Configuration :: Web App Accesses Data Under Debug But Not When Published To Target Machine

Dec 4, 2010

I have a simple web app that queries a server based database. I have tested with both a simple MySQL table and Access tables. The problem is the same whatever 'backend database' that I use. When I run my web application under the VS 2008 debuger then all works fine. No problems with the code. I then publish my web app to either my local IIS or to a different PC's IIS on my network. I then get 'intermittnet' problems reading the data tables. The connection strings are fine. I get a connection. It is when I try and fill the tables that I get errors. The web app just seems to 'hang'.

If I publish to a different IIS on my network (on a different server) the I get the same problems. If I reboot the IIS machine then I seem to be able to get to my data for a while before the IIS seems to 'lock up' and I can't read data anymore. Is this an IIS/authentication/resource issue?

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Configuration :: Debug The Website Always On A The Same Port Number On Local Machine In VS

Jan 1, 2011

I am developing a website in ASP.NET. I wanted to know how can I give a static path to my website on my local mahcine such that it will always be deployed on port number. For eg: in php, the path can always be http://localhost/websitename

but in ASP.NET, whenever, I debug the website for testing, it is always deployed to a new port number. This prevents me from testing my script which can only be given a static name in Greasemonkey.

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Configuration :: How To Change Automatically Compilation Debug=false On Production Machine

Jun 8, 2010

I have a development machine and a server. problem is that whenever I publish a website I need to change manually debug=false.....its frustrating as I am publish almost everyday new version.

can I change this programatically by HOST name?

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No Connection Could Be Made Because Target Machine Actively Refused It

Jan 28, 2016

But the issue here is that I am using a post request trough an WCF app. This will work fine on my home PC call(web form - web app) - from the work PC call. It will not work from the WCF service I use that uses LOCAL IIS 7 or my work PC (that an app I created works fine through my local PC).

So I tried various IIS manipulations, made it iis express, made it visual studio IIS, made it local IIS, made it https, http, nada.
When debugging the code and it goes to the getrequest - from site line, it will break.

What is going on here? Is it the IIS? The wcf works flawlessly on about 20.000 lines of code but the post call to another vendor will break.

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WCF / ASMX :: No Connection Could Be Made Because The Target Machine Actively Refused It Xxx:xxx:xxx:xxx:443

Nov 16, 2010

I'm calling a 3rd party web service from our network and I receive following error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

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Error: No Connection Could Be Made Because The Target Machine Actively Refused It?

Jun 21, 2010

can anyone explain to me what is the error... im using c# .netNo connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it (ip address)code behind:

MailMessage mail = new MailMessage();
mail.From = new MailAddress("emailfrom");


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Web Forms :: No Connection Could Be Made Because The Target Machine Actively Refused It

Jul 23, 2012

{"No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

I get the above error...

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Visual Studio :: Debug-Start Debugging/Debug-StartWithoutDebugging OR Project Configuration Launches Dream?

Jan 3, 2010

Debug-Start Debugging/Debug-StartWithoutDebugging OR Project ASP.Net Configuration launches Dreamweaver. It started lastnight, I had both Deamweaver and VWD 2008 express open at the same time - (I was looking at JQuery in the Microsoft and Dreamweaver enviroments simultaniously). After the first tie this happened, I closed down Dreamweaver (CS3) and it opened when I tried to run my VWD project. I reinstalled VWD 2008 express, IIS and disabled Dreamweaver (renamed the exe). Dreamweaver still came up.

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Social Networking :: Google Account API Exception - No Connection Could Be Made Because Target Machine Actively Refused It

May 7, 2015

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it when the project deploy in IIS. But it is fine running the project in localhost. How to fix the error?

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Debug Website On Host From Virtual Machine?

May 4, 2010

I have a Windows 7 machine hosting a Windows 7 virtual machine. I am developing a web application using visual studio 2010 on my host machine. I want to run the application in debug mode and access my localhost server from a browser on the virtual machine. (The purpose of this is to be able to debug an application that uses Windows Authentication using different users without having to log off and on for different users on my host machine...)

I am using a bridged connection for the virtual machine. I googled how to solve this problem and most of the threads that I found said that if I was using a bridged connection, I could access the server on the host machine by just entering the IP address of my host machine into the url in the browser of the virtual machine. I have tried some different urls using the IP but none of them have worked.

As an example, suppose I run my web application in visual studio on my host machine and its url is


Assume also that I ran ipconfig in CommandPrompt on my host machine and found out that the IP address for my host machine is What url should I enter on the virtual machine to access my web application?


I set up IIS to host the web project. After that, I just added the following line ( is my IP) to my hosts file and I was able to access the website from the virtual machine:

I also had to edit my firewall settings.

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DataSource Controls :: Can't Debug On Local Machine - Getting String Was Not Recognized As A Valid Boolean

Mar 15, 2010

I have a page that has been working for sometime and now getting this error..

String was not recognized as a valid Boolean.

Im was working on a How-To document of the pages for our VP and now i cant get to page 2 to continue the document.

I have recently added 2 new radiobuttonlists(rel and relst) and im sure its one of them thats causing the issue. But sicne i cant debug not sure which one is failing. Here is my insert code and the error is occuring on the Line 376:


The fields for the radiobuttons are all setup as BIT in SQL. They all have default values of 0. They are all setup NOT TO ALLOW NULLS.


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Visual Studio :: Unable To Debug VB Web Projects On Local Machine / Security Exception Error

Dec 21, 2010

Basically what I am trying to do is have my webpage project folder located directly on my local machine (ex. Local #1). Our database is located on a server (ex. Server #1) . I am building my web applications on my local machine and then trying to debug them in Visual Studio 2008. Only every single time I click to debug my project I get a "Security Exception" error that looks something like the following...

