Configuration :: Setting Up Website Using .cs Files Instead Of Only Bin?

Dec 22, 2010

Our site as it exists now utilizes only the bin file. We are going to re-migrate our site to use the .cs files to compile on the fly. What settings do I need to set to allow for this and what disadvantages if any are there for using the .cs files in prod?

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Configuration :: Configuring Original Settings For New Website Based On Site Files From 1st Website & Password Q

Oct 19, 2010

I want to make a 2nd website and am using a copy of the site files from my 1st site built for me, I added them via FTP to the hosting company. I realise when I edit the new site via the CMS it is editing both sites plus when I try to change anything to the CSS file I get the following error -


So my questions are what do I need to change to be able to deploy a new site with the files I have to make a new site?I also don't understand where the password is coming from, I can see the User ID comes from the database. in the connection strings are the following:

site Data;Initial Catalog=***;User ID=***;Password=*** - Where is this password coming from?

membership Data;User ID=***;Password=***;persist security info=False;initial catalog=***;

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Configuration :: Moving Website Files On SAN For Upgrading

Jun 4, 2010

We currently have two web servers that are load balancing a website. Each server at the moment has its own copy of the site on their own hard drives. We have recently installed a SAN thats accessible by both servers so what I would like to do is move the website files on to the SAN for easy management of upgrades to the site. What steps should I take to ensure this works correctly with IIS7 and the web.config files and possibily machine.config files. For additional information the web.config's on each server is currently encrypted, how would I be able to achieve this with a SAN?

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Configuration :: Access To Files In Website Root Via Subdomain

Jun 9, 2010

folders in my website root are


I have subdomain "s1" which points to "a" folder. I want to know how could I access to files stored in "b" folder form subdomain "s1". My issue is that files I have some html content which saved in DB Records and their path are base on webroot i.e. "<img src="/b/movie1.avi" /> .Could any one tell me how I could show these files via subdomain "s1"

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Configuration :: Generating Code Behind Files From Precompiled 2.0 Website

Nov 13, 2010

Generating code behind files from precompiled 2.0 Website

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Configuration :: ResourceManager And Resx Files - Files To Display Items In Multiple Languages

Oct 13, 2010

I have an application that uses resource files to display items in multiple languages. My app uses quote a lot of javascript and the alerts need to display in the local language. To do this, I have created an http handler which will read the keys and values of the culture-specific resource file and write them to a JSON array which is then embedded in the page in a script tag, the messages can then be accesses using, for exmaple:

Message.Error (en-GB = "Error", fr-FR = "Erreur")

The messages http handler works great in development, however when I run the application on a test server, I get the error: Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture. Make sure "Resources.Alerts.resources" was correctly embedded or linked into assembly "App_GlobalResources.b0n9j90e" at compile time, or that all the satellite assemblies required are loadable and fully signed. The code that I use to acccess the resource file is:

ResourceManager manager = Resources.Alerts.ResourceManager;
ResourceSet resourceSet= Resources.Alerts.ResourceManager.GetResourceSet(Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture, true, true);

Where Resources.Alerts is the type that contains my multi-lingual definitions. The build action for the Alerts.resx file is set to "Embedded Resource". Any ideas why this works locally but not on my test server, am I missing something?

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Configuration :: How To Prevent Specific Files Being Deleted From Temporary Files

Jun 2, 2010

The majority of files in the Temporary ASP.NET File folder for a given application get deleted by ASP.NET following compilation -- .DLL and .PDB files amongst others remain.

Our compiler produces proprietary debug information files which are amongst those that get deleted.

Marking the files read-only prevents this but are there other options available?

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Configuration :: Create MSI Files Or Setup Files Programmatically?

May 24, 2010

How to create MSI Files or setup files programmatically using MSBuild in VS 2008

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Web Forms :: Setting MovieURL To Show SWF Files In Page

Feb 1, 2011

I have a table that I save swf file in it. I want to show swf files in a page, I read them from database with their ID. I use from flashcontrol and set MovieUrl for it. I want to know is it a good solution or not? This is my code.

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Configuration Files Vs Normal XML Files?

Dec 8, 2010

In my web site which is basically a monitor application I have to keep a configuration file which contains some web servers name, names of web sites hosted on each web server, url and port numbers etc.

Can anyone please explain me what are the benefits of treating this configuration file as custom configuration file of my web application and reading it using "ConfigurationSection" or "IConfigurationSectionHandler" rather than treating it as a normal xml file and reading it using 'XMLDocument' or 'XMLTextReader' or 'XLINQ' etc? This will save me from creating an entry in in the web.config file as well this custom configuration file.

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Setting Up Log-In Function For Website?

Mar 14, 2011

I'm looking to create a log-in feature so users can create their own profiles on the website. I don't know the first thing about setting it up... Databases, login controls, etc... This is my first time using but I am a fast learner. I really need to have this feature set up tonight if possible.

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Configuration :: Unable To Open Website - Internal Server Error (website Down)

Nov 6, 2010

My host moved my website to a new server. The DNS configuration is correct but the website is still down and I'm getting this message

"unable to open website at Internal Server error"

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Configuration :: Setting Up Site In IIS?

