ADO.NET :: Insert Into 3 Related Tables Using Three Tier Architecture And Typed Datasets

Aug 29, 2010

I am using ASP.NET (C# and sql server express 2005) for my web application project. I have three related tables. I want to do an insert using typed datasets,tableadapters and three tier architecture. I wish to know how to do simultaneous inserts in 3 tables. So i wish to insert a row in first table and get its primary key. Same with the second table. I will use the primary keys of those first two tables to do the insert in the third table. How can i accomplish this using formview control and what methods should i use??

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Data Controls :: How To Insert (Save) Data In SQL Using Two Tier Architecture

May 7, 2015

How I insert data in database..... I want to use class member as form fileds and also use class method to insert data and on click event  i want to call these insert method ...

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WCF / ASMX :: Using Strongly Typed Datasets With Web Services?

Apr 5, 2010

I have developed a web site that uses strongly typed datasets to access SQL. This has worked well: I have found that this is easy and robust, so that if I make changes to the data structure invariably I am either protected from this and my code continuesto work correctly, or there are compile errors that are obvious and easily fixed. Thus I am a fan of typed datasets.I am now starting to learn how to use web services, as I need to use the site's database with Windows programs. I have a web service with the following code, passing back a datatable: -

<WebMethod()> _
Public Function GDBSearch(arguments) As DataTable
Dim tbGDBSearch As DataTable = taGDBSearch.GetData(arguments)


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Architecture :: Entity Model Design Framework And N - Tier Architecture

Dec 25, 2010

recently i've studied on ADO.NET's Entity Model Framework and say 'wow' as ORM is one of the fevourite pattern i practice..but suddenly i've come to an ambiguous situation when i'm going to start. i usually follow the following 3-tier architecture..

1. UI Layer
2. BLL - business logic layer
3. DAL - Data Access Layer
a. DTO / DAO
b. Gateway (contains the sql query/stored procedure and connection with DB)

now when i'm going to use the Entity Model Design,where the DBML/ .edmx File should be placed? Because many a times i'm using the DBML file as DTO because of the mapped objects.. in the same time, sometimes DBML ( .edmx file in .NET 4.0) contains CRUD methods and stored procedured method as well as methods with different selection operations,- which should be in Gateway. so where the .edmx file should be placed !?!! IN DTO namespace !? or in Gateway namespace!

moreover sometimes there is no need for the BLL which breaks the rules of inter-layer-communication (UI > BLL > DAL.Gateway)! what makes me confuse is, what should be the ideal n-tier architecture when i'll use the ADO.NET Entity Model Design Framework

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Architecture :: Asynchronous Page Processing In 3 Tier Architecture?

Jul 30, 2010

I am working on 3 tier architecture: UI, BL, DAL. In my UI i have following code for Asynchronous page processing:


But I want a database fetch operation to be performed in this asyncronous method. And due to 3 tier arch. i am unable to do this in UI Layer. Can anyone guide me that how can I implement Asynchronous processing in 3 tier architecture? Note: If you are going to place EndAsyncWork1 in DAL then show that how can I return a value back to UI layer from this function.


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Architecture :: What Is The Difference In 3-tier Architecture And Gereral Way Of Programming

May 20, 2010

I want to know that What are the factors if we use methods on each .cs page for connection and executing query on each aspx code behind page rather then using BAL .

How our application get affected in terms of performance and speed or other way?

when we put our website on server after publish/compile in general approach (using query in C# code behind) rathor than using stored procedures?

then which logic is better and why ?

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Architecture :: Function Implementation In 3-tier Architecture?

Apr 28, 2010

I have implemented the 3-tier architecture project; DAL, BAL, and presentation layer are three layers in it. I am going to implement the following scenario:

Presentation layer calls to a function in the BAL layer which returns 2 string variable, and in turn this function from BAL layer calls to a DAL layer function which also returns 2 string variable. How can I implement the above scenario?

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Architecture :: Exception Layer In N-tier Architecture?

May 13, 2010

I'm developing a n-tier architecture... I'm confused with handling exception in the layers... Is it a good practise to add a Exception Layer to the architecture.

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Architecture :: Design Pattern And Tier Architecture

Jun 12, 2010

I am a newbie to and work in a firm where the projects are quite small.

I was told by my manager that in a few weeks or so we would be getting a bigger project and I need to be well versed with Design Patterns and N tier arcihtecture.

I would really appreciate if someone could provide me some links and also drop me a few sentences on how this things are useful?

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Architecture :: Trying To Use A 3-tier Architecture (UI, BAL & DAL) For Project?

Nov 30, 2010

I am trying to use a 3-tier architecture (UI, BAL & DAL) for my project. I have each of the tier in different physical machines.

UI - Machine 1
BAL - Machine 2
DAL - Machine 3
How can DAL & BAL interact? What would be the best way to call one component from another?

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Architecture :: How To Create 3 Tier Architecture

Mar 29, 2011

I was tasked to create 3 tier web application. However, i browsed through many books & tutorials. The examples are doing it using Object data source which my lecturers claimed that it is not 3 tier at all. Shouldn't be dragging any data source into deisgn view. Any comprehensive examples for me to take reference from?

