Architecture :: Good Design Pattern For Forum Development?

Jan 12, 2011

i want to know which design pattern is good for forums web site design

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Webforms - Content Management System - What Is The Good Design Pattern

Mar 19, 2010

We are going to develop content Management System in what is the good design pattern do we need to follow in order to have good design.

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Architecture :: Design Pattern And Tier Architecture

Jun 12, 2010

I am a newbie to and work in a firm where the projects are quite small.

I was told by my manager that in a few weeks or so we would be getting a bigger project and I need to be well versed with Design Patterns and N tier arcihtecture.

I would really appreciate if someone could provide me some links and also drop me a few sentences on how this things are useful?

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Architecture :: Design A Good Exception Handling?

Jun 4, 2010

I need to design a good exception handling. That can include logging and user friendly error page etc I read more articles and got some ideas. I am not using Enterprise Library now.

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Architecture :: Which Design Pattern Can Be Implemented?

Mar 22, 2011

suggest me a good design pattern for implmenting the following? I have an object say myObject. This myObject is created using few inputs from the UI. After the creation of myObject. This object will be passed to few methods.. like method1(myObject);

method2(myObject);... method5(myObject);etc. Each methods will prepare the input for successive methods call. For example method1(myObject) will set the values necessary for the operation of method2.Then method2(myObject) will set up the values necessary for the operation of method3 and so on..Same object is used as the argument for every method calls.Which design pattern can be implemented?

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Architecture :: What Basically Is Factory Design Pattern

Jul 17, 2010

I visited this Link to study about Factory design pattern. But i am confused about it still. What i understood is that we must use an Interface to define a class .In the interface we will give the prototype of functions and later on we will define it in concrete class. Is that simple concept is Factory design pattern ?

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Architecture :: How The Data Pass From One Layer To Another Layer In Mvc Design Pattern

Apr 1, 2010

how the data pass from one layer to another layer in mvc design pattern...

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Best Design Pattern For Associating Subdomain With Area And PRG Pattern?

Aug 21, 2010

Now that the next version of ASP.NET MVC is being prototyped and previewed (ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview 1 came out a couple of weeks ago), I wonder if we should call the attention of the Core Dev team (S Hanselman, Phil Haack and all) to this "feature."there a easy/non tacky way of associating subdomains → areas?Something like:
[URL]Also, whats the best accepted design pattern in implementing PRG pattern in ASP.NET MVC? I guess it should also get some official loving in MVC 3.

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Site Or Forum That Is Good Source Of Information On How To Use Different Aspects Of Their API

Sep 2, 2010

I'm attempting to use the DotNetCart ecommerce module in a solution we are building. The problem i'm having is that i'm finding that the included .chm documentation is quite lacking. I've brought this up with their support dept and received no help there. My question is, is there a site or forum that is a good source of information on how to use different aspects of their API?

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Is This Modified C# Singleton Pattern A Good Practice

Feb 9, 2010

I'm developing a blog application shared by non-profit organizations. I want each organization to be able to change their own blog settings. I have taken a singleton pattern (from and modified it. (I understand that it is no longer a singleton pattern.) I have tested this approach and it seems to work fine in a development environment. Is this pattern a good practice? Are there issues, which may arise when this is placed in a production environment?

public class UserBlogSettings
private UserBlogSettings()
public static UserBlogSettings Instance
string cacheKey = "UserBlogSettings-" + HttpContext.Current.Session["userOrgName"].ToString();
object cacheItem = HttpRuntime.Cache[cacheKey] as UserBlogSettings;
if (cacheItem == null)
cacheItem = new UserBlogSettings();
HttpRuntime.Cache.Insert(cacheKey, cacheItem, null, DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(1),
return (UserBlogSettings) cacheItem;

(Portions of code were omitted for brevity.)

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Which Pattern Most Closely Matches Scenario Detailed And Is It Good Practice

Mar 6, 2011

I have seen a particular pattern a few times over the last few years. In the UI, each new record (e.g., new customers details) is stored on the form without saving to database. This clearly has been done so not clutter the database or cause unnecessary database hits.

