Copy File In FTP Folder Using VS 2005

Mar 28, 2012

I have been using vs2005. I want to host my website.

Using WebSite -----> FTP SITE ------------> .

But when i try to paste the copied folder. It says the following ....

The Source files for this operation cannot be found in this solution.

How to copy the file in ftp folder. See the attachment....

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How To Copy File From Client Machine To Server Folder Without File Upload Control

Mar 25, 2010

I have to copy a file from client machine to server folder without use file upload control.

i tried with WebClient().Like this

Dim onbjweb As New WebClient()
onbjweb.UploadFile(Server.MapPath(serverpath), "POST", LocalFilePath).

Its working fine in localhost.When its deployed in server its not working.

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.net - Copy File In Folder Using Filepath In C#?

Dec 28, 2010

I have the [Source:(path)] of file which is to be copied at location [DestinationC:MyFilesTempFolder]Suppose path is C:Documents and SettingsMyNameMy Documentsxyz.docI want xyz.doc to be copied at C:MyFilesTempFolder i.e.the location becomesC:MyFilesTempFolderxyz.docis it possible to rename file while coping it to destination folder?

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Configuration :: Copy The Uploaded File To D Drive Folder In 1.1 Using C#?

Aug 20, 2010

I need to Copy the Uploaded file to D Drive in 1.1 using C#

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Security :: Copy AlI File From Client Machine To Server Folder?

Apr 13, 2010

i have to copy AI file from client machne toserver without use the file upload control.

Can i use Scripting.FileSystemObject ?

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Data Controls :: Copy One File To Multiple Folder Of Remote Location By One Action

Apr 27, 2016

If I have one file- name (picnew.jpg) and want to paste it to six ip's d:

Few folder drive by one action. or cmd commands or anything else

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Hudson Continuous Integration - Can Copy Contents Of A Folder To Another Folder Or Website

Feb 9, 2010

Im trying out the Hudson Continuous Integration. After the build is executed i want to copy the content of the ReleaseBuild to another website on the server.This should be possible i guess but i cant seem figure it out.I know this can be done in nAnt and msbuild but i need to make Hudson do it, eg plugin or something.

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Copy The Content In Another Folder?

Jun 27, 2010

I've a folder


and I want to copy the content in another folder


I would like to copy copy all the content of a folder into another folder

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Web Forms :: Move File From Webserver Folder To Local File System Folder?

Jan 27, 2011

I have requirement to copy or move file from webserver app folder to local file system folder (user selected). How is it possible in ASP.Net.

On my page i have textbox and browse button and user clicks browse button to select folder and there is Copy/Move button and when clicked the files under webserver folder should be move to the user selected folder. The webserver folder path is available to application.

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Web Forms :: How To Copy Folder And Image By Ftp

Oct 18, 2010

COPY folder and image by ftp by 2.0

Copy only folder and image.

Can provide coding.

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Visual Studio :: Unable To Copy Project Folder?

Apr 26, 2010

I currenty have a project hosted on our server, when i open that project folder i see about half of the folders i should normally see, i dont see the Controllers folder, Properties folder, obj folder, as well as the csproj file. Before I could copy this same folder and put it on my laptop and after it brought all of them over it would show these folders. Now it wont, it just copies over what it sees, not the other folders...I'm trying to create a copy on my laptop that I can work on then publish it to the server...I was able to do this before just fine, now its not copying/generating the necessary folders/files to my comp

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Visual Studio :: Can Just Copy And Paste Files From Old Vwd 2005 Into New Solution In VS2008

Feb 16, 2010

I have a site that was created with VWD2005. I tried to open the solution with VS 2008. This prompted me to convert it which I did. Now when I look at the project in the Solution Explorer in VS 2008, I see all of the files but they are now with in a folder named "2" that's within a folder named "back up". I also see another folder with in the solution that's named _UpgradeReport_Files.

The files for my project that are with in the folder "2" that is with in the folder "back up" are actually in the back up folder for my project in the Visual Studio 2005 folder with in My Documents. I assume this is because I chose the "create back" up option when doing the conversion. I don't understand why these files and this project aren't in the project directory with in the VS2008 folder with in My Documents.

I want all of my files for this project to be in the projects folder with in the Visual Studio 2008 folder in My documents, the same as if I had created this project in Visual Studio 2008 originally. But the conversion doesn't seem to have done this. Instead I seem to be using a solution/project that references the original files with in the back up folder as mentioned above.

Can I just create a new project in VS 2008 and paste these files into it? Will this work? I'm not sure if it will because the original one was created in VWD 2005 which I think uses the .net framework 2.0. My Visual Studio 2008 uses version 3.5 Sp1 of the .NET framework.