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Architecture :: How To Develop An App Using 3 Tier Architecture

Aug 18, 2010

i want to develop an application in using 3 tier architecture .

i know that there are three layers

Data layerBusiness Layer

Data Access LayerBusiness Logic Layer Presentation Layer. I am confused between Data Access Layer and Business Logic Layer.

In data access layer we develop the property classes and main class function which returns datasets, datatables and data reader to Presentation layer.

what is the use of Business Logic Layer ? what actually we do in Business logic Layer
?? we can pass data directly from data access layer to presentation layer ?

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Architecture :: Namespace 3 Tier Architecture?

Feb 5, 2010

i am in the process of creating 3 tier architecture for with Microsoft Studio 2005.

My architerture is as below

Presentation Layer Business Logic Layer Data Access Layer

-------------------------- --------------------------- -------------------------------

Form1 BLTable1 DaTable1
(NameSpace = MyCompany.MyProject.BL. BLTable1) (NameSpace = MyCompany.MyProject.DA. DaTable1)
Form2 BLTable2 DaTable2
(NameSpace = MyCompany.MyProject.BL. BLTable2) (NameSpace =
MyCompany.MyProject.DA. DaTable2)
Form3 BLTable3 DaTable3
(NameSpace = MyCompany.MyProject.BL. BLTable3) (NameSpace = MyCompany.MyProject.DA. DaTable3)

I have 2 question here:

(1).MSDN say that we should not have the namespace where its name is same with class name but it does not exlpain why.Does anyone know why? The msdn page is

(2). Business Logic Layer BLTable1 need to interact with Data Access Layer
DaTable1 , so i put the code: imports MyCompany.MyProject.DA. DaTable1 inside
BLTable1, so that i can have access to all the public shared method inside
DaTable1 in BLTable1 for example : DaTable1.Save()

But problem arise when BLTable1 want to use the public shared method in BLTable2 .

I have put the code imports MyCompany.MyProject.BL. BLTable2 inside BLTable1,but i need to
key in the class name twice only can access to the public shared method inside
BLTable2 for example :BLTable2.BLTable2.Save.

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Architecture :: How To Create 3-tier Architecture

Sep 16, 2010

structure of 3-tier architrcture

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Architecture :: Implement N-tier Architecture?

Feb 19, 2011

some link of some articles for learning N-tier architecture ....

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Web Forms :: Using Datasets As Part Of Web Application Architecture?

Feb 18, 2010

i am using datasets as part of my web application architecture.

i have one dataset which has two tables which are populated from database . everything works fine but when i have change in stored procedure. i change structure of datatable in dataset file after that compilation errors start to throw up. when i check cs file of dataset it shows multiple classes with different names.

cant get into it. since im using datasets for first time. its getting frustating.

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Architecture :: Using DataSets Alongside Linq To SQL Classes?

Feb 22, 2010

I am updating a project I wrote some time ago. At the time my preference was for DataSets and DataSetTableAdapters, but I've now moved on to use Linq to SQL DataClasses. I would like to convert the project to Linq to SQL, but I am tight on time and it's a big job. My question is, is there any reasons I can't develop new modules using Linq to SQL DataClasses along side DataSets and convert the DataSets overtime?

Apart from the obvious confusion it will cause, are there any technical problems I should be aware of i.e. will there be any performance problems using the two methods?

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Crystal Reports :: Bind Report To Multiple Datasets / Tables

Jan 25, 2010

I need to display a header and details. What's the recommended way to do this? 2 separate datasets/tables, or 1 dataset with 2 datatables in it? I can't get the second set of data to display.

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What Is The Use Of 3-Tier Architecture

Oct 7, 2010

What is the use of 3-Tier Architecture?

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What Is Tier Architecture And MVC

Dec 27, 2010

What is tier architecture and MVC for ASP.NET?

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How To Develop 3 Tier Architecture In Using C#

May 31, 2010

can any one tell about 3 tier architecture in using C#How can i develop a project using 3 tier?

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What Is The Difference Between N-Tier And SOA Architecture

Aug 15, 2010

As per my understanding regarding N-Tier and SOA architecture.


N-Tier means dividing application into layers, Example I am developing application in and I pushed total DB Layer to WCF then it is called N-tier.[Tightly coupled]

SOA[Loosely coupled]

As per my understanding regarding SOA its very generic term and how well we going to loosely couple our architecture then its called SOA. Best example for SOA services - Stock feeds/ weather feeds.

My conclusion:

Even though if we develop application using WCF it does not mean its SOA if it is tightly couple with single client/ or .net applications only can understand about services.

Can you help me in understanding of SOA VS N-Tier.

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ADO.NET :: Connectionstring In 3 Tier Architecture?

Aug 12, 2010

In 3 tier architecture where to keep connection string? I have presentation layer ( webapplication) and BAL Layer ( class lib) and DAL (class lib).intially i kept in web.config which is in presentation it correct?should i keep a app.config file in DAL layer and keep my connection string in that?Where to keep connection string ?

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How To Implement Three Tier Architecture

Jul 12, 2012

I would like to implement 3 tier arch in my project. What is the best and optimized 3 tier architecture in

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Web Forms :: N Tier Architecture Using WCF

Jun 1, 2012

My application was designed using following n-architecture : Presentation layer...wcf service logic access layer Presentation layer is in one server,wcf service,bll,dal are in another server. I  knew something about wcf but how to implement this architecture.

I am looking for code sample for the above type of architecture.

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