Data Controls :: Change StoreProcedure To Showing Data From 2 Table

Sep 16, 2013

I have 2 table in database


Id Name Behcode Subset H_name

1 Sara 1111 Electric House
2 Jack 2222 House
3 Micheal 3333 House


Id Model Behcode Subset H_name

1 Sofa 2222 Furniture House
2 Chair 2222 Furniture House
3 Curtain 3333 Curtain House

In House_info saved Users information and in House_p saved users Product Information

I have datalist in my page that bind from House_info table and if users insert their produt in House_p, their information from House_info will be bind ...

Below is SP

ALTER procedure [dbo].[GetCustomersPageWise2]
@H_name nvarchar(50)
,@subset nvarchar(30)
,@PageIndex INT = 1
,@PageSize INT = 5
,@RecordCount INT OUTPUT

[Code] ...

Here if users insert Their product into House_p table in datalist shows their information from House_info Table so here just shows users with behcode=2222,3333

In House_p table is Subset column if users select Item from menubar in Product.aspx page according to their selected Item it will show information in datalist


If they select Furniture from menubar it shows users information from House_info table that they inserted product with subset=furniture in house_p table

Now I want if users select item=Electric from menubar it shows users information from House_info table that subset=Electric   (but she didn't insert any Product in House_p table)

In above SP it just show users that insert Product in house_p table

I want shows both of them...

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Aug 25, 2010

I'm currently developing a system for booking of discussion room in a college. This system will allow the staff to help the students to make booking in advanced as well as for instant walk in usage.I've got a table to keep track of bookings, another for walk in and one for time slot.

For the time slot table, it includes start time slot and end time slot, which is 30 minutes interval for each.What i'm currently facing is that the system could not display the correct available time slot. I think it's the formula problem which I still can't get it solved.

Example:If the booking time is 8.30am - 9.00am, I have no problem showing the 1st slot as N/A.

But if the time is 8.45am - 9.15am, the system only update the 1st slot as N/A while the 2nd slot still remain as AVAILABLE which is wrong. Because since the time ends at 9.15, I would like the slot 9.00am - 9.30am to be N/A as well.

This would be my code:


I have total 21 time slot count in my table. And the arrCC113Availability is an ArrayList keeping track of the availability of each slot for that particular room.Is there any other formula which can cater for all the conditions?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Change Data Format In Result Coming From SQL Table

Oct 18, 2010

On one of my webpage i am displaying datalist in which i am using this label:

<asp:Label ID="nameLabel12a" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("CreatedOn") %>' />

This label is displaying created on date along with time (10/18/2010 2:45:07 PM), but i would like to display it something like this:

7sec ago
20min ago
30min ago
23 hours ago

10/3/2010 (if the time is more than 24 hours then it should display the date)

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May 15, 2010

<ASP:Repeater id="MyRepeater" OnItemDataBound="MRBound" runat="server">
<Table width="100%" style="font: 10pt verdana">
<tr style="background-color:DFA894">
<tr style="background-color:FFECD8">
<%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Status")%>

I want to change the status in the table to word(eg. pending, reject, accept) instead of number(0,1,2),

but i dont know how to select the extra row and value.

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I attempted to change a table columns data type and in the process caused a lot of issues. I had a date column in one of my tables and stupidly changed it from varchar to date. When I tried to run queries on it I keep getting the 'cant find column 3 error'. Now that tables structure is :


So column 4 is actually the date column. All other queries work for this table. I then tried to change it back and then copied all data to a new table and now I am using the new table and converting the dates as needed but I am still getting the error.

SELECT * FROM postlinks WHERE >= CONVERT(datetime,CONVERT(varchar(10),GetDate(),112))

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change the connection between data controls and database table?

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In my project, And I have used two web_forms

1) To display the Customer Names (contains Dropdownlist and Gridview both are connected to the table CUSTOMER)

2)To display the Material Names (contains Dropdownlist and Gridview both are connected to the table Material)

What i would like to do is., I have decided to combine these two pages into One...

* I mean if i click Customer Name link in the master page.. Then the dropdownlist and Gridview Should be Connected to the table customer...

*Again if i click Material Name link in the Master Page.... Then the dropdownlist and Gridview should be connected to the table Material.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Change Insert To Edit If UserId Exist In Table

Feb 6, 2011

It sounds pretty simple, but I can't find a way to make it work. I have a FormView with a InsertTemplate where it inserts the current logged in user's UserId and content from a HTMLeditor, and a EditTemplate where it retreives the current logged in UserId and shows content from database in the HTMLeditor.

