AJAX :: Asynchronous Data Load In Dropdownlist?

Aug 20, 2010

first i'll describe my problem:

I have payment form with a clients dropdownlist that is populated from a database on form load with:

value field = clientIdtext field = nameId
<asp:DropDownList ID="selClients" runat="server">

When user makes a payment, it's necessary to chose a client from selClients, and so i get the clientsId value and build my insert SQL query.

Until here, no problems.

The problem with my UI has started since i had a lot of clients been registered: My dropdownlist became huge and it's taking too much time to load it's contents on page load. Also the dropdownlist area is taking a large area from page screen.

So i tryied a solution with jquery autocomplete plug in. I put a textbox with autocomplete for client name and another hiddenfield to receive the clientId when user select a item.

That solves both problems:

No more large amout of data loaded on page loadThe dropdownlist doesn't take a large area from page screen
But it gave me another problem!

With a textbox, there is a possibility for wrong input client name. So if i don't have a valid clientId in hiddenfield, it will generate a database INSERT exception because it doesn't respect the client table constraint:

payment table REFERS client table

I'm trying to find kind of dropdownlist where the user can type text with autocomplete. Like this, the user will be able to select only data within the possibilities of the dropdownlist and i always will have a valid clientId.

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Feb 20, 2011

I have a MVC view using the following VM.


Currently the page load slow. I am thinking of using JQuery load and render List<A> and List<B> separately and asynchronously. Can I still use MVVM pattern? Or I had to create to controller methods returning List<A> and List<B> separately?]

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Data Controls :: Make DropDownList Load Data Depending On Another DropDownList Data Using Ajax

May 7, 2015

I my website i have 2 dopdownlost i want when i change the value of one.. The other one loads data depending on the first one value

 the both of the dropdownlists is in ajax update panal and i do have script manager

i used this code but not working 

 protected void floor_ddl0_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

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Load XMLdocument Asynchronously Or Asynchronous 3rd Party Service Call?

Dec 21, 2010

I am using a third party service for location time(zonal).If I pass latitude and longitude of the location with service URL it returns the time of that location in XML format.But the problem is some of the time this service gets too much slow so because of that my home page gets stuck because its a synchronous call of that service.here my code-

string TimeZoneUrl = "http://ws.geonames.org/timezone?";
XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();
xmlDoc.Load(TimeZoneUrl + "lat=" + latitude + "&lng=" + longitude);
XmlElement root = xmlDoc.DocumentElement;
XmlNodeList nodes = root.SelectNodes("//*");

How can I make this a asynchronous call?

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Web Forms :: Using Asynchronous Calls With Dropdownlist Control?

Jan 7, 2011

I am currently developing a project management application using ASP.NET (VB). I am nearly done with it. But whenever users select an item from drop-down list control, a post back is triggered and screen is returned to the bagining. This is very irritating at times.

So, I want to know how can I make partial postbacks so that page is not refreshed again and appropriate binding of list control with my oracle database is also made.

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AJAX :: Looking For A Good Guide To The Asynchronous Loading Of Data From The Database?

Mar 24, 2010

Looking for a good guide to the asynchronous loading of data from the database after 2 seconds from the page_load.I need a method that does not burden the operation site!

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DropDownList AutoPostback Fires When Asynchronous Postback Occurrs?

Aug 26, 2010

Well I have a strange problem.I have a page with 2 DropDownLists on it and a custom web-user-control. The custom web user control has an UpdatePanel within it, and an Ajax Timer control within the UpdatePanel to periodically update a listing of stuff.When I "drop-down" one of the DropDownLists and hover over (not click on) an option while the Timer control within the UpdatePanel asynchronously posts back to the server, the DropDownList "autopostbacks" to the server!

