Controls :: TinyMCE Code Syntax Highlighting Plugin

Jul 14, 2013

which are the existing plugins for add code blocks in TinyMCE?

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Controls :: Change Button Image Of TinyMCE Spell Checker Plugin

Dec 12, 2012

I want add a image button beside textarea control and bind Toggle Spell Checker event to image button when clcked the image button.Is it possible to do that?If yes. How to achieve that?

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Visual Studio - Syntax Highlighting For Custom Control?

Oct 26, 2010

I have built a simple custom ASP.NET control that expects it's body content to be javascript. Is there a way to tell Visual Studio that the content should be javascript, and therefore provide syntax highlighting / intellisense goodness?In case it helps, here's the framework of the control I'm working with.

namespace MyNamespace
public class MyControl : Control


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VS2010: Syntax Color Highlighting And Intellisense In A JS File?

Apr 27, 2010

I have an external *.js file that contains Javascript. How do I get teh same intellisense and color highlighting as I do in an ASPX page?

Here's my options for the js extension (set to 'Script Editor')

And here's what it looks like in an ASPX page (How I would like it to look.)

BTW, I did a full reset my Settings, setting them to VB and no luck.

Update to original post:

Cuban suggested I add a reference to the file "jquery-1.3.2.min.js." When I searched my PC for that file using the fastest bestest Search app ever written, it found it it .003 nano seconds in the following locations:

Basically, the file magically appeared in a couple of my throw away VS2010 test web apps and in a VS2008 Common folder. I don't know why it was added or how I got it and why it doesn't appear under the 2010 web app that I am currently working on.

How would I modify the following statement from Cuban? Do I need to set a reference something first? And what's with the triple slash? I haven't seen this convention before.

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DataSource Controls :: Code Behind - Syntax Error In Insert Into Statement

Apr 9, 2010

I can't find my syntax error. Here is my code behind:


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DataSource Controls :: The Correct Code Syntax To Insert Row Of Data?

Nov 8, 2010

What is the correct code syntax to insert Row of Data.

How do we remove the syntax errors (i.e., '>' expected, and 'declaration expected')?

What is the correct code?

Read example, below:


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Forms Data Controls :: Listview Code Syntax Help Vs Gridview

Oct 18, 2010

Any one know how to resolve the below list code? Is there a listview row property or equivalent to gridview?


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Code That Can Easily Plugin Mvc 1 Or 2

Jun 17, 2010

looking for a code that can easily plugin mvc 1 or 2 but i google it and got so many links but non of them are really works for me.

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AJAX :: JQuery Plugin: Calling JConfirm From (code Behind)?

Sep 10, 2010



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Forms Data Controls :: Highlighting The Selected Row GridView?

Jan 30, 2011

when the user click on Edit from the gridview i want to highlight the row and here is what i have done but no effect. what else i am missing?



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Forms Data Controls :: Highlighting Textboxes Value In A Repeater?

May 7, 2010

I'm trying to highlight the contents of a texbox on focus. My textboxes reside in a repeater. Here's is what I tried to do:


function SetSelected(strTextBox)
var txtTextbox = document.getElementById('<%= strTextBox.ClientID %>');;

in repeater item bound event:

txtLower.Attributes.Add("onfocus", "SetSelected('txtLower');");
txtUpper.Attributes.Add("onfocus", "SetSelected('txtUpper');");

Obviously this would'nt work because the textbox name would be different in each repeater row. Does anyone know how I can set a js attribute to each textbox in each repeater row??

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Forms Data Controls :: Highlighting A Row In A Gridview Control Using A DataKey In C#

Apr 11, 2010

My gridivew currently has 4 colums with the third being a subject column. I want this colum to have bold text if the datakey 'ReadStatus' is equal to false. I have had success if the column is bound to the gridview but 'ReadStatus' is only a datakey and not bound to the gridiview. My code is below:



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Forms Data Controls :: Highlighting Search Text In Grid?

Mar 30, 2010

I want to highlight thext in the gried which i am searching . It should become yellow background

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Will This Code Get The Value Of The Found Control? Syntax

Feb 18, 2010

x.Parameters.AddWithValue("@areasexpertise1", FindControl("AreasExpertise1"))

It should find AreasExpertise1 and make a parameter, but does that get the selectedvalue too?

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WebMatrix :: Razor Syntax - Separate Code From Markup

Aug 28, 2010

While it has gnerally been advocated to separate code from mark up and all that, with the razor syntax and webmatrix all that is not valid anymore, I think. WebMatrix encourages code and mark up in the same page! So what is the best practice as far as code and mark up is concerned.

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C# - Sql Syntax And / Or Code - Get The Populatewallposts Select Statement To Work?