While in the UI state, these objects are identified using a Guid. When these are a saved to the database, their associated Guids are not stored. Instead, they are assigned a database Int as their primary key.

The form can cope with a mixure of retrieved items from the database (using Int) as well as those that have not yet been committed (using Guid).

When inspecting the form (using Firebug) to see which key was used, we found a two part delimited combined key had been used. The first part is a guid (an empty guid if drawn from the database) and the second part is the integer (zero is stored if it is not drawn from the database). As one part of the combined key will always uniquely identify a record, it works rather well.

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Good Tutorial For Mobile Web Development Using .net?

Jul 14, 2010

good tutorial for Mobile web development using .net

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Architecture :: Want To Built Like Asp Forum?

Mar 12, 2010

This is my doubt.For example, select "Getting started" forum in site. It lists lots of threads.Whenever i click on the thread new page will be open. For example if i click a thread means it will opens a page "" and if i click another thread means it will open other page "".

My question is for each thread is there team maintains separate pages like (1535090.aspx, 1535453.aspx etc). Whats the logic behind this one?Please explain. I'm also try to want built the forum like this.

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C# - Find Good .NET Online Tutorials For Web Development?

Feb 16, 2010

I'm a Coldfusion Web Developer and I'm finding that in my local area,work for CF Devs has become extremely scarce.There were a handful of companies that were Coldfusion houses a few years ago and it appears most of them have moved away from CF development.I'm looking to expand my skillset to improve my employment outlook, and it appears that many of the web development positions that are available to me now are focused around .NET web development.The last time i took a look at .NET as a web development platform was way back during 2.0; where I found it to be poorly organized and extremely unfocused.

Apparently somewhere along the line I missed the boat because that's where about 90% of the web development jobs in my area are now.I've done some searching on google to see if I can find a tutorial, something that's akin to hand-holding, and have come back dissapointed.

So I'm turning to the SO community to ask for links and resources that might help better explain how .NET development works in a web development capacity,and for links to these resources so I can begin boning up my knowledge and start writing practice applications.

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Architecture :: Is Layered Architecture A Pattern

Mar 2, 2010

guide in typical 4 layered architecture (having User Interface, Custom Types, Business Logic, Data Access Layer) do we follow some design pattern ? I am not clear what pattern it is or what pattern it should be called.

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Which Design Pattern To Choose

Jul 20, 2010

I am using and c#.

I have a some classes. Some of the classes are having same methods insert, update and delete.

Each insert will insert different data to different table. (same for update and delete). What type of pattern can be applied for this kind of class.

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C# - An Architectural / Looking For Design Pattern ?

Feb 26, 2011

So yesterday my mate and myself had this duscussion about the architecture of this e-shopping website that im developing. Note that I work with ASP.NET for this. He was quite surprised to learn that I do not keep the Items added to the shopping-cart in an ArrayList or other Generic list but rather i insert them straight to the database using LINQ To Entities. Could I pass only for this web app and not use n-tire or should I do as my friend suggested which is, have methods that perform updates, deletions etc..

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Architecture :: How To Design A Centralized Business Or Service Authentication Architecture

Sep 22, 2010

i want to create a centralised business or Service authendication architecture in .net. for example, we have a clients like c1, c2, c3, c4, ... etc. everybody logins seperatly as well as grouply. ie, if client "C1" logins [with login authentication] he can access c2 , c3, c4 also without login authendication. So its like a google. if we enters gmail account, we can access orkut, picasa like that.. i need the cetralised architecture.

And, client "c1" seperately asks seperately how will be the authendication architecture.

so give me the single solution for both these two scenarios. how will be the architecture for these two and how is the Data Base (Login) Structure.

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Architecture :: Entity Model Design Framework And N - Tier Architecture

Dec 25, 2010

recently i've studied on ADO.NET's Entity Model Framework and say 'wow' as ORM is one of the fevourite pattern i practice..but suddenly i've come to an ambiguous situation when i'm going to start. i usually follow the following 3-tier architecture..

