AJAX :: Tab Panel Behavior Change With Switch(mode)?

Jan 12, 2010

I have two Main Tabs and in a TabContainer.I have 5 Second Level Tab Panels under Main Tabs.Two MainTabs work as mode: find and work:The default is Find Mode with First Tab visible.the user selects some field and the result is displayed in the same Panel in a GridView.When the user views the result it is displayed in the second TabPanel of the Second Level Tab which is then set to visible while other 3 tabs are still invisible.I want to go back to the Find mode and have it in the orignal state.Same thing with the Main Tabs:
When I am in work mode: the other 3 tabs are visible and the previous two Tabs are invisible.When I want to go back to Find Mode. I want to retain the what the user had selected in the 2nd level Tabs before moving to the Work panel.

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AJAX :: Change The Id Of A Sys.UI.Behavior?

Mar 27, 2010

when I try to change the Behavior component's id in $create() I receive an exception when running the web page with the component control on it:

Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.InvalidOperationException: The id property can't be set on this object.

how then to change the Behavior's id? I know it is impossible to change the id of a Sys.UI.Control component, but the web control I created has a Behavior client side API.

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AJAX :: Odd Behavior On Setting Focus In User Control With Update Panel?

Nov 9, 2010

I'm having a bit of an issue in my ASP.Net application moving focus from a textbox in one user control to a text box in the next user control on the page after postback. I've searched high and low over the last several days to find a solution but, for whatever reason, have been unable to do so.

I have a page that has user controls loaded dynamically to allow a user to enter data.The number and type of user controls loaded to the page is determined at run time based on a database query.It is possible than many controls of the same type can be loaded. Each user control has its own update panel. Within the update panel of each control is a regular asp panel. Inside of the regular panel there are at least 2 server controls (any other controls that may exist in the user control are not affected by this issue) - a text box and a button.The defaultbutton property of the regular panel is set to the ID of the button within the user control. The desired behavior is to allow the user to enter data into the textbox on one user control hit enter to save the data on that user control the application will set focus to the textbox of the next user control on the page after the data from the "current" user control has been saved. Other considerations;

The application uses master pages. We make extensive use of ajax and the ajaxtoolkit in the application. I am using Visual Studio 2010 and .Net 4 The issue - when first entering the page, one can enter data into the first textbox and press the enter key. Data from "current" user control is correctly saved and focus is correctly moved to the next user control on the page.

Data can be entered into the textbox of "new" user control and when the enter key is pressed, the data is correctly save. The focus appears to move correctly to the next user control on the page.Data cannot be entered into the textbox of the control. Pressing the enter key will not save the data (because none was entered) but the focus will move to the textbox of the next user control on the page.

Data can be entered into the textbox of the user control. When the enter key is pressed, the data is correctly saved and the focus appears to move correctly to the textbox of the next control on the pageBasically, steps 3 and 4 are repeated until the end of the user controls on the page, alternating between being able to enter data and not. Other items of note When one is able to enter data into the textbox of a user control, one can correctly tab through the textboxes of each user control until the end of the page When one is not able to enter data into the textbox of a user control, pressing the tab key will take the focus to the address bar of the browser.

I created a much simplified example of the scenario described above and was able to consistently reproduce the "bad" focus behavior. All of the ajax toolkit controls and code where stripped out of the sample to rule the toolkit out as a cause. The behavior still occurs without the toolkit.

I am including the code for default.aspx and WebUserControl1.ascx.





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Debugging - Can't Switch Web Application Into DEBUG Mode

Jan 14, 2011

I have an ASP.NET 3.5 web application. For the application:

Configuration set to "DEBUG;
"Define DEBUG constant" checkbox is checked for "DEBUG" configuration;

web.config file contains 'true' as value for 'debug' attribute of 'compilation' node.

Nevertheless to everything the following code:


put "DebugMode: False" into result string. In the same time I can't connect to the application with VisualStudio in debug mode...


how can I get real value of debugging mode?

