Check If File / Image Is Being Loaded From Cache?

Dec 1, 2010

where external files / images are being loaded from. By this I mean that I'm aware that external JS files / Images are cached on the first load of a page. What I'd like to have is a tool that confirms to me that on subsequent requests these files are in fact being loaded from the users cache rather than downloading the file again.

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Use OnLoad Event To Check If There Is A Cache File For This Module?

Dec 27, 2010

We are writing a portal and like every portal we store html data in Db fro Modules. So I thought that I can cache each module in files. I use OnLoad event to check if there is a cache file for this Module, use that and else create cache file:

if (!IsPostBack)
string Path = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + "CacheModules" + ModuleId + ".dat";
if (File.Exists(Path))

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Web Forms :: Check Image File Size And Dimensions (Height And Width) Before Image Upload

Oct 18, 2013

How to upload images with some conditions


size not gretr than 50 kb

with = 110px, height 140 px


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GZIP And Cache Files Loaded With LastModified Data?

Jan 29, 2011

Project: 2, MSVS

Hoster: Windows, Shared environment

I ran firebug (via Firefox) with googles speed test, and I got two major issues come back to me, and I sent two questions to my hoster.

1) MY QUESTION TO THE HOSTER1: Css, Js image files loaded to browser and cache from my hoster go up the request process with out the lastmodified data, and thus the browser cache does not know when to refresh the files on expiration date?

MY HOSTER RESPONSE: LastModified is a script that can be implemented to your java coding (ME: I think hes confused here, I dont use java) which you need to enter yourself. It is not a server function that we can modify on our side but it is something that you will have to change your website coding.

2) MY QUESTION TO THE HOSTER2: Firebug results said that GZIP is not activated for my files of CSS, js and pages, why not?

MY HOSTER RESPONSE: Currently, you are using Windows environment hosting services which does not support gzip. gzip is available on our Linux environment hosting plans as gzip is mainly for Linux OS.

After falling off my chair, I have to ask, what can I do via coding on my asp.net2 project? I thought these two issues were purely server related and nothing to do with code with the project? What do I do, or is my hoster wrong ?

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VS 2008 - Can Add Text To Image Loaded In Image Control?

Sep 4, 2011

I am showing images of members on my website. The images are already saved to file. I want to add some text to the image that is loaded in the image control. I don't want to save it to file, just display the change on that web page. I have seen code on how to do this but I do not see how to load it into an image control. Is this possible without saving it to file?

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Web Forms :: Validate (Check) File Size In KB Dimensions (Height And Width) Of Image?

May 7, 2015

I use fileupload control to upload image below is code:

protected void BtnUpload3Img_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
uploadImageError.Visible = true;
if (fup3.HasFile && fup3.PostedFile.ContentLength < 102400)


in above code I define format of image that user can upload .png or .jpg image and size of image should  be lessthan 100KB now I want define that users just can upload images with dimension 1007*143 how I can do it?

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Check From JavaScript If Loaded Page Has Authentication Cookie?

Mar 30, 2010

It looks like JavaScript does not have access to authentication cookies ('ASP.NET_SessionId', '.ASPXFORMSAUTH') in the http headers I can see cookies but document.cookie object does not have them.

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Check If A Webpage Is Loaded Or Not In The Browser Window When Redirecting From A Different Website?

Feb 14, 2011

My requirement is that I have a few hyperlinks on a webpage and when the user clicks on these hyperlinks I should redirect the user to an web page(Default.aspx) in a different website.

For the 1st time when the user clicks on one of the hyperlinks it will launch a new browser window with the Default.aspx loaded and then if the user clicks on some other hyperlink I want to redirect the user to the existing browser window(in which deafult.aspx is already loaded)with the content related to this particular hyperlink loaded,instead of launching a new browser window/tab.

But I am not sure of how to achieve this.I wonder if I can add some js to the Default.aspx page to achieve this.

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C# - How To Clear The Image Cache After Editing An Image On Site

Dec 21, 2010

I'm using an outside page to update an image in my system. When I'm redirected back to the page I've worked in, I still see the old picture. I don't see my changes until I press ctrl+f5.

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C# - How To Check Size Of Page.Cache

Mar 14, 2011

Is there any method to check size of all objects in Page.Cache?

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Flash Image Is Not Loaded?

Feb 22, 2011

I tried to show flash image in the first loading page of it is not showing most time.some times it is showing.What is the problem behind of this ..

my code is

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" MasterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master" CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="_Default" %>
<asp:Content ID="Content1" runat="server" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1">
<object type= "application/x-shockwave-flash" data="Flash images/Left_Flash.swf" width="215" height="478">
<param name="movie" value="Flash images/Left_Flash.swf" />
<embed src="Flash images/Left_Flash.swf" width="215" height="478"></embed>

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Jquery - Fileupload - Retrieve File Information Before File Loaded Onto The Webserver

Feb 7, 2011

How can I retrieve file information (size of file) before it is uploaded to the webserver?

