Configuration :: Bitmap Image Saving When Running The Application On Iis Server

Apr 2, 2011

I m facing one problem which is related to Bitmap Image Actually My image is saved properly without iis server but when i run application on iis server then its give Exception "A generic error occurred in GDI+."
I m using this code-

Byte[] bytes = (Byte[])ds.Tables[0].Rows[r][1];
MemoryStream memStream = new MemoryStream();
memStream.Write(bytes, 0, bytes.Length);
System.Drawing.Bitmap origBMP = new System.Drawing.Bitmap(memStream);
System.Drawing.Bitmap newBMP = new System.Drawing.Bitmap(origBMP, 100, 150);
System.Drawing.Graphics objGra = System.Drawing.Graphics.FromImage(newBMP);
objGra.SmoothingMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.SmoothingMode.AntiAlias;
objGra.InterpolationMode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.InterpolationMode.HighQualityBicubic;
newBMP.Save(Server.MapPath("ImageUpload\" + r + ".Jpeg"), System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg); //exception throw "A generic error occurred in GDI+."

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Jun 11, 2010

while running my aspx pages on local iis 5.1 of my system, it doesnot shows the images and also when i tried to login with the same credentials that i was using with visual studio2005 it always give me error of wrong credentials

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Configuration :: Error While Running An Application On IIS Server?

Aug 17, 2010

i got the below error while running an application on IIS server. Error 167 It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS. E:iaeciaecWeb.config 48 .

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IIS Configuration :: Saving Image In Database - Access To The Path Is Denied

Nov 23, 2013

I have Button=BtnUpload and  fileupload control in my page that save image in database below is code

protected void BtnUpload_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
string path = Server.MapPath(".") + "../image/House/services";
string filename = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(fup1.PostedFile.FileName);
string[] validext = { ".jpg", ".png" };
string ext = System.IO.Path.GetExtension(fup1.PostedFile.FileName);
if (Array.IndexOf(validext, ext.ToLower()) < 0)

[Code] ....

But when I upload image with Fileupload and click on btnupload button below error happen..

Server Error in '/' Application.

Access to the path 'C:Inetpubvhostsbehtop.comhttpdocsimageHouseservices8.jpg' is denied.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path

[Code] ....

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Configuration :: Application Not Running On IIS 5.1?

Aug 27, 2010

i am trying to upload my applicaiton on IIS5.1 application uses SQL server 2005 and Membership provider. everytime i create an virtual directory and run it ,it always says that login failed for user IUSR_TPN0150 .cannot open database emp.

how can i give access to annonymous users so that my login page is shown.

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Configuration :: Application Is Not Running On Iis?

Aug 27, 2010

i have created an application in with C# this application is running well when i run it from visual studio but when i deployed it on IIS for testing it is not working it gives me error that isThe control with ID 'UpdatePanel1' requires a ScriptManager on the page. The ScriptManager must appear before any controls that need it.i have check complete project i did forget any thing and application is running wll but on iis it gave me above stated error any body can help me and one thing is that i install IIS after installing VS2008

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Configuration :: Application Not Running After Svn Update?

Jul 15, 2010

I have an application which was running totally fine some days earlier. The problem began since the day i have taken SVN update from server. Its saying "error 404, file not exists", it just removes application name from url & only leaves "http://localhost/1980". Whatever changes i try in web.config it has no effect. It just stick to this error. I copied my previous web.config also but no luck.I tried to comment all lines which are redirecting user to any other page in case of error also. Its happening in my colleagues copy also.

FYI, all other .net applications on my system are still running smoothly. Only this application is not running. Checked the log & it says: 2010-05-15 05:50:12 3692 2869 HTTP/1.1 NOTIFY /notify 400 - Hostname -

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Configuration :: Application Code Behind Stops Running

Aug 5, 2010

I have a website that appears to be "losing" the code behind bin/dll file support while the application is running. I have added an OnError event to the application and am logging it to the event viewer. At first I was getting problems with HTML and other bad input into text boxes. I have used validation and other methods to correct all of this. Now my issue is that the ASPX pages are still served, however I have custom code in the "onLoad" event and it is not being executed. This is in the "onLoad" for the master page so it is affecting the entire site. So far my fix has been to restart the website within IIS. This corrects the problem for anywhere to 24-48 hours and then it occurs again. Last night when this happened I did not recieve any new information in the event viewer log.