"Description: The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy. To grant this application the required permission please contact your system administrator or change the application's trust level in the configuration file.

Exception Details: System.Security.SecurityException: Request for the permission of type 'System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' failed."

I'm somewhat leaning towards the fact that I need to connect to the database to pull information from it and I don't have the proper permissions is the reason why this is happening but I've also read that it can be something that deals with improper configuration of my Web.Config file (i.e. I do not have something enabled).

Note #1: A co-worker of mine is having the same problem if he tries to put the project locally and then debug it. He has full administrative access to the DB and everything else.

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Storing Configuration Data In .NET Than The Web/machine Config?

Jun 24, 2010

We have a large multi tenanted website which requires thousands of lines of web.config to support it. As the system grows we are finding it more and more difficult to manage this configuration file.The system currently in place uses XSLT to generate the config but this solution seems to involve a lot of duplicated code (we have 12 deployment environments).

I am leaning towards putting the configuration data in the db so we can be sure that it's deployed with the application and that our release notes don't require the IT guys messing around with XML

What are better solutions we could use?

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Configuration :: Can't Browse A Published Web Application

Jan 19, 2011

I have published my ASP.Net Web Application on remote IIS server using Project --> Publish options.

But I am not able to browse it.

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Configuration :: C# Web Application Slow Once Published

Jan 12, 2011

My application runs quickly when debugging locally, but slows down to an almost unusable state once published. Oddly, the published version seems to be grabbing data very quickly from MSSQL - it's the part where I'm updating datatables and gridviews that is very slow. For example:


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Configuration :: Update Target Directory Using Aspnet_compiler?

May 11, 2010

Is it possible to just update a target directory rather than fully recompile a website everytime?

For example, if i have already have a precompiled website in a target directory and then a project from the source changes, can i run the aspnet_compiler such that it only updates the target directory with the new changes (by updating only that assembly) rather than delete the whole target directory and recompile the whole application? We do not use the -u option, so we're talking about fully precompiled sites.

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Configuration :: Anonymous Access For Published Web Application?

May 5, 2010

I check WindowsPrincipal.Identity.Name against Active Directory security groups before allowing the user to edit data. If the user is not authorized I just present a read-only version of the data.

When I run my web app from the IDE everything works fine. I published the web app, made sure anonymous access was disabled, and invoked it from IE. The read-only page came up.

I then added code to write to the event log to display the WindowPrincipal.Identity.Name and saw that instead of displaying the user name, it was instead showing the server name. I verified again that Anonymous Access is disabled and integrated security is on.

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Configuration :: Published Web Application (website) Not Working

Jun 22, 2010

I have developed an webapplication with some jquery and ajax (client side validations), it works fine when run locally.

But when i publish it to the IIS, the client side execution is not taking place.

Do I need to tweak the IIS to make it work.

I am using VS2008 and .net framework 2.0 on a winxp machine.

I am trying to publish to the local IIS (5.0).

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Configuration :: COM Component Not Working In Published Website?

Sep 12, 2010

I`m using Microsoft office document imaging library (MODI) in my web application.

I`ve a page where a user uploads an image file and the server code converts this image into text form using MODI. Everything works fine when the website is running through visual studio but when i run it through local iis then i receive an exception.

my code is:


The code is perfectly fine because it works fine through visual studio otherwise when run through IIS i receive an exception at the last line written above saying.

Object isn`t initialized and can`t be used yet.

i didn`t catch the exception at last line because trying to figure out whats exactly wrong.

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Configuration :: IO Functionality Not Working On Published Website?

Mar 17, 2011

I am writing some IO functionality into my page (C#). Basically what Im trying to do is, to get a list of file/folder names from a network share and display them on the webpage.

It works great in my DEV environment, on my machine, but it does not work on the published version on my IIS machine. I have not been able to get it to throw an error (I'll keep trying in the meantime). But, it would seem to me that it is some sort of permissions issue. I have given the ASPNET user admin access on the network machine, that the folder share is located. I have added NETWORK SERVICE (with FULL access) to the security rights of the shares Im trying to access.

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Configuration :: How To Change Or Edit Published Website

Jul 22, 2010

how can i change or edit published website. i hve onle published files. i dont have pe published files

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Configuration :: Excel Not Getting Creating In The Published Site?

May 14, 2010

My application has a requirement of creating an excel sheet from the database on clicking logout buttonThis is implemented using the following com Components:Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object LibraryI created a Folder(Temp) in the application .When ever user clicks on the log out button, A folder(with the session name ) in Temp Folder gets created and the excel file is created here.Now every thing works fine on the local machine(User is getting the prompt for open and save etc)When I publish this .Nothing seems to be working.There is a n error that says" Could not find the excel at the said location(Tempseesion NmaeName.xls)The excel is not geting created when application is publised.

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Configuration :: Published But .aspx.vb Files Not Deployed?

Jun 10, 2010

I published my brand new site the first time to the brand new server and when testing it I noticed that none of the .aspx.vb code behinds was deployed and I got an error that those were missing.

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Configuration :: Saving Data From Godaddy Server To Local Machine?

Nov 11, 2010

my application raises security issue while saving data from server to local machine.but everything working well locally.

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Configuration :: Remote Webserver Didn't Have Target Framework 4.0

Jun 15, 2010

I installed Visual Web Developer Express 2010 and - after that - I realized that my Remote WebServer did not have the FramWork 4.0. So, I uninstalled VWD 2010 and its Framework 4.0 and re-install VWD 2008 and Framework 3.5. So, I've done my ASP.NET application on that Framework 3.5. Unfortunatelly, everytime I've tried to publish the files remotelly, I get the error bellow. What should I do to solve that?


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