Application_Start Versus OnInit Versus Constructor?

Jul 23, 2010

I've gone rounds with this ever since I started programming classic ASP 12 (or so) years ago and I've never found a great solution because the architecture of ASP and ASP.NET has always been a swamp of bad practices, magic shared singletons, etc. My biggest issue is with the HttpApplication object with its non-event events (Application_Start, Application_End, etc.).

If you want to do stuff once for the entire lifespan of an HTTP application, Application_Start is the obvious place to do it. Right? Not exactly. Firstly, this is not an event per se, it's a magic naming convention that, when followed, causes the method to be called once per AppDomain created by IIS.

Besides magic naming conventions being a horrible practice, I've started to think it might be a reason there exist no such thing as a Start event on the HttpApplication object. So I've experimented with events that do exist, such as Init. Well, this isn't really an event either, it's an overridable method, which is the next best thing.

It seems that the Init() method is called for every instantiation of an HttpApplication object, which happens a lot more than once per AppDomain. This means that I might as just put my startup logic inside the HttpApplication object's constructor.

Now my question is, why shouldn't I put my startup logic in the constructor? Why does even Init() exist and do I need to care about Application_Start? If I do, can anyone explain why there is no proper event or overridable method for this pseudo-event in the HttpApplication object?

And can anyone explain to me why in a typical ASP.NET application, 8 instances of my HttpApplication are created (which causes the constructor and Init to run just as many times, of course; this can be mitigated with locking and a shared static boolean called initialized) when my application only has a single AppDomain?

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Is the "website" model really outdated? I notice that the Website model has in built support for many more namespaces but with application does not, you have to add a lot of references.

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assistance, will be very welcome.

Incase this might be useful too: i use the Response.Write method to call the javascript "alert" function to display pop ups.

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I find myself limited with books available on web developments. I am aware that there is the storefront example on the official site. However, that tutorial was a little hard for me to follow. I've done a research around and was python could be my next available choice. There are more tutorials available online for python anyways.

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May 21, 2010

you have a class and the class has a function that returns a dataset. If the function requires a few values to return data how do you determine whether you create parameters for the function or create private fields and get and set properties and just call the properties get functions?

Properties option
private x as integer = 0
function getX()
return x
end function
function setX(xValue as integer)
x = xValue
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Where SqlMethods.Like(e.POSITION, "%A[FGL]7%") _

I would like this query to be more purely LINQ if possible.

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Jan 24, 2010

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Just seems to me like Themes are kind of unnecessary, so I am just looking on clarification if there really is a good reason to use them, or it's just a part of the framework as an alternative(unnecessary) step to styling your site.

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Running The Project Versus Viewing In IIS

Nov 19, 2010

This could be a simple one but it has got me baffled. I have a ASP.NET solution that I have stored in C/inetpub/www/root/website. The solution and project files are all stored in there and I have set it up as a virtual directory in I can view the web page in 2 ways.

1. - By running the solution [URL]

2. - By viewing the url in IE: [URL]

I changed the project to use windows authentication and I added alabel in the top right of the page which displays the user logged in i.e. DOMAINusername.

When I run the solution from VS2008 it displays the username on the page no problem (that is my logon id since I am running it). But when I view the page by typing the URL into IE - it doesnt seem to recognise the authentication and it doesnt display my DOMAINusername in the label.

Any ideas why this is? I thought maybe it was something to do with the .dlls but I did a simple test. In the project I created a new a label on the page and in the page_load I wrote "label.text = "Test Text". In both cases the label showed "Test Text" as expected so it is nothing to do with building the solution. Is there something about windows authentication - why would it work in one case and not in the other? So as a third test I actually opened IIS and right-clicked on the my website in the console and choose "browse".

I then got the following error:

Sequence contains no elements

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements

Source Error:


Now I set a break point at this point in my project in VS2008 - but when I run it there it doesnt even go to this code!

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Sep 22, 2010

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C# - Strings Versus Controls In WebForms

Mar 24, 2011

why can images not be appended to a div in asp?


why do I have to use div.controls.add(img);?

and why cant I add a string to controls.add say like this

div.controls.add(img + String.Format("{0}", reader.GetString(0));


Orginally "In the beginning"

I had this code:


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MVC :: TryUpdateModel Versus ModelState.IsValid

Feb 9, 2011

The latest MVCSaffolding package uses "if (ModelState.IsValid)" prior to saving changes. In the past I have seen TryUpdateModel... used.

Is there a best practice?

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Application Versus Session / Cache

Feb 23, 2011

What is an appropriate use case for all of the above? It seems session and cache are quite similar, and I can't think of much use for application.

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SPCache Versus HttpRuntime.Cache

Mar 27, 2011

I have a SharePoint 2010 Farm and want to use object caching for my own custom objects.

Since it's an Application at it's core, I could use HttpRuntime.Cache. On the other hand, SharePoint 2010 offers it's own SPCache.

Why would I choose SPCache over the HttpRuntime.Cache one?

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Media Chase Versus Aspdotnetstorefront

Jan 20, 2011

I'm starting an ecommerce project that has very heavy backend integration requirements. I need an ecommerce package that is easy to customize and can function at the enterprise level. If you are familiar with Media Chase and Aspdotnetstorefront, could you let me know what your experience has been and if you lean towards one or the other (or if you recommend a total different platform).

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When to use object oriented programming and when to implement the calculation on database - when what I am looking for is first performance.

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