AJAX :: Visual Studio 2008 And Auto Generated Code For Accordion Accordion Extender?

Mar 2, 2011

I run into this problem while playing with accordion for a project. Sometimes VS 2008 auto generates code, without me wanting to!!!. Less generally I have an Accordion with 2 Accordion Panes in it. When modifing properties of the Accordion VS 2008 adds an Accordion extender and duplicates the two Accordion Panes!

My original code


My code after pressing space between the properties of the Accordion



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JQuery :: Use A Ui Accordion Control / Place An Accordion In An Accordion?

Nov 2, 2010

i am creating a menu which has the below structure. what i would like to do is use a jquery ui accordion control.

can i place an accordion in an accordion?... i.e. menu 1 expands out in an accordion and then the sub menus in menu 1 need to expand out in another accordion.

menu 1
sub menu of the menu 1
menu item
menu item
menu item
sub menu of the menu 1
sub menu of the menu 1
menu 2
sub menu of the menu 2
menu item
menu item
menu item
sub menu of the menu 2
sub menu of the menu 2

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AJAX :: Accordion Extender + JS Error?

Dec 7, 2010

I used accordion control and removed the click event on load using the $removedHandler in javascript but I've got an error "Sys.InvalidOperationException: Handler was not added through the Sys.UI.DomEvent.addHandler method."

Is there a way to validate if the event handler is already removed? Here's my sample code:


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AJAX :: Accordion Menu - Extender Control Not Registered

Dec 20, 2010

I have a override Render method on my AccordionMenu.ascx.cs, basically just replace the <span></span> tag with <div></div> due to w3c compliance requirement, this is the c# code:


but when i try to run it, the page always throws an exception to me like this: Extender control 'MyAccordion_AccordionExtender' is not a registered extender control. Extender controls must be registered using RegisterExtenderControl() before calling. this is the context of my pages: accordion menu is placed in the content page, and the content page is inherited from a master page, the master page has a script manager.

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AJAX :: Error While Using Collapsablepanel Extender With Accordion Panes?

Aug 20, 2010

i used collapsablepanel extender

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AJAX :: Accordion Extender Pane Empty In Certain Browsers?

Nov 26, 2010

I am having 2 problems at this time with the ajax accordion extender. At my website [URL] I have an accordion extender for the "Products" button. When I browse my site in IE everything is as it should be. You click on the "Products" button and the accordion expands to show 4 more buttons. However if you browse the site in Chrome the accordion expands and you see an empty pane. I have tried changing many settings in the accordion control and pane but nothing seems to make it work correctly in Chrome.

Another problem I am having is I would like to make the accordion expand when you hover your mouse over the "Products" button. The functionality I want is that it will stay open until you either hover over any other button outside of the accordion, back over the "Products" button again or you navigate to a new page.
Here is the code for the troubled accordion pane:


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AJAX :: Making Collapsible Panel Extender As Accordion?

Jan 27, 2011

i have multiple collapsible panel extenders in single page

what i want is when one panel is expanded others if open become close

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AJAX :: Accordion Control Bug With VS 2008?

May 31, 2010

anyone has encountered this 'bug'...i was working with the Ajax Toolkit with vs 2008 and noticed that when i was in Split design or source view, any changes i made to the accordion tags i.e. properties, etc...it vs would automatically duplicated the whole entire accordion panel including all the content, header and accordianPanel....very annoying!

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AJAX :: Accordion Inside Gridview Fetch Gridview Data When Expanding Accordion

Oct 27, 2010

using asp.net/vb.net 2005

I want to create an accordion inside a gridview with the following functionality:

The user will only see one field of the gridview initially, the ProductCategoryID. When the page loads it will only query the ProductCategoryID and this will be the only field displayed.

Next when the user clicks on the accordion to expand it inside the gridview I would like to query the database to get all Products that are part of the ProductCategory. I will query using the ProductCategoryID that is being displayed.

