Controls :: Does SignalR Framework Support Mobile Devices Like Android - IOS

May 7, 2015

i have deployed a simple chat project using Signalr which is working on desktop website successfully, but when i open the webpage in mobile it is not working at all. does SignalR works in mobile site??

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How To Get The Screen Resolution Of Android Devices In C#

Oct 20, 2010

I'm creating a optimized web page for mobile devices with C#. Is there a way to offer a page for larger screens and one for smaller screens on android devices? With Apple i can differentiate between iPad and iPhone, but how can I do this with the galaxy tab or a regular android phone?I don't want to use any javascript in this case.

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Mobiles :: Create Applications For Android And WM6 Devices?

Oct 21, 2010

I currently use VS2008 and VS2010 for web applications and would like to start looking at creating apps for both OS'sMajority of the apps will be for myself and wifes phone, so want to play around with what can be done.

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Web Forms :: Send Push Notification To Android And IOS Phones And Devices Using C#

Jul 17, 2015

Looking for some example of implementation of push notification using c# to android and IOS?

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Mobiles :: Web Applications To Support Devices As Well

Apr 22, 2010

I am wanting to design a web application (ASP.NET with vs 2010 and the 4 framework) that should work on mobile devices web browsers as well. Do I have to write 2 seperate web UI's or can I write 1, that is styled differently for desktop browsing vs mobile browsing? I am new to trying to develope for a mobile device, and a push in the right direction would be a big help. I have googled but must not be using the right terms as what I get is not very good.

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AJAX :: Toolkit Works On Mobile Devices?

Aug 10, 2010

I was wondering if the AjaxToolkit works on mobile devices?

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Mobiles :: Developing A Website For Mobile Devices - Objectlist Pagination ?

Feb 5, 2011

I am developing a website for mobile devices and i found the problem in objectlist is my code:


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How To Create An IPhone / Android Specific Mobile Website

Jul 9, 2010

I would like to take our current mobile website and redesign it for iPhone use. All of the code on our website is currently run server-side and is split up in multiple pages, but I would like to get all the client-side features like transition animations and iPhone-like buttons that jQTouch offers. Where should I start?

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MVC :: Starter Kits With Mobile Support?

Dec 8, 2010

Can anyone list starter kits and open source projects which are built on MVC technology. In addtion to MVC, they also have support of Mobile Application.

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MVC :: Implemented An Area For Mobile Support?

Mar 11, 2011

I have just been dabbling in MVC over the last couple of weeks. Knew I wanted to go in this direction but have been putting it off due to comfort/familiarity with webforms. Also knew that with my first MVC site I wanted it to support mobile devices. One of the first tutorials I saw implemented an Area for mobile support. I started that way as well.

Since I want to get off on the proper footing here I guess I'd like to ask you guys. What would the best practice be? Is it just a matter of preference? Are there any specific pros or cons to using or not using Areas when it comes to support for mobile devices?

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Which Mobile Browsers Support Javascript (and Ajax)

Jul 15, 2010

For the web site I'm building (targeted at mobile users) I'm thinking of using some Ajax controls. I'd like to know which mobile browsers do and don't support Javascript and Ajax, so I can know whether I've at least covered the majority of my target market (i.e. iPhone, Droid, Nokia, Opera). If not, I'll have to find an alternative way of presenting my forms.

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Cross Browser - Site Mobile Phone Support?

Jan 16, 2010

I need to make my site work well on a blackberry, i haven't put too much effort into getting this working yet, but i have a few questions which google is struggling with.I've read about detecting brower type and modifying the default behaviour of controls hereHow would I go about supplying a differant stylesheet to a specific browser, should i just do this?

if (Request.Browser.Browser.ToString() == "blackberry") //pseudocode

This will work fine, but i feel like there is a better method, i'm sure i've read about something in the past but i can't seem to recall.I'm also considering a response.redirect to a differant page for a blackberry, which at the moment i would implemenet in a similar way.

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What Is The Best Architecture For Building A Website That May Also Support A Native Mobile App In The Future

Sep 30, 2010

I am in the planning phases of building a new ASP.NET website. The website is really a transactional web application where the users will log in and perform basic CRUD data operations. For right now this website will be accessible through a traditional desktop browser and a mobile browser. For the mobile browser we will build a separate scaled down version of the site.In the future we may decide to create native mobile applications for Android or iOS devices also.

