Architecture :: Wizards In WebForm - Projects For GridView

Jun 24, 2010

I will start a new project in a couple of weeks and I have some questions about ASP .NET WebForms. Visual Studio ofters some nice wizards such as the SqlDataSource component that you can assign to a GridView and then you can edit and delete rows without coding.

The disadvantage of these wizards is the bad seperation between the layers and thereby the maintance of the software. One good example is the SQL statement in the view (*.aspx files) and so on. I would like to ask you how you handle this in your projects. Do you use the wizards? Otherwise if the wizard would not be used then it is a lot of effort necessary to program all features of the GridView component self. Such as edit, sort, paging etc. Is there information available how you can do this? I didn't find really something. What is your opinion about this.

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Architecture :: Sharing Classes In Between Two Associated Projects In One Solution?

Dec 3, 2010

I am looking for general direction on the best practice here. I have a class that I want to share between two different forms in two projects that are associated. The two forms are in seperate projects but both projects load together as I have added the second project to the first. I also have a class that I want to share between these two projects which will cause me to add another project to this solution with will mean I will have three projects in my solution. My question is how do I best share this class?

I believe the only way to do this is to add the class in the reference in both of the form projects?... Is this correct ? I'd really like to just reference the class and inherit it in the source code without adding it as a reference but I am feeling that I can't do that. I am obviously pressed for time and working on other projects and a I am a experienced coder with only about 1 year of C# experience...

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Architecture :: Select A Case Tools For Projects?

Mar 1, 2010

We are going to select a case tools for our develop team. Visio could't manage our requirement and we need another case tools. We need case tools that could manage projects through it and ofcourse analyse and design

run through it very simple. We don't need complicated analysis & design tools ,but we need case tools to find entities design DB and design classes. We need tools that help us to control project.

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Architecture :: Development Of Windows Services And Some Modules Of Projects?

May 7, 2010

Actually i dont know whther this is the correct forum or not? but i didnt found any other section to post a question like this.Actually i am in . I need to document the service i developed so when my absence or something the other developer can understand my way and code.The aim is to specify the module descriptions, needs and business logic i used to implement. So the next developer can understandCan anyone tell me the name of this document. Developer Document ? Please tell the correct name of this and any link to download any template to undertand. Please dont take it as simple question

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Architecture :: Use Of Abstract Class Design In Real Time Projects?

Jul 21, 2010

What is the use of abstract class design in real time projects

and how to use abstract clases and interfaces

and inheritense concepts

like big shoping portals or content managment,blogs etc

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Architecture :: Counting The Number Of Sessions In A Webform?

Oct 8, 2010

We have a ASP .NET application which will be deployed in a web farm. We would like to find the total number of sessions that have been established. If we create a counter in global.asax.cs, it will be able to count only within aspnet_wp process. In a web farm, multiple nodes will have IIS on multiple machines. If we use SQL server-based session management, can we get the total number of active session by querying the Session DB? If we later decide to use session state server to store the sessions, can we get the number of active sessions?

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Architecture :: Should Let External Classes Access Webform Controls

Sep 24, 2010

I was wondering if you should write code so that external classes and functions of that external class can access the webform controls in the main class???

Or should you only use the external class to process some data, return that data back to the main class (that instantiated that external class object) and then have an internal function in the main class to deliver the data to the control? (back to the screen)

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Web Forms :: 2 Wizards On The Same Page?

Aug 23, 2010

If i put 2 Wizard controls on 1 page when I run either one of them both get validated which causes an error.

How would I go about having 2 separate wizard controls on 1 page and have them validate separately?

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Architecture :: Clicking A Button On A Webform Invokes A Command Line Program

Oct 17, 2010

I'm trying to create a webpage, that on clicking a button on a webform invokes a command line program like

ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(@"program.exe");
startInfo.Arguments = @"parameters";

The program takes about 3 secs or more to complete it's process running via command prompt. This creates a file that is then read by the next method morestuff(); My problem is that after Process.Start() it moves over to the method morestuff and the file is still not created and throws an error - file does not exist. How do I make sure that the process.start is complete before executing the method morestuff()?

