Configuration :: Create New Application Pool And Assign It To Site Subfolder On Remote Host

Feb 28, 2011

I have a web site running on IIS7 on a remote server. I would like to do the following: Create a new subfolder under the root virtual directory. Create a new app pool. Add this new app pool to the new subfolder Normally, I would do this manually in IIS by first creating the app pool, and then right-clicking the sub folder an choose "add application", but I need to do this programmatically in C#. I've managed to make the above points 1 and 2 work, but I can't find the way to adding the application to the sub folder. This is the code I have used so far for 1 and 2:


So, I need to add "MyAppPool" to the "NytSite" folder. Is this even the correct way to do this?

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Configuration :: Setting Up An Application Pool And Site?

Aug 17, 2010

I have developed my web site, now i need to set up a space on the server for it.

I have added an application pool in iis and created a site but im not sure how to link the 2 or what to do next.

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Configuration :: Deploy Site Into Subfolder?

May 14, 2010

I've been working on site for a client who has just informed me (having completed the work) they want to deploy the site into a subfolder of their exiting domain. The site uses a number of class files in the App_code folder and as well as references to several XML files and and siteMap that uses localised urls for navigation. Obviously all of this stops working as soon as you put it in a sub folder. Is there any way I can configure the site to treat the sub folder it will be placed in as the root?

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Security :: VS2008 Development Server (local Host) & Hosted IIS7 Site Different Configuration - How To Test Application

Mar 19, 2010

How can I test an application that I am publishing to a remote provider's IIS7 hosted site, with the VS2008 development server that is built in with VS2008 on an XP Machine?

My membership/roles work perfectly up on the remote host. On ths hosted IIS7 site when I try to access a secure directory it redirects to login, and I am able to login, however when I launch (debug - F5) from VS2008, it will provide that folder/resource, no questions asked. Same build, config, etc... nothing has changed.

I am running XP, and local IIS version installed is 5.1.

My guess is what is happening is that the new format required in the web.config is configured properly for IIS7 deployment, which is why it works remotely, but when running locally through VS2008/XP it is running with an older version on IIS and does not recoginize the new tags.

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Configuration :: Site Works At Root Of Domain But Not In A Subfolder?

Mar 26, 2011

So my website works great on my local computer. It also works fine when I use the Copy Web Site feature in Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. But I do not want all of my files and the default.aspx to be sitting at the root of my domain name. I want it to be in a subfolder.

So again, it works fine when it's sitting at

But when I use my FTP program to move the files to:

I get an error when I try to visit the site. It's just a general runtime error and does not display the specific error message. It obviously must have something to do with when I MOVE the files/folders from the root of the domain to the subfolder?

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Routing Not Firing When Site Is Published To Remote Host?

Feb 5, 2010

I have a website that was originally written in webforms to which I have added MVC functionality. When debugging locally it works fine, however, once published and uploaded to my host the routes do not work and return a 404. I am pretty sure that I have uploaded all the correct files. Would just appear that routing is not working.

(the site will still serve normal aspx pages fine)

I think the problem may be related to

But I cant see from that thread what the solution was. It looks like it might be something to do with the app_pool mode - but I am running in integrated mode, which is right AFAIK


So I think I have routing working. I basically created a new MVC app and went through theweb config file line by line and made sure I have everything I needed. Funnily, none of the tutorials online mention the correct additions you need to make. I have have another issue mind you... When i load my mvc page I am greeted with the message: The SessionStateTempDataProvider requires SessionState to be enabled.

I've added a line to web.config to enable sessions (wasn't aware they were off) and it still doesnt work.

UPDATE I created a new MVC project and ended up going through web.config line by line and ensuring that everything that related to MVC was included in my hybrid app. Suffice to say that none of the guides mention all the settings that are required (i was using the book professional mvc 1.0). I then included the global.asax file which is not published and set up a route so that a request for / was not being caught by MVC. I also had to enable sessions in web.config.

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Configuration :: Url Rewrite Is Not Working On Remote Host?

