ADO.NET :: Looping Through A Datareader And Creating An Multidimensional Array

Nov 30, 2010

I have a datareader that i loop through comparing the values of the reader to the ones i got in an (from the start, empty) array, as i do this i want to put either a new post in the array or update an existing post depending on if i found a corresponding value or not. The datareader and array both contains name and value.

First i tried to declare a regular multidimensional array, but they are fixed size so that seemed like a bad idea, next thing i tried was creating an arraylist but they seemed to lack support for multidimension. I'm a bit lost on what to use.


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Adding Value To Multidimensional Array In C#

Dec 9, 2010

I need to add values in an multidimensional array whitin an while loop. But I don't know how.

public Array getDailyAvgRatingByCompanyId(int companyId, int periodStart = 0, int periodEnd = 0)
int[,] arr = { { }, { } };
string queryString = "SELECT num_ratings_day, rating_gem, daymonthyear FROM company_rating_daily_avg WHERE company_id = " + companyId + " ORDER BY daymonthyear ASC";
SqlDataReader myDataReader = Database.sqlDataReader(queryString);
if (myDataReader.HasRows)
while (myDataReader.Read())
//Something like arr[0].Push(myDataReader['num_ratings_day']
return arr;

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If Statement Referencing A Value In A Multidimensional Array ?

Feb 25, 2010

If statement referencing a Value in a Multidimensional Array


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C# - Number Of Repeating In Multidimensional Array

Mar 23, 2010

I need to count number of repeating and position where they repeat of all number in multidimensional array like this:nd result need to be:Number 1- two times on position 1, one time on position 2, two times on position 3Number 2- one time on position 1, two times on position 2, one times on position 3Number 3- 0 on position 1, one time on position 2, 0 on position 3

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How To Add Data In C# Session Multidimensional Array

Mar 20, 2011

I'm trying to add form data from an wizard into a session array object. The object should store the question number and question answer selected by the user for each question. I'm trying to use a multidimensional array to store the question number and the associated answer. I would also be open to using a hashtable or dictionary solution.This is the code I've got so far:

string[,] strQandA = new string[10, 2] {{"1", Q1.SelectedValue}, {"2", Q2.SelectedValue}, {"3", Q3.SelectedValue}, {"4", Q4.SelectedValue}, {"5", Q5.SelectedValue}, {"6", Q6.SelectedValue}, {"7", Q7.SelectedValue}, {"8",

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Data Controls :: Populate DropDownList Using Multidimensional Array?

Jul 17, 2015

How can i read multiple column values into an array list? I am trying to read a list of category names and category ids from database into an array list; i am then binding these values into drop-down list. With my current code, i am able to do with one column only but would like to pull both cat_name and cat_id so how can i do that?


<asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" DataTextField="ct_name" DataValueField="ct_id" AppendDataBoundItems="true">
<asp:ListItem Value="-1">Select</asp:ListItem>
code behind
private ArrayList GetDummyData()


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Architecture :: Creating, Populating And Accessing Multidimensional Arrays?

Nov 14, 2010

I've created 2 multi dimensional arrays (2 dimensions each), I want to feed them both into a function, and I would like the function to spit out an array or list containing both of them as arrays, so I can use them as they were before they went into the function.

The way I've done it at the moment is probably very inifficient and I'm having trouble accessing it properly.

What follows is my attempt to put the 2 arrays (attackerarmy and defenderarmy) into a new array called armyresults and adding an additional dimension to tell me if the record belongs to the attacker or defender:


Since I've already got the 2 arrays I want in the function, I've rather not inefficiently force them into a new array, only to try to re build them again when they come out of the function.

how to out 2 arrays of unknown size into an array of arrays for the return statement of my function, and then how I can access those individual arrays so I can easily copy them back out into their original form?

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Getting Strings From Resx Into An Array Without Looping -

Jul 20, 2010

I want to read all the strings from a resx file and load it into an array without looping. I'm working in an web application and i'm using C#. How can i get the strings?

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Stop Index Outside Bounds Of Array (VB) With No Looping?

