Controller AJAX Method To Return ActionLink

Apr 4, 2011

I am fairly new to MVC and just trying to achieve something which I think shouldn't be too complicated to achieve. Just want to know what the best approach for that is. I have an Event-RSVP application (NerdDinner kind) where you go to view details of the event and then click on an AJAX link that will RSVP you for the event.

if (Model.HasRSVP(Context.User.Identity.Name))

You are registered for this event!

Ajax.ActionLink("Click here if you can't make it!", "CancelRegistration", "RSVP", new { id = Model.RSVPs.FirstOrDefault(r => r.AttendeeName.ToLower() == User.Identity.Name.ToLower()).RSVPID }, new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "QuickRegister"})

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Make Mvc Configurable Html.ActionLink Controller / Method

May 7, 2010

I have ascx partial view with html-layout like that

<%=Html.ActionLink<PersonController>(x => x.Publications(param1, param2, ... )) %>

My ascx is pretty big & I'd like to reuse it, changing controller/method in Html.ActionLink with another controller/method. Method of another controller has the same signature as PersonController.Publications. Whats best way how to make controller/method configurable for my layout.

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MVC :: How To Return Data Loaded Via AJAX To Controller

Dec 7, 2010

display the first tier of data so the user can select and tweak desired rows. On occasion, they will want to drill into a row to see the children and select/tweak them. After a tweaking session, I wanted to be able to commit.

If I build an aggregate ViewData and prepopulate it, I can display it just fine in the View, and I get the collection back in the postback just fine.

Starting with empty child data, I experimented with jscript to fetch that data and displayed it by adding elements with jquery.

What I can't figure out how to do is to return that data to the controller. The newly added elements aren't in "Show Source" ... I heard elements added via jscript are not posted back. I even tried adding items to a prepopulated list ... only those items originally passed in are returned.

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MVC :: Out Of The Box MVC2 Controller / Delete Controller Is Refusing To Return Any Class Information

Nov 6, 2010

my MVC2 delete and only my delete controller is refusing to return any class information. Its really similar to my edit function and the views are all auto-generated so I don't see the problem.

Function Delete(ByVal id As Integer) As ActionResult

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MVC :: Cannot Call Different Controller Using Actionlink?

Feb 5, 2010

I have one problem with actionlink. My Example is: i have one view and controller named as XYZ.aspx and XYZ.vb controller , in this view i put below line

<%=Html.ActionLink("Manage", "Index", "Advertisement", New With {.aintCampaignid = Cam.CampaignID})%>

I have another view and controller named as Index.aspx and Advertisement.vb if click on manage link in XYZ view it will call to advertisement controller and index function But iam getting [URL], it wont call ..

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MVC :: Possible ActionLink To A Different View / Controller?

May 13, 2010

I have the following code and wanted to know how to use the ActionLink par to to a page with a seperate controller/view and pass the Mode.ProjectId into this other controller/view.

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MVC :: How To Transfer Control To A Controller's Method From A Controller's Method?

Jan 19, 2011

How can i transfer control to a controller's method from a controller's method..I am having two Controllers Home and User.. After username and password are verified inHome Controllers method , i want to show the User Controllers index page , so i have to callindex method of Home controller..How can i do it.

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MVC :: Controller Not Called From Actionlink Or RedirectToAction

Mar 4, 2011

I am new to MVC2 and have hit a wall. When I use an action link to jump back to a previous page that I have already been on, my controller is not called but the page is rendered correctly. Is this some sort of caching that I am not aware of? This also happens with a RedirectToAction call from another Controller. rfm is the Model...

return RedirectToAction("Search", rfm);

Here is the actionlink...

<%: Html.ActionLink("Search", "Search", "Reference")%>

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MVC :: Display Html.Actionlink Through Controller?

Oct 16, 2010

I am trying to display Html.Actionlink through controller(MVC). Here is the example what am trying to do...

public string test(){
string testString = "<%: html.ActionLink('click', 'test', new AjaxOptions() { UpdateTargetId = 'test' }) %>";
return testString;

i want to display testString in view. but am not getting the actionlink in view..i can display anchors which is given below:-

public string test(){
string testString = "<a href ="test"> click here</a>";
return testString;

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MVC :: ActionLink Return An Url With Parameters In Querystring?

Jan 17, 2010

I try to have an URL like this /Forum/Index/2 for url I have a route {controller}/{action}/{page} in my global.asax

If i test the above url with the Route Debugger it corresponds to the above route ( and some other but this is the fist one in the list ) but if I create an url with the ActionLink

( like this : [Code]....

this methode return me this URL /Forum/Index?page=2 Is there a way to a have an url with nothing in querystring with the ActionLink methode ? Gauthier

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Html.actionlink Doesn't Pass Parameter To Controller Action

May 12, 2010

m having problem in passing parameter to controller action, i have done the following

Url.Action("SchoolDetails","School",new{id=item.SchoolId}) and my controller action follows

public ActionResult SchoolDetails(string schoolId,_ASI_School schoolDetail)
schoolDetail = SchoolRepository.GetSchoolById(schoolId);
return View(schoolDetail);

i dn't know why the schoolId above in action is getting null..

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AJAX :: Capturing Return Value After Update Panel Method

Dec 21, 2010

I have a problem trying to retrieve a return value from a javascript function and using it from my code behind. The problem is after I call my UpdatePanel.Update() method and call return, I can't continue as I have ended execution of the page by calling return. Please find an example of my code:

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MVC :: Return HttpException To Jquery Function On Ajax OnFailure Method

Apr 28, 2010

i am using ajax.beginform in my view i need to return a string if ajax request is this code return the string to view


how can i return the string to jquery function to show on OnFailure method and the function show a Partial View?