I need to do this for performance issues. The main thing I am looking for is how to query the database once the user expands a given ProductCategoryID.

but now I think of it one thing I need to know: when you bind an accordion to a dataset will it create one pane for each record returned? It might be better to put the gridview inside the accordion. I'm willing to do either, as long as it works

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AJAX :: Expand Accordion In Code-behind?

Apr 21, 2010

using vb.net/asp.net 2005:

After adding a new record using a stored procedure I want to expand the accordian which is inside an inner grid so that the user can see what was just added, I'm rebinding the gridview which works but when I set the SelectedIndex = 0 that does not expand the accordian. Do I need to do this in Javascript? My vb.net codebehind that I'm trying (but not working) is here:


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AJAX :: Add Source Code To Accordion Pane?

Feb 21, 2010

Im trying to add some code to my accordion pane but the code gets executed. The code is not shown as text. How can i fix this?

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AJAX :: Disable Accordion Pane Header In Code Behind

Aug 19, 2010

if found some javascript but that is on the client / i need to disable some panes based on values from the database. Ive tried AccordionPane4.HeaderContainer.Enabled = false ; But that has no effect. also is there an event handler so I can swap an image for open / close when someone expands a pane?

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Visual Studio 2008 - Finding Tools For Visual Studio 2008 Which Can Reformat ASPX Code

Jan 6, 2010

Is there any tool for Visual Studio 2008 which can reformat ASPX code to make it more presentable (eg insert line breaks, format the lines so they wrap when necessary, etc)?

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Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Isn't Accessible From The Code Behind + AJAX Accordion

Aug 5, 2010

After much research, no solution can be found to do what I want by combining these two controls. Currently, I have a repeater control which, in page_load, takes the querystring and queries the database accordingly, puts the resulst in a datatable, and binds the datatable to the repeater. Everything works fine, no problem there. It's just that I have many columns coming from the query and there are many rows as well. So, I thought it would be easier to incorporate the accordion, so that the header of each accordion pane would show some unique fields (name, whatever...) as the header, and the rest of the many fields in the content. This way, there would be many closed accordion panes showing the name from the row returned. If the pane is clicked, the pane would open and show the rest of the results.

The problems I've had are that the repeater is not accessible from the code behind if it is inside the accordion. But I'm sure I wasn't doing it right anyways. I'm just trying to have an accordion that has as many panes as there are results from a datasource. If there is something other than a repeater that you can suggest, or the correct way to incorporate the repeater in the accordion to do what I want, suggest whatever! I just need to format how the results display how I want, unlike a gridview (I used tables in my normal repeater, and that worked fine, I just need to get that repeater to work inside of the accordion).

(and I know this isn't the section to ask about the accordion, but what is the AccordionExtender? It's not in the toolbox, and I can't find much online. It won't be recognized by Visual Studio, so I don't know what to do. If I could get that, I feel like it could solve my problem, as I found a possible solution online) I don't need to post my code, as it's a simple repeater, and trying to integrate it within the accordion isn't working no matter which way I try since I can't DataBind() in the codebehind. And yes, I tried to FindControl within the accordion but it wouldn't find the repeater.

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AJAX :: Create Databound Nested Toolkit Accordion Programatically (In Code Behind)?

Aug 24, 2010

I have this so far but kind of stuck on how to do it programtically if I'm using header and content templates I have a xmldatasource..In a nutshell at what point in my code do I need to create a new accordion? does it need to be in the item_databound handler?



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Visual Studio :: Can Visual Studio 2008 Be All In One Tool To Integrate Source Code Continuously

Jan 20, 2010

can Visual Studio 2008 be All-In-One tool to integrate source code continuously from team members, build, unit test?