Apr 2, 2011

how to fix my sql syntax so my code works again, i made a few manual entrys for now to see if I can get them to be displayed: The FriendUserID relates to another UserID in the usertable who has obviously a different picture and information but I dont know how to display to concurrent WallPosting's from different users atm.

my code creates a dynamic div gives the div an ID = to the userid and input the wallpost messgaes named wallpostings, it takes the information stored about the userid and applys the image related to that userid, is there any way this can be changed with sql? or have i went down a one way alley?

public partial class UserProfileWall : System.Web.UI.Page
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (Page.IsPostBack)
//It is a postback so check if it was by div click (NOT WORKING because the javascript isnt posting back)
string target = Request["__EVENTTARGET"];
if (target == "DivClicked")
string id = Request["__EVENTARGUMENT"];
//Call my delete function passing record id
using (OdbcConnection cn = new OdbcConnection("Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}; Server=localhost; Database=gymwebsite2; User=root; Password=commando;"))
using (OdbcCommand cmd = new OdbcCommand("DELETE FROM WallPosting WHERE idWallPosting="+id, cn))

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Forms Data Controls :: TinyMCE Richtext Editor?

Jun 25, 2010

if i can get the script of color picker as like shown in this link?ttp://

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Controls :: How To Change Font Size Of H1 H2 Tags In TinyMCE

Apr 10, 2014

I use tinyMce in my page ,below is apart of code that define format of text

style_formats: [

{ title: 'bolder', format: 'h1' },
{ title: bold', format: 'h2' },
{ title: 'small', format: 'h3' },

I want here instead of H1,H2,H3 I put font size for it I mean like :12px,14px 16px...

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Data Controls :: How To Validate TinyMCE Rich TextBox

May 7, 2015

I used below code instead of ckeditor

<script src="../tinymce/tinymce.min.js" type = "text/javascript"></script>
<script type = "text/javascript">
language : 'fa',
directionality : 'rtl',
selector: "textarea#elm1",


here I used validation for textbox that if users don't enter text it show here problem is that when I enter text for firsttime it show validation error  I should enter text again that it doesn't show error and insert data into database.what should I do that it doesn't show validation error when I enter text for first time it doesn't show error?

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Controls :: Remove Image From TinyMCE And Delete It From Folder

Mar 5, 2013

just like the upload method with TinyMCE editor is there is any image remove method so that i can remove image through image button

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Controls :: Required Field Validator For TinyMCE RichTextBox

Dec 18, 2012

I am using TinyMCE Editor for textarea in my webpage.

I also use RequiredFieldValidator for the same textarea, and when I click submit button the RequiredFieldValidator fires even the textarea has some text entered in it.

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Controls :: Set Height And Width Of TinyMCE Rich Text Box (Editor)

Sep 20, 2015

i have add the Tiny MCE Rich TextBox on my webpage using article 


but i am unable to set height and width. 

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Controls :: Save (Insert) And Retrieve (Display) TinyMCE Contents To Database?

Apr 9, 2014

I used tinyMCE in my edit.aspx page that bind it from database 

TextBox1.Text = _dr["description"].ToString();

and users can change this editor text and click on button and update information

below is code

protected void ImageButton2_Click1(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)
string data = Session["behcode"].ToString();
SqlCommand _cmd = new SqlCommand("insertstate", _cn);
_cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
_cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Name", txtstore.Text);
_cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Ownername", txtowner.Text);
_cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Description", TextBox1.Text);
Session["Message"] = true;

in database I have House_info table that has description column and if I enter text in textbox1 it update description column now problem is when I enter text in textbox1 it didn't change text and didn't update data in database...

I put breakpoint in imagebutton2_click event and see in this code

_cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Description", TextBox1.Text);

it didn't send any text from textbox1 and show text that bind from database and didn't change it... so what should I do?

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Controls :: Remove Language Selection From Toggle Spell Checker In TinyMCE Editor

Dec 6, 2012

I've used TinyMCE Editor for textareas in my webpage, it works fine but the problem is, When I select a only listed language English in Toggle Spell Checker it is throwing a javascript error. 

I don't want to display the list (arrow for selection) for language selection as i only show English language in the list of Toggle Spell Checker.

How can i show only  Toggle Spell Checker button, not language selection list?

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Access :: Syntax Error (missing Operator) In Query Expression / Get Conflict With CommandText Syntax

Aug 8, 2010

I'm having problem in inserting text from a textbox in which user write or copy some text which may contain special characters ( " , . ) etc. If there is any special character it get conflict with CommandText Syntax and generates error in inserting. I want to insert all these characters. How could i do it?



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