AJAX :: How To Use The Correct ValidationGroup

Jan 28, 2010

I have an AJAX TabContainer. Each tab I have a ValidationSummary control with different ValidationGroup name for each tab. The problem is, now nothing show sup in the ValidationGroup when q required field is blank. The web form won't get submit but there is nothing displaying on the page either. All the RequiredFieldValidator are not showing in the web form either. All the RequiredFieldValidator controls are set to use the correct ValidationGroup too.

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AJAX :: Add A ValidationGroup To A ModalPopupExtender?

Oct 14, 2010

I am trying to add my validationGroup to display in a popup box however all I seem to show is just the close button.


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Add A Validationgroup To A Fieldset?

Jun 12, 2010

is there a way to add a validationgroup to a fieldset, this way i do not have to add a validationgroup attribute to every single validator within that fieldset?

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AJAX :: Want To Create An Ajax Panel (correct Terminology?

Jun 27, 2010

I want to create an ajax panel (correct terminology?) in my webpage that updates just part of the page instead of updating the whole page.Can I do this while using ASP.net and Visual Basic.net? I do not use C#.If this is possible using VB.net, can someone point me to a few documents that will help me get started?
On a 1 to 10 scale, I would rate my technical knowledge at only about 5 or 6.

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Javascript - Get A Textbox With Particular ValidationGroup In JQuery?

Dec 17, 2010

I have an ASP.NET TextBox ID="txtDate" in my usercontrol. It has ValidationGroup="MyUC" set. Now my UC is inside a Repeater Control. So there will be multiple instances of the same textbox. I am able to get all textboxes like: $("[id$='_txtDate']");

Each of the txtDate will have a separate ValidationGroup assigned to it, dynamically. So I want to get a textbox based on the id + ValidationGroup using jQuery / javascript.

Edited based on Josiah's Reply and the way I found:

my scenario is kind of complicated to include entire code. In short the textboxes are attached to jquery datepicker and the code below runs when a date is selected. The same handler is attached to multiple textboxes. Here is what I have:

var valgrp="MyGroup"; /*this mygroup is dynamic but keeping static for e.g.*/
var txtdate1 = $("[id$='txtDate']").filter(function(){if(this.Validators!=null){return this.Validators[0].validationGroup == valgrp;}});
var txtdate2 = $("[id$='txtDate']").filter(function(){return this.validationGroup == valgrp;});
alert("date1- " + txtdate1.val()); /*this returns date selected from datepicker*/
alert("date2 " + txtdate2.val()); /*this returns empty*/

Depending on the date I want to do something else. So txtdate1 is currently working for me where I don't have to add class to my textbox. I was playing with the txtdate2 which isn't behaving how I was expecting and so I had to post this question.

Here is a sample test to see this.validationGroup not returned:

$(function () {
$("#btntest").click(function () {
$("[id$='txtDate']").each(function () {
alert(this.validationGroup);//returns undefined
alert(this.Validators[0].validationGroup); //returns "test"
<input id="btntest" type="button" value="button" />
<asp:TextBox ID="txtDate" runat="server" ValidationGroup="test"></asp:TextBox>
<asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" runat="server" Text="*" ErrorMessage="Required." ControlToValidate="txtDate" ValidationGroup="test"></asp:RequiredFieldValidator>

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When A Click Is Made On A Radiobutton A Message Appears Saying That It Is Correct Or It Is Not Correct

Feb 10, 2010

I am doing a workshop , it has questions, and answers with radiobuttons, I need that when a click is made on a radiobutton a message appears saying that it is correct or it is not correct, how can a do it,

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How To Automatically Set A Different ValidationGroup For Each Instance Of A User Control

Nov 29, 2010

I have a user control that has multiple instances on a single page.

Is it possible to have each instance use a unique ValidationGroup? I could expose a property, but I'm wondering if there's any way to do it automatically.

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Javascript - Validate ValidationGroup / By Calling Page_ClientValidate() Is Not Enough

Sep 13, 2010

I have a button on which I wish to validate a specific ValidationGroup in ASP.NET. This button is not a server control, but a standard a tag with an onclick event on.

I have multiple validation groups on this page, so by calling Page_ClientValidate() is not enough, as the other validators will kick in as well.

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Web Forms :: How To Use ValidationGroup To Verify The Successful Login

Oct 31, 2010

How to check the validation if the user is logged?


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C# - Create A Control With ValidationGroup And A Custom Validation?

Oct 8, 2010

I want to make panels Visibility true or false based on a result of a Func.I have a page with controls as in the following code:

<asp:Panel ID="Panel2" runat="server">
<asp:Panel ID="Panel3" runat="server">
<c:PermissionPanel ID="P1" runat="server" ValidationGroup="Val1">


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Web Forms :: Controlling The ValidationGroup And ValidationSummary With JavaScript And C#?

Jan 13, 2011

I'm new to programming and recently spent some time navigating these forums and searching google to learn how to manipulate Validations with ClientValidationFunction using JavaScript and OnServerValidate with C#. Now that I have a decent handle on it I wanted to give back a bit. I hope some of you all can use this information. Mess around with it and see what its doing and how.I'm using Visual Studio 2008 as my IDE. I did not include a master page so just copy and paste, set break points, and add a watch to the following:



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DataSource Controls :: Trying To Get The Correct Info Belonging To The Correct Id?