Having used Visual Studio Team Edition 2005, unit testing each method within VS itself. I strongly believe that it is feasible to add-on tools. Example ankhsvn tool to use SVN from Visual studio [URL]

In my investigating i have come across number of tools(shown below) to use with Visual Studio 2008 professional

Development tool:- Visual Studio 2008 professional using Subversion as source control tool. Continuous Integration:- Hudson or Cruise control Build tool:- NAnt Testing:- NUnit, Selinium As Visual Studio 2008 can be used for unit testing I think NUnit is out of consideration.

In the same way i would like to have any other tools/add-ons to Visual studio to implement continuous integration, building and unit testing. This process should be automated such a way source code between team members is continuously integrated, built and unit testing is done as configured.

Objective is to use few number of tools as add-on to Visual Studio or achieve most from Visual studio itself (example unit testing). Visual Studio should be all in one tool.

I am aware that Team Foundation Server best suits my requirement, but it is out of scope due to its cost.

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Visual Studio :: JS Code Auto-formats While Copy-pasting?

Apr 5, 2010

I'm trying to copy-paste minified JavaScript code from one .js file to another. But when I paste the code, it auto-formats... (line-breaks and indentation is added automatically)...But I didn't want that to happen. How do I solve this problem?

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AJAX :: Visual Studio 2010 And Autocomplete Extender?

Aug 25, 2010

The AutoComplete Extender control from the AJAX Control Toolkit does not work. It uses a webservice to retrieve data for the Autocomplete functionality.The problem seems to be that the event to call the webservice does not fire I just created a new website in VS 2010 and copied and pasted the AJAX Controltookit Example code for the Autocomplete extender. This works in VS 2008 but not VS 2010Any ideas? suggestions? Some setting in VS 2010 that has to be tweeked.

TargetControlID="myTextBox" ServicePath="AutoComplete.asmx"

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Visual Studio :: Format The Javascript Code On 2008?

Apr 12, 2010

I copied a heap of javascript code to my page. I need to modify it. But the formatting is messed at the same time.The brace brackets don't match. Is the a good way to format it?

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Visual Studio :: Use The 3.5 Ajax Extensions In Visual Web Developer 2008?

Feb 17, 2010

Can I install the 3.5 Ajax Extensions in Visual Web Developer 2008 - Express Edition

If not is there a way I can use the History Control in VWD 2008?

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Using An Ajax Accordion With Several Panes?

Aug 26, 2010

I'm using an Ajax Accordion with several panes. On a postback the currently opened pane is always reset back to the first pane.

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AJAX :: Accordion And PNG Transparency In IE?

Apr 19, 2010

For some reason, this code:

<act:accordion id="accWork_BronzeAward" width="100%" SelectedIndex="-1" headercssclass="accHeader" headerselectedcssclass="accHeader_Selected" contentcssclass="accContent" FadeTransitions="true" TransitionDuration="250" FramesPerSecond="40" RequireOpenedPane="false"
SuppressHeaderPostbacks="true" runat="server">

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AJAX :: Where To Get Accordion Replacement

Mar 16, 2011

If my understanding is correct, it is not possible to use the Datapager with the Accordion control. So, I am trying to find a way to replicate the functionality and wonder if anyone can recommend a method of doing it.

I am after a control/strategy that is 'pageable' where I can have a 'header' with general item information and with some means of displaying more detailed information, if required, without having to leave the current page.

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AJAX :: Does The RoundedCornerExtender Against An Accordion

Jun 17, 2010

Is there a way to get the outlines of the Accordion Ajax control to have rounded corners?

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AJAX :: Accordion Header CSS?

Jan 18, 2010

I am loading an Accorion control dynamically (Used for a menu) and assign the Style in code.

The accordion Header has a default and a hover over style and so does the Content. But it seems like the Content a:hover is used on the Header although i have made sure that i have the Header a:hover also in the CSS. Does any one know if there are something logged like this? Here is my code that dynamically loads the Accordion in the Code Behind

private void loadAccordion(string sMenu,string sHeadingImage)



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