Architecture :: Chess Programming Model - Memory Consumption And Speed

Nov 9, 2010

I am trying to develop a chess application in (C#). I am very confused about overall structure of the application. I am just unable to figure out the complete model (or prototype) of my project. As chess programming should be very efficient in memory consumption and speed, can someone provide me a good idea , how should I develop my application. Currently, I am taking a class named 'Chessboard' for my project and its objects are chesspieces ( pawn,king,queeen). I am initialising each object with some properties (type, value, color etc). But its quite complex. I am having 32 objects in this approach.

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Setting Default .Net Session Memory Consumption?

Oct 20, 2010

Some while ago I found a web page explaining the default size of a session was 2048 kb, the minimum was 1 kb.How can this be adjusted? And if some one has links regarding the subject I would be a happy camper :)

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Visual Studio :: VWD2010 Eats 340MB Of Memory Consumption?

Jul 31, 2010

I have this big project running VWD2010 and it eats a lot of resources about 340mb+. This does not happen before, last time I check this one project runs less than 150mb. Sometimes, I even run two instances of VWD2010, one project has lesser files about 130mb and combining the two, about less than 340mb. But on a single project that doesn't run more than 300mb before, is this normal? Is VWD2010 updates something?

I only use Task Manager to check the memory consumption.

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Web Forms :: Memory Usage (consumption) Of Individual Controls On A Web Form Shown In A Browser?

Oct 12, 2010

Is there a way to check the memory usage (consumption) of individual controls on a web form shown in a browser. Like Repeater Control, Multiline Text box etc. The reason is I am putting the repeater control in session and checking the status of controls, based on which I am doing further actions.

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Architecture :: What Is The Difference In 3-tier Architecture And Gereral Way Of Programming

May 20, 2010

I want to know that What are the factors if we use methods on each .cs page for connection and executing query on each aspx code behind page rather then using BAL .

How our application get affected in terms of performance and speed or other way?

when we put our website on server after publish/compile in general approach (using query in C# code behind) rathor than using stored procedures?

then which logic is better and why ?

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What Programming Model To Choose

Dec 3, 2010

I'm a seasoned programmer with years of experience in Windows Forms development using different programming languages as already stated in this question: Will learning WPF improve my skills in ASP.NET? ASP.NET or any Web based programming language doesn't feel natural for me to explore or to use. Although I am unfamiliar with Web based technologies, my curiosity about these grows and grows. In addition to it, I am aware of the market place Web based programming takes. I would like to expand my knowledge and experience to the Web, though would it be just to know what I'm talking about instead of speculating whatever.

My experience as an information and process systems developer allows me to understand the concepts and some of the basics. I am aware that Web based applications are stateless, for instance, and that I need to use session or viewstate variables to keep the information the user is working with alive, otherwise I would loose them. I also understand the basics of Ajax based controls such as the UpdatePanel, which is to update or to refresh only a part of a UI page rather than reloading everything through the connection again. I can get that CSS defines styles for your page's sections and that you may change radically your Website's aspect just by changing the CSS reference. I am also aware of masterpages, which I don't really understand, in fact.

Programming Model
I just watched this video about choosing the right model for me/my application:
Choosing the Right Programming Model. If looks like ASP.NET MVC, which I thought was the best approach, is more for the veteran Web developers, people who are comfortable with Web applications. I have used a lot of DataBinding in Windows Forms, and WebForms seems to be more what I'm looking for into ASP.NET, until they say that MVC allows for Unit Testing, TDD and Agile methodologies, which I adhere to, as a certified Professional Scrum Master. I'm a bit mixed up on what will be more natural for me speaking of programming model.

Taking into account my base of knowledge and my experience, what programming model do you think I'm going to be more comfortable with? Will choosing one over the other allow me to get acquainted enough with ASP.NET to one day try the other model? In the video about choosing the Programming Model both sat on ASP.NET, I heard about DataBinding while using Web Forms, but no mention of DataBinding in the MVC model. Is there any possible DataBinding in MVC?

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AJAX :: Programming Model - Getting Values Of Dropdownlists

Feb 6, 2010

Imagine I'm developing a webform with two dropdownlists and a submit button. The second dropdownlist depends on the choice in the first, and both are loaded dynamically using webmethods being called with javascript in de ASPX page (ajax). When I submit the form to the server, to save the data, I can't get the value of those dropdownlists. I think it is because with client AJAX no viewstate data is being generated. I need to send the data to the server and save the webform data, and identify wich data is on each webcontrol.

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Programming Model For Prototyping Then Reusable For Production

May 15, 2010

In .NET land what would be a good approach for quick prototyping of a concept (i.e. development just on my PC) that could then be extended out to product (users across LAN/WAN), BUT in a fashion that the model/business logic code and data access layer code can be used as is? One thought for example I had as to do:
(a) WinForms with business logic and Entity Framework layer to SQL Server Express on my PC, then
(b) Go then to (using the business logic / data library) with SQL Server/IIS

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Architecture :: MSMQ And Socket Programming In Web?

