Cannot Insert Russian Text Into SQL Server 2005 Db?

Nov 9, 2010

I'm using stored procedures and DataContext to insert data to SQL Server database (ASP.NET 4 + SQL Server 2005 database, GoDaddy hosting)But after inserting russian text I see smth like this - '??????'If I insert constant text I'm using following construction - N'russian_text' and it works fine.Of course, I need to use variables as procedure parameters BUT I can't use it (for example - N@var fails)ALTHOUGH I'm using N-type fields in tables (nvarchar etc.)

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AJAX :: Editor Control Russian And Arabic Text

Jul 12, 2010

I m using ajax control toolkit and using editor for rich content. there is no problem with latin languages. I use nvarchar type field for database. but when I copy arabic or russian text from somewhere it turns into ?s. When I copy them into a textbox or other server control rathen than this editor, no problem inserting.

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SQL Server :: Error While Executing A Dynamic Insert Sql Storedprocedure In Sql Server 2005?

Jan 4, 2011

assist me rectifying the error in following sql stored procedure?

Sql Query:- [Code]....

I have created the above Stored Procedure for inserting datas into any table but while I execute the above proceedure its throwing some error.

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SQL Server :: Insert Large Amount Of Data In Sql Server 2005 Database With Every Time Duplicate Check?

Feb 6, 2011

I want to generate 30,000 cards and each card must be duplicate check with database. In my card, there are 2 things. Serial No and CardID. If any card already exists then I generate another card id but with the same serial no.

So how faster way I can generate 30,000 card with duplicate check? Which one I have made application, it takes about 25 minutes to insert.

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SQL Server :: How To Insert One Table Data Into Another 2 Tables In Sql Server 2005

Feb 27, 2011

As I know, we can use INSERT INTO (....) SELECT FROM command to select data from one table and can insert into another table.

Now I need instead of 1 table, I want to select data from one table and Insert into another 2 tables.

Shall I write another INSERT INTO (..) SELECT FROM command or is there any other way?

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SQL Server 2005: Basic Insert - Record Logic

Aug 11, 2010

I am designing a social networking site that has a "wall" feature like the others out there today. The database has an alerts table that stores some user action worthy of sharing with his friends. For example, when a user updates his status, all of his friends are notified. The below table shows two status updates from two unique users. The first (AlertId 689 and 690) is submitted by AccountId 53. Since he has one frinend - AccountId 57 - that row is added to the table so when this user logs on, he will see Account 53's update on his wall. In the same manner, the other user's status update has four rows because he has three friends.

[AlertId] [AccountId] [CreateDate] [Timestamp] [AlertTypeId] [IsHidden] [Body]
689 57 2010-08-10 0x0000000000018725 10 0 HTML
690 53 2010-08-10 0x0000000000018726 10 0 HTML
691 53 2010-08-10 0x000000000001872B 10 0 HTML
692 52 2010-08-10 0x000000000001872C 10 0 HTML
693 51 2010-08-10 0x000000000001872D 10 0 HTML
694 57 2010-08-10 0x000000000001872E 10 0 HTML

Now, a user can comment on any given item, in this case a statusupdate. When AddComment is submitted, we are using ObjectRecordId (which is the primary key of the alert being commented on) in order to identify which statusupdate is being commented on (fyi - the objectId tells us its a statusupdate):

public void AddComment(string comment)
if (_webContext != null)
var c = new Comment
Body = comment,
CommentByAccountId = _webContext.CurrentUser.AccountId,
CommentByUserName = _webContext.CurrentUser.UserName,
CreateDate = DateTime.Now,
SystemObjectId = _view.ObjectId,
SystemObjectRecordId = _view.ObjectRecordId

Now, the problem is that when a user wants to comment on a friend's status update, he will be using the AlertId (or ObjectRecordId in the Comments table) corresponding to his account in the alerts table. The result is that comments are only viewable by the commenter and none of his friends:

[CommentId] [Body] [CommentById] [CommentByName] [ObjectId] [ObjectRecordId] [Delete]
97 hello world. 57 GrumpyCat 7 690 0

Of course the solution to this is to do something similar to what I did in the alerts table - when somebody makes a comment, make a corresponding row for every friend in the comments table. But how do I access the AlertIds of all of my friend's status updates in the Alerts table and map them to the ObjectRecordId column in the comments table? Since I can only access the status updates corresponding to my account (and their corresponding alertids), I don't know what the alertids are for the same statusupdate in my friend's accounts.