I'm trying to figure out why an asynchronous postback would cause the DropDownList to act as if I selected/clicked on an option so that I can find a way around this issue.Now it's really simple to reproduce this problem. Create a Web User control called "TimerUpdatedListing"...this is the ASPX code markup for the web user control:

<%@ Control Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeBehind="TimerUpdatedListing.ascx.vb" Inherits="MyNamespace.TimerUpdatedListing" %>
<div style="width: 150px; height: 150px; overflow: auto; border: solid 1px navy;">
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="anUpdatePanel" runat="server">


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AJAX :: Load Images On Scroll Based On DropdownList Value In JQuery

Dec 23, 2015

in my dropdownlist i added categrory from database. now i need to display image and text as per dropdownlist selection using jquery

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C# - Can Retrieve Data From Server To Client During An Asynchronous Post - Back Using Ajax Library

Apr 9, 2010

ASP.NET Ajax Library provides some client-side events. For instance:

function(args) {
// handle the end of any asynchronous post-back. Every-time there's
// a server round-trip, this method will be called.

During the asynchronous post-back I want to retrieve information to the client. This information must be available in some event like the discribed above.

Does the UpdatePanel or the ScriptManager have any server-side way to retrieve data back to client during an asynchronous post-back?

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel And Asynchronous Pages ?

Apr 16, 2010

Could ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel could be used in ASP.NET asynchronous pages ? Could Page Methods be made asynchronous also ?

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AJAX :: Asynchronous Calls To Same Method?

Mar 12, 2010

I am relatively new to asp.net. In My asp.net website, i have a method GetData(int id) which is called Repetitively, depending on id count, GetData is desinged to get data from sharepoint and sql server both. if the Id count is high say =10, my page load time increases because GetData is called 10 times and the page load time keeps adding up. so I want to ask, is there any way that this GetData() be called asynchornously or by the use of some thread, so that my page loads faster.

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Asynchronous Ajax Call Using QueryString?

Nov 23, 2010

Since i am fresher to .net, i m unable to handle asp.net. I have call asynchronous ajax call using XMLHTTPRequest and also use QueryString to filter Employee details.

I have following files:

1. Default.aspx code

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="Task2._Default" %>

<%@ Register TagPrefix="uc1" TagName="SearchResult" Src="SearchResult.ascx" %>


3. Ajax.aspx is empty in design

what should be the code in Default.aspx.cs when u take some text in textbox to search, OnClick of "ok" button there should'nt be any postback.

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AJAX :: Set A Textbox's Value Before A Asynchronous Postback?

Mar 16, 2010

Is there any way can let me set a textbox's value before the asynchronous postback. but I don't want to add a handler for a control which caused that asynchronous postback, because there are too much control can cause that. I want to know if there is a client event would be caused before the postback.

I tried the event initializeRequest of PageRequestManager to do this, but it did not work, it seems like the request has been generated when this event was executed, the value i set in this event for textbox did not be sent to server.

here is a page I used to test

<%@ Page Language="C#" %>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> runat="server">


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Forms Data Controls :: Populate Dropdownlist In FormView With DataTable.load (DataReader)?

Jan 29, 2011

I have no problem when paging my FormView, the dropdownlist does not read the next record and keep the value of the first loaded record? All other textbox control behave normally and move from record to record excepted the ddl??Here the code.

Public Sub DoData()
Dim myConn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("LocalSqlServer").ConnectionString)
Dim myCommand As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand("SelectSupplier", myConn)
myCommand.CommandText = "SelectSupplier"


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AJAX :: Improve Asynchronous Postback Speed?

Oct 10, 2010

i am trying to increase my web based game movement system speed as much as possible.

i am using ajax asynchronous postbacks for moving on the map. (if you wanna check address [URL] )

so i am looking for all kind of tips to increase ajax asynchronous postback speed.

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AJAX :: ScriptManager Will Not Perform Asynchronous Postbacks?