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Configuration :: Compress JS And CSS Files In Application Which Is Running IIS 7.5

Jan 5, 2011

We are trying to compress JS and CSS files in our application which is Running IIS 7.5. Both JS and CSS files are getting compressed
But application is not able to load these compressed .JS and .CSS files it is still referring to old un compressed files.

Just for your info Compress JS and CSS Files are at C:inetpub empIIS Temporary Compressed FilesDefaultAppPool$^_gzip_C^.

Here are the setting which i have in AppHost.config file

<add mimeType="text/*" enabled="true" />
<add mimeType="message/*" enabled="true" />[code]..

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Configuration :: Finishing And Running Intranet Application

Aug 2, 2010

I am reaching the stage where my first web application is nearing completion and I want to look at running the aspx web application. The web application is going to be run on an internal server, so that only users of the network can access the web page.I am not sure of how I get my project from my pc onto the server and go about making so that I can open it in my browser,

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Configuration :: Running Com / Application In Background Without User Logged In?

Aug 3, 2010

I have a web application that initializes a third-party com application to perform few calculations. The website is deployed on a windows 2008 server (standard edition).

The problem I have been facing is that when I am logged in to the server (Remote Desktop Connection only as the server is not local), the com application initializes fine. But when I log-off or just close the remote desktop connection, the application doesn't get initialized. I have searched for a solution and found this:

I created the scheduled task as I didn't know how to create the windows service (the description at is too confusing), and got the application to run when windows starts before even the user logs-in. But in even in this case, the application doesn't work unless the user is logged in and when I log-in, a second instance is created (with exactly the same user (admin)) and the original instance is never used.

I cannot get the application to run without logging off or atleast having to close the remote desktop connection.Is there anything I am doing wrong?

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Convert Image From URL To Bitmap

May 19, 2012

I am trying to convert a image (from url) to bitmap here the code i was using but its for using a image from your computer (file) Dim bmp As bitmap = bitmap.FromFile(TextBox1.Text) I entering a url instead of a file location but i get a URI error

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Web Forms :: Display The Bitmap Image

Feb 10, 2011

i had drawed a graph by clicking a analyze button, however when i click it, it will go to a new screen. below is my coding:


below is the condition i want, when i click the button Analyze, the image (graph) is showed under the button with the header and template:


my current condition is when i click the button analyze, it will totaly display the graph only without the header and template as print screen below: how to change the coding to let the template and heaser showed together with the bar chart?

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SQL Server :: Saving And Getting Image From Database?

Mar 27, 2010

i am trying to save an image to database as a byte[]

The array size before i save it = 2118.

but in SQL 2008 the maximum size for an image type is 16.

so i am trying to get the image using Response.BinaryWrite(byte[]) I get an empty image.

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Web Forms :: Save Webpage As Bitmap Or Image?

Sep 20, 2010

I have to save the webpage as image in my system folder. I am saving them using stream.....but the page is not displayed as Image....It opened only through browsers.

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Saving Resized Image Files To Server

Jul 13, 2011

I am trying to save some resized images to the server. Why I get the following error on the vSmlImgFle.Save(vTmpDir.ToString & vFile.Name, ImageFormat.Jpeg) (in red below) line?

A generic error occurred in GDI+.

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException: A generic error occurred in GDI+.

And while we are on the subject of dealing with image files, is there a way to get the file format from the original file, rather than looking at the file extension to determine the file type:

If Ext = "JPG" then
Type = ImageFormat.Jpeg
Else if Ext = "JPG" then

I thought that vImgFormat = vOrgImgFle.RawFormat might do it but that seems to return something completely different than ImageFormat.Jpeg.

Protected Function CopyScaleImages(ByVal FileSet As FileInfo())
Dim vTmpDir As New DirectoryInfo(Server.MapPath("~/SanInspPhotosTemp/"))
Dim vDir As New DirectoryInfo(Server.MapPath("~/SanInspPhotos/"))
Dim imgHght As Integer

[Code] .....

