Dec 14, 2010

I'm taking Microsoft's walk through on MVC 2 Forms Authentication - [URL]According to the walk through, when I register a user, ASP.NET creates the ASPNETDB.MDF file and it is supposed to show up in my APP_DATA folder upon refreshing in the solution explorer. The problem is, for me it is not and I want to have a look inside so I can understand it's structure.I can continue to run the project and login as the user I created, yet the ASPNETDB.MDF file is still not visible under the APP_DATA folder.

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Security :: Using Another Database Instead Of App_Data/aspnetdb.mdf?

Feb 1, 2010

I used aspnet_regsql -W wizard approach to create DB for membership tables. and added script as follows in web.Config


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Visual Studio :: Want To Edit Aspnetdb Database, But Id Does Not Appear In App_Data Folder?

Jul 24, 2010

I have web application project and i want to edit aspnetdb Database, but id does not appear in App_Data folder.I even cant see web.config file for subfolerds. When i create web site project in vs, i can see the aspnetdb Database.Vs Version : 2008

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Configuration->Security Page Fails To Create AspnetDB.MDF In App_Data Folder On Windows 7

Feb 12, 2010

I am having problems getting the security.aspx to load up on my primary development computer which is using Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows IE 8. Clicking on the ASP.NET Configuration icon from the IDE in the Solution Explorer within Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition loads up default.aspx with no problem. But when I click on the "Security" hyperlink to access "security.aspx" I get a message along the lines of "The configured SQL data source provider is not properly configured". It goes on to state a list of potential reasons for this problem. One that includes not having the proper credentials or permissions. Im almost 100% sure it has something to do with permissions because I can't even get to the "security.aspx" page from opening a new empty project. I have recently installed Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition on my laptop which is running Vista with all latest updates and this issue does "not" exists. I can click the "ASP.NET" icon, load up "default.aspx" and click "Security" and it loads the page with absolutely no issues.

I have discovered a weird workaround but I don't like having to do this. If I add the following lines to my "web.config" file from any given project I can get to the "security.aspx" page without getting any SQL messages about improper configuration or permissions.

<<remove "LocalSqlServer">
source=.SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=SSPI;AttachDBFilename=|DataDirectory|aspnetdb.mdf;User Instance=true"

Basically, what I have to do to get to the security page to load without error is add a remove statement and then I just cut'n'paste almost the exact same connectionString from machine.config in the Microsoft.netFrameWorkV2.0.5027config directory. This does away with the "Improperly configured SQL datasource message" and gets me a new error message along the lines of "Could not create a SQL instance". My memory is fuzzy on exact error messages since Im not at development computer right now. However, when I change the User Instance attribute from true to false, then I have success at last.

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SQL Server :: Cannot Add MDF File To App_data

Sep 21, 2010

I'm using VS 2008 web developer express and SQL Server 2008 express. I created a few dbs using management studio and then created an App_Data Folder in the Web Developer. However, I cannot add the DBs that i created to the App_data folder. I navigated to C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL10.SQLEXPRESSMSSQLDATA and tried to add the DB to the App_data folder. I get the following error:

"The File cannot be added because its being used by another process.

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SQL Server :: Can't Create A .mdf File In App_Data

Feb 9, 2011

when i try to add a SQL database in APP_DATA folder, show the error : Login failed for user MPC2Administrator

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Reading Static File From App_Data Folder?

Apr 23, 2010

I have put a css file in App_Data folder and referrenced it properly in the page to be used. But when I browse the page then it does get loaded and page is shown without styling. Well I know why it is happening because Asp.Net run time blocks access to App_Data folder at run time. But I wanna ask that how we can make it working that is I put the css file in App_Data folder and it still works.

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Get Directory App_Data In A Static Helper File?

Feb 6, 2010

What am I supposed to write as CategoryPath to get the file in the App_Data folder?

