Architecture :: Should Let External Classes Access Webform Controls

Sep 24, 2010

I was wondering if you should write code so that external classes and functions of that external class can access the webform controls in the main class???

Or should you only use the external class to process some data, return that data back to the main class (that instantiated that external class object) and then have an internal function in the main class to deliver the data to the control? (back to the screen)

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Web Forms :: How To Access A Webform Control From Another External Class / Namespace

Sep 24, 2010

Currently, I have many controls and objects such as Chart1 of mschart as part of the public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page.

At the bottom, I've created a second class that is not part of the _Default webform class. How can I access the webform controls from this second class?

For example, I want to do

Chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.AddXY((pointIndex + 1) * 40, datapoints[pointIndex]);

I want to pass pointIndex integer and the datapoints array.

I know that Chart1 was created protected global access modifier in the designer.cs but when I changed it to public, it still had a problem.

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Including External C# Classes?

Jan 2, 2010

I'm trying to learn ASP.NET programming and here's my first big issue I need to solve:- I like to keep code separate from presentation so I've decided to use code-behing model - I've created default.aspx + default.aspx.cs and everything works nicely- Inside default.aspx.cs, in


I want to instantiate an object where its class is declared in a separate file and is part of a separate namespace. This is a simple PDF generation class that I wish to develop and use in other web and also desktop projects, that's why all these separation.- As a web developer I tend to avoid all kind of IDEs, as a result of this I am independant and I know every line of code in details. Do you think it is possible to bypass VisualStudio and code all the projects by hand? I believe this is quite possible with pure C# code but what about the problem I've described above? Can somebody please write the minimum directive(s) to include an external class or file. (I know about VS 'Add class...', etc. )

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Web Forms :: Webform Is Not Recognizing Partial Classes?

Nov 16, 2010

I have a virtual directory called "MySite.web", and a folder inside this directory called "Sell" where I have my webform Create.aspx and several user controls like CreateAd_CarsAndTrucks.ascx and CreateAd_Motorcycles.ascx.When I try to compile, I get several errors in Create.aspx stating that public partial class Sell_CreateAd_CarsAndTruck, Sell_CreateAd_Motorcycles are not recognized. I am looking at both classes right now (they're in the same folder), so I have no idea why the compiler's not finding them.One odd thing is that, for a moment, it did find one of them (Sell_CreateAd_CarsAndTruck), but from an assembly in either folder "Temporary ASP.Net" under c:Windows or the one in c:usersusername. So I closed my IDE, and deleted both folders. When I open the solution once again, it recreates "Temporary ASP.Net" under c:usersusername and then creates a "App_Web_createad_carsandtrucks.ascx.5a5f4927.ebg000r0.dll" that it uses as definition for the class. But it never uses the actual class as a definition. Basically, when I right-click on the class instance to view its definition, it takes me to metadata.

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External Link Inside A Webform (using Master Page)?

Nov 17, 2010

am trying to get one of the webforms in my application to link to another website, outside of my application. I can get the page to load as a new webpage in my browser easily but I need to keep my masterpage in view.

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Architecture :: Separating BLL And DAL When Not Using Classes

Mar 9, 2011

I'm implementing n-tier structure in the current app I'm working on. Because DataBinding a list of my Objects to a Repeater was far too slow I need to databind a DataTable to the Repeater. Should I still DataBind to a Function (that returns a DataTable) in the BLL that calls a Function in the DAL that returns a DataTable?

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Architecture :: Best To Make Classes In VB, VB.NET OR C#?

Nov 29, 2010

1. Desktop based application - Developed in VB2. Web based application - Developed in Asp.Net 2.0 and C#The above two uses same database in SQLI do have proper class library/business logic in desktop based application in VB. Now I need to use the same library in web based application so that I can change at one place and both the versions will work fine with replacement of one dll.hat is the best to make classes in VB, VB.NET OR C# so that I can use at both end easily.1. If I write Activex dll in vb, the internet articles tells about low performance because of Interop services.

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Architecture :: Can An Assembly Contain More Than One Classes?

May 12, 2010

I want to know Can an assembly contains more then one classes?

