AJAX :: How To Fetch Data From Response.redirect In Call

Jun 30, 2010

I want to fetch records from webservice and displayed it by ajax call.

so I call web method in aspx page and in passing json data to the url of that ajax call page

but its not fetching that data..

i know i am going wrong some where but i can't detect it

here is my code



url: methodname.aspx,


data: {},




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Necessary To Call Response.End() After Response.Redirect(url)?

Jan 13, 2011

Is it necessary to call Response.End() after Response.Redirect(url) Update for all the answers. Because some answers say that it's necessary and others say no, I have searched more and have found in msdn under remarks the following: Redirect calls End which raises a ThreadAbortException exception upon completion.

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Web Forms :: How To Call Response Redirect From A Class

Jan 15, 2011

I got a ASP.Net website (webforms application in C# - .Net framework 2.0) with Master Page, webforms and a GlobalFunctions class in App_Data folder where i do have ErrorLog functions and few other generic functions. Everytime an exception is caught in my webform it calls this GlobalFunctions.Errorlog function to log the error in my database table. After the exception details are written to the database table, I also would like to redirect the user to my ErrorPage.aspx like


However since i am inside a class (GlobalFunctions.vb) and not a webform, I don't know how to redirect this to ErrorPage.aspx since i can't access Response class.

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C# - Call Client Script Before A Response.Redirect?

Feb 24, 2010

I have a page that when the user clicks a button there is a custom loading panel placed in the update panel by the PageRequestManager BeginRequest event. So when the page is loaded the loading panel is removed. My issue is that when the user clicks a button that redirects to an httphandler the page is not reloaded therefore the loading panel is never removed.

So I'm trying to think of a way to remove the loading panel before the redirect occurs, whether this be with a client script call before the redirect or what ever. So far I've thought about trying to do Response.write("..."), then Response.Redirect().

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C# - Masterpage Response.Redirect Before Child Call?

Aug 23, 2010

I have a masterpage and inside that masterpage I have to check if a session is null or not. If the session is null, then there has to be a redirect to a login page.

That is no problem, but the problem is that the masterpage also have controls using the session and the child also uses the session so I get a nullreferenceexception.

I now have this:


But the problem is that the controls on the masterpage are also called instead of redirecting immediatly.

So the main question:

How can I redirect immediatly, without loading further things. Because the page_init gets called as first method the redirect should solve my nullreferenceexception, but than I don't need to load all components etc.

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How To Make Response.Redirect Inside A Asynchronous Call Method - C#

Jul 15, 2010

I have a try-catch inside a method that is called asynchronously. When an error occurs, inside the catch I have a Response.Redirect because I need to redirect to the login page.

This is my issue.

But my problem doesn't involve things that expire, so the idea of a timer isn't the best way to resolve it.

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel When Using Response.Redirect And .NET 4?

Jul 29, 2010

I have just upgraded my web application from 3.5 to 4. There is one issue that I am now having that is easy to reproduce. I am hoping you can help me determine the best way to overcome this issue.I use Ajax and the AjaxControlToolKit. If you create a new aspx page and add an UpdatePanel and then add a button on the UpdatePanel. Then for button_click have it do Response.Redirect("SomeOtherPage.aspx") and it will give you a 404 error.Sample:


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AJAX :: Response.Redirect Not Working?

Aug 4, 2010


migrated project to asp.net 4.0 from 2.0

i changed scriptmanager to toolkitscriptmanager

Response.Redirect Not Working properly generating above url

if i used Response.Redirect("Project_AddEdit.aspx?action=Edit", false);

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AJAX :: Response.Redirect Is Not Working With UpdatePanel?

Aug 20, 2010

Response.Redirect is not working with UpdatePanel

after migrating a web site to ASP.NET version 4.

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AJAX :: ModalPopupExtender Moves Just Before Response.Redirect In Firefox?

Jan 4, 2010

In Firefox (3.5 or 3.0), AJAX toolkit modal popups move just before a redirect.It's as if the positioning css is ignored. The rest of the css appears to be honoured i.e. the popup appearance doesn't change but it jumps to the top left-hand corner.

The test code below reproduces the issue. It only happens in Firefox. I am going to try to work around it by implementing client-side-popup-hiding measures but I would still like to know why it is happening.


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AJAX :: ModelPopUpExtender Panel Show Up On Response Redirect

Feb 22, 2010

I used a modelPopupExtender to make a screen freeze. after the saving i do an response.redirect to the same page but when i do that i could see the panel saving again before reload.

here is the code


on Code Behind when finished button clicked i do show the next view from the multiview as well as the New button. inside the finished button click event i do mpeScreenFreez.Hide(); to hide the popupExtender. When i response.redirect i could see the panFreeze panel poping up just before relaod.

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AJAX :: Response.Redirect Stops Updatepanel From Updating?

Mar 11, 2010

I'm using ASP.Net 2008 and C# and Ajax. I have wired up my ajax updatepanel to update the buttons within them in the gridview control's RowCommand event. However, at the end of this event, I call the Response.Redirect(commandArgs[2]); to open either Word or Adobe docs that user selected. And this line of code stops my Ajax updatepnael to update my 2 buttons' enabled properties. I thought maybe there is another way to open docs that won't interfer with my Ajax updatepanel and what will that be?


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AJAX :: Firefox Retaining History Point In URL Even After Response.Redirect?

Dec 14, 2010

Observing this strange behaviour in Firefox when a history point is added using ScriptManager. Firefox retains the history point in a URL even if Redirect the browser to a new URL.teps to recreate:1. Save the code below as an aspx page in a website and browse to it.2. Click on the "AddHistoryPoint" button. It just adds a history point to the browser URL. (#&&key1=value1 gets added to URL)3. Now click on "Redirect to Google" button. The browser redirects to [URL]) is retained in the URL bar.This happens only in FF (checked in v3.5 and v3.6) browser. This odd behaviour in FF causes lot ot trouble when redirecting to other pages in the same site that change their state based on the state info present in URL.