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Configuration :: Doesn't Work When Published To Virtual Server Running Windows Server 2008 R2?

Feb 26, 2011

Does anyone know of any requirements to get the Ajax Control Toolkit (Calendar Extension in particular) working in this OS? I have it working on my local macjine (VS 2010 Development Server) but it doesn't work when published to my Virtual Server running Windows Server 2008 R2. No errors are reported, just nothing happens when I give focus to the Calendar textbox (no Calendar appears).Anyone know of any configutrations that need to be made in Windows Server 2008 R2?Is there a 32-bit/64-bit issue with the Toolkit?

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SQL Server :: Writing/Saving DataType Image As File To Disk?

Mar 16, 2011

i need to save multiple documents stored in SQL server as Image type to disk.

What i want to do is "backup" all files in a table (column) to disk, zip them and Response.TransmitFile(FilePath) to client.

I could use C# ot VB but that would require a lot of connections to database or a lot of server memory and i don't want that, becauze there are a lot of files to be saved Since SQL can write files to disk i was thinking about saving those files to disk directly from sql. Something like when u're doing a backup


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Configuration :: Running 3.5 Site On 2.0 Server

May 1, 2010

I've created a site using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition (ASP.NET 3.5) but the server hosting it runs ASP.NET 2.0. I'm getting some odd errors running the live site. Is there anything I need to be aware of? Do I need to make any changes to the web.config file (that was generated in VWD) or anything else?

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Configuration :: FileNotFound On Server But Not Running From VS?

Nov 1, 2010

I added a reference to a DLL in my ASP.Net app. That started causing a BadFileFormatException, so I switched my app to target x86. I'm now getting this error:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'TheDLLThatIReferenced.dll' or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found.

The DLL in question is present in both the bin directory, and in binx86Debug in my app's directory on the server. When I try to run my app out of Visual Studio, it runs just fine, but if I try to hit it via the internet, I get that error. What might be causing this error, and how can I correct it?

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Configuration :: Running .NET On A Server With ColdFusion?

Apr 8, 2010

getting these two to play together nicely? I've got ColdFusion 9 running fine, but whenever I try to access a .NET page I get a 500 error. I'm pretty sure this has to to with the custom handlers ColdFusion installs.

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Configuration :: Saving Data From Godaddy Server To Local Machine?

Nov 11, 2010

my application raises security issue while saving data from server to local machine.but everything working well locally.

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Web Forms :: Converting Bitmap To Ehm.bitmap

May 5, 2010

I have a colorpicker.png file and track the pixel clicked in codebehind using GetPixel. Works like a charm, but I read that converting to a bitmap on the fly is rather heavy on the server. Therefore I saved my .png file as a .bmp as well, so that a converted file would already exist. However, I don't seem tobe able to just use the bitmap file, but need to create a new bitmap from the bitmap...

My question is: The code below works (I provide it here for those who might need it - simply add the code below to codebehind and this code in your aspx page <asp:ImageButton

/> ;

also note that the image can be whatever you want - a photo or a screendump of a colorpicker from say Photoshop or VS; and note that it's wise to put everything you need in an updatepanel). Should I write something else in order to get smarter access to the bitmap?

Protected Sub cpRubrik_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.ImageClickEventArgs) Handles cpRubrik.Click
tbUtseenderub.ForeColor = BytFarg(e.X, e.Y)
End Sub
Protected Function BytFarg(ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer) As Color
Dim myBitmap As New Bitmap(Server.MapPath("~/img/colorpicker.bmp"))
Dim clr As Color = myBitmap.GetPixel(x, y)
Return clr
End Function

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Configuration :: Getting Error In Running The Page In Server?

Feb 5, 2011

got this error when i uploaded the files in iis and browse the page.

The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

im using window server 2003 with sp2

but in my pc the program is working and also the iss.

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Configuration :: Running Website Over Php Hosting Server - Linux/unix

Sep 16, 2010

I want to run my site over my php hosting server/

In other words i want to run my site over apachi server

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