Aug 2, 2010

steps for using IIS to host a website I created in visual studio? I have the files in a folder called HelpDesk under inetpub and have the path correctly specified in IIS, but IE is stating it cannot display this webpage.

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Configuration :: Can Store Website Contents In A Folder That Is Located On Website

Apr 27, 2010

I need to have a copy of all my pages, bin fold, data folder, etc stored in a folder in the root of project called installation.

Once I have copied the contents of my web site into the installation folder how can I tell the complie/run process to ignore that folder ?

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Web Forms :: Setting Up RSS Feed From Website?

Aug 16, 2010

Visual Web Developer 2008 Express. Visual Basic.

I have been asked to setup RSS Fed capability on the web site I am designing. I guess that we want to notify folks when articles or content changes on the site. I have posted in beginners since I am new to using RSS feeds.

1. How can I allow visitors to my site to "sign up" for RSS feeds?

2. How can I generate a "feed" programmatically so that it is sent to those who signed up for RSS feeds?

3. If my questions indicate a fundamental misunderstanding of what RSS is.

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Setting Up A Website App On The Shared Network?

Mar 28, 2011

I setup the project on the network instead of localhost? I want to setup a Remote Site, I think is the lingo Go into visual studio File, open website and put the website name in the box and a password to open the source.Create a unique url name like

When I create a new website application in visual studio. When I am ready to debug Visual Studio sets all this up for me and it runs on local host automatically.I guess in my scenario I gotta set it up manually. How do I accomplish this?I created a new virtual directory, went through the permissions wizard and keep getting this error:

Failed to access IIS metabase.

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Configuration :: Setting Up Web Form Locally?

Aug 5, 2010

I want to set up a web farm locally, but i really dont anything about how to do it,

steps or web links so i can start configuring it..

I've got 2 web servers locally having windows 2003 installed.

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Configuration :: Setting Up Connection To MS SQL Database?

Oct 1, 2010

I am a PHP developer trying to set up hosting for an ASP website. The site works when hosted with the original host but I need to move it.

I have uploaded the files to oneandone hosting. I have set up a datebase and chnaged the database connection details but get the following error

Inner Exception Could not find stored procedure 'uspPageHit'.

The database connection looks like this:

<add name="site" connectionString="Data Source=[hostname];Initial Catalog=[databasename];User Id=[username];Password=[password]" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

and the info on the one andone host panel provides :

database name, user name, hostname, password

Have I put the correct details in the correct place?

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Configuration :: Change Setting During Installation?

Aug 9, 2010

I have a web application(ASP.NET 2.0 and C#) in which I have configured connection string in web.config.

I may need to install it in different machines. So, time to time i may need to change the connection string based on the installed machine.

Is there any way to configure all these while installing the application?

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Configuration :: What Is The Difference Between Copy Website And Publish Website

Nov 17, 2010

What is the differenc between Copy Web Site and Publish Web Site? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each method?

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Configuration :: Website Within A Website Won't Display On Host's Server?

Feb 19, 2011

I'm trying to run a website (site2) that I've placed inside a folder (dir-site2) of another website (site1). The default file of site2 displays fine in every browser on my local computer, as in when I type http://localhost:45912/ But when I upload everything to my host's server and type this I get a server "can't access" error message. I can't display any file that is inside the subdirectory, dir-site2.

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SQL Server :: Setting Permissions For Website Visitors?

Sep 14, 2010

I have my SqlServer 2005 database at a web host. I recently figured out how to set permissions for the stored procedures (see this link if you face the same problem:


Now I wonder: What permissions should I give the website's visitors?

In a stored procedure's Properties window, I have three availabale users, the db owner (the db name), "guest" and "public". My bet is on public.

As far as permission types go, I hev the following available:

Alter, Control, Execute, Take Ownership, and View Definition. My guess is that the one of interest is Execute, correct?

In other words, should I set all stored procedures to Execute for public (not that I seem to have the permission to do that myself - I get an error message when I try to alter them)? If so, could I ask the web host to set them globally for me? Or should I only set stored procedure using UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE to Execute?

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VS 2010 - Setting Up Email Form For Website

May 9, 2012

I've designed and built this form using Visual Studio 2010 in design mode and set the appropriate controls for each function example txtemail for the text field. Here's a link to the form I did so far you may view my source code, the mission im trying to accomplish is to reset the form by clearing all fields and clearing all validations.

I'm currently studying the Asp.Net VB in TAFE too.

[URL] ....

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VS 2012 - Setting Virtual Path In Website

Oct 26, 2013

I have a website solution where I have among other things some code for a photo album. I know wanted to make a separate website solution with only the photoalbum code. It is however giving me some issues with not finding files, which I believe are caused by not being able to set the virtual path in the website solution. The option is simply not present in the options as you can see on the image on the right.

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Configuration :: Way To Read App Setting From A Remote Web Application

Nov 22, 2010

I have an web appilcation created in .net 2.0 that is supposed to read and display the app settings from remote web.config (accessible from a shared location). Is there a better way(like reading from the application's web.config ) to read the app

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