I would like to create a multi file upload. I have it working in JQuery but I would like to know the size of the files to set a limition by summing up the total the file sizes together.

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Javascript - Checking If Image Is Fully Loaded

Feb 6, 2011

I am using if (document.getElementById('<%= MainImg.ClientID %>').complete) {

to hide a div which indicates the image is not loaded yet,but it hides before the image has finished loading and is shown, while the browser is giving me a message that the page is still transferring data from the server :S

Is there another function I can use to make sure that the image is fully loaded?

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Loading Image While Page Is Being Loaded / Rendered?

Feb 26, 2010

Does anyone know a good tutorial to add a loading image to your webpage while the content is being rendered/created...

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Display Loading Image Before A Page Gets Loaded Completely?

Jan 19, 2010

I want to show a loading image before the content of the whole page is loaded. How to achieve this? I'm working in ASP.NET.

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Web Forms :: Displaying Waiting Image When Page Is Loaded?

Oct 3, 2010

I want to display gif image when a page is loaded...I have a dropdown list when this is selected Gridview is populated with data from database..I want to show a gif image when this gridview is to implement this without AJAX...

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Programmatically Cache An Image Using VB Code Behind?

Aug 18, 2010

Is it possible to programmatically cache an image using VB code behind? If so, can someone lead me in the right direction?

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Web Forms :: Automatic File Reading / Check For New File Everyday And If The New File Is In The Folder Read It

Sep 20, 2010

I would like ask you for some ideas how can I write mechanism that will be automatically read files from folder. I don't know how to schedule the write task. I want to check for new file everyday and if the new file is in the folder read it.

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Unable To Remove Browser Cache Image?

Jan 22, 2011

i am using Jcrop to give users the option to crop there images, i have hit a small caching problem.

if you open an image which is already on the server and crop it. my jcrop works and crops the image fine but when i reload the image the old version is displayed. i have this inside an update panel.

so is there a way of removing the browsers cache before i reload the image?

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WCF / ASMX :: Web Service Image Cache Clearing?

Jan 26, 2011

Users can edit images downloaded from my site and then upload them back using a WCF Web Service. The problem is when users go to view images, they often do not see the latest versions because of caching. I'd rather not turn off the cache because it substantially reduces bandwidth. Is there a way to have the Web Service perform some action upon an upload to notify the next web client call that the image has changed?

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State Management :: No-Cache Meta Override On One Image?

Aug 11, 2010

I am using this tag to hepl with my database calls <meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache" /> however I would like to override this meta tag for one large image using

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CSS File Not Loaded When Adding HttpModule To Web.config?

Nov 25, 2010

i am making a Website with c# and ASP.NET 3.5, i just made an HttpModule to handle the NHibernate Session Life (Open and close).

I added it to the web.config and everything works fine. (all the query, code, etc working fine) except that CSS file of my masterpage is not loading !!

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C# - How To Get IE To Refresh A Flash.swf File Every Time The Page Is Loaded

Dec 7, 2010

When a user visits our site they see a coverflow. They are not logged in so they cant see any images. Once they log in they should be able to see images in the coverflow but they cant because the flash object is being cached.

A user can get around this problem by setting the IE settings to (check for newer versions of stored pages every time they visit a site) however we need a way to force the browser to refresh the flash object once they are logged in, without telling all of our users to change the settings in their browser.

Is this possible?


You can see my inline c# script to generate random numbers but that doesnt seem to refresh the object.

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Web Forms :: When The Page Is Loaded, .wav File Isnt Being Played?

Mar 18, 2010

i have the following piece of code. my problem is that when the page is loaded, my .wav file isnt being played. even when the page loads and i press play is still doesnt work. please can someone see where i am going wrong?

i want the file to play when page loaded and to be able to play again when the file has ended.

i am using with mvc and c#.


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Web Forms :: How To Load 4 MB Movie File After The Original Webpage Is Loaded

Jul 16, 2010

On my webpage I am loading 30 .jpg Images and a .SWF(Flashfile) that takes 4 MB. The problem is that when the Page is loading in, this 4 MB flashfile is loading in together with the images wich makes it to take very long time.

What I would need to do, is to load the webpage with all its images First and when the webpage is loaded, now I will need to load this 4 MB flashfile in the background. When this file is loaded to memory, I will start playing that in a loop in this Flashcontrol that I have.

How is a scenario like this possible to do? I struggled with it before but couldnt solve it.


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