Access :: Date Range On A Access Report?

Apr 27, 2010

I have an Access DB that generates reports for my users based on the month from a SQL table. In February my team leads didn't run the report and now it only shows data for the month of April. I have tried to play with the date code to pull just the February data but with no luck, I know this is a simple change but I can't figure it out.


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Access :: Insert A Record The Filing Date And Report Time Fields Are Always Blank In The Database?

Sep 2, 2010

When I try to insert a record the Filing Date and Report Time fields are always blank in the database.

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SQL Reporting :: Modifying Report Using A Date Range?

Apr 13, 2010

I am trying to restrict the data in the report with the use of a start date and an end date selected from a textbox (w/ ajax calendar extender)

should this be done on the report side or should i create a stored procedure and pass the variables to the stored procedure by microsoft report viewer.

It seems like there is two connection strings to the database, one for the report and one for the report viewer, is this correct?

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Access :: Print A Specific Access Report With Selected GridView Record?

Sep 17, 2010

I have my code output a gridview with all the data with an option to select records. I'm trying to make a code which would allow me to select a record, and then print this record using a specific Report stored in MS Access.

I've located the code to print the Report it self, but it prints ether all the records or a range.

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Access :: Use Sum Function In Access Database (not MS SQL) To Add Array Of Items In A Particular Date?

Aug 19, 2010

I want to use sum function in access database (not MS SQL) to add array of items in a particular date.For Eg. The Access Database format like

Prod. Name


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Access :: Attempting To Store A Date Into Access Db?

Mar 8, 2010

im trying to store a date in an Access database i set up the column in the db to be type Date/Time and have the following code to attempt to insert into itDim objTest As New OleDb.OleDbCommand("INSTERT INTO orderForm (OrderDate) VALUES (@OrderDate)", objConn)
OrderDate", DateTime.Now)
Dim objTestExec As OleDb.OleDbDataReader = objTest.ExecuteReader()

however it yields the following error when i execute invalid SQL statement; expected 'DELETE', 'INSERT', 'PROCEDURE', 'SELECT', or 'UPDATE'.ive also had a variety of other errors with my efforts so im not really sure what the deal is here

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Crystal Reports :: How To Pass Date Range From Text Box To Crystal Date Range Parameter

Sep 25, 2010

I has developed a crystal report, which display the records from a table and filters them based on a parameter( date range parameter). now I has integrated the report into a page using c#, but when I am running the asp page it is not promption for the date range values, it used to prompt for date range when I run the report in crystal report.

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IIS7 Web.config Rewrites To Restrict Access For IP Range - Can't Get It To Work?

Mar 21, 2011

I'm simply adding to a set of rules on existing rewrite rules for our company website. We have a file that we need to restrict to only our internal IP addresses. The URL is and need it restricted to IP ranges 10.1.X.X. I'm adding this and it's not doing anything. Even if I tried to capture all using .* for the pattern, it still ignores it. Is my syntax correct?

<rule name="Restrict URL" enabled="true" stopProcessing="true">


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Access :: IIS_WPG Write/modify Access To The Folder Where MS-Access Database Is Located - Insert An Error Pop-up?

Feb 17, 2010

Is there anything missing in IIS 6.0 that prevents me from (Insert into table) using MS-Access?

Explain: The application works fine under Visual Studio 2008 IDE the insert into table works fine with no error, Also I tested with hosting provider and works fine with no problem. but now I have published the same exact app in a dedicated server windows 2003 with
IIS 6.0 .NET framework 2.0 with latest service pack I gave IIS_WPG write/modify access to the folder where MS-Access database is located and database but at the time of insert an error pop-up. I need to install in the Server or settings in the IIS to recognize my MS-Access db is it some office runtime that I am missing. (BTW I am using OLEDB connection string in my C# )

Using System.Data.OleDb;

I can retrieve data off of it with no problem but when I try to insert is when it fails I thought the problem was Access Rights but I do not think is the case.

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Error On Server When Trying To Show Crystal Report " Access To Report File Denied"

Sep 17, 2010

I am getting below error while generating report using crystal report:

Error in File C:WindowsTEMP
epEnquiry {095737EB-07B4-437D-9E86-85780B7417B0}.rpt:
Access to report file denied. Another program may be using it.

For this i did google and found some solutions but still its not working:
what i tried:
-given full access to aspnet and network services on my root directory and reports folder and then restarted iis.

OS:windows server 2008(64)
vs2008 application.

but still getting same error.

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How To Run Query Or Report From Access

Feb 18, 2011

I need to embed one Access app in a app. (open mdb/mde file from There are may queries including crosstab queies and reports in Access app.

How to open it from a button in so that user can run query or report from Access?
Is there third party tool to do it?

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SQL Server :: Returning A Date With A Count Of Zero If It Doesn't Exist In The Date Range

Oct 9, 2010

i have the following query.


but if there were no "hits" for a particular date range in the last week i only get the dates returned where there were hits. i need to get all the days returned and where there were no results, i need a zero returned.

hitdate hitsperday

2010-10-07 2
2010-10-06 58
2010-10-04 1645
2010-10-03 1192

what i need to return is this:

hitdate hitsperday

2010-10-08 0
2010-10-07 2
2010-10-06 58
2010-10-05 0
2010-10-04 1645
2010-10-03 1192

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Access :: Reading Data From Access With A Linked Table (pointing To A Access Table On Another Location?

Sep 7, 2010

Here's a short explanation of my project.

1) the default page loads, it will read the Windows Login of the user opening the page.
2) I'll check if this login exists in a table stored on the webserver.

