Coding To Enable Site Users Upload Pictures To Classifieds Site?

Nov 23, 2010

I've been using an asp 3.0 widget for this purpose , but it been broken for a while and rather than get it back up, I'd love o get a native solution, can any one point me in the right direction pleaseI once wrote some code to do this, but the permissions on the server, which I found to be common every where prevented native picture upload, perhaps i got it wrong, well now I wanna fix itI need the code to work in a shared hosting IIS 7 environment. I use, but can usually convert c# to

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MVC :: Upload Image (path) To DB By Site Users

Feb 22, 2011

I'm trying to find a way for users to upload image to my site ,

In my db table I have a column name Image1 type image [allow null]

And I would like the user (among other fileds to fill, to upload image )

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Security ::web Site Runs But No Users Can Login To The Site>?

Dec 2, 2010

I have an application that uses the ASPNET role provider.My SQL Server crashed so I took a backup of the database and restored it to a new SQL Server and changed the db connection string to that server.The web site runs but no users can login to the site.Is there something that I should have done when the db was on the other server?

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To Randomize The Pictures In Site?

May 28, 2010

In my website on Home page, at the Top I am showing 5 pictures which are displayed fade-in, fade-out mode, one after another. Now, the requirement is to randomize these pictures.

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C# - Mock MVC Site, An Outline For Coders To See Functionality And To Start Coding?

Oct 20, 2010

I have to setup an MVC project to house all the HTML documents. This would be like a hierarchical structure using routing. The pages don't have to function, just act as placeholders. It's really just for the group to see all the HTML Pages to get an Idea of functionality. Then we would back fill groups of pages with the functionality by creating the controllers, model etc. How would this be best accomplished? Are there mock frameworks that could accomplish this? So it would be a project just having views, with a control ler that allows navigation between pages, simple to show mostly static HTML pages. The idea is simply for the group to see all the functionality, and to put together a structure to start coding. If possible we would like to see the correct URL based on the route table. What would be a quick solution for this while we work on the back end Object/Domain model?

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Security :: After Successful Creation Of 3 Users On My Web Site Now Cannot Create Users

Dec 6, 2010


after successful creation of 3 users on my web site now cannot create users

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MVC :: MVC In A Web Site - How To Enable Scaffolding

Jan 8, 2010

With the help of this excellent step-by-step guide (, I was able to convert an ASP.NET Web Site to be MVC enabled. However, I do not get all those nice wizards - for example, right-clicking in the project area and selecting Add -> Controller or -> add View.There are several sites that describe enabling this by adding a ProjectTypeGuid in the project file, but web sites do not have a project file.Is there anyone out there who has gotten this working in a Web Site?

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MVC :: How To Enable Compression In Project Or Site Level

Mar 20, 2011

I need to enable compression to speed up my site.However, I only found way to do it via action filter which requires me to put [compress] action filter to every actions.such as; [URL]aspxThis is quite lots of work and I may miss an aciton which is not desiable.So, is there a way to enable compression site level? I mean, by changing config or put code in request handler to support compression.Also, action fileter approach doesn't compress javascript or css.How do you support compression? Is there a way to support it?I heard that there is a way to do it via IIS, but my hosting site doesn't support this.

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Security :: Howto Enable Session When Login Site

Mar 26, 2011

Should I created the Session?Or it is by default exist, and I just need to enable it?What to do?which data found in this session?

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Mobiles :: Site For Desktop, What Should Do To Enable Smart Phones

Apr 22, 2010

If I have a site for desktop, what should I do to enable smart phones ?By mistake I added a / to the URL and I noticed that the desktop web site was simple, no buttons, just URL links set to a side.

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Configuration :: VS2010 Publish From A Web Site And Enable Check For Application Updates?

Jan 10, 2011

I have a program which I would like to publish to my company's intranet server so that employees are able to implement updates. I am not sure how to go about this but I have done some research on IIS and I was wondering if anyone could clue me in a little more with what I need to do. I have not yet downloaded IIS to give it a try as I'm not sure where I would go from there.

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Security :: Want To Encrypt The Password Of The User Who Register On My Site And Also Decrypt It To Enable Him In Login Again.2?

Mar 19, 2010

am working on a new site and i want to do tothings for security1. I want to encrypt the password of the user who register on my site and also decrypt it to enable him in login again.2. I will make an online exams so I want to disable the user functions to hack the exams materials such as (print page, print screen , or even selecting data manual by mouse )I googled a lot about this matter I found java scripts to make this but what about the users who will disable scripts on their browsers. So I want to do this with C# Code.

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C# - How To Log Newly-Created Users Into The Site

Jul 16, 2010

I have looked and so far not been able to find the answer. When a user creates a new account i want the user to be automatically logged into the site as opposed to just being redirected to the log in page. I am able to create the users but am unsuccessful at finding logging them in.