Dec 31, 2010

I am working on live trading system, in this web system i have to show live data so i am calling my store procedure for bind my data. I have few questions -

Is it possible to use MSMQ in web ?
Is it possible to use socket programming in web ?

Its because i am calling SP in every 5 seconds and its very lengthy. I want to use socket programming or MSMQ in LIVE trading system because if any thing update or modify in tables then only web page get notification from MSMQ or Socket and i will bind my page then only. And if possible then its secure and perfect for web live environment ?

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Architecture :: Sqlconnection - Streaming Programming Wouldn't End

Oct 28, 2010

i would like to write a streaming programming which will keep updated or query the database. I would like to use a connection instead of open and close connection on each transaction. But the streaming programming would not end, running at all the time. So, is it any effect if i am using only one connection (within a long period). Such as performance, timeout issue, or others exception.

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Server Side Web Programming Model Replaced By JavaScript / Ajax?

Dec 14, 2010

ASP.NET server controls has a few categories, for example, normal ones e.g. TextBox, Button which can be done in HTML/JS; Validation controls: can be done in JS; Login controls: I have seen them implemented in JS. Data bound controls: not sure, but maybe JS can work directly with databases, implementing controls like photo slider. So in the time span of next 5-10 years, will server-side web programming model fall out of mainstream and be replaced by JS/Ajax that interacts directly with databases?

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C# - Control Camera Through Sessions And Application Programming Architecture

May 19, 2010

how to control camera through sessions and application programming architecture

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Architecture :: Improve Average Speed Per KB Of Website?

Jul 23, 2010

There are various website speed test online tools available. Few of them are listed on: [URL] I tested my website using iweb and selfseo. My website is showing 0.03KB Average speed per KB everywhere. Even google also is giving same kind of results.I tested the site using Page Speed and YSlow. I have already followed most of the recommendations suggested by these tools like efficient use CSS, contents across the domains, caching, compression and all. But still I am getting the same average speed per kb. Page speed is showing around 85/100 as my page speed score, so I guess I have optimized my site a lot. My questions here are:

1. What are the other factors affecting the avg speed per kb of a website?

2. How to improve the Avg speed per kb?

3. Is there anything related with the Server Software and Hardware that I have to check?

Note: I tested by uploading a plain html page with simple text "Hello World", but the avg speed per kb is the same for this page as well. Same is the case with the rest of the pages.

Application Platform : ASP.Net 3.5, C#3.0, LINQ as Data Access, SQL Server 2008

Server Platform : Windows Server 2003.

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Architecture :: Entity Model Design Framework And N - Tier Architecture

Dec 25, 2010

recently i've studied on ADO.NET's Entity Model Framework and say 'wow' as ORM is one of the fevourite pattern i practice..but suddenly i've come to an ambiguous situation when i'm going to start. i usually follow the following 3-tier architecture..

1. UI Layer
2. BLL - business logic layer
3. DAL - Data Access Layer
a. DTO / DAO
b. Gateway (contains the sql query/stored procedure and connection with DB)

now when i'm going to use the Entity Model Design,where the DBML/ .edmx File should be placed? Because many a times i'm using the DBML file as DTO because of the mapped objects.. in the same time, sometimes DBML ( .edmx file in .NET 4.0) contains CRUD methods and stored procedured method as well as methods with different selection operations,- which should be in Gateway. so where the .edmx file should be placed !?!! IN DTO namespace !? or in Gateway namespace!

moreover sometimes there is no need for the BLL which breaks the rules of inter-layer-communication (UI > BLL > DAL.Gateway)! what makes me confuse is, what should be the ideal n-tier architecture when i'll use the ADO.NET Entity Model Design Framework

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Architecture :: Build A Page To Test Online Video Speed?

Sep 30, 2010

I need to build a page to test online video speed.

video will be uploaded in my webserver and there is no flash play in the server. I need to have two players. one is window media player, second is a flashplayer (prefer using google player)

Page layout:

Windows media player

report of speed testing

Flash player

report of speed testing

report requirement

1.length of video

2. total time that spend to load this video (dynamic is better)

3. average download and upload speed during playing the video

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Architecture :: Memory And Hardware Reccomendation For An App?

Jan 31, 2011

What are the typical hardware (including memory) for a standard ASP.NET application. I know it depends on the complexity of the application, but I am referring to a simple travel engine / booking application where most of the users are expected to just browse and a few will make reservations only. Initially we are not expecting a high number of hits on this also.

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Architecture :: Keeping Information In Memory That Any User Can Access Easily?

Mar 20, 2010

I want to read some information from an xml file and store it ready in memory so that it can go out with every page response without being reloaded from the xml on every request.

What is the best way of doing this?