1. UI Layer
2. BLL - business logic layer
3. DAL - Data Access Layer
a. DTO / DAO
b. Gateway (contains the sql query/stored procedure and connection with DB)

now when i'm going to use the Entity Model Design,where the DBML/ .edmx File should be placed? Because many a times i'm using the DBML file as DTO because of the mapped objects.. in the same time, sometimes DBML ( .edmx file in .NET 4.0) contains CRUD methods and stored procedured method as well as methods with different selection operations,- which should be in Gateway. so where the .edmx file should be placed !?!! IN DTO namespace !? or in Gateway namespace!

moreover sometimes there is no need for the BLL which breaks the rules of inter-layer-communication (UI > BLL > DAL.Gateway)! what makes me confuse is, what should be the ideal n-tier architecture when i'll use the ADO.NET Entity Model Design Framework

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Design Pattern - Rule Checker

Apr 4, 2011

I sell products throgh my website. Recently we've been given a list of rules that need to be checked against each order, to make sure it's not fraudulent. So this list of rules/fraud indicators will change and grow so I want to make sure it's easily maintainable and really solid. I'm thinking I have an abstract class rule that each of the rules implements.

abstract class Rule
public string Message;
public bool Success;
public void CheckOrder(OrderItem currentOrder);
class FakeCreditCardNumberRule : Rule
public string Message = "Fake CC Number Rule";
public void CheckOrder(OrderItem currentOrder)
currentOrder.CreditCardNumber = "1234-5678-9012-3456";
Success = false;
class ReallyLargeOrderRule : Rule
public string Message = "Really Large Order Rule";
public void CheckOrder(OrderItem currentOrder)
currentOrder.ItemsOrder.Count > 100;
Success = false;

Then I'm thinking of having a class that accepts an Order object in it's costructor and checks though the list of rules. Something like:

class FraudChecker
List<Rule> rules;
public FraudChecker(OrderItem currentOrder)
foreach(var rule in rules)

So I was trying to think of the best place/best way to populate the FraudChecker.Rules list and started thinking there might be some nice design pattern that does something like what I'm doing. Has anyone seen a design pattern I should use here? Or can anyone think of a good place to populate this list?

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Design Pattern For Generating The UI Dynamically?

Sep 14, 2010

I am planning to generate the UI from database.The platfrom will be anyone help in identifying the best design pattern/Architecture that suits for generating the UI and events dynamically.

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Session Object Design Pattern?

Jan 28, 2011

I'm looking to build an ajax page; it's a reporting page. By default, load today's report. On the page there's a calendar control and when the user clicks on a date, reload the gridview with the corresponding data. Is it considered good practice to do the following:

1) on the first page load, query the data for the page

2) put the query result in the session object and display it in a gridview

3) if the user requests new data, get new data from the query with different parameters

4) put the result of the second query in the session object and display it

5) if the user then requests the data from the first query, get it from the session object

6) do the sorting and paging with the data held in the session.

Note: the data of each query will contain about 300-500 rows and about 15 columns. I'd like to do all this with ajax calls. What are some suggestions and pitfalls to avoid.

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Design Pattern For Adding A Web Service In MVC3

Mar 4, 2011

Firstly - I'm not asking this question How to include a web service in MVC3? I know where the button is :-)

I'm trying to find an example of best practices of how to use the new DI / Common Service Locator framework in order to make web service calls (and code dependent on web service calls) testable. I've no experience of using NInject or the like - is that the way to go?

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C# - Best Practice Or Design Pattern For User Registration ?

May 2, 2010

We have a big portal that needs user registration to allow them use its services. It's already done in .NET and SOL Server 2005. we are in the phase now of discovering all the problems of the current registration system to build a new robust flexible one that can be extended easily and can be more usable for all services.

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Architecture :: Which Pattern You Use?

Sep 17, 2010

I wanted to know which all design pattern have you used in your application. Just wanted to see a general idea of most commonly used, popular design patterns. I was going through this site"

and it has tons of design patters, I have heard about singleton and factory but not others.

So guyz which all popular efficient patterns are there and how would you determine which one suits your app. Can we make a app without a design pattern.

And lastly which one are the most simplest ones out there which are easier to implement.

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