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When A Few Users Try To Log Into Site - Their Sessions Are Merging?

Feb 16, 2011

i lunched an web-site. the main idea in the site is that:the site shows the same page, but on each next button the user clicks, the pictures in the site change randomly. im working with postback and sessions.

i noticed that when a few users try to log into my site - their sessions are merging. meaning, the first picture presented is diffrent but the second picture is the same for all the users, and so on... (moreover, pictures that appears in the begining appearing again even thow i don't allw it in my code)when i tried to debug the site locally, the random function works perfectly and there were no such problems. it haapens only when 2 users and more log into my site.

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How To Find If Users Are Visting My Site Using IIS

Aug 31, 2010

I want to find out if users have visited my site in the last couple of days. i did not put Google analytics so I was wondering if there are any logs of IIS which log if a user has visited or not?

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Site Which Allows Users To Update Content

Nov 10, 2010

I am creating an ASP.NET site, based on a single master page which creates the header and footer of the page. On each page there is a content placeholder where I want to allow certain users to manage in order to place their own content. On the site I am replacing, they are using sharepoint designer 2007 to connect to the site and edit the pages visually; now I just want them to edit the contentplaceholders content.

My problem is I can only see the anonymous template in sharepoint designer 2007, where I of course don't have any placeholders. If I could get it to show the loggedin template that would solve my issues, but if that's not possible, is there any other existing tool out there to do this with an ASP.NET site?

My fallback plan is to use the codebehind to fetch from an SQL table; they can create the content area in a WYSIWYG editor, and then I will build a tool for them to insert it to the database, but I don't like it as it complicates the process & I figure there must be an easier way.

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Way To Best Authenticate Users Using .net And SQL Server On A Web Site

Mar 25, 2011

I'm new to and SQL Server and I'm trying to research and implement a good way to authenticate a user using those technologies. Would you have any advice as to best approach this? I've read some of hashing but I couldn't find a good tutorial or website describing the best way to approach that

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Security :: Transfer User From One Web Site Site To Another Web Site On A Different Server With User?

Jan 26, 2011

I have a requirement where I have to transfer a user from Web Site 1 on Server A to web Site 2 on Server B.

On Web Site 1, I have to provide controls to enter user id and password and which have to be validated on Web Site 2 on server B, after validating them I have to redirect the user to Web site 2.

what is best way fo doing it. code examples are greatly appreciated.

Note: On Web Site 2, user login functionality is already existing and it is provided by ASP.Net login control, am not sure how to handle the user login process from two different places.

or is it the best way to move Web Site 2 from Server B to Server A so that, the same login controls will be shown using Iframe on Web Site A.

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How To Upload New Site And Keep Old Work

Aug 10, 2010

im new to, i have a dating software and it uses vwd2008, currently the software installed was the wrong 1, now i need to reinstall the new with chat.

I was told by the supplier that i can overwrite the existing files with the new package that has the chat. They say make sure to preserve files that i have made changes too and also run the ajax chat sql script from the sql folder.

My concerns are, i have a client base built already and i have made many changes, so i dont want to loose this.

How would i preserve them? If i drop and drag the folder will it warn me and give a option not to overwrite the files as it loads?

How do i run the ajaxchat script in my sql folder?

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Configuration :: How To Upload Site On Ftp

Jun 14, 2010

I have created a site, now I want to upload it on the server. I do not have the experience of uploading the site on server, I am using ASP.NET C# MySQL.

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Security :: How To Allow Users Out Of The Domain To Access Site

Jun 29, 2010

Currently in my application using LDAP to authenticate user to a specific domain & then i check if the user exist in my site database.

Now i need to also allow users who do not belong to this specific LDAP domain to access my site ..How can i make it possible withoput affecting the exisiting users?

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.net - Adding Users / Membership And Roles To Site?

Apr 9, 2010

I have followed scott's gu tutorial here I uploaded the whole database to my site. Before doing what Scott's says I had one username stored in the membership. How can I create an additional user now that the table is in the web host? I can see that there's aspnet_Membership, aspnet_Applications, etc..etc

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Web Forms :: Users To Change The Theme Of Site?

Feb 2, 2011

this is my code, i want my users to change the theme of my site.


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Security :: Allow Users To Register At Site And Login?

Feb 25, 2010

I'm at the point where I want to allow users to register at my site and then allow users to login, so I am trying to get a feel for how everyone is handling this use case.

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Configuration :: Upload Site To Godaddy?

Feb 3, 2011

how can i upload my site to godaddy i tried but showing custom error

i don't know how to set iis in godaddy

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