Architecture :: What Is Role Of Object Properties When Using Client Side Validations

Aug 24, 2010

I have been using properties and have idea that using properties with private fields we can implement validations and buisness rules in them.

But I am just thinking client side validation controls provide good strength and they provide good user experience as well. They can be used for any type of validation (using regular expression) on client side and their re-use is possible on server side. When validation controls are a must and they are powerful; is making properties not just wastage of time ?

Is there still some use of properties ?

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Web Forms :: Custom Validations On Client Side?

Feb 25, 2010

In forms I need to do custo validations. Like if use select radio button that he is residing on current address for more than 3 than previous residance fields are optional but if he select (radio button) that he is residing on current address for less than 3 years than previous address fields should be requried. Requirment is to do these on client side.

how this can be done. Secondly can there be some way we just disable a validation group and all validations in this group may be turned to disabl ?

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AJAX :: Ajaxcombobox Validations On Client Side?

Feb 24, 2011

This code validates the textbox but not for combobox

function validate()
var Prefix =document.getElementById("<%=cmbcolor.ClientID%>").value;
if (Prefix =="Select")
alert("hi");return false;
return true ;

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Web Forms ::client Side Validations In Masterpages?

Mar 10, 2010

I got one masterpage and one content / child page having gridview control .I want to do client side validations using javascript, can anyone suggest me where i have to do this.i.e.., either in masterpage or in content page(I know that only at the <head> tags we can include javascript file, but in content pages there are no html tags,i don't want to use server side validation controls , and i want to validate the server side controls in gridview

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Webforms - How To Trigger Client-side Validations Without Submit

Jan 17, 2011

I have a website in ASP.NET (WebForms, NOT MVC) which has a survey form divided in several slides. Each slide has a next button that, obviously does a transition (client-side, not post back or remote request) to the next slide.In each slide I have several ASP.NET controls with their related validators. I want this validators to be triggered when I click the next button (or maybe when each input loses focus?).

I remembered ASP.NET doing client side validation on lost focus, but maybe I'm wrong... (I quit doing ASP.NET development about 3 years now, so I can't remember)UPDATE: It would be better to make ASP.NET trigger each validator when the associated control lost focus. I remember ASP.NET doing this (or am I dreaming? =P)

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MVC :: Client Side Validations With Ajax.BeginForm Not Working?

Sep 28, 2010

I have a webform in which i am using Ajax.BeginForm.

But due to this my client side required fields are not working.

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Architecture :: Looking For Better Way To Design, To Use Object's Properties With The Object Data Source?

May 10, 2010

I've posted the same question in the Object Data Source forum. This is a link to it Maybe I should've posted here to begin with. There seemed to be some overlap so I wasn't sure which was the best on to post the question in.

I'm trying to get a better understanding of how I could've designed my app so that the Object Data Source could work with the properties of my business objects. Please read the other post to see how it's currently being done. Sorry for the link to the other page. I didn't want to post a bunch of duplicate information. I would love to get some suggestions for alternative ways of doing this.

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AJAX :: Get AccordionBehavior And Its Properties In Client Side Javascript?

Jan 25, 2011

Recently I met a problem when I try to use 'behavior' things with an Ajax Control.

I try to use an accordion's accordionbehavior on client side.But whenever I tryied

alert($find('myaccordionId').AccrodionBehavior.AutoSize) // prompt me: AccordionBehavior is null


alert($find('myaccordionId').AutoSize) //prompt me: 'AutoSize' is null or not an object

Although I can get

alert(AjaxControToolkit.AccordionBehavior) //prompt: is an object

I am using AjaxControlToolkit.dll(1.0.20229) and .Net framework(2.0.50727), I really wondered why I always get null for those object instead of proper value like what Ajax ControlTookkit Accordion Reference said to be [URL] am I missing something.

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Unable To Find Any Documentation Of The Properties And Methods Available A Client Side?

Jun 9, 2010

Where can I go to find documentation about client side properties and methods of an asp:listbox controls. I need to access the control at client side but can not find any documentation of the properties and methos available a client side.

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Access To Embedded Mediaplayer Object Properties Server Side?

Jan 21, 2010

Is it possible to either access the properties, such as 'url', of a embedded media player object server side to change them? Or possibly dynamically create a new media player object with a different 'url' each time?

I am trying to change the property based off of a selectedindexchanging event of a gridview object.

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AJAX :: Can Send An Object From Client-side JavaScript To Server-side Code Via AJAX

Mar 16, 2011

I know that I can receive an javascript object from the server via ASP.NET AJAX using Json. But I am not sure how can I send an javascript object from my client-side javascript to my server-side code. And if I can, how can I extract this object in my server-side code and access its members?

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Architecture :: Technology Guidance - Build Site With Client Side Hardware Interacting Controls

Sep 19, 2010

This is not a programming question per se, but rather an attempt to find the adequate technology to use for my objective. My mandate is to build an ASP.NET Web Application. However, on certain pages, some client-side information needs to be fetched by interacting with hardware on the client's computer, for example a barcode reader or an RFID tag reader. My first reflex was to think "ActiveX" controls with, perhaps, some AJAX coding to fetch the required values from said control. However, I am not sure if I am up to date with the latest tech trends. The solution I'm looking for will let me design a user control that plugs into my ASP.NET Web Application, lets me interact with client-side hardware, and can be automatically downloaded from the Web Application itself (I can't predict which computers will access my Web Application). Which technology(ies) should I go for?

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C# - How To Implement Validations In Setter Of Properties

Jun 8, 2010

I want to implement validations in setter of properties.

how I will do validations before setting value. but not getting what to do if passed value is not correct. Just not setting is not a acceptable solution as I want to return an appropriate message to user (in a label in web form). My example code is:


A thought was to use return but it is not allowed.