Feb 8, 2010

I know exactly what causes this, but have been unable to find a solution that doesn't involve looping. I've created one DataTable and numerous DataViews of said DataTable, with each DataView bound to a control. A dynamically created array controls how the dataview rows are filtered, but I have a hard coded number of DataViews. If the number of Dataviews is greater than the number of elements in the array, the code errors out with "Index was outside the bounds of the array". And it should, because it is outside the array. I would just like to check if the element exists before I attempt to use it. Code looks like this (where eid is dynamically created array of employee ids):

dv0 = New DataView(grpData)
dv0.RowFilter = "employee_id = " & eid(0) & ""
DayPilotCalendar1.Visible = True
DayPilotCalendar1.StartDate = New DateTime(2010, 2, 3)
DayPilotCalendar1.DataSource = dv0

What I need is something like this:

If (not array.exists(eid(0))) then
dv0 = New DataView(grpData)
dv0.RowFilter = "employee_id = " & eid(0) & ""
DayPilotCalendar1.Visible = True
DayPilotCalendar1.StartDate = New DateTime(2010, 2, 3)
DayPilotCalendar1.DataSource = dv0
End If

I don't need to know the values of anything in the array, I just need to not use eid(4) if the last element in the array was eid(3), if that makes sense. array.exists may not be in any way what I need here. It is just an example of how I would like it to work. If array.exist does happen to work, I haven't found the right syntax.

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Looping Through Jagged Array Stored In Session?

Feb 24, 2010

im having some problems with jagged arrays stored in session for i have some code which creates a jagged array, them populates, and then stores this populated jagged array into session

protected string[][] answersJArray;
answersJArray[0] = new string[4]("test","test1","test2","test3"};
answersJArray[1] = new string[4]("test","test1","test2","test3"};
Session.Add("answersJArray", answersJArray);

how would i loop through each jagged array in the session ?? if they were not in session i no i could do the following

for (j = 0; j < answersJArray[1].Length; j++)
label.Text = (answersJArray[1][j].ToString());

how would i do the above by looping through the session ??

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Split Strings From DataReader (Array) To Different Arrays?

Aug 11, 2010

I have a datareader wich return several strings like:

TEXA -ATS-PKW-Texa-Prime"
The strings are separted by the "-"

The idea is that I split the strings in to several dropdownlist, example:

Dropdownlist 1: (Actia, Texa Master)
Dropdownlist 2: (ATSD, ATS, ATSV)
Dropdownlist 3: (Actia, Texa, Master)
Dropdownlist 4: (MultiDiag, Prime, Master)

The problem is: How should I do this? I've search several hours on the internet but can't find anything about how to split strings from a datareader to several different arrays.

The code:


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Creating An Array Of Checkboxlist?

Apr 28, 2010

I wish to create an array for my 5 CheckBoxList and verify in a loop wich checkbox has been selected.

I ahve create this piece of code, but this line --> For Each li In CBList(i).Items gives me the error. Public member 'Items' on type 'String' not found.



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Datareader Vs Dataset - Get The Number Of Rows From The Datareader?

Nov 15, 2010

I'm having a method that exports content from the database to excel files. The method taks as paramaters a DataReader param and a int param - the number of rows. For the number of rows i'm using a dataset, wich i fill using the same query as for the datareader. So I'm executing it twice... Is there a way I can avoid that? get the number of rows from the datareader?

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Web Forms :: Dynamically Creating A List Or Array Of Labels?

Nov 24, 2010

how can I create a list or array of labels during runtime?

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C# - Already An Open DataReader Associated With This Command - When I'm Not Using Datareader

Jul 28, 2010

I am getting an error that an open DataReader associated with this Command, when I'm not using datareader(though probably executereader() is the same thing) how would I close this if I don't have a datareader present?

using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString))
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("spSelectAllTypes",conn);
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;

I just want to be able to databind a bunch of dropdownlist in one open connection. (before I had multiple open and closes for each control)

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Add Values To Array†and Replace Preexisting Array Items With New Values†without The Array Changing Size?

Aug 19, 2010

I need to know what would be the best choice of array to use given the following specifications. This array's size will be predermined upon the loading of the appication. All I want to do is be able to add values to this array and replace preexisting array items with new values without the array changing size. Someone suggested that I use a Dictionary Array Object? I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Web Forms :: Getting An Array Of List From Database To Client Side(javascript Array)?

