AJAX :: Save Button Enabled / Disabled State Not Refreshed On Screen?

Feb 28, 2011

I have an asp.net ajax enabled form that looks like this:



As you can see in the OnPreRender event, the Save button gets enabled or disabled depending on whether the datagrid is in edit mode or not. When I step in the code, it operates correctly in the code, but it does not get reflected correctly on the screen. That is, even when btnSave.Enabled set to true in the code, the browser displays the disabled button. Any idea why this might be happening?

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Control Initial Enabled State For Dependant Controls That Are Enabled / Disabled By JQuery?

Jan 3, 2010

So far, I've seen (and I'm using the following) scripts to show/hide a div or other controls depending on another control in ASP.NET

$('[id$=myRadio_0]').click(function() { $('[id$=myDiv]').show(); });
$('[id$=myRadio_1]').click(function() { $('[id$=myDiv]').hide(); });
and of course, my div in html like
<div id="myDiv" runat="server" visible="false">

and that works fine when the user selects either option of the radiobuttonlist. However, when I assign that radiobuttonlist a value of 1 or yes on my Page_Load on code behind, that isn't (and probably can't be) caught by jQuery, and my div remains invisible even though the control has a value of Yes/1. So, do I need to set the visibility of that div from code behind, or is there a way in jQuery to force a scan of these dependencies after i've set the values for the main controls in code behind?

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State Management :: How To Detect The Session Cookies Enabled/Disabled

Aug 10, 2010

using ASP.NET 2.0 VB.NET how to detect if the session cookies are enabled?

I know how to detect the cookies in general but you can set IE to block the cookies and accept the session cookies...How to detect this?

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AJAX :: If Dd2 Triggers The Postback Both Dropdowns Get Disabled But Only Dd2 Gets Enabled Back

Mar 8, 2010

I've got a bit of a problem UpdatePanelAnimationExtenders. Here's an example of the code structure I have:


Now here's my problem. When dd1 triggers the postback both dd1 and dd2 get disabled (instead of just dd1) and after the request is complete only dd1 gets enabled back. The behaviour is also true the other way around (if dd2 triggers the postback both dropdowns get disabled but only dd2 gets enabled back). I'm not really sure what to make of this.

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Login Control's Login Button Enabled / Disabled Property?

Feb 9, 2011

Just wondered how to enable/disable "log in" button on a login control based on if User Name and Password textboxes are null or not ?

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JavaScript Enabled / Disabled In Browser?

Jul 2, 2010

How to find whether a user has enabled or disabled JavaScript in the browser or the browser does not support JavaScript?

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Disabled Buttons Look Enabled In Firefox And Chrome?

Jul 7, 2010

Disabled buttons look enabled in Firefox and Chrome. I opened the same page in ie, firefox, chrome and this is the output:

"DashBoard" and "Calendar" are disabled
"Agent Info" is enabled.

Here I'm using normal asp buttons with css.What do I do?

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How To Make User Control, Enabled/disabled

Mar 25, 2010

i have a usercontrol say "abc" in a page, in that page only i have a button to edit.In edit_Click i can not find abc.Enabled=false;how to Enable or Disable the user control

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Measuring Page Loading When Javascript Enabled / Disabled

Nov 25, 2010

How do it exactly?

Measuring Page loading when javascript enabled / disabled

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How To Check From Codebehind That Browser's Popup Blocker Is Enabled Or Disabled

Oct 29, 2010

I'm opening new window from Code Behind for that I'm using Code :

Dim newWin As String = ("<script language='javascript'>" + "window.open('msgstat.aspx' , 'Print', 'height=200, width=220, menubar=no, toolbar=no, scrollbars=no, resizable=no'); </script>")
ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), "pop", newWin)

Now, how can I check from codebehind that Browser's Popup Blocker is enabled or Disabled and show such message.

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AJAX :: Posting Back A Disabled Button?

Aug 26, 2010

I have a control which inherits from LinkButton and I'm trying to make sure that the user cannot cause mayhem by performing multiple postbacks. That seemed an easy enough challenge, so I have this code [snippet] on the client:


The alert is of course only there for debugging. If the DisableOnClick value is false, then I see the "Posting Back" alert and, when I click ok, the postback occurs - all good.

If the DisableOnClick value is true, then the "button" gets disabled and the cursor turns into an hourglass - again good. But the postback doesn't happen - not good. I assume that the ASP client code is trying to preventing the postback when it sees that the link is disabled.

So, how can I either:

Persuade the LinkButton to postback even though it has just been disabled; or[probably better] Get my client code to execute immediately after the postback code rather than before.

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JQuery :: How To Save State Of A Toggle Button After Partial Postback

Oct 7, 2010

lets say you have the toggle buttons from this page: [URL]

and you put it in a UpdatePanel AJAX... so lets say on a partialpostback.. when you re-create teh controls on server-side, the state of whether or not those buttons were pushed is long-lost and gone.. so how then how do you remember those states?

Can I save each button state into viewstate or session state? regenerate each button then call the javascript function to change its color-state depending on the session state variable?

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AJAX :: How Another Updatepanel Can Be Refreshed Everytime When A Particular Updatepanel Is Refreshed

Aug 13, 2010

I am using two Updatepanels in ASP.NET AJAX and as soon as there is some event in first updatepanel, it will get refreshed at that time I want my second Updatepanel getting refreshed too. How can I do that ?

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Web Forms :: Disabled LinkButton Controls With Enabled="false" Still Render Onclick Event Handler

Jun 24, 2010

Disabled LinkButton controls with Enabled="false" still render onclick event handler

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AJAX :: How To Save The State Of A CollapsiblePanelExtender To A Cookie

May 17, 2010

I have a page that has a few controls inside a CollapsiblePanelExtender. What i need to do is save the state of the CollapsiblePanelExtender so that its easier for the user when they comeback to the page.

