Configuration :: How To Compile Application As X86 To Run On 64bit Environment?

Jul 28, 2010

I have application which in develop on the 32bit environment it works fine when deployed on the server.But the problem is when we are deploying the application on the 64bit environment it is giving two problem.1) Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: The 'MSDAORA.1' provider is not registered on the local machine."2) Exception: System.Exception: Cannot create ActiveX component.After doing some search people saying that recompiler your appliation as x86 to work on 64bit environment.How can i do that? when can I find the option for that in VS 2005.or

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Configuration :: Confusion Deploying 64bit Website To Window 2003 R2 64bit?

Mar 30, 2011

Apologies if this is is in the wrong place but I'm not sure where this issue fits. My issue deals with setting up an ASP.NET 64bit website on IIS6 (W2003 R2) so it could be a compiling problem or an IIS setup issue - I've read so much now I'm all tied up in knots.I have a web app which has been written on top of my company's custom framework, both have been compiled in .Net 2.0 with the "AnyCPU" option and run quite happily on my laptop within Visual Studio 2008 (on a Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit laptop). All of the code is managed code with the exception of 1 3rd party dll that I think is still 32bit.

Question 1: when running on my laptop in VS, is my web app running in 32bit or 64bit mode, given the OS is 64bit? I have both versions of .NET 2.0 installed.I have a new desktop that is to be our test server, and has been installed with Windows 2003 R2 and had IIS6 configured (same as the production environment). Again, both versions of .NET 2.0 are installed. When I copy my web app to the server and browse to the site, I get the dreaded "%1 is not a valid Win32 application", and sometimes (depending on what settings I've been playing with) "Service Unavailable" messages. If I register the .NET version to 32bit, and set the IIS 'Enable32bitAppOnWin64' to true, the app runs happliy the same as when on my laptop......but I don't want it to do that! I want to run IIS to run in 64bit mode with the 64bit .NET 2.0 Framework!Question 2: What does IIS see to make it think that my app is a Win32 app or am I interpreting that message wrong? Is the fact that I have 1 32bit dll in the in folder enough for IIS to say "32bit" and keel over?

My understanding of the "AnyCPU" option was that as long as the code is all managed code within the application, the bitness of the OS does not matter so I cannot understand why IIS6 cannot run the app in 64bit mode....and no, installing IIS7 is not an option.

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How To Compile 64bit Web Site With Visual Studio

Apr 14, 2010

How can I make Visual Studio to use the 64bit compiler (csc.exe/vbc.exe) for an Asp.Net web site?

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Configuration :: How To Compile Application In 64 Bit

Sep 2, 2010

I have my 2.0C# with crystal report whcih is developed in windows xp(x86) machine...

now what my problem is in my local server it work fine

Whn comes deployment in hosting server, my service provider has w2k8 server x64 bit..

how to compile my crystal report application to run in 64 bit..

how to compile this to 64bit.

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Configuration :: First Time Deploying A .Net Application, Get Compile Errors?

Mar 11, 2011

I am using TFS to build my MVC app. I cannot do it because I get lots of compile errors. I am using version 4 of .Net and MVC 2. On the build server I have the .Net framework 4.0 installed. It has been suggested that I should also download the MVC framework as well, but when I look on the net all I can find is this MVC framework; which does not seem to be relevant and does not work anyway.

One of the assemblies I am missing on the build server is System.Web.Mvc dll.Typical error messages include; "The type or namespace name 'Mvc' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Web' (are you missing an assembly reference?)"What do I need to do to fix this?

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Configuration :: Assembly Web.service2 Missing - Comes Back When Trying To Compile Application

Sep 24, 2010

I have a project that was originally created in VS2005 using .net 2.0. I currently have win 7 machine and vs2008. When I try to compile the application it comes back saying that I am missing an assembly Web.Services2 Besides upgrading to 3.5 and having to rebuild most of the web services.

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Configuration :: Using VS2008 To build / Compile Web Application And Then Publish It To The Server?

Jul 27, 2010

I'm relatively new to actually publishing sites on my own..Anyway, right now I am using VS2008 to build / compile my web application and then publish it to the server. Simple enough, until I want to change several of the code behinds, and don't want to spend 30 minutes re-publishing several thousand documents.

I have been reading that publishing via VS is not the best approach, so I guess I have two questions:

1. Using VS2008, is there a way to build the project and publish only certain parts of the project such as the pre-compiled code or better yet have VS only update the code that has been changed on the server? I suppose I could simply publish it to my local drive and pick apart the files from there / is there a better way?