Mar 17, 2010

i am using microsoft visual studio 2008 sp1 for developing my web sitei have done url rewrite with this way and it does work on host perfectly


but it does not working on remote hostmy remote host is windows server 2008 sp1 and iss7do i need to make any setting on remote host to make it work ?

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Configuration :: Publish A Website To Remote Host Server?

Feb 1, 2011

We have a virtual server hosted to the third party which we access through remote desktop. We have Sql server 2008 on Windows 2008. I created a website on my local hard drive and now we are ready to deploy. My question is what are the recommendations for publishing websites? What steps I need to take care of? Is it possible not to deploy the "code-behind" files. Incase of hacking of windows server, I do not want somebody to see my .vb files or Is it possbile that I can convert the whole thing except aspx files in to a strong dll?

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How To Host MVC Website In A Subfolder

Jan 12, 2010

I'm trying to run a little ASP.NET project in a subfolder of my hosting. My domain is [URL], but i want to run my app in ASP.NET MVC runs with no problems on the top level, but not in subfolders.

The server says this (line 58 is colored red):

Line 56: ASP.NET to identify an incoming user.
Line 57: -->
Line 58: <authentication mode="Forms">
Line 59: <forms loginUrl="~/Account/LogOn" timeout="2880" />
Line 60: </authentication>

What can I do to make this ASP.NET MVC website work? This isn't hosted on my computer, so I don't have access to IIS configirations.

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Configuration :: Publish Site To Web Host?

Sep 1, 2010

I have set up a development server (Win Server 2003) with IIS 6.0. I have the .NET Framework 2.0 and 4.0 installed. My web host (where my app will run) has .NET 3.5. Will it work for me to set up my development server with 4.0 in IIS, and then create a new website in Visual Studio (2010) that targets the .NET 3.5 framework (aimed at my development server)? want to be able to publish the site to my web host (with .NET 3.5).

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How To Create An IIS Application And Application Pool Using InnoSetup Script

Aug 18, 2010

I'm trying to deploy an ASP.NET application using InnoSetup. I need to perform the following tasks:

Create an IIS application.

Create a new IIS application pool and set it's .NET version to 4.

Set the application pool of the new application to the new application pool.

I have found a script to create a virtual directory, but I need an application and application pool:

procedure CreateIISVirtualDir();
IIS, WebSite, WebServer, WebRoot, VDir: Variant;
ErrorCode: Integer;
{ Create the main IIS COM Automation object }[code]......

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Configuration :: Why Does App Pool Have To Enable 32-Bit Application

Apr 15, 2010

I am asking this out of curiosity. I got the following error when this is not enabledAn attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect formatThis is related to loading a class library but this particular class library is compiled for any CPU with VS2010 64 bit running on Win7 64-bit

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Configuration :: Cannot Get Web Service To Execute In A 64 Bit Application Pool

Aug 17, 2010

I am working on Windows 2008 Server (64-bit). I want to execute my web service as a pure (native) 64 bit service. All the assemblies referred by the web service are currently built as 'AnyCPU'.

When I publish the web service to IIS, and configure it to run under a 64-bit application pool (by setting 'Enable 32-Bit applications' = false), attempt to access the web service gives the error 'Application is not a valid Win32 application' because of a BadImageFormatException. This appears to indicate that somewhere an attempt is being made to load a 32 bit assembly. But the error does not provide any information about which assembly was found with an incorrect format. I have checked all the assemblies in the bin folder using corflags and they are bit agnostic.

I tried using the fusion log and identified a bind failure with VJSharpCodeProvider (though my service is coded only in C#). The runtime is not able to find the VJSharpCodeProvider because it is present in the GAC as an x86 assembly.

Is VJSharpCodeProvider the cause of the problem? I guess this is not the case because of the type of exception (BadImageFormatException). If I am correct, then how do I identify the assembly that is causing this exception?

If I change the property 'Enable 32-Bit applications' to true for the application pool, the service works fine, but I need native 64-bit execution.

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Configuration :: Deploying Onto Web Host Server - Debugging Live Site

Oct 4, 2010

Is there any way possible when my site is hosted to some how attach the process so I can debug the errors. Obviously as they are different environments what works in dev doesn't always work in.