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AJAX ModalPopup Update Panel Contents Based On Change In Panel Controls

Aug 30, 2010

I have an AJAX Modal Popup panel that contains a RadioButtonList, 2 labels and 2 DropDowns. I want to update the Labels and DropDowns when a radio button is selected. My attempt at this posts back which causes the ajax popup to disappear.

aspx called on image click:
<asp:Panel ID="pnlModalContainer" runat="server">
<asp:RadioButtonList ID="rblTest" runat="server" RepeatDirection="Horizontal" OnSelectedIndexChanged="rblTest_SelectedIndexChanged">

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Forms Data Controls :: Switch FormView To Edit Mode From Repeater ItemCommand?

Sep 30, 2010

The following code successfully displays a record in a FormView and sets the FormView mode to 'Edit' when the user clicks on a LinkButton within a Repeater, however the record is not Updated. If I don't change the .SelectCommand and call .DataBind, I'm able to update the first record that is displayed. Naturally that's a moot point because the idea is to be able to update the record that the user selects in the Repeater.Because of the design of the FormView and Repeater, the record *must* be updated via the FormView. Updating the record via the Repeater is not an option.


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AJAX :: Change Editor Active Mode Dynamically?

Mar 5, 2011

i am using asp.net ajax editor control , i am giving default active mode as Preview. How can i change the active mode as design in button event.

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How To Switch IIS Developer Express To "Classic Mode"

Sep 20, 2010

I know how to switch to "Classic Mode" (from "Integrated Mode") in the full IIS via application pool settings. But I can't find how to do it in the current IIS Developer Express beta.

The MS Developer Express FAQ says it can be done, but not how. It's not in the WebMatrix GUI, as far as I can tell. Maybe customization of the Developer Express project file, but I don't see any documentation for that at all.

FYI, there is a Settings area where you can set SSL, CLR version (2.0 in this case), which is where I figure the Pipeline mode (Classic/Integrated) would be, but it's not there.

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C# Change Pannel Class Instead Of A Switch/if Statement?

Aug 9, 2010

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="admin.aspx.cs" Inherits="******._Default"
1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" >
<head id="mainHead" runat="server" >
<link rel="Stylesheet" href="../style/admin.css" />
<div class="topMenu">
<asp:Panel id="mnu0" runat="server" class="navButton">
<a href="admin.aspx" class="navLink">Admin Home</a>
<asp:Panel id="mnu1" runat="server" class="navButton">
<a href="admin.aspx" class="navLink">User Manager</a>
<asp:Panel id="mnu2" runat="server" class="navButton">
<a href="admin.aspx" class="navLink">Products</a>
<br /><br />
<div class="subMenu">
<a href="products.aspx" class="subLink">Products</a> <a href="productCats.aspx" class="subLink">Categories</a>
<br /><br />
Welcome to the Admin

Code behind:

public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page
protected int menuID;
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
string menuIDdata = Page.Request.QueryString["mid"];
menuID = 0;
// Check the user is allowed here
if (!Roles.IsUserInRole("Admin"))
// Get the menu ID
if (int.TryParse(menuIDdata, out menuID))
menuID = int.Parse(menuIDdata);
menuID = 0;
mnu0.CssClass = "navButtonO";

I'm trying to change the class of the menu depending on which one is selected, but is there an elegant way to change the class instead of a switch/if statement? For example:

mnu[menuID].CssClass = "navButtonO";

Would change the class of the menu item.

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WebMatrix :: Microsoft.WebPages.Helpers.WebSecurity Behavior Change

Oct 2, 2010

is it possible to be able to change the WebSecurity login page ? in the _start.cshtml for exemple ? because sometimes you need to put the login page in another folder or change the name of that page ( if i speak french , i aint gona call my page login). I know i can to a Response.Redirect but it forces me to create fake login pages for nothing.

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AJAX :: Update Panel On Text Change?

Nov 24, 2010

I have a text box to lookup codes. When you type search criteria in text box, it populates listbox and when you select item in listbox it populates the same text box with the value from listbox.

basically i am using same text box to search and finally populate it with the value. How can use update panel in this case so it doesn't refresh the entire page everytime list box is populated as well as when text box is finally updated.