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Visual Studio :: Old Projects Not Showing Up In The Start Page Recent Projects List?

Jan 31, 2011

I just moved to a new PC and installed VS 2010. I copied all of my websites over from the old machine and now when I open the old websites on the new machine, they do not show up in my recent projects list on the start page. New websites that I make do show up there but the old ones do not. This is very inconvenient. Is there a way to make old projects that I open show up in the list?

This brings up another question. Is there a way to make a shortcut that will open VS2010 up with a website already loaded so that I don't have to go through the file open dialog every time?

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Start Breaking Into Multiple Projects From The Beginning And Others Build Behemoth Single Projects?

Jul 29, 2010

I've seen some teams that start breaking into multiple projects from the beginning and others build behemoth single projects. The large project teams say that one massive project is easier to maintain than multiple smaller projects.

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Popularity: Web Site Projects Versus Web Application Projects?

Nov 1, 2010

I need to create a sample project (for educational purposes) and I'm faced with the choice between Web Site Projects or Web Application Projects. This feels similar to the choice between C# and VB. My question isn't about the differences between these 2 choices, but rather which is more popular (relevant, recognizable) to the general ASP.NET community.Has anyone seen any statistics in terms of adoption/usage of these 2 different project types? What project type should I use to reach the widest audience?Update: I created a poll on this subject -

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Visual Studio :: Can Prevent Projects From Being Referenced By Other Projects

Jun 7, 2010

I have a multi-tiered application. I would like to publish the class libraries to UI developers to let them add to their web or windows projects to add all the functionality.

I would like to restrict access so only a certain project can be referenced. The reason is so that they do not refer to the data access layer directly and start making calls that would bypass the business logic built into the business tier.

UI->>Business Logic->>Data Access

So in other words, BL and DA are deployed as compiled assemblies. BL references DA. UI will reference BL, but I would like to strictly prevent any other project from referencing DA directly.

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Gridview Control In Has The Same Functionality As The Datagridview In Non Asp Projects?

Jun 30, 2010

if the gridview control in has the same functionality as the datagridview in non asp projects?i'm trying to fill a grid view with a list and it goes well in visual c# projects but now with the's gridview

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Forms Data Controls :: Creating A Webform With One Gridview And Three Dropdownlist Which Are Outside The Gridview?

Aug 19, 2010

i'm creating a webform with one gridview and three dropdownlist which are outside the gridview.In edit mode of the gridview i want to insert the values form the dropdownlist.what i select in dropdownlist it should be in gridview...i've three columns. so i've created three dropdownlist which are outside..i dont want the dropdown list in the gridview it should be separete .

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Using Webform User Control On Webform In MVC Project?

Feb 26, 2010

I am using a server control on a single web.forms page. I have to use this control on a web.forms page since its a server control, although this is actually a MVC project. So I created a web.forms folder and put my new page in it. I then copy the example code from the signature control. I get the following error:

The base class includes the field 'ctrlSign', but its type (WebSignatureCapture.SignatureControl) is not compatible with the type of control (ASP.signaturecapture_signaturecontrol_ctlsignature_ascx).

I know the code works because if I removed the ID attribute from the server control, it no longer gives me this error and my control renders. But I need the attribute for the ID so I can perform is post event

I am using this signature control. Here's the web.forms code...

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Index.aspx.cs" Inherits="KahunaCentralTIDRevamp.SignatureCapture.Index" %> [code]....

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C# - Paging In Gridview In Webform

Mar 26, 2011

i am paging my grid view datas. now am on 3rd page of gridview. in 3rd page i have list of buttons in each rows. when i click on one button it goes to another webpage. where i edit datas and save. when i click on save it comes back to page having grid..which loads from 1st page of grid...i want to load the 3rd page of gridview itself.

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Webform Gridview And Textboxes To Csv File

Apr 30, 2010

I have a webform that has a bunch of textboxes (name, address, city, state, ect...) and a gridview that holds records of products (name of product, stock number, qty, ect...) How can I get all of this information into a csv file when the customer presses a "Place Order" button? Does anyone have an example in vb?