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AJAX :: JQuery Xml Compatible Page Method Return Types?

May 5, 2010

I have .aspx page methods with return type of string, which work great. I am using some jQuery ajax, and some .NET Ajax "PageMethods.methodName" syntax from the client side to successfully call these page methods. I need to return xml from a page method.... I would LOVE to be able to return system.Xml.Linq.XElement type from page method. I get a serialization circular reference error when I attempt to return XElement or XDocument. I don't really want to return XML.ToString() to client, and then convert string to xml in javascript. What return page method return type(s) would allow me to retrieve xml with jQuery ajax call? I know json is the alternative, but will not give me what I need this time.

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Ajax Onsucess Method Context / Return Json Data In The Createsucess?

Jun 9, 2010

function createSuccess(context) {
$get("result").innerHTML = context.get_data();
<% using (Ajax.BeginForm(new AjaxOptions {OnSuccess="createSuccess"}))

What does context holds in the createsuccess method? data return by controller? How do we return json data in the createsucess if so

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MVC :: ActionLink Calling The Method Twice?

Mar 3, 2010

I've a method associated with an actionlink in the mvc view. When user clicks on actionlink the method is being called twice before the user is redirected to an appropriate page. Following is the code.

Html.ActionLink(item.RecipientID,"EligibilityResponse","Eligibility",new { uid = item.Uid }, null)%>
public ActionResult EligbilityResponse(string uid)

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MVC :: How To Return 401 Error From A Method Return ActionResult

Sep 28, 2010

how can i return 401 error from a method return ActionResult?

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JQuery-AJAX Calling Page Method / How To Return Value Back To JQuery

Jan 31, 2011

If I use jQuery AJAX to call a specific ASP.NET page method how to have that method return a value back to the AJAX method that called it?


My situation is I have an existing web application with many existing methods. I would like to be able to use jQuery to execute some of these methods and then update the UI with the results. My mandate is to stay away from ASP.NET AJAX and stick with jQuery. Management is concerned about continued development and support with ASP.NET AJAX from Microsoft. I agree with them.

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MVC :: Return A View Of A Different Controller?

Aug 29, 2010

I came upon this when had problem trying to return a view of a different controller.

In controller1, I have view view1.

In Action1 of controller2, I wanted to do something like:

public ViewResult Action1()
return View("/Controller1/View1");

but, found out, I couldn't do it. So I searched and found this:[URL]

One guy there responded and said that, for my case, it is possible to do things like below:

return View("~/Views/Controller1/View1.aspx");

this is considered an acceptable MVC practice. Is it OK, good, perfect to do so in the MVC realm?

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C# - Return Different Views In A Controller?

Mar 20, 2011

If I have a controller and I want to return a view based on what my conditional logic goes to, is that possible? I have different types of models that i want to insert into a view DEPENDING on my conditional logic (if statements) Can i do this? and how would I do this

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MVC2 - How To Return A File From A Controller

Nov 23, 2010

Possible Duplicate: How to create file and return it via FileResult in ASP.NET MVC?

ASP.NET MVC2: How to return a file from a controller? I want to do this so the user can download the file from server.

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To Return The Same Data For Every .Net MVC Action In A Particular Controller?

Mar 26, 2011

I have a controller with several actions that all return a set of data that's the same among them all. Instead of adding the data to the ViewBag in every single action, is there some pattern or attribute or something I can call or set to add the same data to the viewdata or viewbag for every action, or some other better way to perform the get the same data in every view without calling the method in every action?

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MVC :: Return A Double Value From Controller Action?

Jan 11, 2011

i am trying return a double value from controller action. when i alert(result) it works well but when i return a function it did not work. alert undefined value.

//this is action
public ActionResult GetPrice(int id)
double price = ProductList.Where(d => d.ID.Equals(id)).Single().Price;
return Json(price, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

when i click $('#btnAdd') i wanna get price

$(document).ready(function () {
$('#btnAdd').click(function () {
//var itemPrice = GetPrice();
alert(GetPrice()); // this return undef┼čned value........

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Return A Partial View In JSON From A Controller In MVC?

Mar 16, 2011

I have a list of items(surveys) displayed on my home page. When I click the edit button for a particular item I have a modal pop up with the items details to edit. When the user clicks Save I submit the form via ajax. Depending on whether ModelState.IsValid == true I want to update the modal with validation information or close the modal and update the list of items with the new information.

This is how I am submitting the form:


My Questions

The only thing I can think to do is return JSON from my controller with a flag indicating the state of the ModelState.IsValid and the corresponding partial that I should show.

1) How would I do this?

2) Is there a better way?


I found this: [URL]

but it seems more likely that I am going about the whole thing incorrectly.

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Is It Correct Pattern To Return Different Views From MVC Controller

Jul 9, 2010

I have an application that has an public 'end user' mode and a 'back office' mode. Both 'modes' pretty much share the same controller logic but the user interfaces for these different 'modes' are radically different. Using the out of box default routing that you get when a project is created for the first time I have something like the following:

In my HomeController.cs I have logic that looks like this:
public ActionResult Index()
var devices = DeviceRepository.FindDevicesByCustomer(100);
return View(@"~/Views/BackOffice/Index.aspx", devices);
return View(@"~/Views/Public/Index.aspx", devices);

Is this the correct way to be doing this or am I digging myself an anti-pattern hole? I'm using ASP.NET MVC 2.

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