How can I get it to show EditTemplate if the userId exist in the table, and InsertTemplate if the UserId does not exist in the table?

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You'll have to excuse my ignorance, I'm coming at this from a front-end perspective, and don't really know how to deal with data views in ASP.NET.

Basically, I'm trying to change the layout of some repeated data from a straight table, to something more design-heavy. It's the same data, just re-organised slightly. The current ASP.NET code looks like this:


However, I want to replace all of this, such that each 'row' of data renders like this:


How is this done? Can I just edit the code above, or would I need to do something more advanced in terms of not using a data grid and using some other control instead? Is it something that can be done in just a .aspx file or would it need to be done in C# and compiled?

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Using a very run-of-the-mill database, with identity int for primary keys, a Dynamic Data Entities Project (EntityFramework) displays the primary key for view and edit. When using Linq to Sql, the primary key fields are not displayed.

I would like to hide the primary keys and use Entity Framework (VS 2008, .Net 3.5 sp1).

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Jul 12, 2010

I would like to dropdown box to show only starting from second row of the table. How to use data reader to do it?

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Jan 4, 2010

I am displaying selectable rows in a gridview. The selected row uses a stored procedure to display all the fields in a formview when the Select button is clicked.

Only a small subset of the fields in the selected row are editable. When I click the Edit button only the EditItemTemplate fields show up, the read-only fields from the ItemTemplate disappear. I want the read-only rows to remain visible with the editable rows.

If I include the read-only fields in the EditItemTemplate, I get an error when I click Update on the FormView. The error states that there are too many parameters being passed to the stored procedure to update fields. How can I continue to show the read-only fields with the editable fields on the FormView and avoid getting the input parameter error on the stored procedure for the Update command?

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Forms Data Controls :: Change Background Color Based On Data Key Change?

Sep 10, 2010

I have a GridView with an alternating Css style. The GridView has a column called tradeId. What I want to show is an alternating colour based on a change in the tradeId. Is this possible? It will make it easier on the eye to group trades together by colour. Here's the GridView code as it is right now:


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SQL Server :: Change Data In First Table?

Nov 1, 2010

I have two table:

Parent Table1:

Id, FirstName

Child Table2

Id, FirstName

In the Parent table FirstName data:

The child table FirstName data:

First table, column FirstName, data = Joe.

How to change data in seconed table, data = Joe.

Instead, Joe, I want Joey to another table.

How to change data in first table, column FirstName, data = Joe,

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Sep 29, 2010

The List Page display child Entity using the gridview each row will have link to the parent

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Normally Table data bind from top to bottom with column headers at the top of the table.Is there way to change the data binding from left to right and headers in the first column of the table?

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Apr 27, 2016

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Aug 14, 2010

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Suppose user select 'Going to USA' then pick any date and now again select 'Going to China' a select some other date.

Now the user selected both items with dates and on clcik of button a grid should genrate.

Ex Location Date
Going to USA x date
Going to China y date

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Forms Data Controls :: Showing Data From Multiple Tables In A Listview?

Jan 22, 2010

I have a listview that shows the user the details of the members who have sent friendship request. The table from which the data come has two fields namely, sender_id[id of the one who sends friendship request] and receiver_id[id of the one to whom the request is sent].

There will be two columns in the listview. The first would show the pic and the name of the user. The problem is that how am I going to show the pic and the name if the table from where the data come does not contain these info. I know that the sender_id can be used to fetch the pic and name of the sender, but how should it be done?

Earlier I would do something like <%#Eval("fieldName")%>. But in the above described scenario the field is not present in the current table but the other one.

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Forms Data Controls :: In DetailsView, Dropdown Is Showing Wrong Data?

Jan 17, 2010

I have a datasource:


I have a detailsView bounded by some other datasource. There is a dropdown in detailsview which is bounded by sqldatasource named "sdsNature" . Here is the templatefield for dropdown:


I want to show FNature instead of FNatureID in the selected mode as Label and in Edit mode as dropdown. When I am running this project, in Select mode it is showing FNatureID instead of FNature and if I click to Edit the record it is displaying following error:

'lstNature' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items.
Parameter name: value Do I have to give some If else condition that if FNatureID is .... then dropdown should display FNature.... If yes then what should be the code?

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Forms Data Controls :: Showing Data In Grid Format Without Repetition?

Mar 10, 2010

Say I have a table which as two fields Category and Subcategory. There are multiple sub categories under a particular category. when displaying in grid it shows all subcategories along with the category which is the same is this case.

How can I display records so that the category is displayed only once and all subcategories are displayed.

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