Architecture :: How To Seperate Development Of Different Modules In A Application Other Than Using Namespaces

Feb 2, 2011

Is there any way to seperate development of different modules in a application other than using namespaces? I want to be able to define interfaces between the modules and unit test them seperately.

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Architecture :: Development Of Windows Services And Some Modules Of Projects?

May 7, 2010

Actually i dont know whther this is the correct forum or not? but i didnt found any other section to post a question like this.Actually i am in . I need to document the service i developed so when my absence or something the other developer can understand my way and code.The aim is to specify the module descriptions, needs and business logic i used to implement. So the next developer can understandCan anyone tell me the name of this document. Developer Document ? Please tell the correct name of this and any link to download any template to undertand. Please dont take it as simple question

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MVC :: Routing - Seperate Controllers With Seperate Views ?

Apr 29, 2010

Here is what i would like to be able to do with the urls/routes:



Where both the home controllers should be seperate controllers with seperate views and the company part should be an param for all the actions in the controllers.Now why i want to be able to do this is because of the following scenario: Each customer will have there own pages (which actually will all be the same for each customer but with different information per customer). The one without the customer is the general website where non customers can go to to become an customer or get information about the services we provide for them, they can sign up etc.

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Web Application Project, BLLs And Namespaces?

Jun 8, 2010

We have a large ASP.NET project which has 100s of BLL classes. In our ObjectDataSources in the UI layer we have typename="". Because we are converting to a web application project, the typename has to include the root namespace of the project. This means we have 1000s of changes to make across lots of files.Are there any better options out there to prevent us from having to do this?

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Web Forms :: Open Application In Seperate Browser When Click On SiteMapNode?

Sep 27, 2010

I want to open application in seperate browser when click on SiteMapNode.

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Architecture :: Modules Design And Coding?

Feb 1, 2011

modules is being used for some sites when they are developing. what is this module. for example, this sites has some modules; membership module,comment module etc.Are modules a diffrent application that is added to site later, or they talk about httpmodules?

also, how can i begin this module design and coding?

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MVC :: Application Pulling Out Seperate Links By Word By Searching Within Headline Table Row ?

Oct 31, 2010

I am having with placing an If statement to write a message of "please try again" if someones search query finds nothing within my headline table within my database.

I have got my application pulling out seperate links by word by searching within my headline table row but what I want is if there isn't a word associated from the users search to display the "please try again". The code I have in my controller and the view page is as follows :-


using UniApp.Controllers;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web.Mvc;[code]....

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Facebook Game Development - .NET - Which Architecture

Mar 17, 2010

I am starting to develop a facebook game using ASP.NET + Silverlight

Which architecture would you use? ASP.NET MVC or MVVM or RIA Services?

ALso what do you think about using XNA with Silversprite?

The game won't be a arcade game. It will be more strategy/RPG.

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Architecture :: Practices For Web Development - Get Information?

Sep 30, 2010

We are in the midst of developing WEB application using .NET. so, i would like to know the Best practises for ASP.NET development, SQL server db, IIS security and network security as well. Where to get the information? I googled for it, but i cannot get the complete set and the info was updated 7 years ago. [URL]

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Architecture :: What Is Component Based Development In Dotnet

Feb 19, 2010

1. Can you explain me what is component based development ? What I am already doing is using layers (user interface, custom types, data access layer and busines logic layer). For example for filling a drop down list with countries what I do is getting data from DAL using custom types in my BLL and BLL return a list of countries to user interface. Now in my opinion it is a plug-able component that I can use anywhere. Should it be called a component ?

2. What is a component a method ? or class or a assambly ?

3. Can components be like that (methods and assemblies) or they are services to embed ?

4. Actually I never have used services, if component can be in both ways (services & classes and assemblies) than what approach is better, should component be made in form of assemblies or services ?

5. Without being so technical any general rules on making re-usable components ?

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Architecture :: Best Practices For Test & Development Environments?

Jul 9, 2010

This question is for ASP.NET and SQL Server developers. What are your best practices with respect to setting up your development and test environment? I'm interesting in the following issues:

1. How many tiers do you recommend and what goes on on each tier? Just dev, test, and production or perhaps dev, test, staging, and production?

2. Which types of applications and/or servers should run on actual physical hardware and which can get away with a VM?

3. What are your strategies for loosely coupling users from web sites, web developers from their web/app/DB servers, and DB developers from their DB servers?

4. How do developers stay "DRY?"

5. What are the pros and cons to putting web, app, and DB servers on their own machines? Does putting servers on separate machines in order to minimize contention for a machine's resources trump any NIC and network latencies that might be introduced by putting them on different machines?

6. How do you configure your web apps to minimize contention for resources (e.g. virtual directories, separate application pools, etc.)

7. How and how often do you refresh your databases on each tier? Do you just refresh the data or both the data and objects?

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Architecture :: Good Design Pattern For Forum Development?

Jan 12, 2011

i want to know which design pattern is good for forums web site design

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Architecture :: Auto Update Application Like In Wordpress, Application Must Check If New Updates Are Available?

May 3, 2010

I need to auto update application like in wordpress, Application must check if new updates are available, download this updates and install.But I don't know how to install application. Because if some files in bin directory are updated application is restarted.Is it possible to create ASP.NET web application which will be auto updatable?now we have a new technologies, could u please suggest me any kind of soultion for the above problem. here i am enclosing my email

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Architecture :: Design An Application To Fetch Data From Different Application Databases

Nov 10, 2010

I need to develop an application, which will get records (orders) from one application and process them. The updates to this records (order updates) will be sent back to the source application for end customer reference. I'm planning to achieve this data synchronization at the database level using triggers and stored procedures to insert database between the 2 databases.