/// <summary>
/// Summary description for XMLHelper
/// </summary>
public static class XMLHelper
public static string CategoryPath = "App_Data/Categories.xml";
public static void InsertCategory(string categoryName, string moderator)
XElement cat = XElement.Load(CategoryPath);

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App Data - Getting Access Denied Trying To Read A File In App_Data In A Project?

Jan 24, 2010

I've an XML file stored in App_Data which is only used to read some configuration on startup. When I attempt to open it within my code, I get an Access to the path ... is denied message.

I'm having trouble understanding why, and how to solve it. I guess in theory I should alter the permissions on the file (and directory), but this hasn't changed anything.

To give a bit more background:1. Its a file bundled with the project, so the setup created by VS2008 writes it to the correct place during install. I didn't think I'd need to do anything unusual post install such that the ASP.NET application would have access.

2. When I've tried publishing this locally, I've not had any problems. - This is only on a test Windows 2003 server.

3. I've ran a simple page to understand the effective user of IIS - It is NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE. I tried granting "Full Access" to this user to this file, and still it doesn't work.The code to open it is simple:

FileStream fs = new FileStream(Server.mapPath(s), FileMode.Open);

Where s is defined as '~/App_Data/myfile.xml

I've even copied and pasted the full path & filename (from the exception) and tried "dir" on it, and it is indeed present (to get around a typo for example).I've also tried running aspnet_regiis.exe /s

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Web Forms :: How To Shrink The Aspnetdb.mdf File

Mar 9, 2010

i dont have enough space?what should i do?and i although want to shrink other databases as well?i'm working with sql server,

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DataSource Controls :: Merging Aspnetdb.mdf With Other Mdf File

Jan 18, 2010

i would like to move all membership tables from aspnetdb.mdf to another mdf file. I don't have connection string in web.config that points to aspnetdb.mdf. I found links like [URL], but aspnet_regsql.exe allows to move all security data to sql server, not mdf file.

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Decrypt Aspnetdb Password In Aspnetdb?

Jun 5, 2010

i have a problem, i want to decrypt password in aspnetdb, the password created by web administration tool in vs, i want to decrypt it without using MemberShipProvider, i there any way.

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Move SQL Server DB Out Of SQL Server And Into The App_Data Directory As An .mdf File?

Apr 13, 2010

I'm currently writing a website in ASP.NET MVC, and my database (which doesn't have any data in it yet, it only has the correct tables) uses SQL Server 2008, which I have installed on my development machine. I connect to the database out of my application by using the Server Explorer, followed by LINQ to SQL mapping.

Once I finish developing the site, I will move it over to my hosting service, which is a virtual hosting plan. I'm concerned about whether using the SQL Server setup that is currently working on my development machine will be hard to do on the production server, as I'll have to import all the database tables through the hosting control panel. I've noticed that it is possible to create a SQL Server database from inside Visual Studio. It is then stored in the App_Data directory.

Does it make sense to move my SQL Server DB out of SQL Server and into the App_Data directory as an .mdf file? If so, how can I move it? I believe this is called the Detach command, is it not? Are there any performance/security issues that can occur with a .mdf file like this? Would my intended setup work OK with a typical virtual hosting plan? I'm hoping that the .mdf database won't count against the limited number of SQL Server databases that can be created with my plan.

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Intermittent Bug - IE6 Showing File As Text In Browser Rather Than As File Download

Dec 30, 2010

In an ASP.NET WebForms 2.0 site we are encountering an intermittent bug in IE6 whereby a file download attempt results in the contents of the being shown directly in the browser as text, rather than the file save dialog being displayed. Our application allows the user to download both PDF and CSV files. The code we're using is:

HttpResponse response = HttpContext.Current.Response;
response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename="theFilename.pdf"");
response.ContentType = "application/pdf";

This is called from the code-behind click event handler of a button server control. Where are we going wrong with this approach? Edit Following James' answer to this posting, the code I'm using now looks like this:

HttpResponse response = HttpContext.Current.Response;
// Setting cache to NoCache was recommended, but doing so results in a security
// warning in IE6
response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename="theFilename.pdf"");
response.ContentType = "application/pdf";

However, I don't believe that any of the changes made will fix the issue.