I am calling a procedure in response to textbox_Changed event to poulate listbox.

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AJAX :: How To Use JavaScript To Change Height Of A Panel (when Using CollapsiblePanelExtender)

Sep 22, 2010

I have 2 panels in my page with their height is fixed (ex : Panel1.Height = 200px, Panel2.Height = 300px)

I am using CollapsiblePanelExtender to collapse/expand the first Panel by clicking on an ImageButton.

If Panel1 is hidden, change the height of Panel2 = 300 + 200. And if Panel1 is shown, change the height of Panel2 = 300.

How I can do that ?

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AJAX :: How To Refresh Update Panel On DropDownList Change

Nov 4, 2013

I am trying to refresh updatepanel using dropdownlist but facing problems.

<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlClass" EnableViewState="true" AutoPostBack="false" class="input-large span10" runat="server" onchange="loadAllDefaults();" Style="width: auto;">

Above is the code of dropdownlist

<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" />
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" UpdateMode="Conditional" runat="server">
<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="ddlClass" />
<asp:Repeater ID="rep1" runat="server">

[Code] ....

This is updatepanel code. as shown in the code, i am referring to ddlClass in triggers which already calls a javascript function loadAllDefaults();

The problem is, since ddlClass is calling javascript function 'onchange' property, i cannot call any other function of backend code and I want to refresh the updatepanel on the basis of selected value of dropdownlist.

How can i do this? I have created a function in c# code in backend but I am not able to call both functions together!

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Forms Data Controls :: Test Mode Change In Gridview / Stating†can't Change String To Decimal?

Sep 14, 2010

When i run the following code i get an error when gridview changes mode to Edit. stating that you can't change string to decimal!

To get around the occurance i want to disable code when in Edit mode or resolve another way?

For Each row As GridViewRow In GridView1.Rows
Dim cell As TableCell = row.Cells(7)
Dim invoicetotal As Decimal = CDec(cell.Text)

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AJAX :: Checkbox Change Event Is Not Getting Fired Properly In Update Panel?

Aug 2, 2010

I have a simple Textbox for entering password and the checkbox named Show passowrd beside it. Textbox mode is Password by default. These controls are in the table and I am using Update panel on top of the table. My application framework is 2.0 and I am Using ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions.

Now When i write some text in the textbox and check the Showpassword chekbox then the checkbox event is not getting fired. when Second time i click it then the event is fired and text in the textbox is removed and the textbox mode is set to the SingleLine. This functionality I am achieving by writing a code in the CS File.

When I remove the Update panel then the event is fired correctly everytime, but when usign Update panel and some text in the textbox then i have to check the checkbox twice for the desired functionality.

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AJAX :: Change Background Color Of Active And Inactive Tab Panel Header

Feb 27, 2014

I have a tabcontainer with three tabpanel. The first tab is always enabled, while the other two get enabled and disabled in the code-behind depending on some conditions.I would like to customize the header style of the second and third tab such that: - If the tabs are disabled, the header (title of the tab) font color should be gray - If the tabs are disabled, the header (title of the tab) font color should be blue. Currently, I have the following in my style sheet: `a.ajax__tab_tab{ color: blue; }`but this always sets the tab title font color to blue, regardless of whether the tab is enabled or disabled. This piece of code shows the conditions to enable or disable the tabs. Can I control for style here as well?

protected void HorizonTextBox_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (HorizonTextBox.Text != "")
TabPanel2.Enabled = true;
TabPanel3.Enabled = true;

[Code] .....

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Switch From Async PostBack To Full PostBack In An Update Panel?

Aug 20, 2010

Is something like this possible?

Dim iCounter as Integer
Dim iQuantity as Integer = 10
Protected Sub btnFoo_Click Handles btnFoo Yadda
For i as Integer = iCounter to iQuantity - 1
//do something with AsyncPostBackTrigger until iCounter = iQuantity - 1
//then trigger a full postback
End Sub

I am new to the concept and feel like there must be something really easy that I am missing.