It looks to me like there are 2 options. Either create a class with static fields that the information is stored in. Or create a class with public fields that the info is stored in and create an instance of that class at application level.

Is that correct, are both of those options viable? or will I not be able to access the fields in the second method without creating an instance of the class in the code that responds to the page request(basically if you create an instance of a class at application level can you use that instance from within code anywhere in your website as long as it is public)?

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Architecture :: How To Desigin The Domain Model

Jun 28, 2010

know whats is happening and why its throwing an error (it does not find GetBrokenRules method because its List) but the reason i posted this question here is to ask for a better design, can anybody guide me here please?i am working on Facilities class (List..../Building/Floor) rror:Error 3System.Collections.Generic.List' does not contain a definition for 'GetBrokenRules' and no extension method 'GetBrokenRules' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

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Architecture :: Entity Data Model Not Refreshing

Jun 9, 2010

We're upgrading our system core asp to mvc, but there is a problem with refreshing the Database Model, our system is a UDP listener Windows Service, and Instering data to our database, our web system reading the database and process it then render. Here is the problem, When i enter some data using DatabaseModel, there is no problem, but when Windows service insert records to database, i can see the record at the web, is there a way to refresh entity data model/

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Architecture :: How To Implement A Many-to-many Relationship In A Domain Model Class

Jan 12, 2011

what is considered a many-to-many relationship in a domain model class ? I mean how to implement a many-to-many relationship in a domain model class ? In SQL this is represented by a link table between two table but how this is represented in a domain model driven application ?

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Architecture :: Provider Model Versus Repository Pattern

Feb 4, 2011

I am trying to understand the fundamental differences between the Provider Model and Repository Pattern.

I have used the Provider Model in many many situations and am confident with it when designing applications. However, the more examples I encounter on the internet and evolution I keep coming across "Repository" Interfaces for classes that look like a Provider Model.

I have dug around a bit but all I can see is that they kinda do the same thing, or closely overlap by enforcing an inheriting class to adhere to a "contract" of implemented / abstracted methods there more to it?

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Architecture :: Integarting ADO.NET Entity Model With Windows Workflow?

Jun 25, 2010

how can I integrate ADO.Net Entity Data Model with windows workflow.

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Architecture :: Cache The Full List Of Objects In Http Cache On The Service Tier And Page In Memory?

Feb 25, 2011

We have a wfc layer that wraps the business classes and database access and use a client that lives on the database layer. Amongst our group we are attempting to form standards. Some want to have the client call the web method and pass the page they are requesting and the page size. Pass that to the database and then page in SQL Server use RowNum.Some want to cache the full list of objects in http cache on the service tier and page in memory. They concern here is memory use on the server.

Which would be best for a medium number of users with potentially large number of records to manage (say 30K) Is it better to cache them all in memory and work from there or page at the database as the application scales?

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Javascript - How Much Client-side Programming Is Needed When Doing Server-side Programming

Mar 16, 2011

but I am rather confused about what to invest in. I heard that server-side code translates into client-side code. So, if you have an .aspx file, it will be converted to HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I have experience with the latter three technologies put into a rather dull text file and rendered by a web browser. My question is how much HTML/CSS/Javascript coding would I have to do when server-side programming? In other words, can someone using ASP.NET program purely on the server side and not bother to write for the client side? Of course, I don't care about server-side being translated into client-side, but I am wondering if client-side programming needs to be done explicitly and to what degree.

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DataSource Controls :: Entity Framework And Architecture Of Model - Create Application Using EF

Feb 10, 2010

I can't to understand clearly how to create strong and quickly application using EF. For example, I have class ForumPost (table ForumPost) for select one of record I write method like:

public ForumPost ForumPost(int ForumPostID)
(from i in _dataContext.ForumPostSet
where i.ForumPostID == ForumPostID select i).First();

all works. But on page (I use ASP.NET MVC) I should display info from another linked tables, ForumName (each post have ForumID) etc. So, I modify this method to:

public ForumPost ForumPost(int ForumPostID)
(from i in _dataContext.ForumPostSet
where i.ForumPostID == ForumPostID select i).First();

ok, all works. Then I want to make some actions in model with ForumPost, i.e.

public void RootPost(int PostID, ref Models.ForumPost Root)
ForumPost post = ForumPost(PostID);
if (post.RootPost != null)
Root = ForumPost(post.RootPost.ForumPostID);
Root = post;

it works too. But problem is in speed. I not need in RootPost all those includes. So, I should to create one more method like:

private ForumPost ForumPostIncludes1(int ForumPostID)
(from i in _dataContext.ForumPostSet
where i.ForumPostID == ForumPostID
select i).First();

then ForumPostIncludes2, ForumPostIncludes3 etc... second way - redesign RootPost with LINQ expr, not with call another method. But in this way difficulties to change DB. third way? How to do it correctly?

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