Jul 14, 2010

I am trying to integrate ASP .Net AJAX into an existing application, but so far I am striking out.After significant digging, I found that for some reason, the ScriptManager was set so that SupportsPartialRendering is false, overriding EnablePartialRendering. From looking at the MSDN documentation, it seems to me that this should not be the case.The rules for determiningrSupportsPartialRendering are (from MSDN):The W3CDomVersion property value must be greater than or equal to 1.0.The EcmaScriptVersion property value must be greater than or equal to 1.0.The SupportsCallback property value must be set totrue.Using Firefox 3.6 and IE7+, these tests should have passed. W3CDomVersion = 1.0, EcmaScriptVersion=1.4, and SupportsCallback=true.n an effort to see if I could get around it by setting the value myself, I overrode the OnInit function in the code behind to explicitly set SupportsPartialRendering to true.his appeared to attempt to start an async postback, but failed with the javascript error "this._postBackSettings.async' is null or not an object" from within the ASP.Net AJAX scripts.

Also, I created a sample application outside of my existing project and got it working exactly as I wanted. When I copied and pasted all the code from the sample project and put it into the existing solution (aspx and code behind) it experienced the same issue. I know that it has something to do with the existing solution, but I am at the end of my rope as to what it could be.Other relevant information:he solution I am trying to integrate this into was at one time upgraded from ASP .Net 2.0 to 3.5.The controls which trigger the async postback are in a repeater and are being registered with ScriptManager.RegisterAsyncPostBackControl during prerender by looping over the bound items in the repeater. This occurs after the Repeater is databound. At the same time, triggers are dynamically added to the UpdatePanel. Code snippet (taken from OnPreRender):


I think the "_postBackSettings.async is null" error is something of a red-herring and is an indication that I am headed down a wormhole, so I am not considering heading down the path of forcing SupportsPartialRendering to true for now. Does anyone know what else could be turning it off in the first place? Or what else could be preventing partial rendering from functioning as expected?

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AJAX :: Stop 2 Asynchronous Web Service Calls?

Nov 22, 2010

We have a custom Ajax checkbox control. In that control we set value (from inside the control) via a web service call (say WSCall1) to the business engine. There is also an event exposed on the OnClick of checkbox for the end user to have their custom code where the end user have their own web service call (say WSCall2). This event that end users will write is handled inside the ajax checkbox control on the "OnSuccess" of the internal web service call (i.e WSCall1) with an expectation that if WSCall1 succeeds, WSCall2 will get executed. This works fine with Firefox and Chrome but not in IE. In IE sometimes WSCall2 gets executed first and then WSCall1 -- actually there is no gurantee which web service gets called first. For WSCall1 we have used " Sys.Net.WebServiceProxy.invoke"

Is there a way we can make sure that WSCall2 gets only executed on the "OnSuccess" of WSCall1? Isn't the OnSuceess supposed to be executed when the WSCall1 thread returns?

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AJAX :: Asynchronous Code For Checking Ports?

Nov 7, 2010

I have some code which connects to a port quickly and if it can connect then it turns the line in the gridview green, if it cant and times out then it turns the line red. This is great, the problem i have is that the page takes a long time to load (as it has to check each port first) and then if i want to check again if the port is up / down i have to manually refresh it which is not what im after.


The code is in a loop and cycles through the various ports in the DB, what i want to know is how i can write a loop that will going through each port without waiting for the last port to come back with a result

Secondly do this in some way that it will auto refresh every 30 or 60 seconds without having to refresh the whole page.

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Forms Data Controls :: Load A DropDownList Into A GridView With A Select Stored Procedure With Parameters

Sep 19, 2010

I want to have a dropdownlist in the footer row of a gridview. The dropdownlist must be populated with an stored procedure that receives a parameter and has a select. Is that posible?? I think yes but I having problems with the parameters.


The exception says incorrect sintax... but I've changed the procedure for something very simple to solve the problem like select 'hello' or select 1, 'hello' and I'm getting the same problem...

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AJAX :: In IE8 When Asynchronous Postback Gets Fired On Textbox Control?