In this Access Database, there's a 2nd linked table, pointing to another access table on a network location. Now, I want to read data from this linked table. However, at this moment I receive an error:

"The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file '\<ip><shared-folder>statistics.mdb'. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data".

Some extra info:

- The network folder has read and write permissions for everyone

- the user and group permissions on both access files are set to read/modify/administer for the Admin user (on the tables I want to read from)

- IIS authentication on the server is set to "Windows Authentication" (this is needed so I can read the Windows Login from the user). All other authentication modes are disables (like anonymous, ...)

- When the error occurs, no other program or process has access to the statistics.mdb (so, it can't be locked by someone else)

- the web.config files access connection string looks like:
<add name="AccessConnectionString" connectionString="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=\<IP><shared-folder>statistics.mdb;User Id=admin; Password=;" />

Like I said before, in this statistics.mdb file, there are 2 tables. One normal table, and another linked table (pointing to a network location)

Searching for solutions, I discovered the following:

- if I don't use linked tables, everything works fine (however, I have to use this linked table)

- even if I connect directly to the table in the network I receive the error. So, I'm pretty sure I don't have sufficient rights to read from this table.

I read that not the Admin user is opening the file, but actually a user called ASP.NET. This user doesn't have the correct rights to do this. However, I'm not sure if this is true.

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Visual Studio :: Connecting To Access Database To Run A Report

Jul 1, 2010

I have a window form app with reports that connects to an Access Database i had already build the project and every single report works fine without any problem, Here is what's stange, when i try to add a new report to the project and try to connect to the database i am getting 'Visual studio has a problem and need to close' i don't know what is the problem, i can open the database and run queries without any problem but whenever i want to connect my newly created report to the database it just failed. It does not give me a detail error so i can fix it.

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VS 2008 Crystal Report - Access To Path <pathname> Denied

Feb 21, 2010

I'm using Crystal Reports here. In the development stage (not published), my application works perfectly. After publishing, my application also works perfectly but whenever the crystal report involves images (picture of an employee, for example), this error pops-up.


Access to the path <pathname> is denied.


An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.............

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Configuration :: Access To Report File Denied - Another Program May Be Using It - In Windows 7

Feb 16, 2011

[[COMException (0x80000220): Error in File C:WindowsTEMPSmall {287137BF-8E50-469F-B436-A0A385C7912A}.rpt:

Access to report file denied. Another program may be using it.i am getting this error while accessing the report in windows 7 we need to give write permission in IIS but how do i assign the write permission and to which file or folder or user do i need to assign it

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SQL Reporting :: Unable To Access Report Manager In Ssrs 2008

Feb 24, 2010

I have installed sql server 2008 express and reporting services. After installation of sql reporting services, im not able to see reports related virtual directory in iis and not able to see the report manager.

I have configured the virtual directory through using Report service Configuration tool too but still im not able to run the report manager [URL]. how to run the SSRS 2008 reporting services report manager?

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Access :: Adding System Date In Database?

Jan 29, 2011

actually i have 2 Similar questions:

1) i have a databse file on microsoft access. and i want to add system date in my databse using c#, what is the method to do this?

2) i m new in , i m making a demo application and storing a record of a person. there is a column of Date of birth. i used "datetime" data type for this column, because it have check on dates like i can't enter 29-02-2011, since its an invalid date. but problem with that it contain time with it, which should not be mentioned in date of birth column. plz guide me which data type shoul i use?

or if i simply use text data type and then add "regular expression" in textbox, then what regular expression should be used to have a check on invalid dates. remember i m not asking about the format of date, i m asking about invalid and valid dates.

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Forms Data Controls :: Report In Ms Access - Display Record In Website

Jun 16, 2010

i have created a report in ms access and now i want to display that record in my website i use

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Access :: How To Convert The C# Code To Access Sql To C# Code To Access Microsoft Access

Aug 12, 2010

I have a code to link to sql can anyone give me the same code for microsoft access....

int videoID = Convert.ToInt32(Request.QueryString["ID"]);
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("server=WEBDESIGN-PC;database=Credentials;uid=sa;pwd=Azeem;");
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM videopath WHERE videoID=" + videoID, conn);
SqlDataReader dtr = cmd.ExecuteReader();
FlashVideo1.VideoURL = Convert.ToString(dtr["Filepath"]);
Label1.Text = Convert.ToString(dtr["Filename"]);
catch (Exception ex)
Label1.Text = Convert.ToString(ex);

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DataSource Controls :: Pulling A Date From An Access Database?

May 26, 2010

I am pulling a date from an Access Database and inserting into my Dataset. I am assigning it to "myDate" and then assigning it to my SQL parameter @StartDate.

When I run my ExecuteNonQuery I get a null value in my SQL database. There are no null values in my access database. I must have the syntax wrong.


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Forms Data Controls :: Insert Date To Access Db?

Feb 9, 2010

In gridview, one of my fields is date. (i have editing enabled).

I want, everytime i update the gridview, to get date and store it in [date] field in database.

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Web Forms :: Store Military Date / Time In Access DB With VB Code

Jun 24, 2010

I want to store a military date/time in access DB with VB code. The data type will be date/time in the access db, so i can delete by dates in the past. How would I store this: '6/21/2010 23:23:23'

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Web Forms :: Insert Date From Textbox Into Access Database Table?

Dec 31, 2010


I am sure this has been covered many times but I can not find what I am looking for and I am sure it is simple.

I am trying to insert into an access database table a date taken from a calendar control or a textbox that the calendar control writes to.

Currently I am getting a "datatype Mismatch" error.

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Access :: Data Access Class / Helper Class For Access Databases?

Mar 15, 2011

recommend a data access class / helper class for Access databases, similar to the sqlhelper class found in the (Data Access Application Block)?

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