But, the issue is I have to deploy this application in 3 different customer sites and I have to change the database names (cannot use the same database name) in each deployment manually. Because of this deployment issue, I was thinking of handling this within the application where I can store the db name in the database and then build the query within the application, but I dont want to do it as building queries like that doesnt look very professional.

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Configuration :: Iphone Compatible Modules In Web Application?

Jun 10, 2010

We are developing an web application for client .

In this project client wants few modules to be accessed via iphone also.How can we do that?

Do we need to develop separate iphone compatible modules or can we extend the functionality of existing web application to work with iPhone also.

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C# - Creating A Web Application That Can Be Extended By Plugins / Modules?

Apr 5, 2010

I'm currently involved with developing a C# CMS-like web application which will be used to standardise our development of websites. From the outset, the idea has been to keep the core as simple as possible to avoid the complexity and menu/option overload that blights many CMS systems. This simple core is now complete and working very well.

We envisisaged that the system would be able to accept plugins or modules which would extend the core functionality to suit a given projects needs. These would also be re-usable across projects. For example, a basic catalogue and shopping basket might be needed. All the code for such extensions should be in seperate assemblies. They should be able to provide their own admin interfaces and front-end code from this library. The system should search for available plugins and give the admin user the option to enable/disable the feature. (This is all very much like WordPress plugins)

It is crucial that we attack this problem in the correct way, so I'm trying to perform as much due dilligence as possible before jumping in.

I am aware of the Plugin Pattern ( and have read some articles on it's use. It seems reasonable but I'm not convinced it's necessarily the correct/best technique for this situation. It seems more suited to processing applications (image/audio manipulation, maths etc).

Are there any other options for achieving this kind of UI extensibility functionality? Or is the plugin pattern the way to go?

I'd also be interested if anybody has links to articles that explain using the plugin pattern for this purpose?

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Facebook .net Application Development?

Dec 1, 2010

Whats the best starting point for facebook application development in .net?

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Mixing Application Modules - Organize The Silverlight Project?

May 5, 2010

I work in a suite of ASP.NET applications that have several different "modules". The applications all share a main menu, so they all link to one-another. The modules are the high-level areas of the application. So, for example, it might be Payments, Orders, Customers, Products, etc. And Payments and Orders are in one app and Products and Customers are in another. Some of these menu links are "deep links", for example it might be a link to a particular page within the Customers module, such as Create New Customer.

We are about to start a project that will add several more modules to this suite, probably as a new .NET application. I'm thinking about doing these new modules in Silverlight (for various reasons that are not material to the question). If I were to do that, I need to make the menu look the same as the menu in ASP.NET, as the users still need to feel like they are inside one "application".

How should I organize the Silverlight project(s) so that I can "deep link" from ASP.NET pages into particular modules in the Silverlight app? What is even the best idea for creating these different Silverlight "modules"? If I had something that would've been a page in ASP.NET (for example - Create Customer), should each one of those be a separate Silverlight app? Or should it be a separate User Control? Or something else? Should I reuse our shared ASP.NET menu, and deep link to different Silverlight "modules" even within the new application? Or should I reimplement the menu in Silverlight for navigation within the app? Are there menu controls for Silverlight that look similar to ASP.NET menus (with flyout submenus in this case)? Could I maybe even share a SiteMap XML file between them?

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Web Development - How To Develop Mobile Application

Aug 6, 2010

how to develop mobile application? what steps I have to be follow from the beginning. Is there any template provided by Microsoft for visual studio 2008 ? I want to develop this using c# + in mobile environment.

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Mobiles :: Web Application Development For Mobile?

Apr 10, 2010

This is the first time i am going to develop web application for mobiles. All these while i thought there are seperate project templates available in VS2008 and VS2010 as i used to see them in VS2003. Now it is missing. I have also seen assemplies(System.Web.Mobile) available in .net framework for mobile based web controls. I googled, i did not find any convincing results :(.

Do i need to use the same WebSite template for both desktop browsers and mobile browsers just by considering the screen layout?. that is i should detect if the request is from desktop browsers use one type of layout and other for mobile browsers. If my understanding is right? how do i test those web pages for different mobile models?

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Architecture :: Best Way To Pass A Values From One Application To Another Application?

Dec 8, 2010

Which is the best way to pass a values from one application to another application in

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Architecture :: Best Way To Kill Session From One Application To Another Application In C#?

Dec 8, 2010

Which is the best way to kill session from one application to another application in C#

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Fire The Application Error In Asax From The Code?

Aug 7, 2010

I have this code in Global.asax but it not firing once an error occured:


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Web Development - How To Share Application Cache Between Two Applications

Oct 27, 2010

I have one website over at The website is used for a popular web based game. Some company internets don't allow the website to be accessed so I opened up another domain at Same website but a different iss application. Both have same database backends. They also both sit on the same virtual machine. I put my brand new code on shrimp and solve bugs with that code. I host the solid code on pimp. So I can't just forward the shrimp domain to pimp because I need a test bed.

The problem is that they don't share the same application cache. So my question is, can two websites share the same application cache? I really need to figure this out. I would rather not create a webservice and or a handler that one website needs to hit to change the cache on the other application.

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Web Forms :: Improve Coding And Development Application?

Sep 15, 2010

I 'm new to 2005,now I am studying 2.0 technology ,I need the demo code like Duwamish 7.0 CS in 2003 verison to improve my coding and develpoment my application.

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