AJAX :: Programming Model - Getting Values Of Dropdownlists

Feb 6, 2010

Imagine I'm developing a webform with two dropdownlists and a submit button. The second dropdownlist depends on the choice in the first, and both are loaded dynamically using webmethods being called with javascript in de ASPX page (ajax). When I submit the form to the server, to save the data, I can't get the value of those dropdownlists. I think it is because with client AJAX no viewstate data is being generated. I need to send the data to the server and save the webform data, and identify wich data is on each webcontrol.

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Server Side Web Programming Model Replaced By JavaScript / Ajax?

Dec 14, 2010

ASP.NET server controls has a few categories, for example, normal ones e.g. TextBox, Button which can be done in HTML/JS; Validation controls: can be done in JS; Login controls: I have seen them implemented in JS. Data bound controls: not sure, but maybe JS can work directly with databases, implementing controls like photo slider. So in the time span of next 5-10 years, will server-side web programming model fall out of mainstream and be replaced by JS/Ajax that interacts directly with databases?

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AJAX :: Way To Use Two Cascading Dropdownlists With The Same Values

Mar 15, 2010

I'm trying to use two cascading dropdownlists with the same values -- one shows a code, and the other a description. They are sorted alphabetically, so they have the same values, but not the same index. Both are generating correctly. What I am trying to do is set the abbreviation when the description changes (and vice versa).If I use this javascript, it changes on the web page, but I get a null value returned to the form handler. If I comment out the CascadingDropDown control and load the TrickAbbrev from a database it all works.

function scrTrickNameOnChange(ddlId)

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What Programming Model To Choose

Dec 3, 2010

I'm a seasoned programmer with years of experience in Windows Forms development using different programming languages as already stated in this question: Will learning WPF improve my skills in ASP.NET? ASP.NET or any Web based programming language doesn't feel natural for me to explore or to use. Although I am unfamiliar with Web based technologies, my curiosity about these grows and grows. In addition to it, I am aware of the market place Web based programming takes. I would like to expand my knowledge and experience to the Web, though would it be just to know what I'm talking about instead of speculating whatever.

My experience as an information and process systems developer allows me to understand the concepts and some of the basics. I am aware that Web based applications are stateless, for instance, and that I need to use session or viewstate variables to keep the information the user is working with alive, otherwise I would loose them. I also understand the basics of Ajax based controls such as the UpdatePanel, which is to update or to refresh only a part of a UI page rather than reloading everything through the connection again. I can get that CSS defines styles for your page's sections and that you may change radically your Website's aspect just by changing the CSS reference. I am also aware of masterpages, which I don't really understand, in fact.

Programming Model
I just watched this video about choosing the right model for me/my application:
Choosing the Right Programming Model. If looks like ASP.NET MVC, which I thought was the best approach, is more for the veteran Web developers, people who are comfortable with Web applications. I have used a lot of DataBinding in Windows Forms, and WebForms seems to be more what I'm looking for into ASP.NET, until they say that MVC allows for Unit Testing, TDD and Agile methodologies, which I adhere to, as a certified Professional Scrum Master. I'm a bit mixed up on what will be more natural for me speaking of programming model.

Taking into account my base of knowledge and my experience, what programming model do you think I'm going to be more comfortable with? Will choosing one over the other allow me to get acquainted enough with ASP.NET to one day try the other model? In the video about choosing the Programming Model both sat on ASP.NET, I heard about DataBinding while using Web Forms, but no mention of DataBinding in the MVC model. Is there any possible DataBinding in MVC?

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Programming Model For Prototyping Then Reusable For Production

May 15, 2010

In .NET land what would be a good approach for quick prototyping of a concept (i.e. development just on my PC) that could then be extended out to product (users across LAN/WAN), BUT in a fashion that the model/business logic code and data access layer code can be used as is? One thought for example I had as to do:
(a) WinForms with business logic and Entity Framework layer to SQL Server Express on my PC, then
(b) Go then to ASP.net (using the business logic / data library) with SQL Server/IIS

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Architecture :: Chess Programming Model - Memory Consumption And Speed

Nov 9, 2010

I am trying to develop a chess application in asp.net (C#). I am very confused about overall structure of the application. I am just unable to figure out the complete model (or prototype) of my project. As chess programming should be very efficient in memory consumption and speed, can someone provide me a good idea , how should I develop my application. Currently, I am taking a class named 'Chessboard' for my project and its objects are chesspieces ( pawn,king,queeen). I am initialising each object with some properties (type, value, color etc). But its quite complex. I am having 32 objects in this approach.

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MVC :: Can't Use An EditorFor, And Just Pass In The Model, As It Would Not Render Out The Dropdownlists?