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ADO.NET :: Insert Custom Data Format Into Sql Server 2005

Dec 17, 2010

i have a string like "13-9-10" i want to insert this as date into sql server 2005 in to a coumn "custdate" as type as datetime i added a sql paramater like this

Private Sub demoinsert(ByVal arr_data() As String)
DbCmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO TBL_enqloan(cusdate) VALUES(@cusdate,)"
With DbCmd.Parameters
.Add("", SqlDbType.Date).Value=Convert.ToDateTime("arr(0).tostring")
end sub

getting an convert error how can i do it?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Insert A Data File To Sql Server 2005

Mar 24, 2010

I am using an sql server 2005.

I want to insert to my table a column of some date,like that the user can insert a text file.

how to do that?

and how can I make that the user can only insert an int of length 9 for id?

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DataSource Controls :: Insert Spaces Into A SQL Server 2005 Select Statement?

Feb 25, 2010

I have a select statement and want to be able to insert some spaces in the returned data:


For the parts with ' - ', I want to remove the dash and simply put spaces now. But when I remove the dash and put 4 spaces, I only get one space. How do I put in those 4 spaces?

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How To Move Stored Procedure From SQL Server 2000 To 2005, Multiple Table Insert

Jul 21, 2010

moving some tables & stored procedures from SQL Server 2000, to SQL Server 2005.So far so good, but I've come across a problem with this stored procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[user_insert]
@user_service_unit int,
@user_champion_1 varchar(50),
@user_champion_1_nt varchar(10),
@user_champion_2 varchar(50),
@user_champion_2_nt varchar(10),
@user_champion_3 varchar(50),
@user_champion_3_nt varchar(10),
@user_date_received datetime,
@user_requestor varchar(255),
@user_info_requested text,
@user_expiry_date datetime,
@user_10_days datetime,
@user_5_days datetime,
@user_2_days datetime

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DataSource Controls :: Insert A Date From Excel Sheet To Sql Server 2005 DateTime Field.

Jan 25, 2010

I want to read date field from Excel sheet and insert it into SQL Server2005.When I read date field it gives me a number say '40160' when the date feild is "08/01/2010"

How should to Read a date field from Excel Sheet Cells?

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SQL Server :: How To Store Rich Text Box Data In 2005

Oct 14, 2010

i am using rich text box controal how to store rich text data in sql 2005

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SQL Server :: Sql Server - How To Insert Text With Syntax Words And Single Quotation

Oct 17, 2010

i would like to insert text in sql server that contains words like select and a single quotation mark but sql server gives errors like if i wanna insert this :

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DataSource Controls :: Importing Text Field From Excel To SQL Server 2005

Jun 10, 2010

from an Access database, I created an Excel spreadsheet. On the spreadsheet I made the adjustments I needed to and then proceeded to use the SQL Server 2005 Import/Export Wizard to import the spreadsheet into a SQL table. I then get the following error message:[Code]....

When I remove the problem columns from the import, then it works just fine. But I really need those text columns! The SQL Server columns that they are supposed to go into are varchar(MAX).

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DataSource Controls :: Full Text Search In Sql Server 2005 Alternative?

Feb 7, 2010

I have a website which uses full text search. It was working fine on my web host. LAst month, I changed hosting to They dont support full text search and now my website is not working properly. what change should i make in my stored procedures that they work same as they work with full text. what is alternative to full text search. I tried using LIKE but it doesnt work same way.

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SQL Server :: How To Attach SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Database (compatibility 2005)to SQL Server 2005

Mar 10, 2011

I used SQL SERVER 2008 R2 express as my web development database and I set its compatibility level to 2005. Unfortunately this database cannot be be attached to SQL server 2005. Are there any other options?