Jan 8, 2010

I have textbox in which pincode has to be entered and it checks with database and gets city and state from database and fills data in other 2 textbox.I have kept asynchronous postback trigger on textbox textchanged event. After reterving data from database i set focus on other textbox of STDCode.But the problem with ie7,ie8 browser is that the focus comes on control but i can't write anything in stdcode textbox untill i move to another textbox. When i come back from another textbox i can write in stdcode textbox.Problem gets occured only in IE7,Ie8 browsers only.Here is design file of that page.

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional">
<table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" width="100%">


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AJAX :: Webforms And Master Page Asynchronous Postback?

May 18, 2010

I am building a website in which all of the site layout is in Master page and the content of the site is in the inherited pages. I have various links for navigation in which i simple use Response.Redirect to transfer to different pages. Now the problem is that I want to put the content place holder inside Ajax Update panel so that the postbacks are Asynchronous and I want to show the postback by an animated image inside Update Panel progress control. The problem is that I am unable to achieve this result and the entire page is posted back and rendered again. I have placed the content place holder inside the Ajax control toolkit's Update panel but it does not work. Is there any way that I can change the content of the content place holder to a new page with asynchronous postback.


I have same problem, can anyone write a code project exemple

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AJAX :: Asynchronous Web Services, JQuery Or .NET (BeginInvoke) Calls?

Sep 24, 2010

I have been moving my application to be more AJAX-based. Currently I have a web service call where I use jQuery to gather some textbox (string) and checkbox (boolean) results and pass it to a web service. Everything works really well, the response time is super quick. The only downside that I can see to this is

1) you need to use jQuery, which will add to the user's download time - this doesn't really affect my application too much because I am using jQuery throughout the site

2) users can see the code and potentially try to hack the web service because they know where it is

I am most concerned with #2. I've been reading a lot about .NET web service calls, using IAsyncResult,

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/2e08f6yc.aspx, and I am beginning to understand the 4 methods available in this article. However, is there extra bloat using this way compared to the jQuery web service call?If there isn't that much bloat or lag time using this method, I'd like to convert my application. Which one of these 4 methods is best in a scenario where I am just returning a small string value? The 4 methods in the article are to wait for EndInvoke itself, which from what I read is not recommended because this may block the first thread; and this should not be used on a service that affects the UI.Create a WaitHandle to wait for the 'OK' before EndInvoke is called Poll the IAsyncResult for .IsCompleted, using sleep() and a Do While until IAsyncResult.IsCompleted is true, then call EndInvoke Pass a delegate function to BeginInvoke to be called once the operation is complete.

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AJAX :: How To Check Asynchronous Call Using PageMethods In Global.asax Using VB.NET

May 27, 2010

I am using PageMethods in my pages, and we have some requirement in which some maintenance process happened in certain time span, so in that time we set on DB flag consider as True False, I have written my code in Global.asax where in application_AcquireRequestState(...,...) Method I am checking the flag and depanding upon the flag I am redirecting my Page to one Maintenance dummy page, so application_AcquireRequestState() method working properly when page get postback or I am using thru any server control, but when I am using Asynchronous call using PageMethods in application_AcquireRequestState I am getting exception, Can anyone solve my problem I am using VB.NET.


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AJAX :: Fire Callback Event Handler From Asynchronous Upload

Nov 22, 2010

I have a page that is using the Ajax asynch file uploader. What I would like to have happen is after the file is uploaded I would like to have it displayed in a list on the page. I am looking for a way to fire a callback event when the file upload is complete. Is it possible using the asynch fileupload control?

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AJAX :: Getting Error While Uploading Image With Asynchronous File Upload

Dec 16, 2010

I am getting an error when i am uploading an image with the asynchronous file upload the error is " Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture. Make sure "AjaxControlToolkit.Properties.Resources.NET4.resources" was correctly embedded or linked into assembly "AjaxControlToolkit" at compile time, or that all the satellite assemblies required are loadable and fully signed.

An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Resources.MissingManifestResourceException: Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture. Make sure "AjaxControlToolkit.Properties.Resources.NET4.resources" was correctly embedded or linked into assembly "AjaxControlToolkit" at compile time, or that all the satellite assemblies required are loadable and fully signed.

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