2. In your opinion what is the best deployment strategy?

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Configuration :: Compile .Net Application From Another Application?

May 25, 2010

How to compile .net application from another .net application programeticaly using C#.

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Web Forms :: Using 32bit Hashcode In 64bit Windows 2008 With 64bit IIS 7.0?

Dec 8, 2011

My 2005 old application was working on windows 2003 server. I have used hashcode method to store user password in database. Now I shifted my 2005 application on windows 2008 R2 server. But my Password hashcode logic is not working due to 64bit windows 2008 server architecture & 64 bit IIS 7. I dont want to set IIS on 32bit mode.

So How can I check my 32bit user password on windows 2008 64bit server with 64 bit IIS without changing hashcode logic? 

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Configuration :: Application Is Working Fine In Local Environment But Not Working After Push Code In Live

Aug 19, 2010

My application is working fine in local environment but not working after push code in live. My locale environment and hosting environment both are having same configuration. Same app working fine 2 month before but in different domain but same hosting server.

how to check the both config / any possible to run debug mode in hosting server please let me know. below code used in all page for checking user session status but when I click on any link page redirect to login.aspx I think session got timeout. I don't know why session got time frequently, but this issue not happening in local environment (desktop).


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Configuration :: IIS Not Rendering Pages In Windows 7 (64bit)?

Apr 5, 2010

My environment is Windows 7 (64bit), with IIS7. I have a web application that I have hosted remotely, as well as running it locally. The problem is that, when running it locally, I would like to go to the app's address at [URL], but when I do this, the page seems to "Half" render, meaning only some images are shown, styles are not being applied, etc. It is very strange.

However, when running the exact same app in debug mode from Visual Studio (which provides a port, like so [URL]), then the App runs fine. I've looked through all IIS settings, and I am not spotting anything obvious that might be causing this. The default port should be 80 for the app. As far as I know I have left all IIS settings default for the most part, and I've installed every single Windows Feature related to IIS, from the control panel.

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32bit 64bit - Configuring 32-Bit Application On A 64-Bit IIS Server?

May 21, 2010

I'm trying to install a 32-bit ASP.NET application onto a 64-bit IIS server running on Windows Server 2008. This is a clean installation of the operating system with no other applications installed.As a prerequisite for our installation, we run the 32-bit version of aspnet_regiis -iIt fails with the following message: The error indicates that IIS is not installed on the machine. Please install IIS before using this tool.Additionally:IIS is definitely installed. The 64 bit version of aspnet_regiis runs cleanly without warnings.€œEnable 32 bit applications" is set to True in the DefaultAppPool's Advanced Settings.
The IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility" component is installed.We have a test VM where this error occurs as well as test VM where both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of aspnet_regiis run without errors. We've had no luck distinguishing the differences between the two test VMs.We have struggled with this issue for several days to no avail.

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Web Forms :: Same Codes From Windows Application But Can't Compile The Same Way In Web Application

Jan 25, 2011

why is it that the exact same codes that i use to create a Windows application, which is able to work, does not work on a Web application? i created a windows application using c# and socket programming language. i will be connected to a remote server and through the windows application, and i will be able to send the "byte[] msg" to the server and activate the LED lightbulbs attached to the remote server. that exact same codes works well on the Windows application. however, when i create another Web application using the same exact codes, i does not have any error yet i am not able to activate the LED lightbulbs attached to it. is it that through the web or internet explorer i am not able to send the "byte[] msg" correctly? or that i sld modify "byte[] msg" to suit the web usage? or any other reasons?

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Configuration :: IIS Do Not Compile The Code?

May 25, 2010

I have a complete web application code created by other developer using c#. I am trying to deploy it on IIS 7.5 on windows 7.

In this application, there is a root folder that contains very less code files & one web.config file. This code is online currently & when we open the url, it redirects to the sub folder which is


On IIS when I try to open this same path locally as http://localhost/test_project/pages/home.aspx

it simply prints the code in browser as

<% Response.Redirect("Home.aspx"); %>

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Configuration :: Compiler Not Catching Compile Error?

Mar 10, 2010

Using VS2008 SP1, .NET 3.5 SP1, C# Web Application Project

As we know, Web Application Projects (unlike Web Site Projects) compile the entire site for deployment. We have discovered a situation where the visual studio compiler doesnt catch and error. Then when we deploy the dll to the website (or even just run it in the built in web server) it catches the error and displays it as a "compilation" error during runtime. This is obviously disturbing. Let me explain the error:

Take a single web page in a new C# web app project, such as the default.aspx. Add a checkbox. Create an event handler for the checked changed event. Note that it modifies the .aspx file to add oncheckedchanged="yourmethodhere" in the checkbox item. Compile and everything is fine.