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MVC :: Need To Copy The Whole Solution Directory To The 'virtual Folder' Equivalent Location?

Sep 5, 2010

I am going to deploy my MVC 2 website, do I need to copy the whole solution directory to the 'virtual folder' equivalent location?

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Visual Studio :: How To Add Copy A Reference Folder To Test Project Directory

Feb 3, 2010

I am working on my test project for my web service, and my problem is that, my web service uses a folder (within the folder there are crystal reports template).

How can I copy it to test porject?

I've tried to copy the folder to various directories such as bin, bin/debug, obj, rootDir etc, but none of them works

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Web Forms :: Create Folder And Upload File In That Folder On Other Machine Connected In LAN

Jan 25, 2010

I am working on 3.5 in C#. In my application I have to Create folder and upload file in that folder, which works fine on my machine. I want help for create folder and upload file in that folder on other machine which is connected in LAN. code for create folder and Upload file on my machine

string FileName = FileUpload1.FileName;

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How To Restrict Access To A Specific File In The Account Folder Rather Than The Entire Folder

Jan 1, 2010

I am ristrcting access to the Account folder using below:

<location path="Account">
<deny users="?"/>
<allow users="*"/>

and access to the Default.aspx using

<location path="Default.aspx">
<deny users="?"/>
<allow users="*"/>

but how do i restrict access to a specific file in the Account folder rather than the entire folder?

I tried the following but did not work

<location path="AccountChangePassword.aspx">
<deny users="?"/>
<allow users="*"/>

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Configuration :: How To Publish The Cs File Into Root Folder Instead Of Bin Folder

Mar 14, 2011

When we select pull down menu Build -> Publish .... website. The cs extension file dropped into bin folder instead of root folder.

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FS 2005 Version Control DLLs In The Bin Folder

Jun 7, 2010

I noticed that the DLLs in the bin folder for websites do not seem to be getting saved. When I goto a new computer and get latest I am missing the DLLs.What is the correct way to fix this ? Should I create a seperate folder to contains all DLLs ? And then can I somehow tell my bin references to goto that folder to get the DLLs?

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Viewing File Using .net / To Copy/download File To Local User Machine And To Open

Nov 16, 2010

In our application, we allow user to upload documents which can be PDF, Doc, XLS, TXT. Uploaded documents will be saved on web server. We need to display link for each document user uploaded and when user click on that link, it should open relevant document. it is expected to have required software to open relevant documents.

To upload document, we use saveAs method of FileUpload control and it works absolutely fine.Now, how to view it?I believe, i need to copy/download file to local user machine and need to open it using Process.Start.For that i need to find user local temp directory. if i put path.GetTempPath(), it gives me web server directory and copy file there.

sPath + dataReader["url"].ToString(),
Path.GetTempPath() + dataReader["url"].ToString(),

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Sql Server 2005 - Excel Sheet Copy To Another Excel Book?

Dec 15, 2010

I want to copy one excel sheet to another excel sheet in new excel book using and sqlserver 2005

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MVC :: How To Save Image In Folder With The Name Of UserId Existing In Sql Server 2005 DB

Feb 21, 2010

I have the problem to upload Image.i want to save image in folder with the name of userId existing in sql server 2005 DB.

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JQuery :: Microsoft Javascript.... Errror / Saved A Copy Of Jquery-1.4.2.js In Local Project Folder?

Jul 14, 2010

i have saved a copy of jquery-1.4.2.js in my local project folder also have jquery-1.4.1-vsdoc.js

I have added comment like /// <reference path="jquery-1.4.2.js" /> in my custome javascript file

Also in another project in the same system i can uise jquery well

but in one of my project i show Microsoft javascript.... errror

what can i do? a line like $("#K").val(); gives error

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Web Forms :: Automatic File Reading / Check For New File Everyday And If The New File Is In The Folder Read It

Sep 20, 2010

I would like ask you for some ideas how can I write mechanism that will be automatically read files from folder. I don't know how to schedule the write task. I want to check for new file everyday and if the new file is in the folder read it.

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Move A File From A Folder To Another Folder In .net?

Jan 22, 2011

how to move a file from a folder to another folder in I have the filename as a string and the directory to copy to there is a saveas command but i cant use it with a string.

.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("folder/" & myfile))

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How To Use VB.NET File.Copy With A Shortcut

Jan 9, 2011

I have an internet explorer shortcut on my desktop that I am trying to copy to other machines. I am getting a file does not exist error (source file). I know the source file is there, but I still get the error. Here is the line of code where I am getting the error. I have tried with lnk and without lnk extension.

File.Copy("C:Documents and SettingsadminDesktopEmergencyBreakDow... strPath, True)

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