ADO.NET :: How To Create A Table Which Is The Combination Of Different Columns In Database Tables

Jan 12, 2011

How to create a table which is the combination of different columns in database tables.

I know how to make the var table using single table.

What is I have to combine multiple coolumns and create a table.

My requirement is a gridview which has a datasource which is loading from columns from multiple tables.

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SQL Server :: Database Design / Create A Separate Table Which Will Contain The Translations For All 50 Tables?

Sep 28, 2010

I am working on a multi-lingual application Assume the following:

Database has 50 tables and application has to support 5 languages

Which is the best way to design the database:

1. Include a langugae column for each table. Repeat the values for each language. Say i have a country table which has 100 countries in it. Then my design will contain 500 rows (100 for each langugae)

2. Create a separate table which will contain the translations for all the 50 tables in with a foreign key to the parent table.

Which is more efficient out of the above two.

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SQL Server :: Database With Less Number Of Tables And More Columns

Sep 28, 2010

What would you all suggest a database with less number of tables and more number of columns or more number of tables with less number of columns. I am developing a web application using Visual stuio 2005 and Sql Server 2005

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DataSource Controls :: No Of Tables And Columns In Database?

Jun 15, 2010

I want to know that how many tables we can have in database and what is the maximum no. of columns.I also want to know the maximum size for each datatype.

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SQL Server :: Search Word In All Tables / Columns Of Database

Sep 15, 2010

I am developing the Home page of a Client. Apart from various things on this home page I have a text box and search button. Having said that, I have a database in which I have almost 12 tables with varying number of columns. Now my question is,Is there anyway to search a word typed by a user in the textbox to search it in all the tables(all columns) of the database.

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Columns Of Two Related Database Tables In One GridView With EntityDataSource

Feb 17, 2010

I have two SQL Server tables with Primary Keys (PK) and a Foreign Key (FK) linking the two tables:

1) Table "Order"

OrderID, int, PK
AddressID, int, FK

2) Table "Address"

AddressID, int, PK
City, nvarchar(50)

Then I've created an (ADO.NET) Entity Data Model out of those two tables. Now on my (ASP.NET) webpage I put a GridView with an EntityDataSource. In my GridView I want to display two columns:

OrderID City (belonging to that order and linked by the AddressID-key) How can I do that? My problem is: When I configure the Entity Data Source I can select an "EntitySetName" which can be either "Order" or "Address" but not both, nor can I select any kind of relationship. If I select "Order" as EntitySetName
then in the GridView I can add the columns


Adding the column "Address" displays empty cells. Adding "OrderID" and "Address.AddressID" displays the expected IDs. But how can I add the "City" of the related address to my GridView? Edit: Clarification:

The Entity Framework has created a class "Order" and a class "Address" corresponding to the database tables. The class "Order" has a reference to an "Address" object as a navigation property, corresponding to the 1-n relationship between Address and Order table. Basically I want to have a column in my GridView which displays Order.Address.City. I have tried to add a bound field with "Address.City" as data field to the GridView but it results in a runtime error ("no such property...").

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C# - Create A Database That Can "add", "remove" And "edit" Tables And Columns?

Oct 19, 2010

What would be the best database/technique to use if I'd like to create a database that can "add", "remove" and "edit" tables and columns? I'd like it to be scaleable and fast. Should I use one table and four columns for this (Id, Table, Column, Type, Value) - Is there any good articles about this. Or is there any other solutions? Maybe three tables: One that holds the tables, one that holds the columns and one for the values?

Maybe someone already has created a db for this purpose? My requirements is that I'm using .NET (I guess the database don't have to be on windows, but I would prefer that)

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DataSource Controls :: Sql Table Relationships / To Create A Dependency Between The 2 Tables

May 3, 2010

I have a table that contains item data. If the item is a particular type further information exists to describe the item. The additional information isn't that heavy however the number of records in relation to the main file will be quite small (less than

So I have 2 scenarios:1) Put the additional data in the main table and take tha hit on storage

2) Create an additional table and link the 2 together

If we were talking huge amounts of data I can understand that 2) would be the obvious choice but given the simplicity should 1) be a consideration?

If 2) is the answer - is it possible to create a dependency between the 2 tables when the item is 'that' particular type. In other words wnsure the addition data is populated for the required items and not others.

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How Database & Tables Can Create Using Createuser Control

May 24, 2010

How do database and tables get created when I am pressing create user wizard in

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Access :: Can Create The Database And Tables At Runtime Using C#

Nov 17, 2010

Is there a way to create dynamic access database, tables and it's columns in c# and export or insert the data in it from excel file in c#?

How can I create the Access database and tables at run time using c#?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Create A Control With Rows And Columns Like Sql Table

Jul 30, 2010

Iam working on an application.Recently client come with new requirement. Need a control which is similar to table or like gridview with rows and columns.It should allow user to enter data in the cells. And when the user press tab it should go to next cell and finally if we press enter key, it should validate the data entered in the current row and if data is correct it should create a new empty next row(like entering data manually in an sqlserver table). How can i implement this functionality? Can i use gridview / javascript to implement this functionality.