Now change the name of the method in the .aspx file, say for yourmethodhere to yourmethodhere_1 and compile again. Note you havent change the code behind, so you SHOULD get a compile error. But you dont. Now if you deploy or debug it, you will get a compilation error during runtime.

Note: If you do exactly the same thing in a web SITE project, the validation compile that it does when you choose to "build" the project DOES catch this error. In other words, only c# web APPLICATION projects have this problem.

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Configuration :: Web App Compile/publish From Command Line?

Nov 3, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to publish a web app from a command line if there isn't a solution file present. Is this possible? Is it possible to generate a solution file from the command line? I would need example of how this is accomplished.

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Configuration :: Constant Compile Error That Isn't True?

Mar 25, 2011

Everytime I compile my asp .net project it states the following:

'Sessions' does not contain a definition for 'Select'.

In the page this happens on if I change something put it back and save and re-compile it tends to go ok, but at the moment it is happening every time. It does contain a definition for Select I can type it in plus the page does not show an error where this code is and works when it does compile ok?

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Configuration :: ConfigurationManager Seems To Compile The Values Into Binary?

Jul 23, 2010

This is a bizarre behaviour I've just noticed, but very dangerous.I have the following line of code:

using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["SmartFormsDB"].ConnectionString))

When I run in my dev environment works fine, but when I compile and push my code to the test machine that contains a web.config with a Test DB setting, the test website
still uses my dev connection string. It's behaving as if the connection string was compiled into the binary!

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Configuration :: Compile Fails For Unknown Reason?

Jun 4, 2010

Several production websites running for months with no problems, all of sudden now fail to compile sporadically.

The compiler will generate errors:

ASPNET: Make sure that the class defined in this code file matches the 'inherits' attribute, and that it extends the correct base class (e.g. Page or UserControl).

On master page code behind files that it did not before.

In addition, this error will go away (most of the time) if we recycle the application pool.

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Compile A Web Application Into A Ddl File?

Jan 23, 2011

how to compile a web application into a ddl file.

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Configuration :: Debug In Live Environment

May 26, 2010

i have a virtual directory in iis for my project. so that my application is accessible in other pcs as well. Now i want do debug the project when somebody is requesting the page from the other pc. i am not running application using (F5) Start Debugging. But still i want to debug when somebody is requesting the page. Netbean IDE has this feature.

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Configuration :: Compile And Deploy Latest SVN Version Files

Mar 23, 2011

I'm looking for good approch for below requirement. I would appreciate if someone can guide me on this.

I would like to write a script,

1. which checkout the latest files from SVN
2. Then compile the solution files.
3. If some compilation errors, need to send a mail.

I'm not looking for any deployment as of now.
All I want to write the script to know is, can latest version of SVN tree compile successfull or not.

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Configuration :: Compile Class To Dll Invoking Vbc Server Side?

Mar 28, 2010

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2008

Language: ASP.NET VB (Visual Basic)
.NET Framework: 3.5
Host: basic hosting

I have a class that is normally compiled into a .dll prior to distribution and used as a component library.

IE: vbc /t:library /out:xyz.dll xyz.vb
(User would download then put the .dll in the bin directory and use
Imports xyz
Dim obj As New xyz

There is a need to write a line of content to the class file specific to the user prior to compile.

Is this possible via server side?

I believe my short question would be, can I call vbc.exe from a site hosted with and compile a class.vb file through vbc.exe on the server? And how?

I have been able to reach IE via ASP.NET from my account there so I think it may be possible.

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Configuration :: Compile And Publish Site - Update .HTM Includes?

Nov 16, 2010

Compile and Publish Site - but i want to be able to update .HTM includes? I have a few pages that have JQUERY sliders and every onces in a while the client wants to update IMAGES, i thought it would be easy if i could access the .HTM file update code instead of doing a recompile! is this even possible? or am i doing it complety wrong?

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Compile Web Application Project Ascx Into Dll?

May 10, 2010

Is it possible to compile a web application project .ascx (user control) into a dll?I want to do the following:Use the same control in multiple websitesEmbed css and .js as resources into the controlBe able to update super easy. If the user control updates, I just want to update 1 .dllI have successfully followed this article, [URL]However, that uses web site projects, and I cannot embed js css as resources into web site projects.

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