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DataSource Controls :: Need To Store In MS SQL Server 2005 A Vary Large Text In To One Field Of Type Nvarchar?

Feb 13, 2010

I have the following problem: I need to store in MS SQL Server 2005 a vary large text in to one field of type nvarchar(MAX), In spite of the configuration is apparently correct I keep receiving the following message in the exception: "string or binary data would be truncated".

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Web Forms :: Insert Hindi / Marathi Data (text / Characters) In SQL Server

May 7, 2015

I want to insert Hind character by using Google Input Tools

English character are saved successfully but I also want to save hindi characters in database.

I am using paramerized query for insertion so I don't know where i put the 'N' to save hindi characters.

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DataSource Controls :: Sql Server 2005 Installation / Want To Go Back To Sql Server 2005?

Feb 3, 2010

i had the sql 2008 enterprise and i want to go back to sql server 2005 because in 2008 i created new database but when i did some changes in the table , it gave me an eror that i cant save thins and i need to creat new one if some one know what i'm talking aboutif not i need the sql server installation tutorial i tried by myself but probebly i did it wrong and now i cant connect well to the sql

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Web Forms :: Convert Asp Site For Russian Language

Jan 21, 2010

We are migrating a project from ASP to ASP.NET. This is a multilingual project. We have to make our website supportable for Russia. Our middle tier is in classic Visual basic COM+ components and we are doing incremental migration (one by one converting from asp to, so to make it work (asp and )we are using IFrames instead of master pages. We have the below two options / scenario's

Scenario1: -
ASP.NET ==> RCW ==> Visual Basic COM+ ==>
Data base

In the above scenario to get the multilingual characters to work we are changing "adVarChar" data types in middle tier of Visual basic to "adVarWChar" and in database we are changing varchar data types to nvarchar and char to nchar. In UI in in the page directive we put


In web.config we are doing below thing.


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Localization :: Display Russian Character In Item Template

Jan 7, 2010

I have a problem to display some russian characters into a formview but only in the Item template.

I change my insert statement adding an N' .The data are well stored into my SQL table

I have add into the web.config

<globalization fileEncoding="utf-8" requestEncoding="utf-8" responseEncoding="utf-8"/>
<authentication mode="Forms" >

The data appear well into the EditItem template but when switching into the Item template I have ???????? in place of the russians characters.

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VS 2005 Insert Reference To VB Class In C#

Mar 3, 2010

Have a C# application. I have made reference to a vb class (.dll) called Cat_Feed_Export_to_JDE and I need to instantiate and call this class with a string parameter. I do not know C# and not sure how to code this.

public void HandleMessage(Object message)
Here, instantiate class and call with string parameter

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VS 2005 Finding Class In To Insert The Record

Feb 23, 2010

i have following class in to insert the record



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Insert Array From Query String Into SQL 2005?

Oct 6, 2010

I am trying to insert an array into SQL with no luck. I get the string from a GPRS device that looks like this:

/WeightBridge.aspx?ReadeID=A1B5A0F5C4E4A1B5A0F5C4E4&TagID=45B6C56A90B645B6C56A90B6,A47B1256A45F0843,B49B1256A45F08FF,30 SEP 2010 21:33:59,I,&Custom=Vehicle Num

All I want to do is to split the TagID array and insert it with the rest of the string into a SQL table. The TagID array must inserted into the following colomns in the DB. TagID, TID, UserMemory, DateTime and Direction. After the insert I just give a response that the insert was successfull or failed. Thank you

My code this far:


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Insert Values From An Excel Sheet To Sqlserver 2005?

Feb 19, 2010

i have an excel sheet where i try to upload my excel sheet to sqlserver all having same colum name. now i do not want to add dll files as an web reference in my project. rather place the (dll) in an folder and call them dynamically in .cs i am doing like this

var assembly = Assembly.LoadFrom(@"");

now in my .cs page i need to generate this property or methods of an excel dll which i have loaded dynamically

microsoft.officce.interop.excel.applicationClass excel= null

so that after loading my excel dl dynamically i need to sent values from my excel sheet to sqlserver 2005

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