How would i go about saving the state of the CollapsiblePanelExtender to a cookie each time its expanded or collapsed?

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AJAX :: Save State Of Dropdown And Gridview In Updatepanel?

Feb 21, 2011

I would like to find a solution to my problem. In these senario I've got two pages.

First page:

5 dropdowns in updatepanel and a gridview in updatepanel

Second page:

Displays info of the selected row


So if a user makes a selections on all dropdownselection and selectes to view a row, wich in this case goes to page2 for more info.

But when the user returns to page1 all the selections and gridview has the "default" values so to speak, and not what the user has selected.

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Why A Button Click Event Executes When Page Is Refreshed

Mar 4, 2010

In my ASP.Net Web Site I have a button.When I click the button and then reload the page via browser,the click event of the button fires.

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Web Forms :: The Page Cannot Be Refreshed Without Resending The Information Refresh Button?

Mar 11, 2010

I have a .aspx page that has menu control and multiviews Each view has a Grid view control and drop down boxes.

Iam getting an error if i click the refresh button on the ie browser

"The Page cannot be refreshed without resending the information

Click Retry to send the information or click cancel to return to same page that you are trying to view"

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Button Eventhandler Doesn't Fire When Button Disabled With JavaScript?

Apr 9, 2010

standard webcontrol:
<asp:Button ID="cb_btnSubmitData" Text="Submit data" OnClick="SubmitData_Click" runat="server" />
added this in the Page_Load eventhandler
this.cb_btnSubmitData.Attributes.Add("onclick", "addTextToLabel('message', '" + this.cb_btnSubmitData.ClientID + "');return true;");

and this is the javascript that is executed when the button is pressed:

<script type="text/javascript">

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Jquery - Disabled Button / Disables Validation For Button.

Mar 31, 2010

I have an aspx page that contains a checkbox, and a button. The button is disabled by default until the user checks the checkbox. It looks like when I add the attribute enabled="false" to the button, it removes the validation. When the button is enabled, I still want the validation to work. Here is the code and markup for the different parts.


<asp:CheckBox runat="server" ID="termsCheckBox" />
<label style="display: inline;">
I agree to the Terms & Conditions</label> [code]....

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State Management :: Cookies Are Disabled In Browser?

Mar 10, 2011

What will happen if cookies are disabled in my browser, will the session(sessionid and session variables) still be created?

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Web Forms :: Button Click Triggers HTML Table Refreshed Even Put Within Postback Block?

Aug 6, 2010

I'm reading an invoice dataset and building a html table with checkboxes and textboxes in it, and I put that code in a postback = false block, then i got a button and a literal. The button click will loop through the html table checkboxes to calculate a total and assign it to the literal and display it. I got everything working except one thing, every time i click the button, the html table refreshes and lost all the value in textboxes....even though I put the html building block in the postback = false block,it seems like it still won't preserve the values in the textboxes once there's a button click...Anybody knows a solution to that? I want the textboxes keep what values are there.

Here is the code part:


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State Management :: Can't Change CSS Styles When Viewstate Is Enabled

Jan 5, 2011

I've inherited a project and in effort to beautify it, I'm replacing an image based menu bar with a CSS based bar. When you click on a button it takes you to the appropriate page.

Currently in the OnInit() it checks what page you're on and then changes the URL of the image for the appropriate button to be the "active" image for that button:

btnFacilities.ImageUrl = "menu_front_facilities.gif";

Pretty simple, and works fine, but it's a pain to add new items, because I need to create a new image and if I want to change the look, I have to create a whole new slew of buttons.

I have built out the CSS menu using basic UL and LI and all the hovers and links work fine. My issue comes when I want to set the "active" item. The way the CSS works is by either setting the CLASS of the active item to "active" or I could easily change it to set the ID of the item to "active", but in either case the viewstate crashes on any posts because the object is not the same as it was when the page loaded, since the style is updated when the OnInit(); event goes off.

I've tried both setting the class name:

menuFacilities.Attributes.Add("class", "active");
as well as directly applying the CSS style:
menuFacilities.Style.Add("background", "#1376c9 url('images/topnav_active.gif') repeat-x;");

Both work fine on the initial page load, but once I click anything that posts, it crashes with a viewstate failure.

If I set the enableviewstate="false" then it works fine between different page loads, but not if I post to the same page (ie submit a search form)

I can't figure out how to handle the "active" object. For some reason the image URL works for asp:Imagebuttons

Here's what one of the items in the menu looks like (pretty simple stuff here):

<li id="menuFacilities" runat="server" ><a href="#">Facilities</a>
<span id="submenuFacilities" runat="server" enableviewstate="false">

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AJAX :: Save Button On Updatepanel?

Mar 5, 2010

Re: Asp.net 2.0, VS 2005, Ajax 1.0

I am a newbie to ajax. I have started adding the ajax functionality to a current project. So added all the required contents in the web.config.

I have a master page in my project and I have a simple aspx page also using this master page.

All i have on the page is a script manager, an updatepanel and with in the updatepanel are three text boxes, a calender extender, an image button and a save button. When I click on the save button the first time the save button's event doesn't trigger but the second time I click it triggers. Similarly, the text_changed events of the text boxes dont trigger the first time.

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AJAX :: Save Button In ModalPopupExtender?

Dec 22, 2010

I would like to put a button that saves data to a database inside a ModalPopupExtender.

I would like that when this button is clicked that it should NOT close the ModalPopupExtender.

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