May 9, 2010

Generally speaking we create a custom view for each page. So for an edit view of a car the model might be:

Car CarToEdit{ get; set;}
List<SelectListItem> CarManufacturers{ get; set;}

This has the advantage of giving a strongly typed view. It doesn't decouple the data layer well, but that is a separate issue. I'd then need to do something like (very approx syntax) :

<%= Html.DropDownList("ManufacturerId", Model.CarManufacturers)%>

Because of this, I can't use an EditorFor, and just pass in the model, as it would not render out the dropdownlists. So I think why not annotate the manufacturer field with UIHInt... great that works. ... but how do I pass in the data (both the manufacturerId, and the List<SelectListItem> to the hinted field?One solution is to have the UIHint control do a RenderAction. So the main view would include a line like:


Which would in turn go and render a view :


This works, but seems a little long winded. Can anyone suggest better ways of achieving this?Is anyone actually using UIHint?Also it would be good to be able to cache the output from the partial view (the dropdownlist) which is called from the RenderAction method... but output caches are is basically ignored on a render action (unless I've missed the point here).

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AJAX :: Passing Values From Model Pop Up To Text Box?

Nov 30, 2010

Am using a Model popup to show a grid view. From where the selected record should be posted back to a Text Box in the parent page. i loaded the grid succesfully i can post the values inside the modelpopup. but can't post the value to the text box in the parent page. and i use only server side code not client side scripting.

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Read Model Values And Send Them By Ajax Post?

Feb 17, 2011

I have the following code and it`s pointing out errors as follows

Error 1 The name 'date' does not exist in the current context
Error 2 The name 'person' does not exist in the current context

What is wrong?

$("#test").Click(function () {
var date = $("#DateFrom").val();
var person = Model.SelectedPerson;
url: '@Url.Action("testEmp","Employee",new {dateFrom = date, selectedPerson= person})',
type: 'GET',
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
dataType: "html",
success: function (result) {
return false;

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MVC :: Model State Doesn't Contain Model Values

Aug 2, 2010

when I use Html.HiddenFor( model => model.OwnerId ) to create a hidden field, the value assigned to that field is zero. When I use <input type="hidden" value="<%: Model.OwnerId %>" /> to add the hidden field to the form, the value is assigned correctly.

Why would Html.HiddenFor( model => model.OwnerId ) not get the correct value from the Model object? Am I supposed to load model state somehow separate from returning the model object from the action method? Here is the view:


The Create action method is relatively straight forward.

public ActionResult Create( ... )
ViewStockItem item = new ViewStockItem();
item.ActionCode = ActionCode.Add;
if (item.OwnerId == 0)
item.OwnerId = 7;
BookOwner owner = db.BookOwners.Single(c => c.OwnerId == item.OwnerId);
item.OwnerName = owner.OwnerName;
return View(item);

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Web Forms :: Public Variables And DropDownlists Selected Values

May 11, 2010

I have a detailsview with template fields. when i go into edit mode i am trying to set the selectedvalue of a dropdownlist to be the value of the corresponding label from the item template in code behind as once i go into edit mode i loose the initial value from the detailsview and the dropdownlist defaults to the first listitem. what i am doing is onDataBinding of the detailsview i access the cell value of the label , i then assign that to a public variable but once i've exited the routine the public variable looses the value of the detailsview cell i've just assigned to it. this is the value i'm hoping to assign to the selectedvalue of the dropdownlist when i go into editmode. The reason i'm doing it this way is although i can use bind in the html to mantain the dropdownlist selected value between detailsview states once i come to update the detailview i get the following error

Databinding methods such as Eval(), XPath(), and Bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control.to work arround this i've had to assign the values to update paramteres also in code behind. here's my code behind page i've bolded the routines in question. drpDataStoreDDL is the variable in question.


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Forms Data Controls :: DropDownLists, Carry Over Values, C#?

Apr 13, 2010

I have a FormView in InsertItem that contains one DropDownList linked to a Table Datasource to display ItemCodes. In that "lookup" table I also have a Retail and Cost field.When the user selects the item from the drop down, how can I have these to field carry over into my new record that is being inserted. The new record also has a Retail and Cost field that are TextBoxes.Basically I am populating the new fields with the default values from the DropDownList.

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Web Forms :: Remove Duplicate Values From DropDownLists Populated From Database

Mar 18, 2013


ID         FROM          TO

12        TXS             NY

12        LS               NY

This is my table ... I am retriving the values of "FROM"  and "TO"  based on the id .. Separate Dropdownlist for FROM & TO . While Displaying , in  "TO" Dropdownlist NY value is repeated twice .. How to remove the duplicate value? need vb coding frnz ...

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Web Forms :: Changing Index On Dropdownlists Childs Dont Cause Other Dropdownlists To Reload?

Jan 30, 2011

i have the following code:


3 nested dropdownlists SELECTing from DB. So i select the brand, then i select the model and then i select the product and click on SEARCH button.

But when i select thebrand, and then the model, and if i want to change the brand, it does not reset the second and third dropdownlists.

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How To Add An Unknownn Number Of Dropdownlists Programatically To A Page And Retrieve The Selected Values With C# On Submit

Nov 26, 2010

Basically the scenario is like this, I'm getting an XML from a 3rd party application with available dates for booking, for each day there are types of rooms the person can choose, single, double, etc.

