quotes?

Dec 2, 2010

I've been trying for ages. How do you read a csv into c# with line breaks and nested quotes. At first I was looking for paired quoted to denote a value, but you can have nested quotes!

How is excel able to do it?

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C# - Displaying Posted Text With Line Breaks?

Jul 6, 2010

On aspx page I have asp:textbox multilined, where I type data. When I assign TextBox1.text to a string i get something like this:


But if I try to set it back to literal, I get:

line1 line2 line3

(without the line barkes)

How to solve it? Is the only way to replace the with <br />?

A note: If I store the in put in database (sqlserver), and open the table in sql management studio -> edit rows-> I see string line1line2line3 (all together), but if try to copy to clipboard this content (Ctrl+C) only line1 is copied! Why? Also, If i bind this data to a repeater, and Eval("myfield") to repeater I get the line brake!

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Allow Page Breaks To Be Used In Multi - Line Textbox Control

Dec 22, 2010

Is there any way to allow page breaks to be used in a multi-line textbox control. I would like the text below to be inserted into my database, so when displayed in a label its not all in one paragraph. Ex:

some text to be inserted in <br/>
some more text to be inserted in <br/>

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VS 2010 Line Breaks Are Not Appearing (only Get A Solid Paragraph)

Jun 8, 2010

I am currently working on a site that reades from several fields in a database to present the information on the site. One of the fields containes several paragraphs of data and I am having trouble displaying it correctly on the site.

The database holds the text in a plain text format (no html) the requirements are such that the website should be able to display this same text, properly formatted, without having to convert it to html code. Thus far I have setup a <p> tag with an ID in the markup like so:


<p id="body" runat="server"></p>

The problem I am having is:

1) line breaks are not appearing (I only get a solid paragraph)
2) the ' marks are not showing up.

Here is my code behind


Dim lblBody As HtmlContainerControl = CType(editplaceholder.FindControl("body"), HtmlContainerControl)
lblBody.InnerText = NullTest(dsarticle.Tables("selectedArticle").Rows(currentrow).Item("Article_body"))

I am sure my problem is that I am feeding plain text but I am not sure of the way around this. Do I need another html element? Is there somewhere I need to convert the text?

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Line Breaks Are Being Lost When Sending Text To The Database

Feb 22, 2011

For some reason the line breakes from asp.net textboxes are not being stored in my db.

I am using Server.HtmlEncode(txtAbout.Text) to take the text from the textbox. This part works and text is taken out with line brakes

But when I trace the text the line breaks are lost After this line

db.AddInParameter(dbCommand, "About", DbType.String, about);

In the stored procedure the varable @about is ntext. In the table the column about is ntext

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C# - Saving String To SQL Including Line Breaks For Formatting?

Feb 10, 2011

I want to be able to store strings in the DB but some are long and i want to format them such that when i copy them out of SQL and past them into notepad they have line breaks to break up the otherwise single line that runs on forever and hard to read.

lets say i am storing a string of all the session variables like this, how do i include line breaks in here?

StringBuilder theBody = new StringBuilder();
theBody.Append("Session Values: " + "
foreach (string s in Session.Keys)
theBody.Append(s + ":" + Session[s] + "

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Web Forms :: How To Add Line Breaks Inside Tool Tips

May 19, 2010

how to add a line break inside a tool tip.

I've got the following text: 'Orders made by this person: 78 Country of delivery: USA'

And I would like it to look like this: 'Orders made by this person: 78

Country of delivery: USA'

How can I do this?

ps. I'm using C# and Visual Studio

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Web Forms :: Preserve Line Breaks While Reading XML Contents?

May 12, 2010

I have an xml file as shown below. In that the MailBody has contents stored in tabular form. In that table I have a column 'Description' which needs to preserve line breaks and paragraph format if user input is in paragraphs.

At present that column displays data as one whole paragraph even if user enters data with line breaks by Enter key.


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String Manipulation - Removing Last Few Characters

Feb 11, 2011

When I try to remove the last few characters of a string, I get an index out of range error. I am using the following to remove the characters from the end of the string: objJSONStringBuilder.Remove(objJSONStringBuilder.Length - 1, 6) The string has <hr /> at the end which I want to remove.

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Web Forms :: Converting Line Breaks From A Multiline Textbox To Html

Apr 6, 2010

Here's some pseudo-code as to how I'm converting line breaks in a multi-line textbox into the html equivalent for storage into a DB.

Server.HtmlEncode(Trim(TextBox.Text.Replace(Environment.NewLine, "<br />")))

When I trace the variable while debugging I notice that when using Internet Explorer 7, the text is parsed correctly from the text box and <br /> tags are inserted appropriately.

However when the page is ran in Firefox or Chrome, the line breaks are not converted.

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Web Forms :: How To Input Line Breaks And Formatting In Textbox With Multilines

Sep 28, 2010

I have a web form in which anyone can fill out the information and i recieve the information.

<asp:TextBox ID="Body" runat="server" Columns="55" Height="101px" Rows="30" TextMode="MultiLine"

The problem is while entering the information in this text box, if anyone used enter line or different line or any kind of formatting, as a result i don't get the formatted page or with lines. I see only a paragraph which is very difficult to read and understand.

How to make my textbox compatible with all kind of formatting options so that even if someone paste information from word etc in the text box , i should get the formatter information just like the user pasted the information in the text box...

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Access :: Server.HtmlDecode The Right Tool / Preserve The Line Breaks Od Course?

Oct 29, 2010

This stems from a recent similiar issue: I have since add edit capabilities.My access db is made up of imported records from recipes. In the memo fields are paragraphs users have typed replete with ingredients listed in succession (1 per line) then a normal paragraph follows. When in editmode(multi line textbox), suddenly in each line ends with <br>. How to fix this? I want to preserve the line breaks od course.

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Web Forms :: Line Breaks In Dynamically Built Placeholder Control?

Feb 17, 2010

I have a Placeholder control on Employee Main Menu. Several SQL Data sources are run at page load in order to notify employees that something is due. Each "something is due" message is loaded into a unique label. Therefore the Placeholder could have several labels in them. For clarity's sake I'd like them separated by line breaks. However I understand from reading a previous forum item that "< /br>" are ignored. How can I embed a line break when PlaceHolder_Msg.Controls.Count > 1

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