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AJAX :: Rating_Changed Event Not Allowing Response.redirect To Navigate?

Apr 10, 2010

I'm using one Rating control and only logged in users can able to rate the article. Below is the code I'm trying

<ajaxToolkit:Rating ID="PostRating" runat="server" BehaviorID="RatingBehavior1" StarCssClass="ratingStar"
WaitingStarCssClass="savedRatingStar" FilledStarCssClass="filledRatingStar" EmptyStarCssClass="emptyRatingStar"
OnChanged="PostRating_Changed" Style="float: left;" CurrentRating="0" />


This throws an error at Response.Redirect. Error message is "Response.Redirect cannot be called in a Page callback".

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AJAX :: Redirect To Another Page Based On Response From WebMethod Using JQuery

May 7, 2015

I have a webmethod named (abc), inside this webmethod code i want to redirect to another webform and i am using this code.


But this code is not working. How to redirect to another page from webmethod.

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AJAX :: Response.Redirect Not Working On An UpdatePanel If Redirecting To A ClickOnce Application?

Mar 24, 2010

I am using the AjaxControlToolkit 3.0.30930 (the most recent). I have a very simple page with an UpdatePanel. A button on the UpdatePanel invokes Response.Redirect and passes the URL of a Click Once application on the same server. This works well if I run the website on my local system (Windows 7, IIS 7.5).

If I run the website on a remote system (Windows Server 2008, IIS 7.5, same settings) the redirect simply does not work when invoking the page from remote (using the IP address). Instead a postback is executed. Even if I use the IP address of the webserver to invoke the website locally on the webserver, the redirect does not work. Using http://localhost on the webserver the redirect works well.

I tried another test page with no UpdatePanel: The redirect works well in all scenarios.

I tried out to invoke the ClickOnce application using a link instead of Response.Redirect: The redirect works well in all scenarios, even with an UpdatePanel.

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="TestWithUpdatePanel.aspx.cs" Inherits="TestWithUpdatePanel" %>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">


Even if setting EnablePartialRendering to false, the redirect works. This is a big clue, that the UpdatePanel causes the problem.

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AJAX :: Redirect To Another Page From Success Event After JQuery Response Is Received

Jun 16, 2015

I created a simple login page and called webmethod from jquery. which return true if success and false if failed.

Now I am trying to redirect page after successful login.

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MVC :: How To Redirect To New Page After Jquery Ajax Call

Feb 24, 2011

1- I have an Ajax link that call an action and that action returns a view , that view open in a specific Div (consider it as a menu that update the div with the corresponding view) 2- if session timeout the returned my logon view so if i click on the link and session is timeout , the log on view open in the div not in the whole page

what i should do so if the session timeout it return logon view in new page in on my div?

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Which One Is Better Response.redirect Or Postbackurl(asp:button Feature) To Redirect Webpage

Aug 13, 2010

which one is better response.redirect or postbackurl(asp:button feture) to redirect web page?

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Response.Redirect - Local Characters - Redirect To Obtain A Clean Url ?

Jul 18, 2010

I want to redirect to "~/City/Göteborg", but if I just write Response.Redirect("~/City/Göteborg"); I will end up with an ugly URL in the address-bar like this: http://www.mysite.com/City/G%c3%b6teborg..

So my question is how to redirect to obtain a clean url like http://www.mysite.com/City/Göteborg?

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Web Forms :: Response.Redirect - Redirect To Error Page ... ?

Mar 6, 2011

I have a problem with Response.Redirect to specific error page.

so far i have something like :

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

if ((Request.QueryString["UbytovaniePrispevokID"].ToString()) == "")[code]......

What i want to do is.. I have one main page with new posts Each subject of the new post is the link to Another page where is Specific post and coments and user can leave a coment.

What I want is when the Request.QueryString["UbytovaniePrispevokID"].ToString()) == "" or null I want to redirect to error page ...

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Way To Redirect To The Login Page When The Session Time Out And When A Ajax Call Is Made

Apr 4, 2011

I am having problem in session time out in Asp.net with Ajax Call.Once the session times out,when a control calls asynchrous this is notredirecting to login page.(I am using forms Authentication)In the same page if i try to redirect(in Preinit) to login page if session expired..the login page appears with the previous page(because of the ajax call).Please let me know the way to redirect to the login page when the session time out and when a ajax call is made.

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C# - Why Does HTML Data Transforms After Response.Redirect()

Mar 22, 2011

I'm using Session to pass data from one page to another. The data contains HTML and when I display it in the other page, I see that it's different. This is how I put data in Session:

Session["omschrijving"] = Server.UrlEncode(lblOmschrijving.Text);
ftbOmschrijving.Text = (string)Session["omschrijving"];

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VS 2008 - Update Data But Don't Want To Use Response Redirect

Jul 5, 2011

I am just beginner to ASP.Net, want to update data showed in gridview. While clicking on Edit in gridview, data should go to controls set above the grid view like textbox,dropdownlist, fileuploader control.

I am using OnRowCommand="gvContent_RowCommand" while updating.

But generally i pass row id to pass values from grid view to controls.

For that i use : Response.Redirect("IJPUpload.aspx?id=" + id);

then on page load I used : if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["id"]) == false)

Id = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["id"]);
btnSubmit.Text = "Update";
Id = 0;

But Now I dont want to use : Response.Redirect("IJPUpload.aspx?id=" + id);

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Redirect To Other Page From Pop Up Window With Response.redirect?

Feb 13, 2010

how can i redirect to other page from pop up window with response.redirect.

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