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Web Forms :: Stretch Image In Panel - Want To Change The Height Of The Panel?

Jul 28, 2010

I have a panel and a background image. to stretch this image in the panel if the height is adjusting. I have tried to google this but have trouble find a solution for this.The image has the size: (647 X 158).

The only thing that will change is the height of the panel. Now it does repeat by default. no - repeat will probably only make the image its orignal size wich is not stretching it out over the whole panel.Otherwise I am thinking of change the size of the image itself in C#. [Code]....

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AJAX :: How To Switch From IFrame App

Mar 3, 2010

1) Should I change the iframe to a User/Server control? or just a div?

2) I currently just have HTML links with load my iframe based on the page the user wants to see. How should I load (1) from the main links?

3) I have multiple levels of user controls. So control A could dynamically load Child controls...which each of those could load child controls. Do All these controls get a scriptManagerProxy? WHere should the original scriptManager go from (1)?

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AJAX :: SliderExtender Behavior Can Only Be Capture After A Postback?

Dec 3, 2010

I'm using SliderExtender in content of a Master Page.

It has a JavaScript function that is called in both $(document).ready and Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance() .add_endRequest() .

When I initial the page, the function is not active, it says " $find('BehaviorID') " is null, while other JavaScript function (without behaviourID) works smoothly.

But when I do a postback on the page. The slider function turns to available.

It seems the page didn't generate properly, miss a slider tag with class = "...BehaviorID..."

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AJAX :: Strange Behavior With GridView In A User Control?

Feb 6, 2010

I've got a user control that is displayed via a PopupControlExtender. The user control is a GridView that dynamically adds columns to the control to display the results of a SELECT statement. The PopupControlExtender correctly displays the control and the control displays the neccessary columns. However, when the control is first displayed, the column widths are ignored, despite that they are explicity set. If the control is displayed and then hidden, the column widths are acknowledged the next time the control is displayed.

Here's the user control when first displayed


Here's how its display after the first time


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AJAX :: UpdatePanel Behavior After Using Browser Back Button?

Feb 1, 2010

I basically have a web app where the user enters some form info in Page1. This info is submitted and a SQL database is updated. The user is directed to Page2.

Page 2 contains a summary of info submitted in Page1, a PRINT button, and two UpdatePanels. Each UpdatePanel contains a ListView where the user can add, edit and remove items. Once the user is happy with the page, they click PRINT. This takes them to a printer-friendly page with NO on-page navigation.

Once printed using the browser print button, the user clicks the browser back button. In this case it is always IE8 running the pages. When you return to Page2, the content of the ListViews in the UpdatePanels looks like the first step when Page2 was entered from Page1. All work done on Page2 from that intial point is not there. Click the browser refresh button and the entire page will load.

Why does this happen? When the user clicks the browser back button in the printer friendly page, I need the screen to show Page2 with all the info from just before the PRINT button was pressed.

I can provide code, but initially thought it would confuse/clutter the post.

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VS 2005 Ajax Extension - Switch / Update?

Jul 30, 2010

I download ajax extension from microsoft but in VS 2005 the extension is version 1.0.61025 and i install .net framework 3.5 it will install ajax extension 3.5.0. how come i switch or update my extension to version 3.5.0 script manager error occur? i did remove 1.0.6 from reference the same error occur again.

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AJAX :: Html Editor - Can't Switch Between Views

Jan 14, 2011

I have a HTML editor embedded on a page based on a master page, and I can't switch between the different views, Design View or HTML Text.

Actually, I can switch to HTML View but it won't switch back to Design View. Tried IE 8 and Firefox 3.6.

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AJAX :: "Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException" When Change The Value In Drop Down List Inside The Update Panel

Jan 5, 2010

Am using update panel in my .aspx page .when i change the value in drop down list inside the update panel am getting the following error. am not using any response object or server object in my code.

"Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException: The message received from the server could not be parsed. Common causes for this error ...."

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