Throwing error looks not good as generally we avoid thorwing custom errors.

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AJAX :: Create Server Side Object On Client

Jun 21, 2010

I've created a ScriptService / ScriptMethod that uses a custom class as an input parameter but can't figure out how to create an instance of the object on the client side.I thought that when I used ScriptManager and Ajax before the ScriptManager registered my server side classes for me or am I completely mistaken?

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Web Forms :: Retrieving Table Object After Client - Side Changes

Jun 21, 2010

I have a simple issue that most likely is syntax related. I have a table ("myTable") that is dynamically generated at PageLoad and can be actively changed during run-time. One of the features the user is able to make use of is adding additional rows to the table, generated via Javascript. The user also has the ability to save the table (and it's changes) to the database via button. Upon selecting the button, I run a function that creates a two-dimensional array to store values (Row, column). After using the .FindControl function, I was able to get the client-side changes to each of the textboxes and dropdowns and populate the array with it.

After checking the information, it does in fact store into the array the value in the textboxes at the time of clicking the button. Example: Textbox loads with 200 in value, user changes it to 400, when button is selected the value stored is also 400. This works great, except for one issue... The additional rows.

When checking back in the array, it appears that the arrays size is generated by the table that is created at PageLoad instead of the table at the time the save button is selected. Example: myTable is created with 3 rows, user adds 2 more rows to the table, save button is pressed. The array displays 3 rows instead of 5 rows, however.................................

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Javascript - User Control With Client + Server Side CustomValidation; Wrong Client Side Validator Is Picked

Nov 23, 2010

I have a user control which contains a CustomValidator which is used according to whether a RadioButton is checked or not (there are several RadioButtons, I'm only showing the relevant one)

<asp:RadioButton runat="Server" ID="RadioBetween" GroupName="DateGroup" CssClass="date_group_options_control_radio" />

There is some client + server side validation code (the server side code does exactly the same thing and is skipped for brevity)

<script type="text/javascript">
function ValidateDateFields_Client(source, args) [code]...

There are two instances of this control in the page. When running the client side version it hits the wrong one (the version of the control which is disabled). You can see from the generated HTML both are correctly specified. I'm not sure how .NET works out which clientside function to call given they both have the same name.

<script type="text/javascript">
var ctl00_MCPH1_QueryTextValidator = document.all ? document.all["ctl00_MCPH1_QueryTextValidator"] : document.getElementById("ctl00_MCPH1_QueryTextValidator");

Do i need to add something in to scope it? What's the best way to achieve this? If I disable the loading of the second control everything works fine.

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Architecture :: In Which Part (M,V Or C) Does The Validations Take Place

Sep 30, 2010

In web application ,when we follow mvc design pattern ,In which part (M,V or C) does the validations take place??..if we have client side validations using JavaScript thn where they take place?.In .net web applications ,can anyone just clearly mention the differnce between model and controller with some example.

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AJAX :: Dynamic Client-side Content / Getting An "object Expected" Error From An OnClick Event From A HTML Control?

Feb 6, 2010

Is it possible to use JavaScript passed by Ajax on the client-side? I am getting an "object expected" error from an onClick event from a HTML control that is passed with the JS. The controls and JS work when the page is rendered on the server.

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DataSource Controls :: Get Child Properties Using Parent Object Error / Cannot Access A Disposed Object

Feb 17, 2010

On DBML I have two entities as Parent, Child. I am trying to assign Child class properites in a Parent.


I am getting the following Error:

Cannot access a disposed object.

Object name: 'DataContext accessed after Dispose.'.

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Web Forms :: How Do You Write To A Client-side Control (text Box) With Server-side Code

Jan 6, 2010

If I have a standard HTML textbox


but got a readonly error.

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Access Server Side Variable On Client Side And Vice Versa And JavaScript?

Dec 9, 2010

I have a requirement of adding server side variables in client side and other way round. Because I need to set a value from client side using javascript and access the same in code behind page.

I have to use C#.Net and JavaScript.

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Jquery - Options For Page With Matching Client-side And Server-side Markup?

Oct 17, 2010

Suppose I'm building a StackOverflow clone using webforms ASP.NET and jQuery. The Question page has a question, several answers, and comments under each. Requirements:Users can post new answers and comments, and edit existing ones, without postbacks. No UpdatePanels; the AJAX calls retrieve just the JSON they need, not HTML fragments. The page loads with all existing answers and comments in place (no javascript needs to run to read the page).

What I'm trying to figure out is how to do this without having to maintain two sets of markup (one that's bound on the client using some form of jQuery templating, and one that's bound on the server using traditional WebForms).

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Ajax - Listbox Items Client Side Reordering Not Reflected In Server Side?

Jan 5, 2010

I reordered some items in a listbox using Javascript. When I read the items in a postback in the code behind (ASP.NET), the order is in the original order. How do I get the same order as shown in the screen after Javascript manipulation?

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AJAX :: To Know Error Like Username Or Password Is Incorrect On Client Side Instead Server Side?

Oct 4, 2010

I m using site login Control in my login.ascx file and disaplaying login control in Div so if there is login link in page and i click on that then Login Div will popup which is site login.May i know how can handle error like username or password is incorrect on client side instead server side?

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Print The Aspx Page Either Using Server Side Or Client Side Approach?

Feb 9, 2011

I have to implement the print functionality on aspx page like on click of print image icon user will be able to get the print out of aspx page .aspx page will contain the server controls like textboxes , Gridview etc which one approach will be the best server side or client side printing ?

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