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Configuration :: Can't Run The Page From The Remote Site

May 7, 2010

I use visual studio 2008 to create a new site at local IIS. I dragged login,loginview,loginstatus controls from toolbox and dropped to the page as well as set up the security from administrative tool. It's working fine locally however when I published it to the remote hosting site, I can't even see the page, only error instead. It's using VS builtin DB and I can't see the connection string in web.config.

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Configuration :: IIS 7.5 Application Pool Identity Account And Windows Folders?

Nov 1, 2010

"My application (ASP.NET) writes certain files in folders on my servers. In IIS 6.0 I used to give write access to IUSR account so that IIS can write to the folder. Now what I see is my application pool runs under App Pool Identity account. That is good but users are able to create files in the folders without App Pool Identity user being given specific permission to do so.

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Configuration :: IIS6 Virtual Directory And Separate Application Pool?

Feb 17, 2011

Our website has all of the publicly accessible pages at the root and private pages (login required) in a folder below the root (call it "private").Private pages are accessed as want to run the pages in the private folder in a separate application pool without changing the URL for private users.I tried making the private folder a virtual directory but then the pages in the private folder did not render(I think because it did not find a web.config in the private folder).Is the answer to simply put a copy of the web.config that resides at the root in the private folder or is that problematic?

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IIS Configuration :: Membership Forms Authentication Cookie Clears On Application Pool Recycle

Jan 28, 2013

I use Form Based Authentication in my siteIn my login page I have:

FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(user.userName, true)

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C# - How To Create Threads In Webpages From CLR Thread Pool Instead Of Pool

Oct 24, 2010

If I create a new thread on an ASP.NET page the IsThreadPoolThread property is true.

First question is, is it from ASP.NET pool or CLR pool ?

Second question is, if it is from ASP.NET pool then how to create a thread from CLR and don't use ASP.NET pool ?

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IIS Application Pool Crashes When Create Temp Files In Virtual Directory

Aug 25, 2010

I have static content like html,css javascript stored in DB. when a user requests for these i create a temp file in virtual directory and return the url. My web app is hosted on a IIS server. On some systems on creation of a file my IIS Application pool crashes and restarts. If i disable file-monitoring though the problem is resolved, but i dont have this luxury when i am deplying at the client end. Is there any way by which i can avoid app pool crash during file creation? If not is there any way by which i can serve static content like html, css, images, xml and js without creating temp files. I would need a generalized way of handling all these data types.

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Installation :: When Create A New Website In IIS And Its Associated Application Pool, Get The Option Of Setting The .NET Framework To 1.0 Or 2.0?

Jan 7, 2010

When I create a new website in IIS and its associated application pool, I get the option of setting the .NET framework to 1.0 or 2.0.Via windows updates I have installed versions 3.0 and 3.5..however these dont show up in the drop down list.I read that the aspnet_regiis -i command needs to be run in the installed .NET framework folder for it to be visible in IIS.However, the aspnet_regiis.exe is only present in the 1.0 and 2.0 folders. Can I use the same exe to register the 3.5 framework with IIS?

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Configuration :: Way To Host Wep Application

Mar 26, 2010

I had developed the 3 tire Web application, so i need to deploy the application to the customer public server.The public server has the Windows Server 20003 R2, how can i deploy my application

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Configuration :: Host Mvc 2 Application In IIS 7.5

Aug 30, 2010

I have searched high and low on the internet for clear instructions on how to host an mvc 2 application in IIS but without luck. It seems to be from my research that it is anything but straightforward to do.

Imagine i create a new mvc 2 project in visual studio 2010. I want to host this locally on my own IIS server.

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IIS Configuration :: How To Host Windows Application

May 7, 2015

I running MS-Access desktop application, i would like to host it to web through ASP.Net (Only report purpose). regular data we keying in through desktop. is it possible for host through crystal report?

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Configuration :: Host Application From Local Machine?

Feb 1, 2011

I have to host an that user can access that website something like ( my ip address will be All I have local IIS installed. I want that if any user clicks on the link. He should be able to access that web application.

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