Mar 6, 2011

I am using 3 tables and are trying to get the correct info belonging to the correct id. Like this: I go to a page and here i want to see the information from the 3 tables using a specific id.

I have written this so far in a query:


My problem is that the last line does not work and i am uncertain how to make this work? How to write it correctly that is.

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Web Forms :: Click On Button With CauseValidation=false In Other ValidationGroup But Validators Still Work?

Apr 27, 2010

what wrong with these validators.


Button1 works fine, it causes the validator to work. Button2 works fine, it doesn't cause the validator to work because it's CauseValidation=false But, Button3 in Repeater1 items doesn't work as I want, it still fire the validation of the validator.

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Correct Way To Use A Multiview With Ajax Updatepanel

Mar 5, 2010

What's the correct way to use a multiview with ajax updatepanel?I've searched about this and people said to use the structure

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AJAX :: ValidatorCallout Is Not In Correct Position?

Mar 25, 2010

I have a form that contain many field must filled.

I use Asp Required validator and ajax validator callout to make a cool error message.

I put that form into box which have scrollbar. (Not IE Scrollbar)

Running the application then try to scroll the form with that scrollbar.

Then pressing the button to trigger the validator required.

Finally the message is displayed but the message is not in correct position. It is above suppose to be.

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AJAX :: AutoCompleteExtender Not Rendering Correct?

May 3, 2010

I have a grid/table that is pretty big in width. The AutoCompleteExtender is outside the right side of the page and the user needs to scroll to view it. When you scroll over and start using it, the drop down list with the values are displayed back to the left in the original viewable portion of the page.

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AJAX :: Displaying Currency With MaskedEditExtender In Correct Format

Dec 1, 2010

I am using ASP.NET3.5. I have used MaskedEditExtender for currency purpose. when iam insering data into table it is accepting correct figures. while reading the same figures from database,I am displaying the figured in another textbox. (for second textbox i have used MaskedEditExtender) but it is displaying in that text box wrongly. suppose x=100 am reading this value from database and displaying x value in edit mode.but it is displaying 1.00. means it is taking last 2 digits as decimal points. how can I show in correct format?

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C# - Ajax Postback Pager - Obtain The Correct Pagenumber?

Sep 13, 2010

I have a 'shop' page, where all the items in the shop is listed. I have a sortingfunction, to decide how many results pr. page I want to see. I also have a pager. The pager is built with two buttons (a Previous- and Next-pagebutton), and a textbox which shows the pagenumber. The pager is on both the top, and bottom of the page. When I change the text in the textbox, the following code fires:

protected void tbPageNumberTop_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
tbPageNumberBottom.Text = tbPageNumberTop.Text;

This causes a pageload, where I get the number from the textbox, and parse it to an integer, which I can use to dynamically create an SQL request. This works just perfectly. Here's my problem. When I click the "Next" button or "Previous" button, the text in the textbox changes, but when I get the number from the textbox, I get the value of the textbox as it was BEFORE the button was clicked. How do I obtain the correct pagenumber? Here's my Click-code:

protected void btnNextPage_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
int PageNumber = Convert.ToInt32(tbPageNumberTop.Text);
PageNumber += 1;
tbPageNumberTop.Text = PageNumber.ToString();
tbPageNumberBottom.Text = PageNumber.ToString();
protected void btnPrevPage_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
int PageNumber = Convert.ToInt32(tbPageNumberTop.Text);
PageNumber -= 1;
tbPageNumberTop.Text = PageNumber.ToString();
tbPageNumberBottom.Text = PageNumber.ToString();
And here's what happens on page_load
if (!this.IsPostBack)
intStartPosition = 0;
intPageNumber = 1;
tbPageNumberBottom.Text = intPageNumber.ToString();
tbPageNumberTop.Text = intPageNumber.ToString();
if (tbPageNumberTop.Text != "1" || tbPageNumberBottom.Text != "1")
intPageNumber = Convert.ToInt32(tbPageNumberTop.Text);
intPageNumber = 1;
intStartPosition = (intPageNumber * intItemsPrPage) - intItemsPrPage;
strResultsPrPage = intItemsPrPage.ToString();

intStartPosition represents the first LIMIT integer in my SQL string, and strResultsPrPage represents the second integer, i.e. LIMIT 100, 500 is showing results from 500 to 600. (Page 5, with 100 results per page)

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AJAX :: Getting Error / Ensure The Correct Version Of The Scripts Are Referenced - How To Fix It

Jun 14, 2010

We have upgraded recently from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010. One of the upgrades has to do with the AJAX libraries.

On the initial project (SV2008) the AjaxControlToolkit.dll used was:

Product Version:version: 1.0.10920.0
Date Modified: 28/09/2007

The current one, used in the VS2010 project is:

Product Version:
Date Modified: 09/03/2010

The project compiles fine but once we access some web pages, we get numerous error messages with the first one being:

Message: AjaxControlToolkit requires ASP.NET Ajax 4.0 scripts. Ensure the correct version of the scripts are referenced. If you are using an ASP.NET ScriptManager, switch to the AjaxScriptManager in System.Web.Ajax.dll, or use the ToolkitScriptManager in AjaxControlToolkit.dll.