May 12, 2010

Iam getting an array of list from database to client side(javascript array). Now my aim to place those values in a div one by one and that div should attach to the textbox similar to Autocomplete extender.

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind A Multidimensional Arry (or List) To A Data Conntrol?

Dec 8, 2010

I would like to bind a multi domensional arry to a data control (at the moment any data control will do - I just want to present the data).

suppose I have the following array:

string[,] strArr = new string[5,3];

strArr[0,0] = "0,0";
strArr[0, 1] = "0,1";
strArr[0, 2] = "0,2";
strArr[1, 0] = "1,0";
strArr[1, 1] = "1,1";
strArr[1, 2] = "1,2";
strArr[2, 0] = "2,0";
strArr[2, 1] = "2,1";
strArr[2, 2] = "2,2";
strArr[3, 0] = "3,0";
strArr[3, 1] = "3,1";
strArr[3, 2] = "3,2";
strArr[4, 0] = "4,0";
strArr[4, 1] = "4,1";
strArr[4, 2] = "4,2";

can you provide an example of how to dind this array to any of the standard data controls?

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Pass C# Array To Javascript Array?

Aug 12, 2010

how to pass a C# ASP.NET array to a Javascript array? Sample code will also be nice.

Let's say for simplicity that in my aspx.cs file I declare:

int [] numbers = new int[5];

now I want to pass "numbers" to the client side and use the data in the array within javascript. How would I do this?

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For Loop In C# Not Looping

Feb 23, 2011

I have an issue with a Loop that doesn't actually loop. I've posted a simplified version of my code below. Basically, using the NPOI excel library, I have an excel file with data on the first and second sheet, so I need to do a loop to get through both sheets. Below is what I have done so far, however this only works through the first sheet and then exits. It fails to increment the variable w. As you can see, there are other loops implemented in this code which function fine so I don't get it.It's been a very long day and perhaps I'm missing something very simple. I could have it placed wrong or something. If anyone else can spot what I might be doing wrong I'd be very grateful :)

public class SalesFileProcessor : ISalesProcessor
public List<FTPSalesRow> ProcessSalesFile(string filename)


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Looping Through Each CheckBoxList?

Mar 18, 2011

For the code below how do I loop though each check box - I need to add a string to a variable whereever the box is checked.


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Looping Through A New Record?

Apr 13, 2010

I've worked with .Net before and now I'm back again and ran into an issues hoping soem one can assist. Here's my scenario, I have a form in which wirtes a new records to theDB jsut fine but I would like to email or loop thru the records to create an email with new record. The email par works fine to but just need to loop thru the records. Here's my code and hoping someone can email me out!

Dim AddRec As SqlDataSource =
New SqlDataSource()
AddRec.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings


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ADO.NET :: Looping Through DataSet In C#?

Aug 11, 2010

I have the following line of C# code that successfully returns the results of a stored procudure via a DAL:
spParamGetGamesTableAdapter spGG10 = new spParamGetGamesTableAdapter();I can bind spGG10 to a DataGrid and see the stored procedure query results, so I know everything is good so far.I want to loop through the spGG10 (DataSet table?) and output each row on a row-by-row basis using a Literal Control. I think I know how do the output part,How do I access the data in spGG10 and loop through its records? (Also, I am not exactly sure what kind of object spGG10 really is. Is it a table?)

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Looping In SQL Server Query

Aug 4, 2010

consider the follwing table, this table actually shows which id was given a new id

i.e 11 was assigned 13

again 13 was assigned 15

15 was reassigned 17....and so on actually 11,13,15,17,19 represent the same user (hope u understood)

customerId rejoiningId

11 13

13 15

15 17

20 21

17 19

48 50

21 25
i need to loop through all the rows and find the relation that which all ids are interlinked

say the user enters the rejoining id -13,hence the result should come out to be as 11,13,15,17,19

if user enters 21result should be 20,21,25

it takes a bit of looping statements in query that i couldnt figure out

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How To Get All The Values In A Listbox When Looping Through Them

Jan 11, 2010

I'm currently trying to move through all the values added to a listbox by the user, however, I want to retrieve the actual value of each item in the listbox and not the text.

I've gotten so far with the code below, but that only gets the text and not the value.


How would I go about getting the value for each item in the collection?

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