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SQL Server :: Use ASPNETDB.MDF To Add Own Tables Or Create A Separate Database?

Dec 6, 2010

I'm working on a new 4.0 resume web site. I'm starting off with SQL Server Express 2005 and using the standard security and login features given with ASPNETDB.mdf. My site will be hosted on

Quesiton. Should the tables that will contain the information that users will be putting in like resumes, contact information and such go into ASPNETDB.mdf or should it go into a separate database.

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Access :: Unable To Create New Database Tables Using VWD 2010?

Oct 20, 2010

I have an security database which is normally ASPNetDB.MDF however I have created the same database structure in MS Access. All works great. However, I need to add a couple of other tables but I can't find how to do that in VWD. I'm pretty sure I was able to when the first database I created was an MDF file but not in MS Access.

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DataSource Controls :: Dynamically Adding Columns To A Table In The Database?

Jun 29, 2010

I wanted to know if it is possible to dynamically add columns to a table in the Database?I know how to create a table dynamically in the DB the code for it is given below, howver I do not know, how do I add columns to it dynamically.

Dim NewTable As String = "CREATE TABLE Dynamic " +
" (" +
" job_id smallint" +
" IDENTITY(1,1)" +[CODE].....

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Forms Data Controls :: Create Admin Pages Of Database Tables?

Feb 4, 2011

I have used a microsoft tool before that was allowing me to automatically generate admin web pages from database tables. By admin web pages I mean pages that allow me to do CRUD operations on my tables.

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ADO.NET :: Entity Data Model And Database View Returning The Same Columns As There Are In A Table?

Aug 19, 2010

When adding a stored procedure into the Entity Data Model I can select whether the procedure returns a scalar, a (new) complex type or one of the entity types I already defined.I mean assuming I have a view like this

CREATE VIEW FilteredFoos as SELECT Foo.* FROM Foo join ... WHERE ...(that is a view that implements some involved filtering, but returns all columns from one table) how do I add it to the project so that I can use the entity set, but get the Foo objects, not some new FilteredFoo objects.

var foos = myDB.FilteredFoos.Include("Bar").ToList();
foreach (Foo foo in foos) { ...

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ADO.NET :: Create / Add Table From Code To Database?

Aug 15, 2010

I create table:

DataSet data=new DataSet();
DataTable myTable = new DataTable("NewTable");
DataColumn[] keys = new DataColumn[1];


And how can I now add this table to real database( I am already conected to my sql server).

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Forms Data Controls :: Create An ASP Grid With Dynamic Columns With An Ability To Freeze Columns And Rows

Sep 20, 2010

I created a gridview that is made up of 4 gridviews and using a stored procedure to populate it. I create columns at runtime because the number of columns changes all the time.To make the grids editable I am adding template fields at runtime as I create the columns, this is to ensure that a user is able to edit the cells and some foot values update. Reason why I have four grids is to freeze rows and columns like in excel using javascript. The problem is that performance is very bad especially in IE, the grids take a long time to load. I am not sure if this is caused by the data load or the creation of text boxes. see some of the code below for my _aspx page:


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Databases :: Create Table From Mysql Database

Jun 5, 2010

i am very new to the programming and also i have an assignment to create a table on webpage the information is coming from mysql database.

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SQL Server :: Create New Table Or Row In Database At Runtime?

Aug 16, 2010

Please advice me how can we create we create a new table or can add rows in database sql server 2005 while user make changes in site?

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Table Colspan Span All Columns Regardless Of # Of Columns

Mar 5, 2010

I'm creating a table in an code behind dynamically, and I want to have a footer row that only has 2 cells. The first should span all the columns in the table-1. Is there some way other then keeping track of the # of columns in the table manually for me to set the colspan to be # of all the columns in the table-1? Preferably a HTML or CSS solution?

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Averaging Columns In A Table - Ignoring Certain Columns

Feb 21, 2011

I've the following code which successfully makes an average for all the columns from a table. What I need to do though is ignore certain columns in this equation.

Dim totalNumber as Double = 0
Dim count as Integer = 0
For x = 0 To xyz123.Tables(0).Columns.Count - 1
Dim current as Double = 0
If Double.TryParse(xyz123.Tables(0).Rows(0)(x).ToString(), current) AndAlso current <> 0 Then
count += 1
totalNumber += current
End If
Dim averageRating as Double = totalNumber / count

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Web Forms :: How To Create Table In Database To Show Menu

Jul 19, 2010

i want show menu as :





So , how to create table in database ?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Create Xy Table In Database

Jul 22, 2010

how to create the xy table like above? Currently i have able to create to insert row table read from databse which is Worker Name. My problem know is to show column name also read from data and not key in manually. Her's is myb sample codewhich is i have able to show Roa read from database.


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SQL Server :: How To Create Database With Library Table Like Aspnet_applications

Feb 22, 2011

I want to create a database in Sql server 2005 with library tables like aspnet_applications, aspnet_profile etc.,

I want to provide admin interface[webform] for the client to create user in the aspnet_Users.

How can I attain this?

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