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AJAX :: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Input String Was Not In A Correct Format

May 20, 2010

i am getting js runtime error

my page has update panel and on dropdown selected change page get refresh..

but for one selection i am getting this error

Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Input string was not in a correct format.


ScriptResource.axd is a file dynamically genrated by resource manager so using firbug and idev tool i tried to debug but couldn't..

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AJAX :: CascadingDropDown - Method Error 500 Only For One DropDown And Service Path Is Correct

May 7, 2015

I have 3 table in database


Id state
2 UK


Id name state
1 Canada USA
2 London UK


Id regionname cityid
1 01 Canada
2 02 London

and I have 3 DropDownList that refer below thread [URL] ...

I use cascadingdropdown for these 3 dropdownlist below are codes:


public CascadingDropDownNameValue[] GetCountries(string knownCategoryValues)
string query = "SELECT state FROM stateTest";
List countries = GetData(query);
return countries.ToArray();

[Code] ....




at first I should select Item from DDLsate then DDlcity and at the end I should select Item from DDLregion

above code work correctly for ddlstate and ddlcity but it doesn't work for ddlregion...

I mean when I select Item from ddlcity in ddlregion shows:[Metod error500]

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AJAX :: Masked / Mask Edit Extender Not Displaying Currency Correct When In Number Mode?

Mar 3, 2010

I have found a problem with the Masked Edit Extender when using it with a culture of Azeri (Latin, az-Latn-AZ). I have not found anywhere that states that the control should not be used with languages that is not included in the list of languages that the ajax control toolkit is translated.

The currency symbol for Azeri is "man." the first problem is that the mask displays this as "man," but the comma is the decimal indicator for Azeri.

Scenario 1

When the DisplayMoney property is set to "right" and the currency is removed by the masked editors script the resulting value looks something like "12,12," the second comma then invalidates the numeric value and all my compare validator which also acts on the same textbox keeps failing because the value is not numeric.

Scenario 2:

When the DisplayMoney property is set to "left" there is always a "0," added to the string because the the script of the masked editor removes the man then gets to the comma (man",") sees it as a decimal indicator and adds the 0 before the comma this happens on the first blur of the textbox each resulting onblur event will add another 0 to the value. But the value is already invalidated by the fact that it again has two commas like 0,12,12.

I get this result even with the Ajaxcontroltoolkit sample site, the changes needed to sample site's MaskedEdit.aspx page can be seen below.

For scenario 1, change the first MaskedEditExtender on the MaskedEdit.aspx page to the following:


For scenario 2 effect change the first MaskedEditExtender on the MaskedEdit.aspx page to the following:

<ajaxToolkit:MaskedEditExtender ID="MaskedEditExtender2" runat="server"

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Javascript - Enable/disable Asp.net Validator Controls Within A Specific "ValidationGroup" With JQuery?

Jan 28, 2010

I know how to enable/disable individual validator controls on the client side using

ValidatorEnable(validator, false);

But how do you enable/disable all the validators within a ValidationGroup?

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Web Forms :: Display Text Only ValidationGroup = "ErrormessageValidationGroup"?

Sep 7, 2010

My code:

<asp:RangeValidator id="RangeAmountDeposit" runat="server" ErrorMessage="Znesek za vpla─Źilo je premajhen!" ValidateEmptyText="True" ControlToValidate="AmountDeposit" ValidationGroup="ErrormessageValidationGroup" MinimumValue="1" MaximumValue="10" Type="Integer"
Display="dynamic "/>

ValidateEmptyText="True" - not works.

I want to display text only ValidationGroup = "ErrormessageValidationGroup" and add a picture next to AmountDeposit (view image): <asp:Image ID="Image12" ImageUrl="~/Images/warning.png" ImageAlign="TextTop" runat="server" />

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AJAX :: 3.5 Script Manager - Error "Ensure The Correct Version Of The Scripts Are Referenced"

Mar 24, 2010

I am in the process of migrating the ASP.Web Application from .NET framework 1.1 to 3.5. I installed the VS 2008 (framework 3.5 SP1) and was able to rebuild the ASP.NET web app from 1.1. I downoladed the AJAX Toll Kit library from codeplex [URL] I was able to add the AJAX Toolkit tab in my VS 2009 tool box. I am using the AutoComplete serach extender which works fine when I use the Ajax Tool Kit Script manager. When I use the Ajax Extension Script Manager in place of Ajak ToolKit Script manager I get an error "Please let me know why AutoComplete Search Extender is not working with the Ajax Extension Script Manager.

AjaxControlToolkit requires ASP.NET Ajax 4.0 scripts. Ensure the correct version of the scripts are referenced. If you are using an ASP.NET ScriptManager, switch to the AjaxScriptManager in System.Web.Ajax.dll, or use the ToolkitScriptManager in AjaxControlToolkit.dll.

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