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C# - Application Configuration File Not Showing Up

Jun 24, 2010

I created a new project to test the Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0. It asks me to select the PROJECT - ADD NEW ITEM - APPLICATION CONFIGURATION FILE. For some reason, I don't see the Application configuration file option.

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Control To Use For Showing Any Type Of File

Jan 12, 2010

i need to seperate the web page 2 section lesft section file list and right section i need to show the file wat control cn i use to show the file any type of file pdf,doc,txt,xml

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Display XML File To The Webform Without Showing XML Elements?

Dec 1, 2010

I have a large XML file and want to display out to the webform. So instead of parsing each xml node for the information, is there a quick way to display out the whole xml file to the webform without showing the xml element (display data only)?

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Showing Upload Status When Uploading File In Vb?

Oct 17, 2010

I have programmed a script to upload image files from users computer to my server. It works fine for up to about 4MB files, larger have the 'connection reset' error which I believe can be resolved easily in the web.config file.

Anyway, I would like to show a status bar to tell the user how much of the file has been uploaded so they don't try repeatedly clicking upload button thinking nothings working -

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Access :: Showing A PDF File Based On Info From Database

Aug 5, 2010

I have a small Access database with some fields, like: date, name, text. Those fields are stored in a record inside MS Access. I also have an PDF file available belonging to that record as described before. I like to store the title of this PDF also in this record. Clicking by an user on this title should show the PDF file in a separate form. The pdf's are all stored in a map called e:pdfs and filename can be as needed. My questions are:

1. how should i bring the pdf names inside the record (like e:pdfsumber-one.pdf ? )
2. by clicking on this name the pdf file should be showed in a seperate form?
3. clicking means probably a javascript that handles the pdf file ?
4. can anyone give me some clues? I do work with VS2010 and framework 4

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MVC :: Write View To Disk As A File Instead Of Showing In The Browser

May 27, 2010

I've a view which display all data. I'm using ViewData, for loop etc.. on the view, to show the data. It may sound weird, but is it possible to write view to disk as a file instead of showing in the browser. The reason is that, business wants functionality to send the same view file as email attachment to the user.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: TransmiteFile Showing Wrong Name Of The File?

Mar 7, 2011

Here is my problem, I've created a button image, by clicking on it, it should popup a window to save as the document. This is working fine, my only point is : it showing the name of the page instead of the file. But when i download it, I've the right file.

This is my code:


And the code behind:


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AJAX :: Showing Error Extendercontrolbase.cs File Cannot Find

Feb 18, 2011

while executing shows locate this extendercontrolbase.cs file.

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Web Forms :: Retrieve A String From A File Showing In Browserwindow?

Apr 9, 2010

I have a .txt file named: myTextFile.txt on my hostingaccount that contains this string: "Hello"

Now my hostingprovider says this: "Any file that you can access via your domain can be accessed through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection as well."

When I type this manually in the address field, my browser will show the string: "Hello" in the top left corner: [URL]

My question now is if it is possible programatically to write this address down in the browser and retreive this string using this Secure Socket Layer (SSL). (https://) ?

The thing is that I will implement this in a C# winform application so I will try to ask this question here as the logic hopefully could be the same.

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Web Forms :: Directory Listing Without Showing File Extension?

Nov 1, 2010

I've seen various tutorials and scripts online which show how to create a directory tree which list the file name, size etc.My question is, I need a script that is basically a normal directory listing but it doesn't show the file extension. If anyone can even point me in the right direction it'd be of much help!

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AJAX :: Showing Progress Message In Async File Upload?

Nov 17, 2010

I have a async file upload control.What I want is when the file is loading on the server I want show a progress message "Loading...." not the default image in async file upload and disable the upload button during this period. Sometimes when the file size is large it takes time to load the file on the server and in between user may click the upload button where the file is not loaded on the server yet.

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