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Architecture :: How To Add Reference To External Library

Sep 9, 2010

I have a Class Library Project that I'm using in another Web application project. I've noticed that this has just copied the Class Library DLL into the Bin folder of the Web Application, and also that if I make some changes to the Class Library and rebuild the project, I also have to rebuild the Web Application for the changes to take effect there.

This kind of defeats the object why I'm creating a Class Library as I'm hoping to put some generic functionality in there that will be available to a number of different web applications.

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Architecture :: How To Create Wrapper Classes

Nov 24, 2010

I have a third party dll and i need to add some more functionalities (methods, constants etc..) so create a wrapper class. I have no idea about wrapper classes. what is the purpose of this and how to create in .NET for this 3rd party dll.

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Architecture :: Two Different Base Classes Sharing Some Of The Same Code?

Mar 21, 2011

I got loads of website, that share one of two baseclasses. I need the two baseclasses to be able to share part of the same code. I dont want to have to duplicate the shared code per baseclass.

so.. I got a page.aspx that inherits the baseclass and that inhertis 'sub' baseclass that inherits the class. So far so good :-)

In my baseclass I got a Public (at the top of the class not in any method- not sure of the proper term) Varable that is constructed from a structure in the BO class.

it Public PageDetails AS CoreDomainSetupBO.GetStartUpDetails = {database method}

I need the pagedetails to be available in the sub baseclass but it cant be defined there as the page details value is defined differently in the different base classes.

I hope that makes sense, I need to sub base class to be able to use a property that is defined at baseclass level.

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Architecture :: Sharing Classes In Between Two Associated Projects In One Solution?

Dec 3, 2010

I am looking for general direction on the best practice here. I have a class that I want to share between two different forms in two projects that are associated. The two forms are in seperate projects but both projects load together as I have added the second project to the first. I also have a class that I want to share between these two projects which will cause me to add another project to this solution with will mean I will have three projects in my solution. My question is how do I best share this class?

I believe the only way to do this is to add the class in the reference in both of the form projects?... Is this correct ? I'd really like to just reference the class and inherit it in the source code without adding it as a reference but I am feeling that I can't do that. I am obviously pressed for time and working on other projects and a I am a experienced coder with only about 1 year of C# experience...

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Architecture :: Finding Best Practice For Designing Classes - OOP

Aug 10, 2010

I am searching for what are the standard best practice (for OOP) used to design classes for develop application? I am aware of most of the OOP concepts but confused with how to map object/classes.

Let's take example of Adventure works - 2005 database provided by Microsoft; it has five schemas Sales, Purchase, Person, Production, HR and DBO.

Should we consider Schemas as Namespace in Classes?

Now, Person schema has 5 tables, should we design classes based on tables?

i.e. Person schema has Address, AddressType, Contact, ContactType, CountryRegion & StateProvince tables. What are the classes we can consider?

What are the basic criteria to decide objects? What to do and how to design classes for tables like Purchase order detail, Product cost history, Product inventory, Product Category etc.

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Architecture :: Using DataSets Alongside Linq To SQL Classes?

Feb 22, 2010

I am updating a project I wrote some time ago. At the time my preference was for DataSets and DataSetTableAdapters, but I've now moved on to use Linq to SQL DataClasses. I would like to convert the project to Linq to SQL, but I am tight on time and it's a big job. My question is, is there any reasons I can't develop new modules using Linq to SQL DataClasses along side DataSets and convert the DataSets overtime?

Apart from the obvious confusion it will cause, are there any technical problems I should be aware of i.e. will there be any performance problems using the two methods?

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Security :: Using Membership Classes In 3 Tier Architecture?

Nov 3, 2010

Can we use membership class in 3 tier architecture? Actually i want to use ASP.NEt's login control and membership for authentication. Can it will be possible in 3 tier using membership.

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Architecture :: Wizards In WebForm - Projects For GridView

Jun 24, 2010

I will start a new project in a couple of weeks and I have some questions about ASP .NET WebForms. Visual Studio ofters some nice wizards such as the SqlDataSource component that you can assign to a GridView and then you can edit and delete rows without coding.