Each hostel will return me an unknown number of room types. But dont get too confused with this. The thing is simple I just need to add an unknown number of dropdownlists (or HTML Select) with the numbers of persons to book for. Now because I don't know how many of those dropdowns I will have I need to add them programatically inside a "for int i=0; i

How can I add an unknownn number of dropdownlists programatically to a page and retrieve the selected values with c# on submit?The last column on the screenshot


Update:I'm creating the code from the xml results as a string that will print as html code:

XmlDocument xmlDoc2 = new XmlDocument();
XmlNodeList prices = xmlDoc.GetElementsByTagName("RoomType"); [code]...

I know that doing that and adding the runat=server won't help on my control, there is where my main problem is now, how to add the code on the html to be able to get the dropdownlist selected value later with c#. Can I do that with Request.Form ? was trying but so far I couldnt do it.

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Javascript - How Much Client-side Programming Is Needed When Doing Server-side Programming

Mar 16, 2011

but I am rather confused about what to invest in. I heard that server-side code translates into client-side code. So, if you have an .aspx file, it will be converted to HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I have experience with the latter three technologies put into a rather dull text file and rendered by a web browser. My question is how much HTML/CSS/Javascript coding would I have to do when server-side programming? In other words, can someone using ASP.NET program purely on the server side and not bother to write for the client side? Of course, I don't care about server-side being translated into client-side, but I am wondering if client-side programming needs to be done explicitly and to what degree.

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Jquery - Programming With Js In Client Side With Ajax Technology?

Nov 12, 2010

I'm want to build web site in asp.net(because I know this language) in server side, and js (probably jquery) in client side, with Ajax technology. I heard that ASP.NET AJAX is too slow, if it's true (is it?) - what are the other options (to combine ASP.NET and Ajax) for me? Which tool combine all that technologies?

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AJAX :: Dropdownlists Not Disabled - Reason?

Jul 28, 2010

I have an accordion and a nested accordion as a menu ba on left. thepanes contain various controls mainly dropdownlists. I disable the accordion after a user has enetered some values and clicked the search button. However in IE7 the accordion is disabld and all the contained controls are too. But in IE6 the dropdownlists aren't disabled whats the reason behind this and whats the solution?

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AJAX :: Cascading Dropdownlists Error 500?

Aug 6, 2010

I have a web app with several groups of cascading dropdownlists. All the cascading dropdownlists work as designed, but now the app is in the live enviroment with multiple users they are getting error 500 messages returned in some of the dropdownlists. Just wondered if there is a set amount of time to populate between selections? As these users are sometimes waiting tens of mins betwen selecting the values.On some of the dropdowns i'm pasing a date to the method using session variable whether this could be the issue? an example of one of the methods is below:


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AJAX :: Replace Dropdownlists With ComboBoxes?

Feb 12, 2010

I've been trying to replace my dropdownlists with ajax ComboBoxes so i can apply css in ie.

I can't seem to apply any css to the items in the dropdownlist. Here is my css:[Code]....

I've tried putting font styles in every class but it does nothing. The font in the actual text bar is styled correctly.

Also i've noticed the dropdownlist doesn't display all the items in it. Only the top 2.

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AJAX :: CasadingDropDown Not Populating DropDownLists?

Dec 25, 2010

I'm trying to make cascadingdropdownlists work on my web form. I was following this tutorial:


I followed that tutorial almost ot the T. But when I run my page, neither of my dropdownlists become populated. I don't know what I'm missing...

Heres the code for my Form:


Here's the code for my WebService:


And Here's the code for my Web.config file


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AJAX :: Populate Data In Cascading Dropdownlists Using Javascript

Dec 10, 2010

Am using masterpages.I have written following code to add rows to dynamictable with html controls.
I need to load data from database in cascading dropdownlists(like country,state);this javascript code is not accepting asp controls.can we load data in cascading html dropdowns? using javascript/AJAX?


<input type="button" value="Add Row" onclick="addRow('dataTable')" /> [code]....

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DropDownLists Affecting Other DropDownLists?

Jun 25, 2010

I'm wondering how I can make one dropdownlist affect another one.. For example...You select your country from a drop down list of countries. On selecting it, another dropdown list becomes visible and displays the states of your country. I'm taking this data from a database, so it merely has to link to a different table for each country selected.

Also, I want the option of being able to add a 'state' to the database from the webform by typing whatever its called into the combobox so that future users will see that option.

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How To Set Values For Model Properties On .aspx Page In MVC 2

Dec 3, 2010

I have a strongly typed view. I get model passed into the view and then i assign model values to labels etc.
I would then also like to set Model values programmatically on .aspx page, like:

<%= Model.someValue = "foo"; %>

and then pass that model back to controller action and than access those values. I know that I can apply values to model like these:

<%= Html.TextBoxFor(n => n.someValue) %>

but in these case, this is not an option for me.

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MVC :: Keep Values Of Model's Unused Members During Updates?

Apr 2, 2010

suppose our model has a property named "CreatedByUserId" that keeps the creator's user id

when we want to update our model, there are no need to display this field, but we should keep it's value during the update.

so, if i don't place any edit field for this property on the view, the model wouldn't have any value for CreatedByUserId property when returns to controller

to solve this, i :

1.place a hidden input in the view for these fields (which is vulnerable)


2.make a Get call to db and get the original CreatedByUserId value on each update (which causes additional round trips to db)

isn't there any better way to do this ?

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