So the question I have is what is the best way to design the system to easily support that? Here is what I am thinking. I am thinking of building out 3 tiers to the site. The back end will be the database - SQL Server 2008. We will use stored procedures for all data access. The middle tier will be a web services tier. This tier will be built using RESTful web services and will contain all of the business logic. These web services will provide access to the database. The front end will be built using ASP.NET. The front end will only contain presentation logic. These tiers will actually be deployed on physically separate servers.

Then I am thinking that when we decide to build a native Android or iOS app that we could build those apps to simply call the same RESTful web services that the main site is calling.Does this seem like a reasonable approach? The only thing I can think of is that the way we are building it right now the web services would be behind the firewall and would not be accessible to the outside world. When we want to support a native mobile app then we would need to make the web services accessible to the outside world.Any thoughts? Does this seem like a good approach for building a high availability, high usage web app that needs to support native mobile apps in the future?

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Webservice Android / Use In Android And How To Parse

Feb 22, 2011

I have a Webservice which returns me XML. What should i use in Android and how to parse?

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Converting .NET 4 To 3.5 - Host Does'nt Support Framework 4 ?

Dec 20, 2010

i made a website in framework 4 then i notice that my host does'nt support framework 4 :D! ... is there any solution for converting framework 4 to framework 3.5 ?!

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ADO.NET :: Is Oracle Provider Support Entity Framework

Sep 30, 2010

i am developing application , from the start it a data base driven application .

I want to know 1) Is Oracle provider support entity framework

2) I have three option from where i can start

1) ERD digram

2) Class digram

3) Entity Data Model the Model-First Way (mean create Entity model first and then from data model create data base and so on )

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Web Application Framework Provide Support For Cookieless Sessions?

Mar 22, 2010

We are programming a new web application framework (Second WAF). I was wondering if we should support cookieless sessions or not. Who use it and who needs it?

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Can Use Silverlight On Mobile Browser With Vs 2008 Framework 2.0

Apr 13, 2010

which version is use for tht to develop my mobile web brower appliaction for new mobile handset plz give me step by step for that& plz tell me which appliaction is use for tht bcz i'm new.

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Data Controls :: Display Notifications Using SignalR And SqlCacheDependency

Jul 17, 2015

I have followed this tutorial for signal r  [URL]....

Instead of using MVC or Web api I have used Web Forms and Called the method as 

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Services;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
public partial class Default2 : System.Web.UI.Page {


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ADO.NET :: VS 2010 - No Entity Framework Or LINQ Support For SQL Server 2000 SQLOLEDB Connection?

Sep 1, 2010

I'm working with Visual Studio 2010 and for Data Connections am connecting to a SQL Server 2000 production database. When I try to drag a table to a .dbml file, the Object Relational Designer says, "The selected object(s) use an unsupported data provider." If I try to create an .edmx file via Generate from database, then the alert is, "This server version is not supported. You must have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later."

So VS 2010 has no support for the Data Entity Framework or LINQ when connecting to a SQL Server 2000 database? If that is the case, what is the best data access strategy for this scenario?

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Forms Data Controls :: Enter Key Will Not Click The Form's Default Button On Mobile Browser, IE Mobile 5.0

Aug 10, 2010

I am developing a web based application for a Motorolla Mc 9090, it is a wireless barcode scanner running windows mobile 5.0.

The idea is to centralize the inventory in one database, by scanning items, serials, bins etc.

I have a set of pages each containg forms, where the user will have to scan an item, and automaticall the scanner has a carriege return (ENTER key) the idea was to have the user simply scan, and the page would automatically click the button posting to server for processing and then the server would reply.

For some reason i cannot get the focus() to work as well as the defaultbutton propperty of the form. There is also 1 more problem, the readOnly textboxes look the same as the non readOnly textboxes, even with the backcolor property changed.(guessing this is just MS)

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Controls :: How To Detect And Trace Bluetooth Devices

Nov 11, 2013

I am working on a attendance web application and i want to feed attendance through bluetooth device. So How to trace bluetooth device in

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ADO.NET :: Does Entity Framework 3.5 Support Composite Foreign Key/Composite Primary Key

Dec 14, 2010

Does ADO.Net Entity Framework 3.5 support Composite Foreign key/Composite primary key?

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Data Controls :: Save Chat Messages To Database Using SignalR Chat

May 7, 2015

I had create an application to allow user to register new project.Manager will chat with user base on the project ID(chat room id = Project ID) and store this conversation to database.

Example: User A register project A, other user cannot join the chat room A.

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Data Controls :: How To Display Data On Google Maps Using SignalR In MVC

May 7, 2015

I have a database with tables containing locations(lat and long) and crimes what i what to achieve is to display real time multiple markers on google maps from the database showing different crimes on different locations with different color using signalR with MVC and C#.

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