The disadvantage of these wizards is the bad seperation between the layers and thereby the maintance of the software. One good example is the SQL statement in the view (*.aspx files) and so on. I would like to ask you how you handle this in your projects. Do you use the wizards? Otherwise if the wizard would not be used then it is a lot of effort necessary to program all features of the GridView component self. Such as edit, sort, paging etc. Is there information available how you can do this? I didn't find really something. What is your opinion about this.

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Architecture :: Counting The Number Of Sessions In A Webform?

Oct 8, 2010

We have a ASP .NET application which will be deployed in a web farm. We would like to find the total number of sessions that have been established. If we create a counter in global.asax.cs, it will be able to count only within aspnet_wp process. In a web farm, multiple nodes will have IIS on multiple machines. If we use SQL server-based session management, can we get the total number of active session by querying the Session DB? If we later decide to use session state server to store the sessions, can we get the number of active sessions?

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Architecture :: Building Layered Web Applications / Where To Create The BLL And DAL And All Classes

Dec 23, 2010

where to create the BLL and DAL and all classes in it can we place them in the App_code folder as it ll convert them into DLL Files or do we have to create a new class library project for each...

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C# - Sharing Domain Logic Between Similar Classes In Architecture?

Mar 24, 2011

My MVC ASP.NET web application is split up like this:

Web Application Layer Views


Now, I have a view in the database called "EquipmentWithCableDetails", which contains additional useful information with the equipment details - so I create a class to model that view (in order to be able to read from it). In the code I have that works with that new class, I want to display the EquipmentDescription - but that property only exists on the Equipment class.

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Architecture :: Data Binding To Entity Framework Classes?

Feb 1, 2011

I am using the ADO.NET Entity Framework for loading data from the database. The classes are directly mapped to database tables in the database. The problem is that these classes are not optimal for binding to the UI elements. As a result of this I have some custom entities which are populated at the service layer and returned. It is these custom entities (classes) to which I bind the UI elements. My questions on this are1. Is populating these entities at the service layer the most appropriate way to do this. I personally do not think so because if we introduce some additional UI elements which need different entities then I have to modify the service layer again.2. What is the best approach/pattern to get this done.

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Architecture :: Finding Pros And Cons Of Static Classes And Variables (particularly A Db Connection)

Jan 11, 2010

So I started working on my first application that involves logging in and databases, and soon after i started messing around with a static class. I "discovered" that if you make a variable static, all sessions share that variable (I for some reason was originally assuming that each session had its own copy of that "static" class). Anyway, after discovering this I thought to myself "how could this possibly be useful to me" and thought that itmight be a good idea to make a single static database connection for all of the sessions, rather than storing that as a session variable for each session. Does anybody know what would be the pros and cons of this approach?

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Architecture :: Clicking A Button On A Webform Invokes A Command Line Program

Oct 17, 2010

I'm trying to create a webpage, that on clicking a button on a webform invokes a command line program like

ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(@"program.exe");
startInfo.Arguments = @"parameters";

The program takes about 3 secs or more to complete it's process running via command prompt. This creates a file that is then read by the next method morestuff(); My problem is that after Process.Start() it moves over to the method morestuff and the file is still not created and throws an error - file does not exist. How do I make sure that the process.start is complete before executing the method morestuff()?

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Architecture :: Database Backed Entity Classes And Matching The Underlying Types For The ID Field

Jul 16, 2010

Database backed entity classes and matching the underlying types for the ID field. removed.

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WCF / ASMX :: Way To Access External Webservice

Oct 21, 2010

I'm trying to connect to a webservice but my experiens of webservice i limited


The values that I would like to getis:carWorkOrderInfoResult.areaIdcarWorkOrderInfoResult.workOrderNumber

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C# - Access Images From External Storage In ASP

Jan 21, 2010

I have an ASP.NET site in a web server and the images are stored in NAS (some kind of lacie external storage), I tried UNC and other things but no success. how can I access images from external storage in ASP.NET Update: The images are reachable from the server but when I try to access in ASP.NET throws me error.

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