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How To Send Parameter From One Webform To Another Webform

Oct 19, 2010

in webform 1, i have search button when i click its open webform2 and there the gridview.

I want when i click the link in gridview in webform 2 then it close webform 2 and change the datasource parameter in webform 1 without open the new window (still same window)

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C# - Send Visitors From One Webform To Other Webform?

Mar 21, 2011

What is right way to send visitors from one webform to other. What are their limitations and their plus points.

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Forms Data Controls :: Webform - Highlight Two Columns In Excel Category - Weight And Then Past Them From Clipboard To Gridview

Mar 23, 2011

I have a gridview that has the following colums Category, Weight , and an option to delete row. I user would like to be able to highlight two columns in excel Category, Weight and then past them from clipboard to gridview.

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Forms Data Controls :: Dynamic Gridview EventHandler Sees All WebForm Controls As Null

Mar 30, 2010

I have a gridview I create dynamically and one of the columns is a checkbox. I need to set an event handler on this control for checkedchanged. everything appears to work fine except for one thing....even though I can see my WebForm controls they are all null..(even thogh I know they are not) So I basically cant do anythign to the controls in the event handler. Here is teh code I use to create teh dynamic column in the gridview.

EtscUtilsUI.ALMSSECSRV.EALMSAppRoles ealmsapprole =
new EtscUtils.EtscUtilsUI.ALMSSECSRV.EALMSAppRoles();//Thsi
is the webform code behind partial class.
CheckBox chk =
chk.ID = _columnName;
chk.DataBinding += new
//Attaches the data binding event.
chk.AutoPostBack = true;
chk.CheckedChanged += new
chk.Enabled = true;
This is the code for the event Handler
void Dyn_CheckChanged(object sender,
EventArgs e)
string err =
if (lblAppID.Text !=

that label come back as null event though a previous event set its value successfully if I try to reference the gridview itself I get the error Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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Architecture :: Articles/Links On Asp.Net Pipeline And Internal Request Processing Architecture?

Oct 4, 2010

I am looking details on the internal working of architecture. The topics need to include the following:

Asp.Net Thread/Application Pools HttpRuntime HttpApplication - When and how it is set up How HttpContext is set up How objects can passed along the pipeline using HttpContext.Current.Items Why does modification of static variables requires locks in ASP.NET (advanced)IIS 7 Integration Mode

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Architecture :: How To Design A Centralized Business Or Service Authentication Architecture

Sep 22, 2010

i want to create a centralised business or Service authendication architecture in .net. for example, we have a clients like c1, c2, c3, c4, ... etc. everybody logins seperatly as well as grouply. ie, if client "C1" logins [with login authentication] he can access c2 , c3, c4 also without login authendication. So its like a google. if we enters gmail account, we can access orkut, picasa like that.. i need the cetralised architecture.

And, client "c1" seperately asks seperately how will be the authendication architecture.

so give me the single solution for both these two scenarios. how will be the architecture for these two and how is the Data Base (Login) Structure.

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Architecture :: Entity Model Design Framework And N - Tier Architecture

Dec 25, 2010

recently i've studied on ADO.NET's Entity Model Framework and say 'wow' as ORM is one of the fevourite pattern i practice..but suddenly i've come to an ambiguous situation when i'm going to start. i usually follow the following 3-tier architecture..

1. UI Layer
2. BLL - business logic layer
3. DAL - Data Access Layer
a. DTO / DAO
b. Gateway (contains the sql query/stored procedure and connection with DB)

now when i'm going to use the Entity Model Design,where the DBML/ .edmx File should be placed? Because many a times i'm using the DBML file as DTO because of the mapped objects.. in the same time, sometimes DBML ( .edmx file in .NET 4.0) contains CRUD methods and stored procedured method as well as methods with different selection operations,- which should be in Gateway. so where the .edmx file should be placed !?!! IN DTO namespace !? or in Gateway namespace!

moreover sometimes there is no need for the BLL which breaks the rules of inter-layer-communication (UI > BLL > DAL.Gateway)! what makes me confuse is, what should be the ideal n-tier architecture when i'll use the ADO.NET Entity Model Design Framework

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